India Natural Physician Online Student

India Natural Physician Online Student India Natural Physician Online Student, Katarina Jalali, from Mumbai, flew to Delhi in December to enjoy a visit with her mentor, Farida Sharan, Naturopath.

Katarina picked me up where I was staying at the lovely guesthouse, Ahuja Residency in Golf Links, although her driver had a bit of a time finding the entrance to that exclusive hidden garden enclave in the Delhi embassy district near Lodhi Gardens.

First stop was the famous Khan Market, one of the highest rents in the world, and celebrated for quirky boutiques and every thing you might ever want to find, like bookstores, hardware stores, household necessities, sunglasses, stationary, banks, cafes, beauty parlors and so much more.

India Natural Physician Online StudentI visited the new boutique, Ruwaa, where their fashions are “…dedicated to every woman for her strength, love, courage and dignity.” and couldn’t resist two lovely light silk dresses, the draped pants to accompany them as well as two scarves, one silver light grey and the other, teal. It is rare for me to purchase Indian style clothes, but these fashions had the extra style in the spring line to give shape and flow.

India Natural Physician Online StudentNext was a visit to Cafe Turtle where we enjoyed Pomegranate mixed with Pineapple juice and I resisted my usual treat of vegan blueberry cheesecake, as, after browsing the bookstore and purchasing The Pearl That Broke the Shell and Mukakami – Absolutely On Music – Ozawa, we were heading next to the The Claridges Hotel garden for lunch. After long talks, a Greek salad a la India style, pineapple juice for me and orange juice for Katarina, she headed for the airport and I returned to Ahuja for a quiet evening before flying to England the next day.

Katarina raises her 4 year old daughter and cares for her husband with organic natural vegan foods, yoga, and a healthy lifestyle approach to living. Her husband is a medical doctor, an oncologist, one who learns the latest technologies at conferences around the world, and he already has welcomed Katarina to patient counselling sessions.

“Dear Farida, It was so lovely to meet you in person and spend this nice and sunny afternoon in Delhi with you. Thank you for taking the time!  You are truly an inspiration for me and I am very proud to be your student. With Love and Gratitude, Katarina”

Iridology Training Perception


Iridology Training Perception

with Farida Sharan ND in London, England – September 26 – 30 2016

Iridology & Natural Medicine Enhanced by Self Healing Diets, Flower Essences, Essential Oils


Iridology & Natural Medicine Professional Integrated Immersion Certificate Training

Iridology Training Perception Iris Print Iris Change Self Healing Farida Sharan England

“I entered the School of Natural Medicine with the intention of studying,
and came out four years later with a whole new life!”
Maggie Knauer ND MIr MH (Iris Change! clear bright irises that reflect her transformation of Self Healing)

Iris Print Discovery! Witness your Iris changes as you experience purification, rejuvenation and transformation therapies to inspire your highest human potential.

Become an advanced Iridology educator, practitioner and living example of evolutionary understanding.

Students evolve as they explore their unique being through Iridology enhanced by the illuminating influence of abundant organic superior nutrients, Saffron Tea and Self Healing processes with Essential Oils & Flower Essences on the learning capacity to embody the language of Iris colors, textures and markings related to physical, heredity, constitution, cultural heritage, life destiny, emotional receptivity and life response.

Master abilities to educate, inspire and guide others toward becoming independently healthy. Awaken clarity to absorb and retain deep levels of understanding embodiment as you learn, grow, and evolve toward wisdom in experience.

PREREQUISITE: Iridology consultation. Study books, DVD’s or Iridology Online Course.

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: Student Iris Photographs & Analysis. Iris Photography & Drawing. SH Program Creation. Consultation, communication & educational skills for private practice, workshops, online client support.

SELF HEALING: Iridology consultation prior to Immersion, Program Creation, Self Healing processes.

TUITION: $3000. Includes Iris photograph, Healing Diets foods, Saffron Tea, Flower Essences, Essential Oils

CERTIFICATE: Iridology & Natural Medicine Certificate awarded. This training is rerequisite for ND & HM Diplomas.

TIMING: 10am to 8pm daily – 5 days, 10 hours daily = 50 hours


Online Students

Online Students -Anne Sophie Bertrand

Anne Sophie Bertrand

Online Students enroll from all over the world with inquiry exploration and conversation. Just as students seek a worthy school I seek worthy students.

Online Students seeking quality education mentored by master teachers for studies based on their personal Self Healing evolution. Students gain professional, life and personal skills by embodying the teachings in their own being and life. Enjoy meeting some of our current Online Students.

