Naturopathy Empowers Epigenetics

Naturopathy Empowers EpigeneticsNaturopathy Empowers Epigenetics merging of traditional natural medicine with science. Naturopathy has always focused on the individual purifying, rejuvenating and transforming through positive choice and healthy living habits, now proven by science to actually shift the on/off switches of DNA to heal and evolve our human potential.

Melina’s sharing of her experiences in the Chakras, Elements of Life & Emotional Intelligence processes to a deep and profound awareness of her inner being, the key to positive choice.

“I move forward with new goals on the precipice of creation. Thoughts and energy flow more fluidly as I embrace the courage of my expansive heart to fulfil my mission.

Naturopathy Empowers EpigeneticsEarth, a reconnection, reboot, reinspiration of that which already moves through me, is me…

A profound embrace of self, held in the container of an empowered group. An affirmation. Elemental Awakening. Grounded from the core of creation from all that ever was, is and shall be. Stability to fluidity, embrace unknown, dissolving attachment, courageous, vulnerability of authentic accountability.

Naturopathy Empowers EpigeneticsWater from my emotional centre penetrated with the fiery heat of cosmic embodiment, transforming, producing vapour to rise as air movement strength unites all the elements, cutting away illusion to see all the pieces integrating.

Flame of divine being opens into Air and my heart fills where protection has been, a fresh burst unfolds  Expansion. New growth appears as residual delitris of memorial imprints dissolve. Heart capacity untamed.

Naturopathy Empowers EpigeneticsEther levity of the unbindable inspires voice expression to be heard, felt, embodied. Ebb and flow through elemental energetic awareness. Conscious shift. Breaking apart limiting beliefs. Dance of Self begin to shine through as the solidity of holding space grounds. Fluid tears come and go, each level unfolds and expands to awake, aware and enable evolution of Self.

During the Ether process I struggled to lie still and receive the music. When playing the singing bowl when electricity went off and we lost the sounds, I experienced how much I get out of giving at the same time as acknowledging a block, a fear, an overwhelm of sensation when I try to open and receive. This sensation elevates a new awareness, a worth, even if uncomfortable of embodying the divinity within me. I now feel activated, energised and uncomfortable, how marvellous!

I am deeply grateful for the container of amazing people and the perpetual inspiration from Farida. 

With ever love and gratitude. Melina Fritzler, Graduate Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist, School of Natural Medicine International

Overcoming Fear

Overcoming fear is a personal journey of every student. Samantha beautifully shares her process to trust and confidence with clients.

“The night before my first official client with Reflexology and Essential Oils, I felt nervous, anxious and overwhelmed so I meditated before finally falling asleep.

While sleeping, I had an amazing dream where I was at a Reflexology convention but recoiled into the shadows letting everyone else participate and overcoming fearreceive praise. I felt sick in my stomach with fearful feelings of inadequacy but knew I had to take my place to represent my work.

And then, there you were, Farida, glowing in a golden gown with light emanating around you. When your eyes met mine you bowed your head in acknowledgement and I took a seat next to you. You saw my discomfort and when you selected a gentleman to approach me with his inquiries, my heart leapt into my stomach while I listened to him. I glanced at you as I formulated my response and after you gave me a kind smile and a gentle nod of encouragement. I was instantly filled with confidence and gave a full response to the man. When I touched his feet he began to glow. I then talked with others, spreading the knowledge and lovingly holding their feet, until they too glowed as they walked away. Eventually the whole room began to emanate the same glow.

When I awoke the anxious fears had vanished and I enjoyed a great experience with my client! He had an abundance of questions and I answered confidently as knowledge and experience flowed from me. He mentioned the session was unlike anything he had experienced before and that he received deep connections where nerve damage had previously prevented sensation.

I left the session smiling and feeling very close to you, as if the dream had taken place within the treatment. I realised everything I shared with him is what you shared with me, and it felt like we were both with you today.

I thank you from the deepest well of gratitude for your patience, kindness, wisdom and the love that enlightens me. Most of all, thank you for holding the space I have needed to learn to love myself beyond fear so that I can receive the abundant support of universal energies. I am immensely looking forward to the Spain Naturopathy Immersion and the company of other sacred souls.

I honour you as you have honoured me, SO much love and blessings,” Sam

Overcoming fear requires one important understanding, which is, that almost all fear is imaginary. However mental fears become worry, anxiety and stress that activates the flight fight freeze survival responses. These physical sensations seem to make fear more real than it truly is. Gaining strength to release the body sensations that inhibit normal communications and ease is a practice involving breath, mental clarity and a strong embodied presence of being in the moment instead of in imagination. Personal evolutionary Self Healing helps move us beyond fear into confidence. While there are many paths to overcoming fear, there are also skills and remedies that assist us on our journey.

