Elspeth Taimre ND

Elspeth Taimre ND Elspeth Taimre completed Diplomas in Iridology, Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy with Farida Sharan ND in the School of Natural Medicine 1984-1988 in Cambridge, England.

“After moving to Australia, In the early 1990’s, I brought Farida three times to Perth, Australia to teach advanced courses in Naturopathy Herbal Medicine and Iridology. She was featured on television and radio and also gave talks in health conferences in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.”

“I am forever grateful to my primary teacher, mentor and radiant example of health and wholeness, Dr Farida Sharan. Thank you, Farida, for pointing the way with such love and dedication.”

Elspeth Taimre ND“I have been in clinical practice for over 13 years, and have lectured to students of Nutrition and Iridology for 7 years. I’m passionate about sharing the simple truths that have been such a blessing to my family, students and clients. Time and again I have witnessed the healing power of naturopathy, herbal medicine, essential oils and flower essences, and the transformative capacity of purification programs.

“In 2004 I founded Indigo Bean, School of Living Health, with friend and colleague Susan Sadler, to teach classes in nutrition, healthy food preparation, living food and detoxification.

Elspeth Taimre ND“The first changes I made in my own Self Healing process were dietary, including more fresh fruits and vegetables, cutting out processed foods, and using vegetarian proteins instead of meat. My energy was better and I felt lighter and clearer and my eyes looked brighter, I had endless energy, and no longer wanted to eat and drink the processed, salty, sugary foods that I had eaten before. I gave up coffee, sugar and alcohol, exercised more, drank more water, discovered herbal teas, and continued to experiment with colourful and vibrant juices made from fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. I felt amazed and inspired as the tides of regeneration and healing surfaced as I knew I was experiencing the healing power of Nature as my body replaced the old with the new with awesome intelligence. As my body healed,

“I used vibrational homeopathic medicine with the Bach Flower Remedies to help clear emotional resistances, and discovered the immense power of focus and intent. Practices such as yoga and meditation have become a part of my daily life.

“The experience of raising two children while completing formal education in Natural Medicine provided me with many opportunities to put into practice the principles of natural health and healing that I was studying. My children are now 21 and 17, and neither have ever needed to see a doctor for medical treatment. I have had many opportunities to be grateful for the preventative power of a natural diet high in living foods, and for the healing capacity of herbs, good nutrition, rest, exercise.”  Elspeth Taimre, School of Natural Medicine Graduate Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist, Bibra Lake, near Perth, Australia. Check out Elspeth’s website and her youtube video!

In 2004 Elspeth and I took at Chi Nei Tsang Training at Tao Garden, Chiang Mai, Thailand. The second photo was take at the Loy Krathong celebrations.

The Newsletter shares the first Naturopathy training January 1994.

http://heartstarherbs.com/      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsX3-PG2QIo


Naturopathy Empowers Epigenetics

Naturopathy Empowers EpigeneticsNaturopathy Empowers Epigenetics merging of traditional natural medicine with science. Naturopathy has always focused on the individual purifying, rejuvenating and transforming through positive choice and healthy living habits, now proven by science to actually shift the on/off switches of DNA to heal and evolve our human potential.

Melina’s sharing of her experiences in the Chakras, Elements of Life & Emotional Intelligence processes to a deep and profound awareness of her inner being, the key to positive choice.

“I move forward with new goals on the precipice of creation. Thoughts and energy flow more fluidly as I embrace the courage of my expansive heart to fulfil my mission.

Naturopathy Empowers EpigeneticsEarth, a reconnection, reboot, reinspiration of that which already moves through me, is me…

A profound embrace of self, held in the container of an empowered group. An affirmation. Elemental Awakening. Grounded from the core of creation from all that ever was, is and shall be. Stability to fluidity, embrace unknown, dissolving attachment, courageous, vulnerability of authentic accountability.

Naturopathy Empowers EpigeneticsWater from my emotional centre penetrated with the fiery heat of cosmic embodiment, transforming, producing vapour to rise as air movement strength unites all the elements, cutting away illusion to see all the pieces integrating.

Flame of divine being opens into Air and my heart fills where protection has been, a fresh burst unfolds  Expansion. New growth appears as residual delitris of memorial imprints dissolve. Heart capacity untamed.