Current & New Online Students May 2016

Online Students - Kathryn Kiki O'Neill

Kathryn Kiki O’Neill

Anne Sophia Bertrand – Iridology – Director of Rede Verde, Brazil Aveiro University, Brazil. – Research wildlife biologist, big cats conservationist and curandera. “For the past decade I explored  physiology, nutrition and health. I also dedicated energy to help people get their health back using mother earth`s tools.

I discovered Iridology when I was searching for a non-biased way to obtain information on the organic state of the person asking me for help. I sense iridology would allow me to complete the analysis of a person’s situation. I feel this is the next tool I need to master.”

Kathryn Kiki O’Neill – Naturopathy – Lynfield, Massacheusetts –“I am so enjoying my studies and would like to focus and continue absorbing as much as I can. am happy to say, I believe I found what I want to do with the rest of my life in Naturopathy. I am completely in love with the courses and how holistic the information and subjects are that you offer.”

Online Students - Elizabeth Yellen

Elizabeth Yellen

Elisabeth Yellen – Iridology –Escondido, California – “I’m a 18 year old student at the Royal Academy of Hebrew Education in San Diego, CA. I have a great interest to study different modalities of holistic medicine, such as Iridology and want to become a Naturopath. I have a love for people and want to help them with natural remedies as I have witnessed what natural medicine can do. I’ve some training in the medical field and I volunteer for non-profits to help the needy with food, clothing or a roof over their head.”

Online Students - Tony Sheehy

Tony Sheehy

Tony Sheehy – Healing Diets – Dingle, Ireland – “I‘m looking to open up a health food store/juice bar in my hometown so want educate myself myself as much as I can about health. I’ve got a huge passion for health and nutrition but never had the courage to pursue it as a career until now. Your course really stands out the most out of all the ones I’m looking at, so I can’t wait to start and get into it.”

Online Students - Eloretta Wedderburn

Eloretta Wedderburn

Eloretta Wedderburn – Healing DietsIndependence City, Portmore St. Catherine, Jamaica – “I give presentations at Health Fairs and try my utmost to avoid the use of synthetic medications as I believe prevention is better than cure. I am a graduate of the University of Technology with a Diploma in Institutional and Catering Management. I am a trained Guidance Counsellor with a focus on HIV / AIDS as I love to teach and train youth and adults. After running a catering business with my husband for over 25 years, I desire to spend the rest of my years making a difference in the lives of the ones I love and care for as well as in my personal life and my community.”

Online Students - Carol Anne Campbell

Carol Anne Campbell

Carol Anne Campbell – Healing Diets  – Springfield, Pennsylvania -“I am interested in studying natural medicine because I had health issues that debilitated my life. I honestly believe if I did not follow my instinct to research and find an alternative, I would not be here today. My goal is to educate myself and pass on all I know to my daughter and hopefully one day her children. The way your program is set up with the Self Healing module is an excellent way to learn Natural Medicine. I am really looking forward to my studies.”

Recent Graduate: Maggie Billing – Reflexology Diploma

Immersion Students continuing with Self Healing, Online Studies and Case Studies: Juulia Ilves, Miranda Palmer, Lauren Rybarz, Summer Liggan, Samantha Marshall, Jennifer Kesic, Lamia Mudarres, Mary Jo Nichols, Nicole Richards, Radha Shivagiri, Renate McConathy, Sharyn Holder, Stacey Kaufman, Kerry Derrick.

Brian Sholette – Herbal Medicine – Aurora, Colorado – Educator – advanced Naturopathy student having attended all Immersions now ready to dedicate to completing Diploma level studies with Online studies. 

Carla Oracu –Herbal Medicine  – Escazu, Costa Rica – Naturopathy studies continue after attending Healing Diets & Herbal Medicine Immersions this spring 2016.


Mentoring Connection

Mentoring connection is a major focus of teacher/student participation in Online Courses and Immersions in the School of Natural Medicine and a unique relationship students co-create with their teachers during Self-Healing embodiment of the teachings.

Mentoring connection mirrors the priority of quality of relationships between inquirers, teachers, students and graduates in the School of Natural Medicine International.with conversations that require honesty, deep listening and sharing with dynamic discussions, questioning and processing within a container of mutual safety and respect. 

