Elspeth Taimre ND

Elspeth Taimre ND Elspeth Taimre completed Diplomas in Iridology, Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy with Farida Sharan ND in the School of Natural Medicine 1984-1988 in Cambridge, England.

“After moving to Australia, In the early 1990’s, I brought Farida three times to Perth, Australia to teach advanced courses in Naturopathy Herbal Medicine and Iridology. She was featured on television and radio and also gave talks in health conferences in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.”

“I am forever grateful to my primary teacher, mentor and radiant example of health and wholeness, Dr Farida Sharan. Thank you, Farida, for pointing the way with such love and dedication.”

Elspeth Taimre ND“I have been in clinical practice for over 13 years, and have lectured to students of Nutrition and Iridology for 7 years. I’m passionate about sharing the simple truths that have been such a blessing to my family, students and clients. Time and again I have witnessed the healing power of naturopathy, herbal medicine, essential oils and flower essences, and the transformative capacity of purification programs.

“In 2004 I founded Indigo Bean, School of Living Health, with friend and colleague Susan Sadler, to teach classes in nutrition, healthy food preparation, living food and detoxification.

Elspeth Taimre ND“The first changes I made in my own Self Healing process were dietary, including more fresh fruits and vegetables, cutting out processed foods, and using vegetarian proteins instead of meat. My energy was better and I felt lighter and clearer and my eyes looked brighter, I had endless energy, and no longer wanted to eat and drink the processed, salty, sugary foods that I had eaten before. I gave up coffee, sugar and alcohol, exercised more, drank more water, discovered herbal teas, and continued to experiment with colourful and vibrant juices made from fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. I felt amazed and inspired as the tides of regeneration and healing surfaced as I knew I was experiencing the healing power of Nature as my body replaced the old with the new with awesome intelligence. As my body healed,

“I used vibrational homeopathic medicine with the Bach Flower Remedies to help clear emotional resistances, and discovered the immense power of focus and intent. Practices such as yoga and meditation have become a part of my daily life.

“The experience of raising two children while completing formal education in Natural Medicine provided me with many opportunities to put into practice the principles of natural health and healing that I was studying. My children are now 21 and 17, and neither have ever needed to see a doctor for medical treatment. I have had many opportunities to be grateful for the preventative power of a natural diet high in living foods, and for the healing capacity of herbs, good nutrition, rest, exercise.”  Elspeth Taimre, School of Natural Medicine Graduate Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist, Bibra Lake, near Perth, Australia. Check out Elspeth’s website and her youtube video!

In 2004 Elspeth and I took at Chi Nei Tsang Training at Tao Garden, Chiang Mai, Thailand. The second photo was take at the Loy Krathong celebrations.

The Newsletter shares the first Naturopathy training January 1994.

http://heartstarherbs.com/      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsX3-PG2QIo


Naturopathy Self Healing

Naturopathy Self Healing Naturopathy Self Healing Immersion with the profound Chakras, Elements of Life (earth, water, fire, air, ether) & Emotional Intelligence processes that gift each student with embodiment wisdom of their own being in the mystery of life. These teachings are the foundation of all natural medicine from the beginning of time, an immersion into the energies of life within our being and without in the world that nourishes and sustains us.

Jorg Michels, MD, Oncologist, shares his experience during our Torremolinos, Spain 7 day Immersion into Naturopathy Self Healing embodiment of ancient wisdom teachings merging with epigenetics science. Jorg’s experiences activated spontaneous poetry of understanding in experience.

Naturopathy Self Healing“Air Element: evolved the discovery of slowly-ness awareness of time and space losing boundary, like a new branch sprouting ever so slow in the climbing out toward light, having all the time it needs, finding its place in space and time, the right time in the right spot, as if it was already there and knew the insight where it had to reach and grow to find itself and destiny, searching without searching, growing without knowing, being carried by the Truth to the height, looking down, seeing down to where it may have arisen, some time ago, without knowing when, being part of the tree, the tree of life. Life shows the next branch coming from its stem, rooted in the Earth, pulled pushed up by Water rising, touched by the Fire of light and warmth, breathing in and out in Air, the breath of eternity, climbing up in itself and becoming one with itself.