Naturopathy Empowers EpigeneticsEther levity of the unbindable inspires voice expression to be heard, felt, embodied. Ebb and flow through elemental energetic awareness. Conscious shift. Breaking apart limiting beliefs. Dance of Self begin to shine through as the solidity of holding space grounds. Fluid tears come and go, each level unfolds and expands to awake, aware and enable evolution of Self.

During the Ether process I struggled to lie still and receive the music. When playing the singing bowl when electricity went off and we lost the sounds, I experienced how much I get out of giving at the same time as acknowledging a block, a fear, an overwhelm of sensation when I try to open and receive. This sensation elevates a new awareness, a worth, even if uncomfortable of embodying the divinity within me. I now feel activated, energised and uncomfortable, how marvellous!

I am deeply grateful for the container of amazing people and the perpetual inspiration from Farida. 

With ever love and gratitude. Melina Fritzler, Graduate Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist, School of Natural Medicine International

Naturopathy Self Healing

Naturopathy Self Healing Naturopathy Self Healing Immersion with the profound Chakras, Elements of Life (earth, water, fire, air, ether) & Emotional Intelligence processes that gift each student with embodiment wisdom of their own being in the mystery of life. These teachings are the foundation of all natural medicine from the beginning of time, an immersion into the energies of life within our being and without in the world that nourishes and sustains us.

Jorg Michels, MD, Oncologist, shares his experience during our Torremolinos, Spain 7 day Immersion into Naturopathy Self Healing embodiment of ancient wisdom teachings merging with epigenetics science. Jorg’s experiences activated spontaneous poetry of understanding in experience.

Naturopathy Self Healing“Air Element: evolved the discovery of slowly-ness awareness of time and space losing boundary, like a new branch sprouting ever so slow in the climbing out toward light, having all the time it needs, finding its place in space and time, the right time in the right spot, as if it was already there and knew the insight where it had to reach and grow to find itself and destiny, searching without searching, growing without knowing, being carried by the Truth to the height, looking down, seeing down to where it may have arisen, some time ago, without knowing when, being part of the tree, the tree of life. Life shows the next branch coming from its stem, rooted in the Earth, pulled pushed up by Water rising, touched by the Fire of light and warmth, breathing in and out in Air, the breath of eternity, climbing up in itself and becoming one with itself.

Naturopathy Self HealingEther Element: Sound, light, energy, vibrations, listening, seeing, feeling, being, permeating everything that is. Forming, blowing, washing, tasting, hearing the divine message, sent thought the cosmic heart beat, pulsing, thriving, pulling through to life and death, expanding, contracting, inhaling exhaling giving receiving, the message of Life. Ever rolling through time and space from the beginning to the beginning never ending, just beginning, ears to hear, eyes to see, hearts to feel,, minds to bend, opening, closing, give hands to hands, leading by letting go, taking by giving, being one, one for all, not forgetting ever reminding, singing, the song of All, not forgetting, ever reminding, singing the song of ALL to be listened, taking in, passed around for the cycle of Life, the being in eternity, nurturing itself, the Self. Having the Heaven on Earth, the cosmic Dance to the music, the notes of wisdom, turning, twisting, breathing together what is, the Sound of Silence.” Jorg Michels MD, advanced Naturopathy student.

Naturopathy Self HealingThe last photo is our class in Iridology photography on mobile phones with Melina Fritzler showing Jorg his iris photos. Here are photos of how his irises shifted colour, one taken by an ophthalmologist looking deep into the pupil so the pupil is enlarged definitely changing the iris fibres but showing the colour changes, and one after Self Healing Purification Regeneration and Transformational program over 1 year.

Naturopathy Immersion

Naturopathy ImmersionNaturopathy Immersion welcomes, Julie Millour, previously a biologist in cancer research, now a yoga teacher, massage therapist and student of Healing Diets Nutrition from Malaga, Spain.

“My request to join the April Naturopathy Immersion in Spain came flowing to me as a whisper from the universe. Then I found out someone that morning cancelled and you admitted me to the training. I am amazed by the synchronicity and very excited to meet you and other students.

Farida, your Herbs of Grace was the first book I read about Natural Medicine. I always will remember how much I was inspired, positively excited and amazed by the truth there because I was discovering how the universe really works.

