Naturopathy Immersion

Naturopathy ImmersionNaturopathy Immersion welcomes, Julie Millour, previously a biologist in cancer research, now a yoga teacher, massage therapist and student of Healing Diets Nutrition from Malaga, Spain.

“My request to join the April Naturopathy Immersion in Spain came flowing to me as a whisper from the universe. Then I found out someone that morning cancelled and you admitted me to the training. I am amazed by the synchronicity and very excited to meet you and other students.

Farida, your Herbs of Grace was the first book I read about Natural Medicine. I always will remember how much I was inspired, positively excited and amazed by the truth there because I was discovering how the universe really works.

Naturopathy ImmersionEven though I had no idea like that before, everything resonated or it felt right, and I knew it was truth without knowing it in the usual way of information studies. These teachings are a beautiful path!!! Now I know truth was always hidden within me.

I looked a long time and School of Natural Medicine offers the best courses I have ever found.

I was a biologist scientist working in cancer research and found it ridiculous to protect myself with mask and gloves with a drug supposed to heal sick people. I left this life and travelled, educated myself as yoga teacher, began meditation, trained in Reiki and massage, then returned to Europe to learn Healing Diets Nutrition.

Since I left scientific work in cancer clinical trials I have been unlearning what the system taught me and relearning what Earth and nature has to offer, how it works and also about my own body temple.

Naturopathy ImmersionI am reconnecting to Life; to my body, my spirit, my emotions. Meditation restored my intuition, Yoga my conscious awareness of my body, and Reiki my connection with energy and so much more. School of Medicine gives me back my own power over my life, body, emotions simply by using the truth of nature.

The course work guides me to discover the work of Emoto with water, the testing of urine with litmus paper that helped me see the power of my mind and how this affects my body when I am negative. Juice fasting helped me with mental clarity and inspiration to complete projects and see my emotions more clearly.

I am also enthusiastic about quantum physics and using the laws of universe to live my life. When I feel a little disconnected I study the Healing Diets Nutrition course books like Eckhart Tolle, Bird & Thompkins book, The Secret Life of Plants, Dr. Max Gerson’s Cancer Therapy and Dr Bernard Jensen’s books, to inspire and reconnect with the truth and the magic.

Naturopathy Immersion and all the connections with books and DVD’s in the course help me keep on learning as I have this thirst of knowledge and experiencing truth as it makes me feel alive!”

Personal Evolution

Personal EvolutionPersonal Evolution begins with a choice of fire element energy.

“The time is now. I cannot wait longer to make changes in my life and work,” are truth we feel.

Before and After becomes a reality and eventually we look back and give thanks we made the choice to walk our true path.

First when the feeling is strong we seek and research and most often feel the pangs of uncertainty, risk, and even we retreat with excuses and delays.

If it truly is the time to unfold into a greater destiny and the seed within cannot be contained, the seeker student will move forward, and as the seeking becomes stronger then the resistance to take the risk, to trust the feeling, to create a priority that now feels like the most important thing of all.

As the person who welcomes inquirers I have been part of the process of choice, wavering, fear, retreat, excuses, delays with an eventual surrender to the yes, or the complete retreat into ‘waiting’ or other choices. Many times over the years students enrol eventually and they all say, “I wish I had begun when I first felt this was the school for me.”

The positivity in this school requires a living connection, not an impersonal online checkout, not hired staff, but a true, respectful, creative and loving conversation with myself, Farida Sharan. I know if I had an invitation to talk with a teacher many years ago the fear would have been very strong however the opportunity was something I would not have wanted to miss.

As it is not a sales call, no pressure, just a conversation to see if we are right for you and you are right and true for me and the school, to know we are clear we would enjoy a mentoring study that is about your personal evolution to become all you can be, not just to learn information and pass a test.

Personal EvolutionEloretta was a totally ready positive I want to do it now student, and her progress since September 2015, has her completing her 5th Lesson of the Healing Diets and her own Self Healing, during that time she has transformed the life, health, energy and happiness of herself and her husband, but also created a restaurant and juice bar that teaches healthy and healing diets, and offers classes to their church members and others in their community.

Change of diet, naturopathy self treatments, change of life habits, new and exciting creative work, helping her husband heal from ageing illness produce a profound change of purpose and appearance.