Mentoring Connection - Amy Spadafora ThompsonGRADUATE VISITS: Whenever travels take me places where students and graduates live, it is my joy to visit, converse, support and enjoy deep friendship connections that evolve during studies.
SOUTH CAROLINA: Amy Spadafora Graduate Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist, mother of a 4 year old, teacher at her local Montessori school creating gardens with the students, enjoying her own tea company creation Harmonic Infusions and her growing practice. Creating smoothies, making liver cleanse drinks and talking about the realities of life and healing is rich in many dimensions of connection. Such a happiness to share her personal evolution as a true and wonderful, loving human being, wife, mother, friend, teacher and so much more.
Mentoring Connection - Jennifer KesicVANCOUVER, CANADA: Jennifer studied first in Vancouver six years ago then made 3 trips to Colorado to attend all her classes before slowing down studies to embrace life as wife and mother of the beautiful Seraphina. Now working on completion of assignments and case studies, Jennifer prepares for the final Clinical Training Retreat to graduate as Naturopath, Master Herbalist and Master Iridologist and with the UK Diploma of Natural Physician. We enjoyed hours of deep conversation over a vegan lunch at Dharma Cafe near where I lived when I was going to high school in Vancouver.

A mentoring relationship develops over time as it evolves into a supportive professional friendship that endures past graduation and completion of studies.

Whether in a class, on email, Skype of phone, with all one-on-one conversations, mentoring develops communication capabilities essential for success in practice or teaching.

Mentoring relationships create connection in a culture of disconnection. Students are instructed and encouraged to develop language skills, extend vocabulary and learn to describe a world of interior process to inspire others toward their highest potential. 

Mentoring also supports students toward being part of a network of evolved conscious graduates skilled to lovingly communicate with each other and seekers of health, wellness and healing to make a difference in this world. They know their work contributes to the great unfolding of positive service at a time of great need.

Students and graduates visit, email and telephone years after graduation to discuss, ask questions and share good news of their personal evolution, self healing and professional accomplishments as mentoring creates depth relationships that endure over time.

Online Student Australia

online-student-australia-gloria-lockyerOnline Student Australia News – Gloria Lockyer, Naturopathy & Natural Physician Online student passionately bridging aborigine & western medicine.

I know what I want to do as a 47 year old woman. I have attached a brochure to show my goals to reach from my studies.  I want to help blend Aboriginal traditional healing with Naturopathy. It feels I am here to help reinvigorate our women’s ceremonies and traditions in our society today by awakening others by going and doing Law Camps with the elders before it too late.

At the moment because I am in the mentored trainee and up-skilling to qualified phase of the practice, I do not yet produce income from Naturopathy, therefore I am seeking funding  to reach the goal of publishing a book and resource kit for the Aboriginal Womens Groups.

Am leaving Wednesday on a Law and Culture Camp with some ladies who live traditional ways. I’ve heard they make medicines and are practicing their craft. So excited to meet them can’t wait to see what they are doing. This is open to everyone.

online-student-australia-gloria-lockyer-brochure.I got bitten by something last year near Christmas. It felt like a sharp needle stabbing deep into my leg. I seen the two bite marks but didn’t stop to think and ended up in bed for 2 days thinking it was vertigo.  Anyways came out in rashes all over my body except face for months. So in March I went to the doctor and she said it looked like a Redback snakebite and prescribed me antibiotics and steroid creams.  The antibiotics made me vomit and gave me runs and I feel sick.  So ended up using Echinacea tincture and made up a rub of nettle, celandine, lavender and honey.  Got scared but believed in the herbs and it is clearing up.  My arms have cleared right up. I used lavender oil to stop itching so I could go to sleep. And I have made a Passion Flower tincture with a few drops of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil to make sure the mind gets rest.  So all I am learning is being put into use daily.

Here are my goals:

  • Currently mentored training programs in Naturopathic Healing with School of Natural Medicine & Australasian College of Natural Therapy for my Naturopathic Practice
  • Engaged with local Kimberley and Pilbara women in a working group to develop a book and resource kit for use in the community.
  • Participating in bush harvesting with local Aboriginal women here in Kimberley and attending Culture and Law Camp with Kapululangu Culture and Law Centre in Balgo
  • Naturopathic practice Biwa Healer (up-skilling with Iridology, Herbal and Nutritional medicines to higher standard of practice with Aromatherapy, Reiki, Massage & client natural health plans)

online-student-australia-athameI want to share what I found out about my English heritage.  My family come from Clutton in Somerset and had been living there since 1200 apparently near St Michael Tower and Chalice Wells. I have a profound love for that place and not sure why, but I had drawn a pic of a white iris with rhizome to be carved onto my wood athame. The circle is the full moon and the flower is the one that resides in the Chalice Well garden. It is on my brochure as I immediately fell in love with this flower. When I found a pic on internet and put it up to the one I drew, I found they matched! I am now on a global search for some seeds or rhizome.