Naturopathy Self HealingEther Element: Sound, light, energy, vibrations, listening, seeing, feeling, being, permeating everything that is. Forming, blowing, washing, tasting, hearing the divine message, sent thought the cosmic heart beat, pulsing, thriving, pulling through to life and death, expanding, contracting, inhaling exhaling giving receiving, the message of Life. Ever rolling through time and space from the beginning to the beginning never ending, just beginning, ears to hear, eyes to see, hearts to feel,, minds to bend, opening, closing, give hands to hands, leading by letting go, taking by giving, being one, one for all, not forgetting ever reminding, singing, the song of All, not forgetting, ever reminding, singing the song of ALL to be listened, taking in, passed around for the cycle of Life, the being in eternity, nurturing itself, the Self. Having the Heaven on Earth, the cosmic Dance to the music, the notes of wisdom, turning, twisting, breathing together what is, the Sound of Silence.” Jorg Michels MD, advanced Naturopathy student.

Naturopathy Self HealingThe last photo is our class in Iridology photography on mobile phones with Melina Fritzler showing Jorg his iris photos. Here are photos of how his irises shifted colour, one taken by an ophthalmologist looking deep into the pupil so the pupil is enlarged definitely changing the iris fibres but showing the colour changes, and one after Self Healing Purification Regeneration and Transformational program over 1 year.


BETTY SUE O'BRIAN NDBetty Sue O’Brian ND, Graduate of the School of Natural medicine and past president of the International Iridology Association, is speaking on “Iridology, the Chakras and the Endocrine System” at the first Asian/Sri Lankan Iridology Congress to be held on April 22-23 in Columbo, Sri Lanka.

Betty Sue O’Brian ND graduated from the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado in the 1990’s, crowning her Online, Self Healing, Summer School and Clinical Training studies with the 2 week Naturopathy Immersion at the Wigmore Institute to experience the wheatgrass, rejuvelac and living foods detox and rejuvenation program along with Farida Sharan’s advanced Naturopathy teachings enhanced by Mystic Yoga.

Betty says, “After the conference, we will be honoured with a 4 day tour of their island country, getting to see elephants in the wild and waterfalls that tumble into the ocean. I plan to shop for tea and silk and visit with an Ayurvedic physician.”


“My husband and many others here in Mississippi think I am a bit crazy because I’m going ‘over there’ but when haven’t they thought me crazy?  When I went to Colorado for Summer School in the 1990’s to study with you everyone thought it was a bit ‘out there’ too… ha…you are such an inspiration!

“I was just looking in your big first turquoise Iridology – A Complete Guide book from the 90’s …what a great book! and that led of course to the final updated publications with the beautiful covers offered today on amazon. I don’t know how, except for the grace of God, you have done it all…kudos! I am, affectionally yours,” Betty Sue O’Brian, ND, MS, CII

After working with Betty’s sister at Betty’s request for 3 months with a Self Healing Module in preparation to join us for the Naturopathy Immersion as she was suffering from Pancreatitis and facing termination from her academic position, her sister experienced complete healing and returned to work through to her retirement. Interestingly enough even though her healing saved the Insurance Company large sums for medical treatment they would not pay her for her stay at Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico or her Self Healing program.