Naturopathy ImmersionEven though I had no idea like that before, everything resonated or it felt right, and I knew it was truth without knowing it in the usual way of information studies. These teachings are a beautiful path!!! Now I know truth was always hidden within me.

I looked a long time and School of Natural Medicine offers the best courses I have ever found.

I was a biologist scientist working in cancer research and found it ridiculous to protect myself with mask and gloves with a drug supposed to heal sick people. I left this life and travelled, educated myself as yoga teacher, began meditation, trained in Reiki and massage, then returned to Europe to learn Healing Diets Nutrition.

Since I left scientific work in cancer clinical trials I have been unlearning what the system taught me and relearning what Earth and nature has to offer, how it works and also about my own body temple.

Naturopathy ImmersionI am reconnecting to Life; to my body, my spirit, my emotions. Meditation restored my intuition, Yoga my conscious awareness of my body, and Reiki my connection with energy and so much more. School of Medicine gives me back my own power over my life, body, emotions simply by using the truth of nature.

The course work guides me to discover the work of Emoto with water, the testing of urine with litmus paper that helped me see the power of my mind and how this affects my body when I am negative. Juice fasting helped me with mental clarity and inspiration to complete projects and see my emotions more clearly.

I am also enthusiastic about quantum physics and using the laws of universe to live my life. When I feel a little disconnected I study the Healing Diets Nutrition course books like Eckhart Tolle, Bird & Thompkins book, The Secret Life of Plants, Dr. Max Gerson’s Cancer Therapy and Dr Bernard Jensen’s books, to inspire and reconnect with the truth and the magic.

Naturopathy Immersion and all the connections with books and DVD’s in the course help me keep on learning as I have this thirst of knowledge and experiencing truth as it makes me feel alive!”

Naturopath Students Embody Teachings

Naturopath students embody teachings as living examples.

Spain April 2017 advanced Naturopathy Immersion.

Naturopath StudentsNaturopath StudentsBrian Sholette, middle school science teacher, from Aurora, Colorado, envisions healing arts close to nature. Master Herbalist graduation!

Carla Calderon Oracu, Costa Rica raw food enthusiast from, grows herbs for foods & products. Carla enters medical studies this autumn.

Naturopath StudentsNaturopath StudentsJemma Foster, SNM UK, includes auricular acupuncture, herb products, divine dining mamaxanadu  & is excited for Elements Chakras & Emotions processes.

Jennifer Kesic, British Columbia, Canada, attended before destiny gifted marriage & a daughter & graduates in Spain!

Naturopath StudentsNaturopath Students Embody TeachingsJorg Michels. Medical Doctor, Oncologist, Torquay, England, Online Study, Self Healing, Healing Diets, Jorg shares diet inspiration with cancer patients.

Julie Millour, living in Malaga, Spain, former biologist doing cancer research, now a yoga teacher, bodyworker & healing diets student, joins the Immersion.

Naturopath StudentsNaturopath StudentsMelina Fritzler trained in Boulder, Colorado, accomplished sublime levels of Self Healing & assisted in Essential Oils & Reflexology classes. She graduates!

Miranda Palmer, a Southern belle currently in Florida, poised to graduate, continues Self Healing, assists SNM, creates online herbal products & evolves a healing arts practice.

Naturopath StudentsNaturopath StudentsSamantha Marshall accomplished Self Healing from a diving embolism. Passion, determination & courage manifests trainings in Boulder, London & Spain. A nature tour guide in the Rocky Mountains, Sam launched a Reflexology practice.

Summer Lawlis’s Self Healing evolving awareness communication skills open advances in her life & work. A graduating Healing Diets Counsellor, Summer shares skills in her Colorado mountain community. Summer immediately enrolled, the first, for the Spain Immersion.

Naturopath students enroll in Online Course(s) and Self Healing with personal mentoring with Farida Sharan to prepare to attend Immersions if and when an embodiment training enhances depth experiential Self Healing embodiment teachings to become living examples and inspiration for seekers of health, wellness and healing

Cambridge Vegan Cafe

karen-lee-12-2016 Cambridge Vegan Cafe, Stem & Glory, near Mitcham’s Corner, a perfect meeting place to meet new Naturopathy Healing Diets & Self Healing student, Karen Lee.

Karen hails from St. Neots, near Cambridge, where she runs her aesthetician practice. See previous post.

