Overcoming Fear

Overcoming fear is a personal journey of every student. Samantha beautifully shares her process to trust and confidence with clients.

“The night before my first official client with Reflexology and Essential Oils, I felt nervous, anxious and overwhelmed so I meditated before finally falling asleep.

While sleeping, I had an amazing dream where I was at a Reflexology convention but recoiled into the shadows letting everyone else participate and overcoming fearreceive praise. I felt sick in my stomach with fearful feelings of inadequacy but knew I had to take my place to represent my work.

And then, there you were, Farida, glowing in a golden gown with light emanating around you. When your eyes met mine you bowed your head in acknowledgement and I took a seat next to you. You saw my discomfort and when you selected a gentleman to approach me with his inquiries, my heart leapt into my stomach while I listened to him. I glanced at you as I formulated my response and after you gave me a kind smile and a gentle nod of encouragement. I was instantly filled with confidence and gave a full response to the man. When I touched his feet he began to glow. I then talked with others, spreading the knowledge and lovingly holding their feet, until they too glowed as they walked away. Eventually the whole room began to emanate the same glow.

When I awoke the anxious fears had vanished and I enjoyed a great experience with my client! He had an abundance of questions and I answered confidently as knowledge and experience flowed from me. He mentioned the session was unlike anything he had experienced before and that he received deep connections where nerve damage had previously prevented sensation.

I left the session smiling and feeling very close to you, as if the dream had taken place within the treatment. I realised everything I shared with him is what you shared with me, and it felt like we were both with you today.

I thank you from the deepest well of gratitude for your patience, kindness, wisdom and the love that enlightens me. Most of all, thank you for holding the space I have needed to learn to love myself beyond fear so that I can receive the abundant support of universal energies. I am immensely looking forward to the Spain Naturopathy Immersion and the company of other sacred souls.

I honour you as you have honoured me, SO much love and blessings,” Sam

Overcoming fear requires one important understanding, which is, that almost all fear is imaginary. However mental fears become worry, anxiety and stress that activates the flight fight freeze survival responses. These physical sensations seem to make fear more real than it truly is. Gaining strength to release the body sensations that inhibit normal communications and ease is a practice involving breath, mental clarity and a strong embodied presence of being in the moment instead of in imagination. Personal evolutionary Self Healing helps move us beyond fear into confidence. While there are many paths to overcoming fear, there are also skills and remedies that assist us on our journey.

Bach Flower Remedy, Mimulus is for everyday fears and Aspen is for unknown fears.

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Sacred Touch with Connection, Synchronicity and Compassion

Therapeutic Essential Oils Anointing with Reflexology & Raindrop, Auricular & Vagus Nerve Therapies allowed me to be fully present with a deeper understanding in the power of sacred touch with connection, synchronicity and compassion.

Humble Heart and an Empty Mind

When approaching a person with a humble heart and an empty mind, I am able to feel and experience healing energy with the magic of unity and communion.

I was hesitant to touch because of overthinking and fearing hurting someone. Without hesitation I can now relax and enjoy the natural touch so necessary to connection.

Therapeutic Essential OilsWith this shift, I am now able to see within myself and comprehend the nature of every moment of Therapeutic Essential Oils Anointing touch as I slow down and praise the moment with full attention.

Being fully present allows me to fear no more as I know I love and honour someone simply by the warmth of my hands on their feet.

By recognising the light within healing touch, my energy is more clear with increased peace of mind and heart. I feel more connected, whole and positive.

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Anointing grounds and restores our internal healing powers whether in Raindrop, Auricular or Vagus Therapy Essential Oils bodywork or in Master Touch Reflexology.”

Carla Calderon Orocu, from Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica is an advanced Naturopathy student, having already attended Herbal Medicine & Healing Diets Certificate Immersions combined with Herbal Medicine Online Study. Carla has a vegan bakery and creates plant medicine from botanicals at her own farm.