This is a living path that produces results, that changes lives, that transforms the way we look, feel, make choices, create a life we love to live and so much more.

I always say we are preparing for the next cycle and it is wonderful to be surprised and realise it is so much more than we could have imagined.

Congratulations of your personal evolution dearest Eloretta.

Before and After Photos of Eloretta – Before and After – September 2015 through to 1 -2017 – a beautiful and profound Self Healing transformation.

Discounts available on all online courses through mid March. Contact through Inquiry or email to inquire for information and enrol. I am preparing myself in Tao Garden Retreat center in Chiang Mai, Thailand for the Naturopathy Immersion of 7 days in Torremolinos, Spain and onward to creating a new teaching space in Norfolk, England. All tuition will be dedicated to creating the new location in a most beautiful countryside location. Welcome

Cambridge Vegan Cafe

karen-lee-12-2016 Cambridge Vegan Cafe, Stem & Glory, near Mitcham’s Corner, a perfect meeting place to meet new Naturopathy Healing Diets & Self Healing student, Karen Lee.

Karen hails from St. Neots, near Cambridge, where she runs her aesthetician practice. See previous post.

After talking during her enrolment process, I stopped off in Cambridge as I returned from a glorious sunny countryside visit to dear friends near Aylsham, in Norfolk. And there is no better place than a Vegan Cafe and we were not disappointed.

Stem & Glory is beautifully welcoming in the upstairs entry to the Cambridge Yoga Studio.

On offer were warm dishes and salads, and to my delight, warm broccoli were lightly steamed & gently marinated for delicious flavour layering, salads were finely chopped and the warmth of the baked parsnips an exquisite addition.

As Karen is a conscious vegan and I love using herbs and spices and marinations, we were saying mmmm very often during our conversation. The host gifted us with a spiced mulled (thankfully not too sweet) juice, and our table and the respectful atmosphere enhanced our time together. A most excellent experience and one I hope to repeat.

Cambridge Vegan Cafe

After lunch, enjoying a sunny warm winter’s day, we walked across the Cam, over Jesus Green into Cambridge, my home for 11 years in the late 1970’s and 80’s, a place I dearly love even though it is transforming into tech, science, education wonderland. Glad it is the new base for the School of Natural Medicine. My favourite market was buzzing and the streets full of eclectic Cambridge life and tourists. And so I returned to the train station and Karen to St. Neots and the great goal of an April Immersion glows like a light in the future.

As Karen’s Self Healing was progressing well, as were her studies, we discussed her attendance at the upcoming Torremolinos, Spain Naturopathy Immersion, and a few days later, she enrolled to join advanced students in the 7 day training.

Jamaica Pescado Juice Bar

Jamaica Pescado Juice BarJamaica Pescado Juice Bar hosts the Garden of Eden Health Club meetings (see us on facebook) where the sea breeze and the sound of the waves brings therapy. We are growing slowly to ensure solid growth, says Eloretta Wedderburn of Independence City, Jamaica

I am imparting knowledge to others on an ongoing basis with every opportunity. I desire to spend the rest of my working years making a difference in the lives of the ones I love and care for so much as well as being healthy in my personal life.

Jamaica Pescado Juice BarEloretta Wedderburn, enrolled in the Healing Diets Online Course and has been completing assignments, sharing the good news in her Church, creating a Garden of Eden Health Club & opening the Pescado Restaurant Fruit & Juice Bar.

The offer seafood as a transitional food to begin the process of educating and assisting their customers toward greater health and intelligence.

“Hello my beloved Teacher. Wow, you know the way to live! I love your life & when I “grow up” I want to live like you! Thank you so very much for your kind words and patience with me. I have been feeling so good physically & mentally since I have been doing the Online Healing Diets Course with your guidance and being nourished in a new world of information. Thanks so much for facilitating my learning process so very well.

Along with the cleanses and detox and changes in our diet, I would like to do some experiments with blending and juicing Purslane and Spanish Needle plants because in Jamaica they are abundance and we are not yet using them.

My husband was led to continue on a 40 days fast, which he refers to as a Prophet’s fast. We have seen great miracles and acts of God manifest in our lives and the lives of persons in our Church with simply imbibing water, coconut water & chewing on sugar cane once in a while. After 31 days, his blood pressure normalised (previous to he was on 2 medications, 1 to lower the blood pressure & 1 to relax the heart. He now has a normal blood pressure and is going to work daily. 

