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Natural Physician Worldwide Online StudyNatural Physician Worldwide Online Study students seek quality training at the School of Natural Medicine Cambridge England based on the Self Healing embodiment of the teachings.

Students experience personal evolution, increased levels of health and wellness and attain clarity as to achieving goals as they create their path in the healing arts. Meet some of our new Online Naturopathy / Natural Physician Students from around the world. Meet some of our new online study students.


Caroline Pontual in Ubud, Bali; a lawyer from Brazil when ill studied Naturopathy with Dr. Efrain Mendes Melara, became vegan, studied yoga and Yoga Detox Kriyas , meditation, Ayurvedic Detox Pancha Karma, Chi Nei  Tsang graduating as a massage therapist and yoga teacher in Thailand, then studied nutrition and detox; presently working in a Spa guiding clients with detox programs. Self Healing Module.

Natural Physician Worldwide Online StudyKatarina Jalali in Mumbai, India; originally from Denmark Katarina teaches yoga and wishes to guide her students toward health, wellness, and healing.

Katie O’Neil, Lynfield MA, USA; moving forward with her Naturopathy studies.

Tasha Kunasekaran in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Medical Doctor working in a medicine clinic wanting to practice holistic medicine to help her patients.

Natural Physician Worldwide Online StudyEmily Tohana from Whitby, Ontario, Canada; Therapeutic Recreation Assistant, vegetarian for 4 years and fully plant-based whole foods diet, seeks to upgrade her profession to guide clients toward health and healing; recently a new job in a Naturopathy office.

IRIDOLOGY STUDENT: Anne-Sophie Bernard in Brazil; wildlife biologist, big cats conservationist, alchemist / curandeira, nutrition, fascinated by Iridology; about to become a mother.

 Natural Physician Worldwide Online StudyNATUROPATHY STUDENT: Audree Barve, Malmo, Sweden; 18 years, vegan, dance student exploring Japanese styles; excited to student, explore and experience the Chakras, Elements & Emotions of the Naturopathy Elements of Life movements and sounds as well as learn the principles of purification, regeneration and transformation, the foundation of Naturopathy.

Natural Physician Worldwide Online StudyOlu Toluhi from Abuja Nigeria, wishing to create herbal medicine products and assist her peoples with health and wellness; and Ady Strickland, a chiropractor from Canada, both currently exploring the Naturopathy Natural Physician enrolment process.

Kilamanjaro Ascent

kilamanjaro-ascent-lisa-mansurKilamanjaro ascent in Tanzania, is one of Lisa Jody Manser, a Natural Physician student’s, recent achievements, and just one of her goals.

An experienced and valuable spa manager, Lisa recently created the new Javvu Spa, at the fabulous Amilla Fushi resort in the Maldives!

Lisa enrolled in the Online Courses and attended the Natural Physician Immersion in Cambridge UK as well as the USA Herbal Medicine Immersion in Boulder, Colorado in 2014. In 2015, she attends her second Natural Physician Immersion, and is well on her way to achieving her Natural Physician Diploma with her Online Courses, Self Healing Module and case studies.

Congratulations Lisa on creating beauty in this world and offering health and healing to its peoples! We are thrilled to have you as a School of Natural Medicine student, and soon to be an honored graduate. Lisa, you are an inspiration to everyone. Your passion and energy is a joy for others to share.

kilamanjaro-ascent-mayenJane-trust-childrenKilamanjaro ascent was in honor of Swaziland’s MayenJane Project as a great way of raising funds for the orphans and children in need of housing and care.

Lisa says” “We are doing it for the orphans of Swaziland. I’m happy for you to go to the MayanJane website to contribute your Gift Aid.”

Kilamanjaro ascent for MayenJane Children’s Home, Swaziland. Building Homes & Changing Lives.

“Here at MayenJane Trust, our aim is to provide loving and caring homes for Swaziland orphans and vulnerable children in need. The main focus is to raise funds to build children’s homes, providing a place to live and an opportunity for young lives to begin again. We hope to give these children, predominately orphans, a chance of a future, health and happiness.


Javvu Spa at Amilla Fushi Resort, Maldives

Swaziland currently has the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world. The devastating effects of this pandemic are often experienced in circumstances of extreme poverty.

MayenJane Trust welcomes all support as it is through the generosity and inspiration of others that these children’s lives can be changed.

A recent fantastic idea has come from a youth group and a pre-school who have suggested ‘Twinning or linking’ with MayenJane children by exchanging letters and photos.

MayenJane Trust is grateful to the generous individuals and many community groups who have come up with great fund raising events and ideas. Whatever money or support you can give, your gift will be helping change lives.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any ideas or comments by emailing us on or simply click the donate button on our website.

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