Embolism Self Healing

Embolism Self HealingEmbolism Self Healing was achieved after I suffered a brain injury with a gas embolism when deep diving near Cancun, Mexico. With intense effort I first recovered memory loss and normal functions from changes of habit and diet. Two years later during a Reflexology session in class, I felt a sore spot in one toe activate a sharp sensation in the exact area of the brain where the embolism occurred, and after my partner worked on it respectfully and gently, the spot dissolved and as an energetic burst surged through my brain, I melted into complete release of all the emotional trauma I had been holding on to since the accident, trauma I was not even aware was still there.

Much of this Integrated Immersion guided by Farida Sharan focused on letting go of fear. Letting go of imagining and overthinking allows me to experience the present moment where I can transform fear to joy and love every moment no matter what is happening.

I leave this class with greater clarity. I clearly see what my shadows are and how to work on healing them. I also see what I need to do and how to do it without being afraid.

Reflexology & Essential Oils Immersion helped me realise the incredible power within myself and within us all. My confidence has risen to a greater level for my future as a professional as well as on a very personal, intimate level.

Raindrop Therapy with Young Living Essential Oils dropped me deeply into a field of allowing receptivity that opened me to receive all the Immersion offered on so many levels.

Embolism Self HealingAuricular Therapy, based on acupuncture meridian points in the ear, taught me that in order to process emotions we must hold space and allow the emotions to arise and then move through.

Vagus Nerve Therapy gifted me with tangible reality of how the parasympathetic nervous system creates depth relaxation that opens space for healing.

Therapeutic Anointing therapies & Reflexology increased my ability to connect on deeper levels. As I move away from thoughts into being fully present, I become more present. Encompassing others into my field of awareness comes naturally until I am connected to the energies around me, especially of my partners with whom I exchange touch. I realise my capacity to connect in different ways is infinite.

I found great joy sharing my knowledge and experience with a new student, my dear partner, Carla, as this Immersion provided the focus to assist me becoming a teacher.” Samantha Marshall, Nature Tour Guide & Advanced Naturopathy student, Colorado.

Embolism Self HealingA visit to Kew Gardens on a perfect fresh autumn day with highlights at The Hive art installation in honour of protecting bees and nature, followed by a glorious walk through the ancient trees and a return along the path of immense holly trees of every variation imaginable with happy flowers at their feet, enhanced and integrated the meditative quality of this experiential training.

Next Integrated Immersions offered in 2017. Meanwhile students worldwide enrol in online courses and self healing and some prepare for attendance at evolutionary self healing professional trainings.

Reflexology Healing

Reflexology Healing - KerryReflexology Healing with Hayley Porter  provided a beautiful space for the gift of Self Healing & a safety net to be vulnerable to receive from others.

While giving Reflexology, I was present and quiet in my own-ness, yet ‘listened’ with touch awareness to my partner with support.

The feeling of letting go of emotional and mental chaos is indescribable. Linear time vanished.

Letting go and releasing was exactly what my body and soul were craving.

Reflexology Healing - KerryWhile receiving, I was immediately trusting of my partner’s touch, of her ability to create safety where I am vulnerable and offer security for growth.

Although I will miss Samantha’s genuine-ness of giving and Hayley’s ability to create a calm safety net, I am excited to practice self-care and nurturing through the lessons learned in Reflexology.” Kerry Derrick, Psychotherapist, Family Counsellor, Colorado

Reflexology Healing Therapy created by the Director of the School of Natural Medicine, Farida Sharan, takes Reflexology to the level of profound Self Healing. Explore this method with Reflexology DVD’s available on amazon.com.

Reflexology Healing with Self Reflexology:

Farida learned basic Reflexology from her aunt when she was a teenager in British Columbia, Canada. In the early 1970’s, during her years in California, she used Self-Reflexology over two years when she was Self Healing breast cancer naturally. As she worked on her feet she applied deep touch to dissolve a painful crystal in the spleen area of her foot that reflected a family weakness from her grandmother and great-grandmother who had both died of leukemia. Not only was Reflexology a major contribution to healing her breast cancer, but to healing hereditary pernicious anemia as well

Combining essential oils with cranial sacral skills and spiral and energetic sacred touch, those receiving drop into deep relaxation, allowing natural adjustments within to restore harmonious energetics to the inner being. Treatments work effectively on physical levels, increasing circulation and affecting meridian flow and elemental zones and also positively influence emotional and mental well being.