“I share my own Chakras Elements & Emotions Iridology Chart created in 1988 in Gold Hills, Colorado.” Farida


Iridology Training Perception


Iridology Training Perception

with Farida Sharan ND in London, England – September 26 – 30 2016

Iridology & Natural Medicine Enhanced by Self Healing Diets, Flower Essences, Essential Oils


Iridology & Natural Medicine Professional Integrated Immersion Certificate Training

Iridology Training Perception Iris Print Iris Change Self Healing Farida Sharan England

“I entered the School of Natural Medicine with the intention of studying,
and came out four years later with a whole new life!”
Maggie Knauer ND MIr MH (Iris Change! clear bright irises that reflect her transformation of Self Healing)

Iris Print Discovery! Witness your Iris changes as you experience purification, rejuvenation and transformation therapies to inspire your highest human potential.

Become an advanced Iridology educator, practitioner and living example of evolutionary understanding.

Students evolve as they explore their unique being through Iridology enhanced by the illuminating influence of abundant organic superior nutrients, Saffron Tea and Self Healing processes with Essential Oils & Flower Essences on the learning capacity to embody the language of Iris colors, textures and markings related to physical, heredity, constitution, cultural heritage, life destiny, emotional receptivity and life response.

Master abilities to educate, inspire and guide others toward becoming independently healthy. Awaken clarity to absorb and retain deep levels of understanding embodiment as you learn, grow, and evolve toward wisdom in experience.

PREREQUISITE: Iridology consultation. Study books, DVD’s or Iridology Online Course.

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: Student Iris Photographs & Analysis. Iris Photography & Drawing. SH Program Creation. Consultation, communication & educational skills for private practice, workshops, online client support.

SELF HEALING: Iridology consultation prior to Immersion, Program Creation, Self Healing processes.

TUITION: $3000. Includes Iris photograph, Healing Diets foods, Saffron Tea, Flower Essences, Essential Oils

CERTIFICATE: Iridology & Natural Medicine Certificate awarded. This training is rerequisite for ND & HM Diplomas.

TIMING: 10am to 8pm daily – 5 days, 10 hours daily = 50 hours



Iridology iris-mandala-mirandaIridology II opened me to face some of my fears, overcome anxiety, release expectations & find beauty in creation, allowing me to find balance.

I was free to create and accept my creation fully.

When Farida Sharan gave me a large, black, very white piece of poster board and invited us to create and Iris Mandala, my body seized up with anxiety. As she is always guiding me to overcome my resistances and discover the freedom on the other side, I accepted the challenge!

Once I let go and released expectations, the process flowed and I found beauty in the transformation of a blank piece of paper as it became a reflection of myself.

The process deepened as we explored Iridology psychology models and felt our emotions surface with the new perceptions and connections. Emotions are powerful in my life and I resonated with this new knowledge and wisdom.

Our Iris patterns translate into experiences, past, present and future. By learning more about my own Iris, I learned more about other human beings.

Rayid and Time Risk:

Rayid & Time Risk Models woven into our strong foundation of Faridian Iridology brought everything full circle for me. I want to bring everything we learned into an integrative blossoming and grow in knowledge.” Miranda Palmer, advanced Naturopathy student, Longmont, Colorado


iridology iris-mandala-amandaIridology II revealed deeper levels as my truth surfaced revealing areas of my life needing balance.

Creating my Iris Mandala slipped me deeply into my emotional field where the waters of emotion rose intensely.

During the painting and gluing of my creative process, I remained steadfast and grounded to meet every wave of feeling as they crashed, breaking me open to release the grief and pain I have been holding within for so long.

iridology iris-mandala-amanda-mcnabbI feel relief and a sense of being mentally and emotionally ready to move forward with changes in my life.

Iridology reveals information about the internal workings of each person, allowing us to understand that everyone unique.

Iridology gives us a blueprint to begin a re-education process so that we may begin to address the underlying weaknesses in our body, emotions, mind and spirit.”

Amanda McNabb, advanced Naturopathy student, Aurora, Colorado.

Iridology Classes, Online Course, Books, DVD‘s & a full Diploma program are offered by the School of Natural Medicine twice yearly.


Iridology mandala-kerry-derrickIridology II introduced a deeper connection of integrating psychology with emotional and physical realities.

