Elspeth Taimre ND

Elspeth Taimre ND Elspeth Taimre completed Diplomas in Iridology, Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy with Farida Sharan ND in the School of Natural Medicine 1984-1988 in Cambridge, England.

“After moving to Australia, In the early 1990’s, I brought Farida three times to Perth, Australia to teach advanced courses in Naturopathy Herbal Medicine and Iridology. She was featured on television and radio and also gave talks in health conferences in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.”

“I am forever grateful to my primary teacher, mentor and radiant example of health and wholeness, Dr Farida Sharan. Thank you, Farida, for pointing the way with such love and dedication.”

Elspeth Taimre ND“I have been in clinical practice for over 13 years, and have lectured to students of Nutrition and Iridology for 7 years. I’m passionate about sharing the simple truths that have been such a blessing to my family, students and clients. Time and again I have witnessed the healing power of naturopathy, herbal medicine, essential oils and flower essences, and the transformative capacity of purification programs.

“In 2004 I founded Indigo Bean, School of Living Health, with friend and colleague Susan Sadler, to teach classes in nutrition, healthy food preparation, living food and detoxification.

Elspeth Taimre ND“The first changes I made in my own Self Healing process were dietary, including more fresh fruits and vegetables, cutting out processed foods, and using vegetarian proteins instead of meat. My energy was better and I felt lighter and clearer and my eyes looked brighter, I had endless energy, and no longer wanted to eat and drink the processed, salty, sugary foods that I had eaten before. I gave up coffee, sugar and alcohol, exercised more, drank more water, discovered herbal teas, and continued to experiment with colourful and vibrant juices made from fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. I felt amazed and inspired as the tides of regeneration and healing surfaced as I knew I was experiencing the healing power of Nature as my body replaced the old with the new with awesome intelligence. As my body healed,

“I used vibrational homeopathic medicine with the Bach Flower Remedies to help clear emotional resistances, and discovered the immense power of focus and intent. Practices such as yoga and meditation have become a part of my daily life.

“The experience of raising two children while completing formal education in Natural Medicine provided me with many opportunities to put into practice the principles of natural health and healing that I was studying. My children are now 21 and 17, and neither have ever needed to see a doctor for medical treatment. I have had many opportunities to be grateful for the preventative power of a natural diet high in living foods, and for the healing capacity of herbs, good nutrition, rest, exercise.”  Elspeth Taimre, School of Natural Medicine Graduate Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist, Bibra Lake, near Perth, Australia. Check out Elspeth’s website and her youtube video!

In 2004 Elspeth and I took at Chi Nei Tsang Training at Tao Garden, Chiang Mai, Thailand. The second photo was take at the Loy Krathong celebrations.

The Newsletter shares the first Naturopathy training January 1994.

http://heartstarherbs.com/      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsX3-PG2QIo


Herbal Medicine Online Student

Herbal Medicine Online Student

Herbal Medicine Online Student, Juan Yubero, from Malaga, Spain shares wildcrafting, and creation of herbal products & an herbal/dispensary for herbal assignments.

Creating an herbal pharmacy / dispensary is a uniquely personal process based on where you live, supplies, herb growing in the nature around you, what you can order or use.

Each student goes through the studies and assignments in their own time and their own way, and Juan’s love of herbs and hiking work well for him to explore, discover, harvest and create with enthusiasm, and live the teachings as he gains mastery.

Herbal Medicine Online StudentHerbal Medicine Online Student, Juan, is doing his thesis for the course on natural medicine and folk remedies in Spain in the 20th century.

He found one book called The History of Spanish Natural Medicine and one called Popular medicine and Healing Plants to begin his research as well as to explore the countryside to create a relationship with the living plants. He wildcrafts with his friends and the photo shows them collecting nettles, so good for the blood, iron nutrients and strength and health in winter.

Herbal Medicine Online StudentJuan’s wife shares his enthusiasm. She creates bags, see photo, with a printed label that the name of a specific herb can then be written in with a non-washable pen.

Herbal Medicine Online StudentFarida shares, “When I  moved to Cambridge, England from California in 1977, after studying with Dr. Raymond Christopher at Healing Waters in Arizona, I created my first herbal pharmacy / dispensary by collecting the glass jars from ‘sweet shops’ and drawing labels. I found a shelf in the Cambridge market and enjoyed the beauty of the colour and scents as I worked with them.

In 1981 I attended the Herbalist training with Dr. Christopher in Utah and then brought him to London, England to give a seminar. The next year we brought David Christopher and other teachers to Cambridge for a depth training when I was awarded soon after with a Master Herbalist Diploma.