Reflexology Healing - KerryReflexology Healing - KerryReflexology Healing Class:

Each student is guided respectfully from their relaxed natural touch to master advanced touch skills that allow a range of subtle to deep connection that invites profound relaxation as well as receptivity to release & transformation. Learn how to blend personal Young Living Medicinal Essential Oil mixes.

Students also learn Self Reflexology, finding specific areas on their own feet to enhance subtle & depth touches as they explore the Iris chart. Give & receive two depth Master Touch Reflexology sessions. Discover why your future clients will return again & again & refer others. Quality!

Foot Bathing, Therapeutic Anointing, fine tuning & refinement of professional skills with subtle & depth touches. Advanced participation focuses on creative connection touch & fine tuning.

Students comment that they feel they receive as much by giving as they do when receiving as the nurturing energy during the session creates a profound healing field.

Experience therapeutic anointing with Young Living therapeutic grade medicinal ‘oils of gladness.”


reflexology-anointing-amanda-farida“Reflexology is a beautiful practice where giver & receiver share humility & divinity in oneness with anointing, foot bathing, essential oils & sacred touch.

Anointing with fragrant oils was followed by bathing the feet with a special blend of essential oils. This was a most inspiring and grounding experience in acknowledging and serving the divinity of the receiver.

To sit at the feet of another, bathing their feet and honoring them felt profound and biblical. Notes of gratitude opened in my heart and mind for the privilege of experiencing this sacred humility of grace.

reflexology-anointing-amanda-faridaReceiving a session was like take part in a dance while practicing receptivity.

The theme of Self Healing grounding our Reflexology practice was standing on our own feet in our own unique truth while defining and strengthening ourselves to the outside world.

This connection to the very thing we stand on for grounding in the world, our feet, and the focus of the training, felt both humorous and profound.” Amanda McNabb, Aurora, Colorado; advanced Naturopathy student.



reflexology-foot-bath-hayley-sarah“Reflexology sacred anointing followed by bathing the feet of our partner in fragrant essential oils makes me feel the most humble of servants one hour and when I receive, a queen the next. Participating in foot bathing is a most sacred gift.

When I give a footbath with fragrant essential oils to another person, I feel as though I am praising their highest self. I feel a deep honoring from my core to theirs, as though I am in service to God.

When I receive a foot bath, I am able to completely drop into the art of receiving. I feel like a queen being graced with the pure essence of love. Gratitude showers my heart as it has taken practice over some time for me to be able to fully receive.

The entire process of anointing drops giver and receiver into deep parasympathetic relaxation into the still center of the primordial breath.

reflexology-amanda-mcnabbI am so in love with the core spiral and rhythm of our bodies and being able to tap into each person’s core current. With conscious presence and space holding, it is remarkable to witness the balance and healing that commences during each session.

The fragrance of the therapeutic essential Young Living Essential Oils is another element that returns us to holy equanimity. The essential oils awaken my cells and bring me into the present moment.

I am so grateful to give & receive this abundant nobility because it is an incredible form of meditation that is ancient and holy, fragrant, relaxing and inspiring.

After 4 12/ years I am honored to be an assistant teaching and honing the skills to assist this class with full presence. Thank you. Gratitude. Namaho.” Hayley Porter, Graduate Reflexologist, advanced Naturopath student.

Our next training is in the spring session 2016 in Boulder, Colorado.




reflexology-foot-bath-lisa-sarah Reflexology class began with a glorious Essential Oils Anointing where Lisa cradled my head & I felt a sensation of the weight of life appear then vanish.

Reflexology II was the first time I 100% enjoyed giving as much as receiving as my skill progressed with the practice on my own feet & giving sessions.