Time Risk brought me to physically experiencing chills at the connection of the markings and placement exposed on my Iris to events in my life.

Iris Mandala creation enhanced this understanding of connection, taking me to a place of timelessness. I worked for hours, completely focused, yet it felt like minutes.  Recreating markings from my Iris to my Mandala felt like honouring traumatic events & the Iris markings to appreciate their place in my life.

The creation of the Iris Mandala took me to another level of healing I did not anticipate was possible through transforming the personal exposure to the trauma life marking into a sense of beauty and acceptance.

Kerry Derrick, advanced Naturopathy student, Psychotherapist, Arvada, Colorado


Iridology celebrates the unique you!

Understanding pattern & color meanings in your Iris inspires you to dive deep & learn about yourself on a whole new level.

During the creation of the Iris Mandala over two 10 hour immersion days I felt my mood shift from excitement to exhaustion followed by deep contentment.

As an artist, I am excited by color, texture & glue, & often over OCD, not allowing myself to create freely. In this class I did not feel this way. I was content with my creation as it evolved, knowing that it is me and the whole me! Changing the creation or allowing my OCD to take over would have  not allowed the healing I received from creating my unique Iris Mandala – my truth! All felt natural & beautiful.

I feel inspired to look into eyes as they are the gateways to the soul.  

The study of the Iris opens us to the possibilities of existence & allows us to connect deeply with ourselves as well as all life.”

Julia Ilves, Therapist, advanced Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine student, Boulder, Colorado.

Iridology trainingIridology Diploma & Online Courses at School of Natural Medicine International. 

Training includes energetic connection integration with natural therapeutics, emotional healing through education & physical program creation for maintaining wellness, healing & quality of life.

Learn what the Iris reveals about each unique person & apply in all situations where deep understanding, compassion & tolerance improve family, social, business & political realities.


Iridology Iridology lauren-rybarz-creation II – “As I work on my Iris Mandala, I go back in time, visualizing the trauma of birth, my struggle as a helpless baby and onward through my life. To build a relationship with my Iris is a true gift into connection with the past, the present and perhaps the future.

Time Risk, the Iridology Model created by Danielle Lo Rito from Venice, Italy that Farida shared as one of the Iridology psychological models, comes alive in understanding and nourishes me with imprints of connection that help me map deep life experiences that so affect my brain and my soul.

I am grateful for this connection of language, this outward expression of the internal unknown abyss. I will utilize the Iris to help me navigate through life & create a peaceful internal environment that I hope will spread outwardly to others in this world.

Iridology mandala lauren rybzrzIridology Iris Mandala I created represented my ability to somehow get lost & then to find my way back to connect with lost visions, confront them & come to peace.

I realize the purification & regeneration my body needs as I realize the rainbow of colors are ever evolving and transforming into a new phase of life.” Lauren Rybarz, advanced Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado.


Revised 2014 Edition

Iridology – A Complete Guide may be ordered at amazon.com in book and ebook forms. Next trainings: Spring 2016. Enroll in Iridology Online any time of the year and begin to prepare for classes. Welcome Farida


iridology-graduate--vicki-pitman-aveburyIridology & Natural Medicine Graduate of the School of Natural Medicine in the UK in the 1980’s, Vicki Pitman, also apprenticed with Farida Sharan in the SNM school Herbs of Grace Herbal Pharmacy in Cambridge, England. Originally purchased and run by Peter Enkel, another SNM graduate, Herbs of Grace continued to operate as an Herbal and Health online business for some years with his son James Enkel, and is now in other good hands.

Vicki continued evolved in the healing arts, with a degree in Holistic studies at Exeter University. With a strong interest in Herbal Medicine, Vicki practiced Iridology & Herbal Medicine as well as integrating further studies of Aromatherapy, Ayurveda & Reflexology.

iridology-graduate-vicki-pitmanWhen I saw Vicki this summer she invited me for a visit, so in October, I took the train to Bradford-on-Avon near Bath in Wiltshire to enjoy a reunion.

