Overcoming Fear

Overcoming fear is a personal journey of every student. Samantha beautifully shares her process to trust and confidence with clients.

“The night before my first official client with Reflexology and Essential Oils, I felt nervous, anxious and overwhelmed so I meditated before finally falling asleep.

While sleeping, I had an amazing dream where I was at a Reflexology convention but recoiled into the shadows letting everyone else participate and overcoming fearreceive praise. I felt sick in my stomach with fearful feelings of inadequacy but knew I had to take my place to represent my work.

And then, there you were, Farida, glowing in a golden gown with light emanating around you. When your eyes met mine you bowed your head in acknowledgement and I took a seat next to you. You saw my discomfort and when you selected a gentleman to approach me with his inquiries, my heart leapt into my stomach while I listened to him. I glanced at you as I formulated my response and after you gave me a kind smile and a gentle nod of encouragement. I was instantly filled with confidence and gave a full response to the man. When I touched his feet he began to glow. I then talked with others, spreading the knowledge and lovingly holding their feet, until they too glowed as they walked away. Eventually the whole room began to emanate the same glow.

When I awoke the anxious fears had vanished and I enjoyed a great experience with my client! He had an abundance of questions and I answered confidently as knowledge and experience flowed from me. He mentioned the session was unlike anything he had experienced before and that he received deep connections where nerve damage had previously prevented sensation.

I left the session smiling and feeling very close to you, as if the dream had taken place within the treatment. I realised everything I shared with him is what you shared with me, and it felt like we were both with you today.

I thank you from the deepest well of gratitude for your patience, kindness, wisdom and the love that enlightens me. Most of all, thank you for holding the space I have needed to learn to love myself beyond fear so that I can receive the abundant support of universal energies. I am immensely looking forward to the Spain Naturopathy Immersion and the company of other sacred souls.

I honour you as you have honoured me, SO much love and blessings,” Sam

Overcoming fear requires one important understanding, which is, that almost all fear is imaginary. However mental fears become worry, anxiety and stress that activates the flight fight freeze survival responses. These physical sensations seem to make fear more real than it truly is. Gaining strength to release the body sensations that inhibit normal communications and ease is a practice involving breath, mental clarity and a strong embodied presence of being in the moment instead of in imagination. Personal evolutionary Self Healing helps move us beyond fear into confidence. While there are many paths to overcoming fear, there are also skills and remedies that assist us on our journey.

Bach Flower Remedy, Mimulus is for everyday fears and Aspen is for unknown fears.

Bach Flower Remedies


Beauty of Our Souls

“Bach Flower Remedies brought clarity to my emotional, physical & spiritual wounds as they revealed the beauty of our souls diminished by conditions of life & the suffering that others have put upon us.

Flower Essence Level I class provided me with an understanding of each of Flower Essences at the same time as making a profoundly deep impact on my human soul.” Christie Sharon



Self Healing

bach-flower-remedies-amanda-ellinsburg“Bach Flower Remedies class gave me this sense of reaching into the emotional layers of what has shaped me, releasing & acknowledging negative experiences & attributes.

I am amazed to recognize & truly understand the amount of change in me over the past 9 months in the School of Natural Medicine classes combined with Self Healing processes.

I now feel a deeper shift as I am getting to the heart of it all in my core. Self Healing may feel scary & messy at times, as all healing is, but at the same time it is a most beautiful & fulfilling process.” Amanda Ellinsburg


Deep Understanding

bach-flower-remedies-samantha-marshall“Bach Flower Remedies class provided me with a deep understanding of how the remedies were created as a part of the evolution of Vibrational Medicine.

I experienced moments of realization on multi levels as the Bach Flower Remedies revealed emotional layers & solidified the importance of self searching within to find the answers I need at any given time.

I felt a transition from simply hearing words to listening with my heart as I experienced compassion for others as they shared their stories. True listening opens me to receive what others are sharing on a deeper level.” Samantha Marshall, Granby, Colorado

Precious Gift of Life

bach-flower-remedies-lindsay-peters“Bach Flower Remedies in my Level III Flower Essence class, combined with experimenting with them for a decade, helped me realized with deeper expanded insight, presence & experience, the profound wisdom, life, love, mystery, assistance, balance & alignment that nature provides to human beings through the Flower Remedies.