I found strategies and techniques to map the feet and connect in depth with my partner. The experience of humbly making a person relaxed and seeing bliss on their face is a priceless feeling.

reflexology-lisa-wehuntWhen receiving a Foot Bath, the comforting touch of caring hands on my feet, warm water trickling down my legs and the fragrance of the Young Living Essential Oils brought me to a peaceful place where my worries became my solution and I felt calm & grounded for the rest of the day.

A warm blanket was wrapped around me after I settled in the Reflexology lounge chair. Lisa’s touch was gentle yet firm, yet again helping me feel grounded until I drifted off into holy feet land.” Sarah McLaughlan, Longmont, Colorado




reflexology-anointing-lisa-sarah“Reflexology gifting: a chance to ground myself. Rooted down. Holding lightness and energy, no, not holding, feeling the opportunity to move slowly and be present.

Foot bathing: carrying the vessel of fragrant warm water, imparting intention while swirling sacred essential oils, serving the holy feet with comforting holds and showering the water over legs and feet became a gift in grace. Connecting. Grounding. Flowing.

reflexology-sarah-mcLaughlanReflexology receiving: clearing my mind, stacking shoulders over hips in the chair, feeling grounded and using my inner voice to awaken me to receive fully and completely. The aroma of the oils touches my senses. As I give over control, allowing myself to be cared for, the ritual opened a pathway of gratitude and full acceptance in receiving.” Lisa Wehunt, Reflexology student, Boulder, Colorado.




Reflexology – Boulder, Colorado

reflexology-kerry-derrickReflexology Enlightenment: learning the importance of what my gives me in regards to information scripted in my feet feels like braille. Every sensation has meaning & every pattern brings knowledge.

I feel gratitude to have learned this way of reading myself, this way of healing myself & healing others with Reflexology enhanced by Young Living Essential Oils.

Reflexology Enlightenment is gaining the understanding of being open to receive.

Through this understanding expansion I rose above my physical body as I reached for all the positive energy of the universe.

reflexology-kerry-derrickFeeling contentment & bliss within this infinity of timelessness, I gazed upon my physical being & opened beyond my obstacles to a potential of greatness.

In giving I discover I am a temple for the positive flow in the universe as a conductor of healing.”

Kerry Derrick, advanced Naturopathy student, Family Counselor, Arvada, Colorado

Reflexology Therapeutic Anointing is a profound evolution from Reflexology as most practitioners and clients experience sessions, whether giving or receiving. In ancient Biblical times a guest was honored as they entered a house by foot bathing & anointing the feet with oils. Foot massage is found in every ancient culture, indigenous culture, in the spa history & present industry and a part of most or all traditional healing systems.

Reflexology trainings begin in Spring 2016 in the School of Natural Medicine International. Training schedules for 2016 will be released in November 2015. Advance enrollment open at that time.

Reflexology Holy Feet

Reflexology Holy Feet Connection & Illumination

reflexology-holy-feet-miranda-palmer“Reflexology Holy Feet Connection with oils of joy & gladness brings me deeply into myself, grounded and strong, feeling alive & open as I hold space for sacred connection.

Giving is dear to me as I find a true meditation in the process of allowing the receiver to open, drop in & let go. This is a true gift to give & a healing like no other.

Receiving a session is a high vibrational experience. The Sacred Connection between the giver’s hands & the receiver’s feet quiets my mind to receive energy, colors & healing.

Receiving from Sarah, a new student, I began to see fractals of colors, mostly green. Her gentle touch made me feel safe, calm, altered & cared for, even though it was not the stronger touch I usually enjoy.

Reflexology classes allowed me to find my flow with giving sessions so much sweeter. Intuition & divine guidance become real friends because by practicing Reflexology I am brought closer to my true self.

Every class is empowering to the my health & wellness. With the skills & techniques I learn at the School of Natural Medicine with Farida, I become a stronger woman to take these tools into the world.” Miranda Palmer, advanced, Naturopathy student, Longmont, Colorado


reflexology-holy-feet-lindsay-peters“Reflexology Holy Feet Illumination opens expanded consciousness toward my feet.