I accomplished 7 days of water fasting with God’s help, & benefitted much with improvements in self discipline. I still need further modifications to diet & lifestyle to improve my body nurture. I now recognize the mind is powerful & all fears & concerns are futile. I lost 17 pounds. A great achievement! I celebrated with a pedicure, changed my hairstyle & had my car washed & vacuumed. I felt brand new! (Note: Water fasting is not recommended by SNM teachings or Self Healing, but a choice of adventurous and well prepared students in full connection and with support) Congratulations to the Wedderburns with great honour for their achievements.

With a passion in Health & Wellness over twenty years, I presented at Health Fairs & avoided synthetic medications as I believe prevention is better than cure. A graduate of the University of Technology with a Diploma in Institutional &Catering Management, a trained Guidance Counsellor, & an Educator in HIV /AID Counseling certified by City & Guild in Teaching, Training & Assessment, I love to teach & train youths & adults.” Eloretta Wedderburn, Healing Diets Onine Study student, Jamaica

Education Advances Careers

Education advances careersEducation advances careers to new levels of personal evolution & professional skills with Healing Diets Nutrition Online Study enhanced by Self Healing.

Karen, an aesthetician from St. Neots, Cambridgeshire, shares the longing to help her women clients that led to her choice to study the Healing Diets Online Course enhanced by the Self Healing Module.

“I work with women every day, and when I talk with them, I feel I want to help them more.

I originally studied exercise and health studies years ago before my path then led me to massage and beauty. I now run a lovely specialised salon in St Neots.

My passion have always been food and health, especially since my mum was diagnosed 7 years ago with brain cancer. She was given six months and it was then I witnessed the power of nutrition and the mind that gave her an extra 3 years.

There is not a day goes by where I don’t read or absorb some article on nutrition. My eyes light up when I am on this topic.

I love the content of the Healing Diets Nutrition Online Course.

There are many courses out there but my heart kept pulling me back to your Purehealth website.”

Karen Lee, Aesthetician, St. Neots, Cambridgeshire, UK.

Enrolment is a process that takes time because it is important for me as a teacher to know that a student makes a choice to enter into the study with full knowing that is the right and true step for their next level of emergence. Karen took her time to think and feel and explore and talk with me and her photo shows that beautiful quality of knowing so important to life decisions. I believe choice is a most important life skill and it is essential to my connections with inquirers that full time and spare are devoted to this process so that when a student steps through to commitment, it is with a fullness of knowing they are on the right path. Farida

Saudi Arabia Healing Diets Report

Saudi Arabia Healing Diets ReportSaudi Arabia Healing Diets Report from advanced Naturopathy student,Lamia Mudarres, a 19 year old student from 2010 who continues creative professional and personal abundance in 2016 with profound Self Healing achievement.

“Farida, I miss the school very much. I started my own business called PUREArabella and have a committed regular Yoga practice.’

saudi-arabia-healing-dietsSaudi Arabians love to shop so by going with them to the supermarket I help them choose healthy foods, then I show them how to store and prepare delicious meals in their own home.

I find it difficult to convince people to change without giving them the proper tools. They start off excited but once they get back home, their old habits creep in. At your school everything was shown to us and we practiced with physical demonstrations not just verbal ones, so that is what I do now.

Saudi Arabia Healing Diets ReportSaudi Arabia is developing and becoming much more accepting. However anything ‘healthy’ is prepared for them. We now have businesses that sell homemade Saudi healthy organic snacks or vegetarian meal plans that people simply ‘buy.’ It is a great start because in Saudi most people want to buy their health and not have to work for it, so as soon as an organic product hits the shelves, everyone buys it out and wants a nice pat on the back for making healthier life choices.

Farida, you taught us as individuals how and what to change about our previous lifestyle choices. I plan to teach people how to be ‘Independently Healthy’ like the School of Natural Medicine’s infamous slogan!

