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quantum-botanicals-kaylee-rutherfordQuantum Botanicals Online student, Kaylee Rutherford, enrolled as a student at the School of Natural Medicine in January, 2015. Already the quality of her work shows a depth of understanding that shows that she has been on healing path for some time. Kaylee has a pure passion for nature and the plant world, and a heart open to learning and sharing with others. We are delighted to welcome such a passionate and inspired student to the Quantum Botanicals Online Course. Here are a few words from Kaylee about how she found our school, and what has inspired her to study Quantum Healing with Plant Medicine:

“My love and passion for nature is so vast! When I saw the email from your school I felt the need to click on it. My appreciation for nature and animals and living with them in harmony runs so deep in my heart! I have read many articles concerning off grid, natural living, and I aspire above all else to be an organic, off grid farmer, working with plants and giving back. So when I found out that you are offering a course that could help me learn all the things I have been longing to learn, I was extremely joyful! ” Kaylee

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