Thank you Farida. I feel very privileged to have you as my mentor. I know what you mean about overcoming a lot in life. I take your words and keep them and use them when am feeling like I think I want to give up. The way you write with the analogies is quite poetic at times. The more I read the more I see how much work and knowledge is there. I so admire your professional achievements. I know that I have lots to learn.

Talk soon peace, light and love Gloria Lockyer, Australia, Naturopathy & Natural Physician Online Student


Romania Iridology Student

romania-iridology-student-cristian-badinici-clinicRomania Iridology Student, Cristi Badicini, reports on health improvements & veterinarian clinic & life progress during his Self-Healing & Online Studies.

Romania Iridology Student, Cristi Badicini shares his life, work and study in Romania:

“I am well and healthy as we begin the Orthodox Lent for Easter. I got a little fat in the last 2 months because I drink a healthy shake in the morning and eat 3 meals per day that I didn’t eat before. I go to fitness 2-3 times per week and gained a little muscle too, and I feel better.

romania-iridology-student-cristian-badiniciIn my Veterinarian Clinic I have a lot of work recently and stay long hours because I am changing and preparing new staff. And now my employees are on holiday and I do all work.

For Valentines day we went to Barcelona, and recently I had a weekend course in Ultrasound for pets all weekend.

In March in Romania there is a traditional celebration of women called ‘MARTISOR’. All men must buy gifts and flowers for all the women in their family and their friends. Then on 8th March we celebrate Mother’s Day!

I am doing many things at once, and must have patience to finish them all. I have to settle things in the clinic, with unexpected problems. I don’t give up. I need to learn patience. I plan to finish the Iridology Online Course by summer.“ Thank you, Cristi


Quantum Botanicals Online

quantum-botanicals-kaylee-rutherfordQuantum Botanicals Online student, Kaylee Rutherford, enrolled as a student at the School of Natural Medicine in January, 2015. Already the quality of her work shows a depth of understanding that shows that she has been on healing path for some time. Kaylee has a pure passion for nature and the plant world, and a heart open to learning and sharing with others. We are delighted to welcome such a passionate and inspired student to the Quantum Botanicals Online Course. Here are a few words from Kaylee about how she found our school, and what has inspired her to study Quantum Healing with Plant Medicine:

“My love and passion for nature is so vast! When I saw the email from your school I felt the need to click on it. My appreciation for nature and animals and living with them in harmony runs so deep in my heart! I have read many articles concerning off grid, natural living, and I aspire above all else to be an organic, off grid farmer, working with plants and giving back. So when I found out that you are offering a course that could help me learn all the things I have been longing to learn, I was extremely joyful! ” Kaylee

Quantum Botanicals


Quantum Botanicals Online Course welcomes new student,Michelle Wong. A mother of two, Michelle has been studying ‘Way of the Heart’ energy work, Jungian based therapy and life coaching. She was drawn to study vibrational botanical medicine as a gentler approach than homeopathy and because of her love for the plant world.

For me, I am hoping to support others with flower essences at the end of the course  for family and at a practitioner level combined with some other energy work. I remember what my teachers quote from Rumi, ‘Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.’ I have always loved nature and flowers so after I started using the Bach Flower remedies and seen how effective they have been for me, I thought wouldn’t it be fun to be able to support people with flower essences? Just the other day, I was in my mom’s garden and there was a beautiful pink wildflower, I am not sure what they are but when I put my hand over them I could feel some vibrations in my palm and I thought these flowers seem to be quite high vibrational, I wonder what they do? I guess for me, my love for nature and sensitivity to the essences has sparked my interest in learning more about them. Also they are so gentle unlike homeopathic remedies which often times are too strong for me.”

Michelle is a marketing and social media expert, who creates marketing campaigns for health and wellness businesses in Vancouver, British Columbia. She also has a beautiful blog website, where she shares the stories of people that are living their life purpose with passion.