Herbal Medicine Online StudentAs I preferred to dispense powders I ground them by hand, with my blender (had to continuously replace the blade). I used trash bag to mix the herbal ingredients into formulas and even more glass jars had to be found for the different formulas.

When clients started complaining about the heat in the Dr. Raymond Christopher formulas I was using, I began to adjust them. I realised his formulas had excess heat due to the fact that he had physical conditions that he needed for herbs for and so therefore a great understanding of them. Their presence in his formulas were more than most people needed.

Herbal Medicine Online StudentLater on when Dr. C’s son, David Christopher would not give me permission to use formulas, even adjusted ones, with credit of course, in my Iridology book, I created a complete system of herbal formulas in 1988 that are well proven nearly 30 years later. I have thanked David for that ‘no’ ever since. Often we do not know what we are capable of until we are forced by circumstance to try.

Herbal Medicine Online Student

Dr. Raymond Christopher & Farida Sharan 1091 Utah

I was guided by Dr. Edward Shook’s herbal books, and Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss  as that was my herbal bible for guiding me through self healing breast cancer in the early 1970’s (story of this is in my book Herbs of Grace–Becoming Independently Healthy.

Inquirers can begin Online Study at any time and progress at their own pace. Mentoring with Farida Sharan online supports the studies and develops a tutor relationship. The Online Course is enhanced by the Self Healing Module experience with taking your own personally blended herbal formulas and teas as well as flower essences. Inquire now on the Contact page. Enrol and become a home herbalist or a professional! Your life will be enriched and you will be well on your way to Becoming Independently Healthy.


Passionate Herbal Medicine

Passionate Herbal MedicinePassionate Herbal Medicine arrives with special Inquirers, causing a stir of excitement and welcome, as though a treasure just arrived at your door that gives you the opportunity to share a lifetime of experience and pass on the wisdom and knowledge to someone worthy and ready to receive.

Morgan Curtis is one such special Inquirer, now a student of Herbal Medicine.

Over the many years since 1977 when I began my teachings after healing breast cancer by natural means, I recognise the special Inquirers as the way they write and talk is already in resonance with all that the school represents. I know they belong with these teachings and this way of learning, growing, evolving and healing.

Morgan shares:

“Herbal medicine has always been interesting to me, but this past year I found myself digging deeper into this wonderful field.

I want to study Herbal Medicine because I desire to help others, along with myself, with the very tools Mother Nature intended for us.

During my search for the right school, when I came across Pure Health School of Natural Medicine, I knew I could not find a better fit for me.

I practice with Essential Oils daily and do my best to learn as much as I can about them.

I desire to take this course in order to learn not only about oils, but everything listed in the curriculum.

Upon completing this course my goal is to create a small business in creating products that will help others naturally. I have always longed to create my own business!

I want to thank you for giving me and so many others the opportunity to learn the art of Herbal Medicine.” Morgan Curtis, Herbal Medicine student, Gallatin, Tennessee

Herbal Medicine studies at SNM begin with the Online Course either with the Self Healing Module at the same time, or as soon as possible, so that the studies are embodied in personal experience at the same time. As the student evolves with the studies they become eligible to attend an Integrated Immersion. This is Passionate Herbal Medicine in action, one choice at a time!

Farida Sharan’s book, Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy, outlines the foundation of Herbal Medicine supported by Naturopathy, Iridology, Reflexology, Healing Diets, Essential Oils, Flower Essences and Self Healing, and is available on amazon.com.

Browse the School News blog on the website, click on the right margin, and enjoy the posts and photos of the Herbal Medicine classes!

Complete the Contact Form to get in touch, and inquire from your Passionate Herbal Medicine!

Acne Skin Care

Acne Skin CareAcne Skin Care Naturally Online with Jessica Gremley, Colorado Aesthetician and a 2015 Healing Diets Graduate who creatively evolved an Online Acne Skin Care program and new product line, Clove Hill.

Jessica shares: “Hi Farida, I have my first Skincare Product under my brand name, Clove Hill, launching in the next few weeks as well. Clove Hill will include skincare, SPF and herbs to start with but will expand into haircare and possible make-up down the road.

All the products under the Clove Hill name are Acne Safe Products and part of the 16-week Acne Clear virtual healing program I offer to clear acne. 

Acne Skin CareI just received proofs of the branding/packaging for the acne Herbal Formulas and will be bottling them with Heidi (School of Natural Medicine International Graduate & Herbal Medicine Teacher past 16 years) in the next few weeks. Very exciting!