We come into this world as innocent, loving beings with the magical, beautiful, precious gift of life only to have our delicate blooming stunted with the pain & suffering in this world. Gradually we forget the essence we were perfectly endowed with. This crushes my heart.

The crucial importance of the deep work with his creation for Flower Essences, is that the essences restore balance, harmony, peace, freedom & ultimately true love, compassion for life & all living beings!

Bach Flower Remedies show me I am okay, it is all okay, & there is always a way back to the place I want to be.” Lindsay Peters, advanced Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado

Flower Essence Level II class October 30/31 focuses on a completely different Self Healing approach to the use of Flower Essences with the FES Flower Essence Society.

School of Natural Medicine Quantum Botanicals Online Course explores in depth the history of Vibrational Medicine, Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Plant Consciousness & the science that proves their validity.

Flower Essences Colorado

flower essences-kerry-derrickFlower Essences Colorado transform deep roots of fear, reactions, defenses, habits, emotions in School of Natural Medicine FES Flower Essence Level II class in Boulder, Colorado.

“Flower Essences Colorado gave me profound insight in flexibility of the mind to see what is possible rather than allowing thought processes formed from childhood as the chatter of broken souls to control my sense of self and my true purpose.

During my process of toward creating my personal Flower Essence remedy with Farida Sharan and six other students was a lesson in the deep consciousness of exploring and then discovering the deepest roots of my interior struggles.

Factually I had been able to identify what happened in my relationship with my older sister, yet until this class I could never grasp the emotional imprint that tripped me up all these years.

I have a tremendous sense of relief in the discovery that my exhaustion of holding this emotional garbage all of my life has now transformed into strength and energy.” Kerry Derrick, Naturopathy student, Family & Marriage Psychologist, Arvada, Colorado

Next Flower Essence Classes:

Level I with Bach system – September 4 & 5

Level II with FES system – October 30 & 31

FES Remedy – Tansy

Bach Remedy – Pine

Flower Essence Seeking

Flower Essence Seeking

flower-essence-seeking-school-of-natural-medicine“Flower Essence Seeking true self!

Who am I? What do I need? What makes me truly happy?

I am finally asking myself these questions even though they make me feel uncomfortable.

I realize and acknowledge everyone is burdened and carrying baggage. Everyone of us has sadness, grief, anger in our lives.

We are fortunate to be here in School of Natural Medicine Flower Essence Level II FES Flower Essence class as we are wanting to recognize and heal our detachment from and reconnect to Mother Earth, and our true purpose. Coming into this knowledge opens my attunement to my true self.

Opening up is scary, even more so to six other students. The support and understanding in our classes with Farida makes the difference. Hearing everyone share, listen and support each other is a great lesson.

We cannot give up even when we feel the world is tumbling down around us.

I am now asking the right questions and look in the right direction. I am feeling more like my true self.” Juulia Ilves, Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado, Massage therapist, Aesthetician.


flower-essence-seeking-lindsay-petersFlower Essence FES class helped me realize that I am my own source of pain. When I attach excesses to situations, I find I go outside of myself and become lost. I must follow my true self of inner knowing and trust that within the right time all things will become what they need to be.

I have a deep gratitude for the essence, the knowing and the higher intelligence that the flower and plant kingdoms and queendoms offer me to help me find who I am.

Having communion with the essence of life – be it a flower, a tree, an herb or even an animal – from their offering of being connected to the source of their being, they show me that I can too be like them, to be who I am fully and completely without struggle, without blame, without unnecessary pain.

The essence of life is a true symbol that everything I need to be, or anywhere I feel I need to be, is already within me, built inside my pulsing life because life is guided by a higher intelligence.” Lindsay Peters, Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado

Flower Essence Awakening

Flower Essence Awakening

flower-essence-awakening-miranda-palmer“Flower Essence Awakening was a heart opening healing resonance with plants on a deep level of power and a new knowing of the inner world of emotions.