After talking during her enrolment process, I stopped off in Cambridge as I returned from a glorious sunny countryside visit to dear friends near Aylsham, in Norfolk. And there is no better place than a Vegan Cafe and we were not disappointed.

Stem & Glory is beautifully welcoming in the upstairs entry to the Cambridge Yoga Studio.

On offer were warm dishes and salads, and to my delight, warm broccoli were lightly steamed & gently marinated for delicious flavour layering, salads were finely chopped and the warmth of the baked parsnips an exquisite addition.

As Karen is a conscious vegan and I love using herbs and spices and marinations, we were saying mmmm very often during our conversation. The host gifted us with a spiced mulled (thankfully not too sweet) juice, and our table and the respectful atmosphere enhanced our time together. A most excellent experience and one I hope to repeat.

Cambridge Vegan Cafe

After lunch, enjoying a sunny warm winter’s day, we walked across the Cam, over Jesus Green into Cambridge, my home for 11 years in the late 1970’s and 80’s, a place I dearly love even though it is transforming into tech, science, education wonderland. Glad it is the new base for the School of Natural Medicine. My favourite market was buzzing and the streets full of eclectic Cambridge life and tourists. And so I returned to the train station and Karen to St. Neots and the great goal of an April Immersion glows like a light in the future.

As Karen’s Self Healing was progressing well, as were her studies, we discussed her attendance at the upcoming Torremolinos, Spain Naturopathy Immersion, and a few days later, she enrolled to join advanced students in the 7 day training.

Life Transformation

life-transformation Life Transformation of a new student to a healthy, creative, abundant professional is the path of Naturopathy embodied with the deep work of dynamic interactive Self Healing mentoring in classes.

Ana entered the school at 19 years, seeking health, strength and purpose. After over a year and a half attending classes and devoting herself to Self Healing practices, she emerged creatively into her own life. Check out ElevatedHarmony

life-transformationBefore and after photos reveal the transformation into confidence and enjoyment of the goodness of life with her twin sister, friends, festivals, making a living through creative enterprises and radiating the beauty that was always her highest potential.

life-transformationShe chose the full Naturopathy program against the wishes of family who wanted the traditional college experience, and yet her health was not up to that challenge. Instead, the gentle, personal small groups supported her emergence though physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual evolution. Toward the end of her studies, her father called me to thank me and praised Ana’s progress.

life-transformationAs she evolved, dance became an expression of freedom and joy, together with jewelled adornment, as well natural medicine essential oils reflexology, raindrop spinal therapy, Iridology and more. She continues to evolve as a bodyworker.

Fascinating that her first Mind Map was a glorious drawing of a Madonna that arrived as a gift of a painting some years later, as though the seed of potential lies within, and needs only to be nourished by loving care and personal effort.

Ana celebrates the truth of the teachings and the integrity of the school with her celebration of LIFE!




Naturopath Natural Physician

Naturopath Natural PhysicianNaturopath Natural Physician student, Andrea (Ady) from Lindsay, near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Ady presently integrates chiropractic with herbs, Reiki, nutrition and more, and offers retreats in Italy, snf seeks new levels of wisdom and skill with commitment to the ND NP program.

Ady and I embark on our mentoring journey when she visits London early October and we already enjoy talking on Skype.

Self Healing embodiment of advanced teachings support her emergence as a wisdom teacher and living example of this profound work.

Naturopath / Natural PhysicianAdy says: “I have been in Holistic healthcare in England and Canada for 20 years,  originally trained as a McTimoney Chiropractor (Oxford, England), Body Control Pilates Teacher/Trainer, (London, England) Holistic Nutritionist, Advanced Bowen Therapist, Homeopath(CCHM) and have worked on herbs, cleansing and Iridology.

I have also done work with EllenTart-Jensen (on line), Peter Jackson-Main (a former SNM student of Farida’s in Cambridge), Intro to Behavioural and Psychological Iridology in Ireland and detox studies with Robert Morse ND, a specialist in Florida.

Farida, I am loving everything I am reading and seeing in your Program. Ady.”

I welcome successful practitioners and teachers to evolve personal and professional levels with a depth living connection with Online Naturopathy Study integrated with the Self Healing Module, and attendance at Integrated Immersions.