My husband Michael is now working with me as we envision becoming a nationally recognized brand in the next few years. We recently took on more office space and are hiring coaches in our call center to work with clients virtually.  

Michael will focus on marketing as we are excited for more people to find our website so we can help as many as possible to get clear.

I continue to use what you have taught me every day of life and share that with others:) Big Hugs from  Jessica Gremley, Healing Diets graduate and advanced Naturopathy student who evolved from an aesthetician into a creative natural products brand. Jessi experiencing the Air Element in the Chakras, Elements & Emotions Naturopathy embodiment healing process training in the School of Natural Medicine evolutionary education teachings.

Acne Skin CareAcne and skin conditions always clear during Self Healing, some sooner than others. Refer to recent post on Ana for good example. Progress happens in waves during and after studies, opportunities appear, ideas emerge, students find their own creative path.

Previous note of appreciation before the idea of online and produce line appeared:

“Hi Farida, I feel the excitement and growth of the school very strongly:) I moved into my new office and it is really great. It feels right to be in a professional medical environment. I am working with a wellness physician who was just featured on Morgan Sperlock’s new show on CNN “How to Live Forever.” Lots of cutting edge technology happening at my new clinic with stem cell storage, chelation therapy, PRP therapy and a whole room of vitamin IV injections!” With Love, Jessi

Purification Regeneration

Purification RegenerationPurification Regeneration advances together to provide essential balanced support for the inner ecology to build health & wellness.

“I originally started learning Natural Medicine from my Dad as he would put me on fasts whenever I was unwell.

Later in life when I was living in Australia, my health deteriorated and seeing that allopathic medicine was failing me, I looked for alternatives first with Australian Naturopathic Doctors who would just give me mountains of vitamins, then with Ayurveda in India.

When I read books by Arnold Ehret, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Raymond Christopher, and Dr Robert Morse and followed their advice, my health recovered amazingly. I have become fascinated and have kept studying, researching and reading, and want to advance further.

I also went to the USA for 2 courses with Dr Robert Morse on regenerative detoxification.

I am very eager to continue learning and my next focus is Herbology, so I am interested to enrol in your Master Herbalist Online Course with Self Healing and mentoring.”

Juan Baneres Yubero, Malaga, Spain, Herbal Medicine & Self Healing student

Herbal Medicine Immersion

Herbal Medicine Immersion - Carla Oracu Herbal Medicine Immersion was an exciting journey into the spiritual, sacred world of plant medicine exploring on profound levels I never imagined possible.  

School of Natural Medicine is the only school you don’t want to graduate from. It is so wonderful you never want it to be over. Every person I met in the school has been an angel. It is almost overwhelming to attend a school that gives such positive reinforcement to the universe and gifted me with experiencing the world in a fresh, new way.

As the days passed, I connected with the universe and felt the healing powers of cosmic energy acting in and and through myself and all living beings.

Herbal Medicine Immersion - CarlaI recommend everyone to take the Herbal Medicine Immersion as School of Natural Medicine captures the true essence of the healing arts with true healers as teachers, providing a safe place for personal growth for future light workers.

With Herbal medicine we are capable of finding the root of health problems and improve our health and learn positive healing habits, but we also have the ability to heal from within. I learned I need to heal myself and become my own teacher to acquire further knowledge and experience to help others in their healing process. 

I discovered how traditional medicines reflect natural balance and the relationship between body, mind and soul as well as respect for nature’s laws.

Herbal Medicine Immersion - Neti PotI received positive feedback as well as depth information and theory combined with experiencing healing herbal therapies like Castor Oil Packs, Ginger Poultices, Neti Pots for cleansing the nostrils, and foot baths. Working hands-on in the Herbal Pharmacy/Dispensary gave us the opportunity to learn practical Herbal skills. We absorbed ancient knowledge as we created formulas, salves, tinctures and Flower Essences.

We connected with plants to understand their messages as we learned about the sacred geometry in the plants and also within ourselves. I bonded with different herbs and practiced my intuition in a beautiful spiritual approach to plant communion consciousness.

Farida Sharan, I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of this school. I learned so much more in nine days than I did in two years in college.

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to experience this healing, learning space with a teacher like Heidi Jarvis, a graduate of the School of Natural Medicine. She is humble about her knowledge and open to teach everything and share her years of experience.

 I feel blessed to have this opportunity and so grateful for my teachers, Hayley Porter and Heidi Jarvis and the universe for sharing their light and knowledge.

I had such a wonderful time. I loved the Herbal Medicine Immersion. I can’t wait to go back to Costa Rica and work with all I learned. Thank you very much for everything.” Carla Oracu, Raw Food Chef, Escazu, Costa Rica; Naturopathy student.