My ‘Coun-SELLING’ program teaches them how to shop for their health, one buck at a time. Much much love from the purest Arabella to the purest most loving teacher! Love you.Lamia, Purest-Arabella”



The profound aspect of Lamia’s transit over 3 years through the school Immersions was her transformation with the Self Healing Module embodiment of the teachings which amounts to 1/3 of the Naturopathy study. Lamia achieved a dedicated effort with nutrients, nutrition, self naturopathy treatments and more that manifested in the loss of nearly 85 pounds as she emerged with a practice in a professional clinic with ADD children and now her own Healing Diets practice and business. Congratulations. We love you Lamia

Photos, before and after, in the school kitchen, and holding her Iridology Iris Mandala which  took the wonderful humorous shape of an owl! Lamia loves to create and has published children’s books.

Saudi Arabia Healing Diets Report

Family Healing Foods

Family Healing Foods

Gabriel & Gabby Foot Bathing Together

Family Healing Foods begins with creating and enjoying delicious healthy foods with Gabriel’s 2 year old daughter, Gabby, in a Healing Diets class in Boulder, Colorado.

As it was an Integrated Immersion Gabriel and his daughter also experience foot bathing with Young Living Essential Oils, walks in nature and other related natural medicine processes and experiences. Gabriel works as a Physician’s Assistant PA in Dallas, Texas.

Gabriel shares, “My inner child feels loving, centered and in touch with nature.

A peaceful clarity shows me I am on the right path of my life purpose to be the light to heal, inspire and motivate by living a healthy, vegan lifestyle.  

Family Healing Foods Gabriel Okafor

Gabriel & Gabby take a walk on Wonderland Lake in Boulder, Colorado

The fantastic delicious Healing Diets foods as well as learning about Gabriel Cousens’ Spiritual Nutrition approach to plant based foods inspired me to improve my diet with more raw, living organic foods.

Healing Diets Immersion was a refreshing, enlightening and motivational weekend. After an intense work week this class makes it all worthwhile.

Being in Boulder with my daughter, Gabby,  teaching assistant, Samantha, and the awesome teacher, Hayley, made the whole experience unforgettable.”  Gabriel

Family Healing FoodsAnd the Healing Diets teacher, Hayley adds….!! “Gabriel’s little two year old daughter, Gabby, had been constipated for 3 days when she arrived! She eats lots of fast food and processed foods back home, especially with her mom. Here, she ate avocados, banana ice cream, chia seed pudding, and SO MUCH SAUERKRAUT!  She called the kraut ‘pickles’. She pooped 4 or 5 times in the two days that she was here! So amazing. And when she asked for milk, I made her sesame milk with maple syrup!”

Healing Diets Graduates

Healing Diets GraduatesHealing Diets Graduates, Hayley Porter, recently taught the Healing Diets Immersion in Boulder, Colorado as a part of her growing creative offerings in the healing arts.

Hayley began her studies in SNM in Boulder Colorado in 2010 and has over time created a world of offerings featured on her website  I am most pleased Hayley has evolved as a compassionate, creative and capable teacher we are honored to feature in School of Natural Medicine Immersions.

Hayley teaches the SNM Reflexology Immersion Certification beginning Friday 13th May.

Be inspired. Connect with a student/graduate who is creatively manifesting progress toward her highest potential as a practitioner and teacher.

Our student, Carla, shares her experience with Hayley in the advanced Healing Diets Level II & III classes.

Healing Diets Graduates Hayley Porter“With Hayley I learned about the wonderful effects of superfoods in our body. When I drank wheat grass for the first time, I liked the flavor and 30 minutes later I felt my body responding to the nourishment.

Hayley taught me that my past food decisions still have an effect in my body, therefore I should eat correctly in order to heal my ancestral light. Past feelings came up to clarify and allow me to live correctly in order to build the most positive atmosphere for my life.

I feel inspired to return to Escazu, Costa Rica and build better nutrition for my family. It is sad to see the reality of the American meat industries as well as the medical and pharmaceutical community. I want to have my own country be the best it can be.

Healing Diets Graduates Hayley Porter

Healing Diets Graduates Hayley Porter

Hayley and the School of Natural Medicine helped me realize how powerful nutrition is and inspired me to share my new knowledge to touch peoples lives in the way this touched me and to allow people’s lives to be filled with the joy of natural nourishment in the same way it affected me.

When I was not able to sleep properly because of images of animals, I realized I am a consequence of past decisions. I want to look at life with new bright light and combine Healing Diets with meditation and the joy of life and never carry the guilt of dead animals in my being.