Things I have kept so deep inside for so long have finally been dug up and cleared. After hiding and shoving my emotions down, I finally accept my true problems cannot be hidden anymore.

My pain was so deep and hidden, I could not, would not accept what was happening inside me.

I feel heart broken open in a good way.

I feel lighter after sharing my inner struggles and thoughts with everyone during the Self Healing process of exploring and questioning with Farida.

Knowing how to sit with how I really feel and ask myself why I feel this way is a skill I have needed and a transition for me. I am grateful and humbled by how much insight the processes have given me. It is pure magic. I want to be clear with my emotions and translate them into clear, strong, communication. I know these skills will get me though any tough roads ahead.

The wisdom behind the FES Flower Essences and the School of Natural Medicine Self-Healing processes allowed me to drop in and dig out these roots that were entangled in my soul. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Miranda Palmer, Naturopathy student, Longmont, Colorado.

Flower Essence Level I & II – see Autumn Class Schedule on the School Calendar.

September 4/5 – FLOWER ESSENCE LEVEL I – Dr. Edward Bach Flower Remedy system. Explore the roots of fear to release creativity with personal Self-Healing processes to determine personal remedy. Mind Maps. Gestures & history of Flower Essences. Vibrational Medicine. No lab fee. Remedy included.

October 30/31 – FLOWER ESSENCE LEVEL II – FES System: Integrating & manifesting spirit into body & life, balancing masculine / feminine energies. Emphasis on expression of inner experience & emotional life. Self-Healing processes determine student’s personal remedy. Level I before II OK, Essential consulting skills for practitioners of the healing arts. Lab Fee $25 for FES book.




Flower Essences

flower-essences-elisa-badii“Flower Essences Immersion Level II class helped me find a way out of my own constraints and pains as I experienced sharing and feeling those of others.

Stepping out of my little self and being willing to open and listen to others helped me realize I am not the only one washed up on tormented waters.

I come from a community of family, friends and co-workers) where there is none, or very little, communication about feelings and emotional difficulties, and everything is experienced on the surface.

For the first time I faced the reality this is not actually true. I am not alone.

How powerful is the work we have done, unbelievable… I have never felt my fears and what pulls me back so deeply, and crying for me is a big thing. I never or very rarely get to the point of letting it out… Thank you.” Elisa Badii, Tuscany, Italy and London, England, Natural Physician student with School of Natural Medicine UK

flower-essence-mind-map-elisa-badii“Flower Essences study of the FES flower essence system at PureHealth School of Natural Medicine was profound at many levels as it helped me realize how limited my thoughts had become.

Listening to the words and sharing the emotions of my classmates as they engaged in conversations and processes, including Mind Maps, with Farida was the true essence to a deeper level of understanding of human connection that brought us closer to each other.

We arrived at an understanding of our uniqueness through exploring the many different FES flower essences to discover the one or ones that are true for me, or the others, at this time.

Thank you again for offering such a wonderful environment and your awesome insight.

I am renewing my Self Healing program and enrolling in all levels of Healing Diets classes, and the Flower Essence Level I class of the flower remedies of Dr. Edward Bach in September. Thank you.” Christie Sharon, new student recently moved from Minnesota to be near the school during her studies.



Flower Essences Healing

flower-essences-healing-white-chestnutFlower Essences Healing in the Flower Essence class at the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado, we observed, listened and looked closely at the flowers as we drew them, and I began to understand the powerful emotions, lessons and healing that comes from each of the Bach Flower Remedies.

I know I need to find my inner stability and hold strong to my inner compass, amidst the change and redirection in my life. I feel a need to protect myself, to keep what I know is sacred close to my heart, yet find my own path and healing.

I resonated with the flower remedy Walnut and its ability to protect from outside influence, as well as White Chestnut as I need to quiet the mind and break through patterns that are no longer serving me.