Herbal Medicine Wisdom

Herbal Medicine Wisdom - Summer LigganHerbal Medicine Wisdom Immersion brought me through a spiritual mind grounding battle that deeply taught me how important it is to give attention to my Self Healing.

I could not have broken through my mind battle with as much progress of determination and learned to love myself without attending the full Immersion that gave me the space and time and attention I needed for my personal healing.

Herbal Medicine Wisdom Immersion was informative with enlightening history and positive, effective herbal naturopathy treatments that brought feelings to the surface.

Herbal Medicine Wisdom - Summer LigganAs I faced my fears, Heidi, our teacher, assisted with professional, loving, compassionate understanding that allowed me to release misunderstandings of myself, of love and the effect of my lack of self love on others.

I am blessed to be in contact with the soul sisters in the class. I felt compassion from Samantha, whom I have been in classes with before, when we shared a common experience with family. I noticed when sharing I also need to listen more to others in a balanced conversation. Carla inspired me with her goals and creative business abilities at her young age.

Herbal Medicine Wisdom - Summer LigganMy favourite experience was the practice of opening up our senses to Tulsi/Rose tea and Frankincense. Then when Heidi passed different unmarked herbs around so we could tune into their healing properties and discover what each plant’s healing properties were, we were all able to discover something correct about each herb, revealing how much sensation, knowing, intuition we have naturally within us. This skill explains how indigenous peoples understood plants long before science. Motherwort spoke to me in less than 3 minutes, communicating she was helpful for menstrual cycles and circulation.

Our study of Herbal History shows how far we have come from natural effective healing of body, mind and soul and respect for nature.

In Herbal Pharmacy/Dispensary class we worked with grinding and storing raw plant materials as well as blending formulas, capsuling, creating herbal products, shipping, record keeping, organisation and how to work with clients.

We observed and drew the sacred geometry within medicinal plants. Heidi encouraged us to spiral out from the inner plant energetically naturally as the plant does as becomes one with life as the sacred spiral of life. Although reluctant, I soon released resistance and control in my life and was able to see how I have altered the flow of spiral of life in my own life and prevented learning experiences needed for me to grow – such a profound lesson. Thank you Heidi for being the guide to these experiences.

Depth learning about the Body Systems & Natural Supplement Products that assist Herbs will be valuable support for the physical aspects of my personal healing journey.

I am blessed to have this experience and my teacher, Heidi, and for Farida, who give time in life to show us truth in this special way. I feel more trust in the world. Thank you Farida for all the trust and love you put into each of the students and our teachers.” Summer Liggan, Longmont, Colorado; Herbal Medicine, Healing Diets and Reflexology student.

Prepare for future Herbal Medicine Immersions in 2017 with the Herbal Medicine & Healing Diets Online Courses. Contact us with an Inquiry from our Contact page on the Purehealth website!

Herbal Medicine Immersions

Herbal Medicine Immersions Samantha MarshallHerbal Medicine Immersions gifted me with love & support from teacher, classmates & the universe as I reached deeper levels of connection & understanding.

Herbal Medicine Immersions felt bittersweet as I enjoyed it so much I couldn’t wait for the next class but at the same time I wanted everything to slow down so it wouldn’t end. Each exercise brought me to a higher consciousness of personal evolution as I experienced how we are all connected as a part of something much bigger than our daily lives. 

Herbal Medicine Immersions - SamanthaAs I experienced a broader perspective of the world and the peoples in it, I realized I must begin from within myself before I can radiate healing toward the world. Each day I shed layers as I reached deeper levels of connection and understanding.

The more I understand nature the more I understand we are never on our own. I find myself aligned with the universe and able to receive the gifts that nature provides. It fills me with joy to have made such a deep connection with nature, the healing powers of plants, my teacher and my fellow students.

I am ready for the great work of helping people move their energy into a healthy, abundant, balanced force to help life and the world we share.

Herbal Medicine Immersions - SamanthaWith new knowledge I have greater confidence. I look forward to the research, devotion, compassion to share this knowledge and wisdom.  I feel more confident in my abilities to share what I learned about plants, their connection to each other and to  humans.

I greatly enjoyed the plethora of knowledge & having everything explained so fully. I am grateful I can now go into a health food store and shop for the best of what I need, work with herbs, make formulas and herbal products and guide others with herbal treatments and so much more.

Herbal Medicine Immersions was a blessing facilitating my progress toward a brighter future and a better version of myself.” Samantha Marshall, Leadville, Colorado; Naturopathy student.