I am grateful they anchor my body & connection to this earth with the map they hold to every part of my body – organs, glands, nerves & pathways of energy leading me to what needs attention with the loving touch of acknowledgement connection.

There is no greater bliss than to know I can make changes in my existence as I discover ways to move though anything that hinders my wellness.

Reflexology shows me I need to allow exchange with the gift of support, passion & loving touch to transform self & other. I touch deeply until I awaken transformation, but also hold space appreciation for others to gift me with touch that softens the hard barriers I formed to soften my heart & tender spirit that simply wants to be loved & accepted.

It is euphoric to create a space with Reflexology & Young Living Essential Oils where life is suspended in sensation of the highest form, enveloping every part of existence where there is no beginning, no end, simply eternal delight & peace.” Lindsay, advanced Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado

Lindsay & Miranda joined the School of Natural Medicine as Naturopathy students in April 2014 and have continued in tandem through their studies. They chose Reflexology Level I as their Level III and will move forward with case studies toward their Certification & attend future classes as Teaching Assistants for the delight of giving & receiving as they continue to evolve as Master Touch Reflexologists.


Reflexology Infinity

Reflexology Colorado

reflexology-infinity-sarah-mclaughlinReflexology Infinity taught me to pause & savor when giving or receiving and in my life. Pausing, holding is blissful, eye opening & feels like infinity.

After an extensive Self Reflexology class with Farida where we worked on our own feet and learned touch skills on specific areas of the feet, we were ready to give & receive our first Reflexology sessions.

Receiving from Miranda, an advanced student, with the fragrantly potent Young Living Essential Oils, I fell into a trance of relaxation where all worries vanished.

Giving my first session, I felt connection as my body shifted to one side or the other when energy released, all the time feeling like I was an infinity time capsule as if the session could go on forever.

When I received my session from Kerry, Farida noticed I was feeling emotions, so when I began to cry with an intense rush of aggravation through my body, she anointed me with Essential Oils, & the letting go felt really good. For the remainder of the session I felt calm as I opened my heart and received. The moment I dropped into relaxation, it felt like I falling openly into a healing space.

Farida is right when she says certain areas feel tender, like pain at first, but then you know the feeling is helping you & then it becomes enjoyment as the congestion clears.

Kerry looked as peaceful as an angel as I remembered to pause, hold, savor, yet flow, my movements feeling like water, with pauses between the waves.

I am blessed to be in the School of Natural Medicine surrounded by wonderful & beautiful feminine energies.”

Sarah McLaughlin, Longmont, Colorado, moved from Florida, attended School of Natural Medicine classes in Healing Diets I, Reflexology I, with Healing Diets II & Reflexology II later this autumn.

Essential Oils Transformation

essential-oils-transformation-amanda-ellinsburg“Essential Oils Transformation blessed me with a deep sense of gratitude when I broke though a thought pattern of feeling ‘I know it all’ when I really don’t.

When I come into class I have this attitude of ‘Been there, done that’ that has closed me off from learning experiences & resisted news ones but after the last two days in Essential Oils Level I Trauma, Death, Dying, Release & Transformation Raindrop Therapy class, my eyes are completely opened.

After giving and receiving two incredible amazing Raindrop Therapy sessions, one from Juulia, a fellow student, and one from Lauren, our teaching assistant, I experienced a most profound shift & release of physical & emotional trauma & pain I have carried in my shoulders and hips for years.

I felt shock at first of how deep the events of my life has impacted my body without me truly realizing it, but shortly after feeling the pain, relief and lightness set in.

During the first part of the second day, when we were experiencing the different Young Living Essential Oils during deep diving of receptivity within ourselves, something rose up that I still have not processed fully., and I expect to receive more shifts over the next couple of days as after other classes.

Nothing seems to bring me huge shifts like working with the Essential Oils. I am humbled and grateful again to be learning and experiencing these teachings so that I will be able to share with and help others.” Amanda Ellinsburg, advanced Naturopathy student, Aurora, Colorado, and devoted mother of a young son.