Vicki studied Ayurveda with Dr. Vasant Lad,whom she first met at the School of Natural Medicine Summer School near Cambridge in 1988. Her study travels also took her to America and India, where she studied advanced Ayurveda. In later years she was honored at an Ayurveda Conference.

During these years she wrote books (thumbnail covers included) on Reflexology, Aromatherapy & Ayurveda.

Vicki is active with protecting Herbal & Natural Medicine  in the U.K. She belongs to the following organizations & helps create alternate issues of the The Herbalist magazine.

The Association of Reflexologists   The International Federation of Aromatherapists

The Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners

iridology-graduate-vicki-pitman-reflexology-bookToday she shares her wisdom & experience at the Dorothy House Hospice in Bradford-on-Avon in Wilshire, near Bath, near where she lives.

Over a visit of three days we adventured to the ancient standing stones in Avebury (Vicki is tuning in to a giant stone in the photo) explored the pleasure gardens and grotto at Stourhead, and walked around the ancient and charming city of Bath. We enjoyed a delicious vegetarian meal at the The Green Rocket Cafe, near the Avon River, and as they also make vegan desserts, we took cake home for tea!!

iridology-graduate-vicki-pitman-aromatherapy-bookOn my day of departure I spent the morning at the Thermae Bath Spa before the train to London, enjoying the rooftop hot pool in the morning mists overlooking the majestic buildings and hills surrounding Bath. .

Vicki is busy with family life as  a grandparent with her husband, Tony, with three daughters and their children. Her website, Integrative Therapies, illustrates the advance of her accomplishments.



Iridology Classes

iridology-classes-school-of-natural-medicine“Iridology Classes with Farida Sharan explained why I have always possessed a natural kinesthetic knowing, giving me a greater understanding of myself.

I have always felt the eyes have stories to tell. Now, after Iridology Level I class, I received the clarity that they do! It feels so good to have a deeper understanding of myself.

I learned so much more about myself, and the way I process life. I have always had this inner understanding of things, people and situations. I never knew what to call it, but now that I know my Faridian Iridology Constitutional type is Anxiety Gastric (you can read about it in Farida Sharan’s book, ‘Iridology – A Complete Guide‘ available on amazon, or her Self Healing workbook ‘Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy‘ also on amazon, as they explain how I naturally have to a deeply evolved kinesthetic knowing!! And for the other students, they received the same deeper understanding of their constitutional type.

iridology-classes-iris-photography-school-of-natural-medicineI now know I need to focus on releasing, and be ok with not always knowing. As I am used to having that knowing, when I do not, I often try to force life or push against it, instead of waiting in transition. The pushing brings me to anxiety, conflict or unrest instead of just letting go and waiting for the divine timing of life to play out.” Amanda Ellinsburg, mother of a young son, Naturopathy student, Aurora, Colorado


iridology-classes-iris-photography“Iridology classes with Farida Sharan are a beautiful transcendent experience like traveling through a portal into the Self Healing of our unique souls.

I am amazed at the simplicity of something so complex as Farida’s teaching and the case studies she shares make me understand Iridology on a deeper, more universal level.

I love how the Irises of the eye connect us all at the same time as showing how unique each one of us truly is.

Iridology allows me to break down barriers and walls as the eyes show all and reveal stories an secrets with trust, non-judgment and space so that we can open up and share and feel more deeply about our lives.

iridology-classes-iris-magnifier-viewingAs well as learning the things I need to work with physical Self Healing, Iridology reveals a reflection of my inner emotions, qualities, ways of processing life, and destiny karmas.

Iridology is a gift in my continuous journey toward self-regulation and balance because as I progress in my studies, I realize I cannot hide from myself. My Irises give me a channel into myself and a way to help others. For this I am grateful. Thank you.” Miranda Palmer, Naturopathy student, Longmont, Colorado