These past two days have been insightful, emotional, inspiring and fascinating.

flower-essences-healing-star-of-bethlehemThe power and gift of nature to heal us on such a deep emotional level is an amazing gift to become aware of and to share with others in the future.” Emma Johnson, Denver, Colorado, Naturopathy student.

*** “Like the flowers that come out of the strength of the tree or plant and bud into a protective sphere and then open into a distinctive, fuller expression of itself, flower essences helped me see how I experience stages of these expressions.

I realize how the nature of my being interacts with nurture or lack thereof in my environment. I am able to visualize how the essence of these Bach flower remedies can help when expressions become stuck. Buds that fail to open turn brown, curl within and die. Parts of me through the years have experience this fate through me not nurturing myself and ignoring my importance in my environment.

The recognition to heal myself in order to heal others was my epiphany. A bud that shrivels up and dies cannot share its stamina to sustain new life. It cannot show its beauty for others to relish and heal, and it cannot ever show its full potential for growth and change. Sitting in resentment for others and waiting for their bud to die is killing mine faster. Centaury is one of my remedies.” Kerry Derrick, Family & Marriage Counselor, Denver, Colorado.

flower-essences-healing-miranda-palmer *** “Flower Essence class brought up so many emotions for me. I am so grateful to revisit the Bach system in this Level III class. The remedies touch something deep within me. This class helped me open up and realize what it is I am actually feeling. I so often wear a mask and shove down my emotions, but with flower essences, I feel safe to truly feel. I can drop in and go to the root of my emotions. By realizing which remedy I need, I am able to release and let go of certain feelings with more easy. By acknowledging my feelings and emotions, they are now free to run their course and leave me feeling light and free.

This class taught me so much about myself, and others as well. I feel more connected with a universal understanding. I am overwhelmed by the beauty and magic these plants and flowers bring and share with us. These essences are so powerful and help on such a deep level! Knowing they are there to help me through transitions is such a comfort. I am so grateful for being able to open up and truly feel what is going on inside myself. These essences prove I am not alone.

Pain is meant to be felt. I will never gain wisdom without facing hardships. These past two days helped me shed my skin and accept the challenges that lie ahead. I am ready for them!

Thank you Dr. Bach, Farida and my beautiful strong classmates who hold the space for healing and comfort.” Miranda Palmer, Naturopathy student, Jamestown, Colorado


Bach Flower Remedies

bach-flower-remedies-studentsBach Flower Remedies in the Flower Essence Level I class gave me a better understanding of how and why Dr. Edward Bach chose the remedies. I now see plants in a different way as I see their process, their gesture, and what we can learn from them. The essences opened my eyes to the improvements I can make in my life, and remedies my family can benefit from. I now feel more connected with the world around me.” Stephanie Peterson, Denver, Colorado

*** “Traveling in the world of vibrational plant medicine created a space in my belly to open. I realized slowing down the booming madness of creativity that wants to bud in my mind before another frost hits resulted in crushing and devastating the flower that bears the fruit within me. Returning to the slow rhythmic sleep, feeling at peace again, waiting.

Yesterday I worked through these pressured, unwanted thoughts and mental arguments in a process around ‘White Chestnut’ remedy, and the skin problem that was taking over my life disappeared overnight.

Today…a loss of connection, sadness, dreaming about the past was mirrored with ‘Honeysuckle’ remedy. Just visualizing its constituents and vibration gives me a deep feeling of awareness.

The Bach Flower Remedies are a rainbow for all the colors of emotion.” Lauren Rybarz, Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado

bach-flower-remedies-wild-rose*** “As I explore the Bach Flower Remedies and the positive and negative tendencies associated with them, I find connection with them all. I have been to all these places within myself…perhaps we all have.

Sometimes I see the path before me but feel trapped and unable to take the first step, other times the path seems to be hidden altogether.

I see the Bach remedies as a means of transportation that is sometimes a jet liner, other times perhaps a wheelchair to help me move when I feel crippled. In any form they help me to move and grow in my life and help me teach others how to use this beautiful tool. I am thankful for the understanding I have gained.” Karla Lakey, Golden, Colorado.