SNM students and graduates who do the work, walk the talk become radiant living examples and living examples to inspire seekers of health, wellness and healing. Welcome all ready to take this step by step path into your golden future. Farida

Natural Physician Worldwide

Natural Physician Worldwide Online StudyNatural Physician Worldwide Online Study students seek quality training at the School of Natural Medicine Cambridge England based on the Self Healing embodiment of the teachings.

Students experience personal evolution, increased levels of health and wellness and attain clarity as to achieving goals as they create their path in the healing arts. Meet some of our new Online Naturopathy / Natural Physician Students from around the world. Meet some of our new online study students.


Caroline Pontual in Ubud, Bali; a lawyer from Brazil when ill studied Naturopathy with Dr. Efrain Mendes Melara, became vegan, studied yoga and Yoga Detox Kriyas , meditation, Ayurvedic Detox Pancha Karma, Chi Nei  Tsang graduating as a massage therapist and yoga teacher in Thailand, then studied nutrition and detox; presently working in a Spa guiding clients with detox programs. Self Healing Module.

Natural Physician Worldwide Online StudyKatarina Jalali in Mumbai, India; originally from Denmark Katarina teaches yoga and wishes to guide her students toward health, wellness, and healing.

Katie O’Neil, Lynfield MA, USA; moving forward with her Naturopathy studies.

Tasha Kunasekaran in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Medical Doctor working in a medicine clinic wanting to practice holistic medicine to help her patients.

Natural Physician Worldwide Online StudyEmily Tohana from Whitby, Ontario, Canada; Therapeutic Recreation Assistant, vegetarian for 4 years and fully plant-based whole foods diet, seeks to upgrade her profession to guide clients toward health and healing; recently a new job in a Naturopathy office.

IRIDOLOGY STUDENT: Anne-Sophie Bernard in Brazil; wildlife biologist, big cats conservationist, alchemist / curandeira, nutrition, fascinated by Iridology; about to become a mother.

 Natural Physician Worldwide Online StudyNATUROPATHY STUDENT: Audree Barve, Malmo, Sweden; 18 years, vegan, dance student exploring Japanese styles; excited to student, explore and experience the Chakras, Elements & Emotions of the Naturopathy Elements of Life movements and sounds as well as learn the principles of purification, regeneration and transformation, the foundation of Naturopathy.

Natural Physician Worldwide Online StudyOlu Toluhi from Abuja Nigeria, wishing to create herbal medicine products and assist her peoples with health and wellness; and Ady Strickland, a chiropractor from Canada, both currently exploring the Naturopathy Natural Physician enrolment process.

Self Healing Naturopathy

Naturopathy Self Healing Amanda McNabbSelf Healing Naturopathy studies gifted me not only with the skills to help others but also the gifts to help myself.

I received deep healing during the Self Healing Module & in every class as our small groups allowed time & space to integrate new skills & information into our personal evolutionary process.

My biggest shift is the loss of fear as I had lived most of my life in fear, fear of change, fear of the outside world, fear of rejection, fear of transition and of all the terrible things that could happen. When I find fear rising now I am able to bring myself out of the fear space much quicker.

My communication skills have improved, both written and verbal which was a surprise. I now feel grounded in any situation with renewed confidence and clarity. Other improvements I have received are increased vitality, easier transitions during changes and my fiery nature has smoother edges.

My soul called out for an alternative route to teach me about healing the body. I always had the desire to help others and when life gave me challenges and started me on my Self Healing journey, I knew I wanted to embody these truths with commitment to professional study.” Amanda McNabb Ellinsburg, mother of a young son, advanced Naturopathy student, Aurora, Colorado

VITALITY:  energy, vivacity, sparkle, go (informal), life, strength, pep, stamina, animation, vigour, exuberance, welly (slang), brio, robustness, liveliness, vim (slang), lustiness, vivaciousness – wonderful to gain the energy and purpose to live in Vitality!!

Naturopathy II class comes near completion toward graduation as a Naturopath. The testamonials from our recent ND II training reveal the gifts of their training. Naturopathy trailing includes all the classes and subject that the school offers, and the Clinical Training retreat brings it all together as do the Online Study assignments and case studies. students embark on their self regulated 2 – 5 years of integrated study within their life, work, family and community responsibilities so that learning enhances their lives instead of stressing them with controlled study deadlines.