Herbal Medicine Creativity

Herbal Medicine Creativity Miranda Palmer

Herbal Medicine Creativity Miranda Palmer

Herbal Medicine Creativity with Miranda Palmer, advanced Naturopathy student’s Mountain Roots Medicine combines Herbal Medicine with Healing Diets, Essential Oils, Flower Essences & Reflexology in Durango, Colorado.

Check out her website on the Mountain Roots Medicine link above and be inspired! Students can never imagine the destiny that unfolds when they begin their studies. Here she shares in her own words:

“When I entered the School of Natural Medicine I was naive but from the beginning I was taken care of and sheltered even though I felt lost and confused as to what direction to take. However, I felt a strong pull to seek self knowledge, a natural life style and discover the power of natural healing and committed to the course of study with my parents’ blessing.

Herbal Medicine CreativityFrom the beginning I worked through forgiveness to myself for my addictions to food and binge eating during my mother’s chronic illness. I learned to separate my emotional attachments, speak my truth and communicate to my mother and father.

Bach Remedies & FES Flower Essences were beneficial during my Self Healing processes as they helped guide me and make the transformational shifts easier.

I also stopped people pleasing with my southern manners and began to speak from my heart with no expectations or guilt. I truly learned the gift of clear communication. 

Herbal Medicine Creativity Training Durango ColoradoMost important I embodied the gift of moving gracefully through tough times. I learned to trust the universe as I processed becoming independent for the first time and embraced becoming financially stable. During this process I appreciated how coming to the classes at the School of Natural Medicine with Farida Sharan’ support smoothed this transition.

As an advanced student it is now time for me to shift and focus my fire and attention to completes my assignments and case studies to prepare for the Clinical Training Retreat before graduation. Naturopathy studies clarified my vision as to what I want to accomplish in my life and what makes me happy. This is my path.

I now know all is within me. I learned what I needed from Farida Sharan and the School of Natural Medicine to move forward in practice and knowledge.” Miranda Palmer, advanced Naturopathy student, Durango, Colorado.


iridology-graduate--vicki-pitman-aveburyIridology & Natural Medicine Graduate of the School of Natural Medicine in the UK in the 1980’s, Vicki Pitman, also apprenticed with Farida Sharan in the SNM school Herbs of Grace Herbal Pharmacy in Cambridge, England. Originally purchased and run by Peter Enkel, another SNM graduate, Herbs of Grace continued to operate as an Herbal and Health online business for some years with his son James Enkel, and is now in other good hands.

Vicki continued evolved in the healing arts, with a degree in Holistic studies at Exeter University. With a strong interest in Herbal Medicine, Vicki practiced Iridology & Herbal Medicine as well as integrating further studies of Aromatherapy, Ayurveda & Reflexology.

iridology-graduate-vicki-pitmanWhen I saw Vicki this summer she invited me for a visit, so in October, I took the train to Bradford-on-Avon near Bath in Wiltshire to enjoy a reunion.

Vicki studied Ayurveda with Dr. Vasant Lad,whom she first met at the School of Natural Medicine Summer School near Cambridge in 1988. Her study travels also took her to America and India, where she studied advanced Ayurveda. In later years she was honored at an Ayurveda Conference.

During these years she wrote books (thumbnail covers included) on Reflexology, Aromatherapy & Ayurveda.

Vicki is active with protecting Herbal & Natural Medicine  in the U.K. She belongs to the following organizations & helps create alternate issues of the The Herbalist magazine.

The Association of Reflexologists   The International Federation of Aromatherapists

The Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners

iridology-graduate-vicki-pitman-reflexology-bookToday she shares her wisdom & experience at the Dorothy House Hospice in Bradford-on-Avon in Wilshire, near Bath, near where she lives.

Over a visit of three days we adventured to the ancient standing stones in Avebury (Vicki is tuning in to a giant stone in the photo) explored the pleasure gardens and grotto at Stourhead, and walked around the ancient and charming city of Bath. We enjoyed a delicious vegetarian meal at the The Green Rocket Cafe, near the Avon River, and as they also make vegan desserts, we took cake home for tea!!

iridology-graduate-vicki-pitman-aromatherapy-bookOn my day of departure I spent the morning at the Thermae Bath Spa before the train to London, enjoying the rooftop hot pool in the morning mists overlooking the majestic buildings and hills surrounding Bath. .

Vicki is busy with family life as  a grandparent with her husband, Tony, with three daughters and their children. Her website, Integrative Therapies, illustrates the advance of her accomplishments.