I wish to inspire and lead others with the joy of veganism and spiritual nutrition. Love and gratitude ~ Carla Calderon Oracu, Escazu, Costa Rica

Healing Diets Love

Healing Diets LoveHealing Diets Love is Costa Rica bound enriched with plant based foods by Carla Calderon Oracu!

Healing Diets leaves me with a better idea of how a plant-based diet offers amazing health benefits and how human disease can be reversed with proper nutrition because we are mineral deficient and that the path to a proper nutrition is about spiritual perseverance.

Before I came to School of Natural Medicine I had a very general knowledge about alkaline diets and juicing.  I worked as a raw cook and now I feel wasn’t being honest to my clients.

I experienced my first wheatgrass with our wonderful teacher, Hayley Porter. We also foraged for wild foods for our salads and vegetable dishes.

Earthling DVD affected me on every possible deeper level.  I feel frustrated about the meat industries and sad knowing that people I love are part of it.  As well as feeling sadness and frustration, I feel hopelessness and anger about the abuse of pets and living creatures on this earth.

Healing Diets Love Carla OracuIt hurts me that I made decisions in the past to contribute to this inhuman behavior and I most certainly want to educate those who are willing to listen.

Before I came to the Healing Diets I had a very general knowledge about alkaline diets and juicing.  I worked as a raw cook and now I as if wasn’t being honest to my clients.

Healing Diets Creativity – Costa Rica here I come with a brighter path and more creative ideas to my home in San Rafael.”  Carla Calderon Oracu,Escazu, Costa Rica. Carla is attending all three Immersions this spring, Healing Diets, Herbal Medicine & Reflexology! Check out Carla’s amazing website!

Healing Diets Love – Raw food cake Icing

Carla creates beautiful raw cakes and shares her ideas: For the pink we finely chopped beets and blended in the blender on high for a while with melted coconut oil. 

Healing Diets Love Creativity Carla OracuThen we strained it and added some of the white cashew cheesecake to it. That creates more thickness to the icing and also brightened the color.

For the yellow we simply mixed turmeric powder with coconut oil and then added the cashew filling.  Spirulina could also be used for a beautiful green!

The cashew filling was soaked cashews, coconut oil, tons of ginger and lemon juice, cinnamon and touch of maple syrup.

We put the icing ziplock bags, cut a tiny whole in the corner and drew circles onto the raw cake. I take a knife to the colors on top of the cake and  pull the color out towards the edge and then towards the center in  alternating directions with each line!

Healing Diets Connection

Healing-Diet Connection - Renate-McConathy Gerson Therapy

Healing Diets Connection – Renate McConathy – Carla Oracu

Healing Diets Connection opened my eyes to true connection & encouraged me to keep learning & seeking my deeper true self as a part of this world, universe & circle of life.

Healing Diets Connection helped me to focus my skills to continually develop and learn more for gifting others. I have already started to guide and teach people in my immediate surroundings.

Healing Diets Level III recipes and foods are nourishing and delicious: Energy Soup, nut and seed milks, fresh Yellow Dock juice, and hand picked Dandelion salad. We stirred our senses with vegan sushi wraps, and artful raw cheese cake, learning how important it is to prepare foods that taste good and are appealing to the eye.

Hayley, our teacher, was a wonderful, resourceful, young teacher that inspired and empowered me!! Her experience, wealth of knowledge, lifestyle and wisdom were enriching to all the students.


Healing Diets – Renate McConathy Juicing

Healing Diets  universal  healing, soothing, life giving wild food nourishment entered my body, I felt connected & grounded with nature, realising all is created in union, connected, linked together, to heal & give life. As an intricate part of that life our bodies are amazingly delicate, able to function under the worst conditions, yet built to heal, given the proper nutrition.

Iridology included  within this advanced class, reinforced this realisation with the understanding that the organs, body systems and stresses are mapped in our Irises, and also with Reflexology. As I grew up with a western approach to medicine, much of this truth was neglected, even written off, disregarding our homeostatic natural balance.

I now know how important to me as a healer to look at the WHOLE picture….integrating Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual realities as I complete my Healing Diets Counsellor Certificate.” Renate McConathy, Gerson Therapy practitioner, Colorado.