*** “Drawing the flowers all day as I listened to Farida and Julian Bernard on the Bach Centre DVD’s, I began to understand the messages our world is telling us, and that is always come back to the world, learn from our ancestors, the plants, give into the love of the world.

When we are so disconnected that we cause our own emotional battles, and slip further way from what we know is good or right for us, we need to bring our heads out of the clouds and into the bushes, …understanding our world and ourselves. Letting go of a comfort is hard, that is why there are so few like us. Not many people want to know about these truths because they are not ready to accept responsibility. Only when we can accept ourselves can we begin to accept others. Thank you for Life Lessons through Bach Remedies.” Juulia Ilves, Boulder, Colorado

Flower Essences Evolution

Are you on an evolutionary road of the soul?

flower-essences-evolution-eva-sabet“Flower Essences Evolution at the School of Natural Medicine is the place I need to be if I am blocked on my life path.

I recommend studying here if you are a person on an evolutionary road of the soul.

FES Flower Essences Level I class class was a profound and in-depth path to my inner self. I love how I feel safe in class because my highest purpose is being sought as well as looked after. This is wonderful when I am not seeing my path or knowing how to shift to get there.

When the profound life essential questions are asked and considered and discussed in class, I am always left with another piece added to my true self.

On the first day, we began with a Young Living Essential Oils Self Healing process, beginning with Clarity blend & then later with Believe blend that broke through the hardened crust I had developed from 3 years of overwork and not listening to myself. Being able to listen to my inner voice again, to be with me again, is the best thing I can do for myself, and exceeds any spa or retreat.

Being listened to unconditionally allowed me to sink into myself and understand that even if do things wrong in my life, there is nothing wrong with me.

flower-essences-evolution-eva-sabetStudying at the School of Natural Medicine with Farida Sharan presents the most important life skills in a deep and self-exploring way at the same time as it teaches us to become excellent guides and healers and teachers for others along the way.

At the end of the second day we made our personal Flower Essence. For me, it was a combination of FES essences with 2 Bach Flower Remedies.

I was able to release things without being judged. I was supported and understood unconditionally through my healing processes.

The best moment was a breakthrough where I saw my life as if it was a crystal clear movie.

To be able to see my own movie allows me to direct it in a better way if I remain true to myself.” Eva Sabet, Naturopathy student Ramsey, Minnesota

The next Flower Essence Immersion class is the Bach Flower Remedy class on March 6 & 7. Check out the School Calendar.

Flower Essences Clarity

flower-essences-clarity-amandaFlower Essences “…clarity cleared the heavy emotions I have carried for so long as I received a sense of peace and strength.”

“Flower Essences class gave me a sense of accomplishment. The small class allowed me to go deep and focus on what was being shared, and to be able enjoy a very beautiful experience.

I had the opportunity to speak of and release some of the traumas I experienced as a child. I shared my struggles with communicating and interacting with my family, which is huge for me.

While exploring different exercises, healing processes, questioning, sharing, Mind Maps, Essential Oils and more, I experienced intense moments of sharing my deep struggles followed by moments of beauty, such as taking a walk outside while sharing my life story with another student, or creating a Mind Map drawing to integrate my experiences.

flower-essences-clarity-mind-map-amandaDuring a healing process on the second day, where we used the Young Living Essential Oils blend, ‘Dream Catcher’, I had a vision of water that was blue and crystal clear. During that vision I felt I was receiving clarity in clearing the heavy emotions I have carried for so long, and I received a sense of peace and strength.

After this process, I found myself totally present when experiences were being shared as my ability to listen had improved.

Then, when working with the FES Flower Essence System, I experienced further clarity and could identify patterns with more ease, and key words started to stand out. I found confidence in my ability to interpret what was being said.

I now feel good about my ability to aid people in their healing process with Flower Essences.

I realize I am truly meant for this work, and that feels really good because I feel for the first time in my life, a real sense of direction for my life.” Amanda McNabb, Denver, Colorado, Naturopathy student