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Quantum Botanicals Online Course welcomes new student,Michelle Wong. A mother of two, Michelle has been studying ‘Way of the Heart’ energy work, Jungian based therapy and life coaching. She was drawn to study vibrational botanical medicine as a gentler approach than homeopathy and because of her love for the plant world.

For me, I am hoping to support others with flower essences at the end of the course  for family and at a practitioner level combined with some other energy work. I remember what my teachers quote from Rumi, ‘Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.’ I have always loved nature and flowers so after I started using the Bach Flower remedies and seen how effective they have been for me, I thought wouldn’t it be fun to be able to support people with flower essences? Just the other day, I was in my mom’s garden and there was a beautiful pink wildflower, I am not sure what they are but when I put my hand over them I could feel some vibrations in my palm and I thought these flowers seem to be quite high vibrational, I wonder what they do? I guess for me, my love for nature and sensitivity to the essences has sparked my interest in learning more about them. Also they are so gentle unlike homeopathic remedies which often times are too strong for me.”

Michelle is a marketing and social media expert, who creates marketing campaigns for health and wellness businesses in Vancouver, British Columbia. She also has a beautiful blog website, where she shares the stories of people that are living their life purpose with passion.

Welcome to the School of Natural Medicine & Quantum Botanicals Online Course, Michelle <3

Online Courses Quantum Botanicals

online-courses-quantum-botanicals-brainOnline Courses Quantum Botanicals Diploma Course offers a loving and mind expanding exploration of the plant world, the nature of consciousness and Quantum Physics.

Step into the future of medicine and discover the world of Plant Consciousness, Quantum and Fractal Potential. Explore Vibrational Medicine through a comprehensive study of the nature of matter and energy.

Learn the fundamental science that underpins Vibrational Medicine and engage the power of Quantum and Fractal Potential through Plant Consciousness Healing.

Online Courses Quantum Botanicals Diploma Course begins with a deep study of consciousness and a strong foundation in the science of Quantum Healing.

online-courses-quantum-botanicals-irisProgress through exploring left and right brain hemisphere attention and processing.

Learn the unconscious and collective unconscious Vibrational Archetypes.

Master mind-body healing utilizing Vibrational Medicine.

Discover how consciousness communicates with matter.

Understand the relationship between thoughts, emotions and cellular function.

online-courses-quantum-botanicals-leafSuggestion: Enroll in the Flower Essences Certification Course.  Attend dynamic interactive classes that process the learning through exploring each student’s emotional history and basic beliefs. Learn the art and skills of Flower Essence creation and consultation skills.

Receive hands-on experiential training in Plant Communion, connection, communication in Herbal Medicine Immersions.

Experiential learning opens your heart and mind in profound ways. Transform perception of healing, the relationship between nature and consciousness, and the patient-practitioner relationship.

Online Courses Quantum Botanicals Diploma Course explores Flower Essence therapy in depth. Learn direct perception plant communication and gain skills in Flower Essences and Vibrational Modalities to support the healing process.

All Plant Medicine is Vibrational medicine. Healing Diets, Herbal Medicine, Essential Oils, Flower Essences and Homeopathic remedies offer healing resonance from the vibrational field of plants..

Experience a profound opportunity to explore healing of thoughts and emotions that hinder progress toward wholeness, peace and conscious experience of life.

js-chakrasEnjoy an introduction to the Ayurvedic chakra system, subtle energetic bodies, Polarity Therapy, sound and color healing, nature healing, and much more.

Online Courses Quantum Botanicals Diploma Course, created by Bonny Casel Melendy, includes personal mentoring with her.

Flower Essence Certification in Boulder, Colorado or Cambridge, England.

Anatomy & Physiology (30+ hours) is required for the United Kingdom BFVEA membership. Take the complete Natural Physician training or an approved Anatomy & Physiology Certification Course.

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