Graduate Tara Michelle

graduate-tara-michelle-school-of-natural-medicineGraduate Tara Michelle ND MH MIr, is a lover of our beautiful planet, plants, animals and people. After years of study at the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado, Tara Michelle ND, is honored as a Natural Physician and Wellness Empowerment Educator. Her personal practice, Nanihoku Naturals, is based on the exquisite island of Maui, Hawai’i.

It is a delight to follow the progress of Graduates of the School of Natural Medicine. Tara studied over 5 years as she integrated the study of Natural Medicine with becoming a yoga teacher, building a yoga studio, creating an online aromatherapy company, Ananda Apothecary, now under new ownership, and studying Buddhism with her teacher, Sakyong, mentioned further below. Her graduation took place on Private Island, near El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, during a two week Naturopathy Retreat with Farida Sharan, 3 students from Iceland and another from Colorado. The retreat was her final qualification, and she loved to swim around the island every day! Tara is a heart centered disciple of peace, love and service, and it is perfection that she has established her practice and teaching on Maui. Top photo is 2015 and photo on lower left is on Private Island in the Philippines during her graduation as is the swimming photo.

With a plethora of tools in her kit including Lomi Lomi, Evolutionary Iridology, Living Foods, and Plant Remedies, Tara uses a Mandalic approach to working with her clients which allows her to honor the diverse needs of each being as a unique expression of the divine.

graduate-tara-michelle-swim Inspired by her connection to the natural world, Tara is dedicated to bringing more peace to the planet through research, education, and empowerment.

graduate-tara-michelle-philippinesGraduate Tara Michelle is a living example of the School of Natural Medicine teachings in Boulder, Colorado. Tara is eternally grateful to her charn (honored teacher) and mentor: world renowned Naturopath and Iridologist, Farida Sharan ND.

Tara has been a Yoga student since 1998 and a 500 hour-certified teacher since 2001. Blessed to apprentice, assist, and teach with world renowned Hatha yoga teachers: Amy IppolitiShannon Paige Jeanie Manchester, Desiree Rambaugh and Dr. Cindy Lusk, Tara deeply grateful to her fabulous teachers, students, and friends on this profound and precious path.

A personal student of meditation master, author, and marathoner, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Tara is grateful for his wisdom and generous friendship. Together they have run 9 marathons amongst other events raising funds to re-build the Shedra (community and dharma center) in Surmang, Tibet.

Most recently Tara has begun delving into the exquisite movement form known as ‘hoop dancing’ and is grateful to her mentor Shakti Sunfire for her inspiration and playful leadership in this art form.

A student of life, her interests include yoga, alpine mountaineering, trail running, ocean sports, horse riding, hoop dancing, reading, writing, meditation, and world peace.

The Old Man and His Soul

The Old Man and His Soul – Appreciation by Danielle Winter, an amazing artist who also loves India:

“I read this dear and deep book on a train ride recently – half on the way there – half on the way back. I haven’t felt touched and enchanted and absorbed by such writing in a long know that sort of writing that carries you – you don’t even feel that you are reading – that’s how it felt. I’m going to read it again soon. thank you…deep bow…joyful hugs and smiles to you Farida Sharan – i continue to feel touched by the story you have written.”

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the-old- man-and-his-soul-farida-sharan

The Old Man & His Soul

The Old Man and His Soul

by Farida Sharan
…are you looking for an exquisitely written spiritual tale –
…one that pertains to every single one of us – look no more! heart emoticon
…and give yourself the gift of reading this.” Danielle Winter

A Book for spiritual seekers,The Old Man and his Soul is an inspirational saga that re-frames death and dying as a spiritual adventure. It offers a universal story of profound value to seekers of truth who explore the mystery of life on their personal journey toward union with their soul. The book follows the journey of an elderly man who leaves his ancestral home after the death of his wife and walks through the deserts and forests of Northern India during his seasons of seeking as a sadhu. When he finds his spiritual teacher in a Holy City, he progresses in his internal journey and experiences forgiveness, understanding and release with his spiritual practice during his seasons of service.

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