Welcome to the School of Natural Medicine & Quantum Botanicals Online Course, Michelle <3


iridology-student-in-romania-cristianIridology Student in Romania reports on Online Course Progress, Self Healing diet, Naturopathy treatments & positive changes in his life & work.
“Hello Farida, I wish you Happy holydays and a Happy New Year.
From May to December I read all the lessons, learning well the first 7 lessons. I made notices and charts and tables, and arranged the course so that it would be easy for me to search answers when I have a case. I also made some assignments that I want to complete them and send to you in January. I read Iridology – A Complete Guide Revised Edition Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy and started to apply the treatments on myself, my close friends and family. I bought the books about nutrition and herb plants, and am reading them all together as I begin to apply treatments and lifestyle, making connections between all of them.
I talk to people every day about health and I look in their eyes. I feel strong when I am talking to them because I now know what I am saying.
I started on my own the Self Healing program. Watching my eyes and reading the course I found some aspects about me, physical and psychological as I realized that I am not so strong and have some predispositions to disease:
     – colon irritation – on my left eye the sigmoid colon is very clear and prominent and with small white inflammation.
     – fear and worry all day, about the work and responsibilities, I have little dark clouds on brain area 11-12 o clock
     – prolapse of transverse colon
     – weak muscle heart, I have a small but stuck in the ANW Lacuna in heart area in left iris. I have palpitations and tacicardia sometimes, when I am too excited or too nervous,
     – Radii Soleris in spleen area
     – I am not able to say no to some people.
     – I am not able to relax complete or to stay and do nothing, only when I am sleeping. I chew my nails.
I shortened my working time and I eat better in the morning with a shake of seeds, soy milk, spirulina and banana that I invented, and better at lunch. We want to buy a dehydrator. I have done Castor Oil packs and started to drink teas that are better for me. I am more consistent about my body and life, about how much to work or relax or stay with the family. I give myself more, and I feel a little better.
I will write to you more about the treatment that I took and about what I felt, and I will send the assignments until Lesson 7  to you in January. I advance in Iridology slowly but consistently.  I also work a lot in the animal clinic. I am doing all and happy with all as it is.
I have a purpose in Iridology, but I am going slow with it. I brought a Nikon D520 camera, but I need the macro lens. I am working on iridology. I hope I can finish the lessons by March.
Now my wife and I are going to the mountains to ski and have fun. Happy New Year,”  Cristi Baldacini, Bucharest, Romania


Online Courses Quantum Botanicals

online-courses-quantum-botanicals-brainOnline Courses Quantum Botanicals Diploma Course offers a loving and mind expanding exploration of the plant world, the nature of consciousness and Quantum Physics.

Step into the future of medicine and discover the world of Plant Consciousness, Quantum and Fractal Potential. Explore Vibrational Medicine through a comprehensive study of the nature of matter and energy.

Learn the fundamental science that underpins Vibrational Medicine and engage the power of Quantum and Fractal Potential through Plant Consciousness Healing.

Online Courses Quantum Botanicals Diploma Course begins with a deep study of consciousness and a strong foundation in the science of Quantum Healing.

online-courses-quantum-botanicals-irisProgress through exploring left and right brain hemisphere attention and processing.

Learn the unconscious and collective unconscious Vibrational Archetypes.

Master mind-body healing utilizing Vibrational Medicine.

Discover how consciousness communicates with matter.

Understand the relationship between thoughts, emotions and cellular function.

online-courses-quantum-botanicals-leafSuggestion: Enroll in the Flower Essences Certification Course.  Attend dynamic interactive classes that process the learning through exploring each student’s emotional history and basic beliefs. Learn the art and skills of Flower Essence creation and consultation skills.

Receive hands-on experiential training in Plant Communion, connection, communication in Herbal Medicine Immersions.

Experiential learning opens your heart and mind in profound ways. Transform perception of healing, the relationship between nature and consciousness, and the patient-practitioner relationship.

Online Courses Quantum Botanicals Diploma Course explores Flower Essence therapy in depth. Learn direct perception plant communication and gain skills in Flower Essences and Vibrational Modalities to support the healing process.

All Plant Medicine is Vibrational medicine. Healing Diets, Herbal Medicine, Essential Oils, Flower Essences and Homeopathic remedies offer healing resonance from the vibrational field of plants..

Experience a profound opportunity to explore healing of thoughts and emotions that hinder progress toward wholeness, peace and conscious experience of life.

js-chakrasEnjoy an introduction to the Ayurvedic chakra system, subtle energetic bodies, Polarity Therapy, sound and color healing, nature healing, and much more.

Online Courses Quantum Botanicals Diploma Course, created by Bonny Casel Melendy, includes personal mentoring with her.

Flower Essence Certification in Boulder, Colorado or Cambridge, England.

Anatomy & Physiology (30+ hours) is required for the United Kingdom BFVEA membership. Take the complete Natural Physician training or an approved Anatomy & Physiology Certification Course.