Bach Flower Remedy, Mimulus is for everyday fears and Aspen is for unknown fears.

Sheba Graduates Reflexology

Sheba Graduates Reflexology

Sheba graduates Reflexology with compassionate effective case studies and shares:

“I want to share my love for you and the School of Natural Medicine teachings that changed my life!

My life and the people I touch will forever be changed because of you, Farida, and the School of Natural Medicine trainings. I feel so much life energy when I help others and see their faces light up because they learned something new.

Thank you, Farida, for an opportunity of a lifetime to help me discover who I really am. Your teachings will forever be remembered and cherished!”

As an advanced Reflexology & Natural Medicine student, Sheba began her practice by sharing Reflexology and Essential Oils sessions at a Senior Health Expo given in Rockford, Illinois, by LifeScape. She gave free 5 to 10 minute Reflexology sessions that began waves of excitement for many who never even knew Reflexology existed!

Sheba Graduates ReflexologySheba says, “I was busy from 9 am to 3pm with lines of of 4 or 5 waiting 20 to 30 minutes. I did not take a break or care to because I saw how eager the people were to learn about it. Chuck Jefferson, a previous Illinois State House Representative stopped by my table twice. I asked him when would he like a session and he complimented, “You’re always too busy.”

One of my teachers Sue Michaelsen, who taught Tai Chi, Chi Hung Jin Shin Do and massage for 30 years, after receiving a private session from me, asked me to share her appreciation, “Farida is an amazing teacher!”

Sheba Graduates ReflexologyI used to live in fear because people thought what I was studying was crazy because no one knows what Reflexology where I live near Chicago. Now I understand it is part of my calling to educate those who want to know, and help change the world by starting with my community. Each year I see a difference. The only challenge I had in the past was allowing others opinions or negative thoughts to enter my spirit, but not any more.

My daughter says that I am the best doctor in the world. She watches everything & wants to help all the time. She loves the teas I make for her and notices the healthy changes for our family. She loves being the only vegetarian at her school!”

Love always,” Sheba Gardner graduates Reflexology with compassionate effective case histories from her clients.

Sheba attended classes in Reflexology, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Iridology and Healing Diets, and now has a significant career position for her healing talents, and plans to continue to further graduations now that her daughter is older.

Reflexology is a divine practice of holy feet, sole to soul, that enhances life, energy, positivity and healing. It is a joy to teach and share Reflexology.

Study this profound approach to touch with Reflexology, and Essential Oils Raindrop Therapy, Vagus Nerve & Auricular in Immersions. Check out the posts on the right margin of the School News blog for more information on our touch trainings.

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Sacred Touch with Connection, Synchronicity and Compassion

Therapeutic Essential Oils Anointing with Reflexology & Raindrop, Auricular & Vagus Nerve Therapies allowed me to be fully present with a deeper understanding in the power of sacred touch with connection, synchronicity and compassion.

Humble Heart and an Empty Mind

When approaching a person with a humble heart and an empty mind, I am able to feel and experience healing energy with the magic of unity and communion.

I was hesitant to touch because of overthinking and fearing hurting someone. Without hesitation I can now relax and enjoy the natural touch so necessary to connection.

Therapeutic Essential OilsWith this shift, I am now able to see within myself and comprehend the nature of every moment of Therapeutic Essential Oils Anointing touch as I slow down and praise the moment with full attention.

Being fully present allows me to fear no more as I know I love and honour someone simply by the warmth of my hands on their feet.

By recognising the light within healing touch, my energy is more clear with increased peace of mind and heart. I feel more connected, whole and positive.

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Anointing grounds and restores our internal healing powers whether in Raindrop, Auricular or Vagus Therapy Essential Oils bodywork or in Master Touch Reflexology.”

Carla Calderon Orocu, from Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica is an advanced Naturopathy student, having already attended Herbal Medicine & Healing Diets Certificate Immersions combined with Herbal Medicine Online Study. Carla has a vegan bakery and creates plant medicine from botanicals at her own farm.

Embolism Self Healing

Embolism Self HealingEmbolism Self Healing was achieved after I suffered a brain injury with a gas embolism when deep diving near Cancun, Mexico. With intense effort I first recovered memory loss and normal functions from changes of habit and diet. Two years later during a Reflexology session in class, I felt a sore spot in one toe activate a sharp sensation in the exact area of the brain where the embolism occurred, and after my partner worked on it respectfully and gently, the spot dissolved and as an energetic burst surged through my brain, I melted into complete release of all the emotional trauma I had been holding on to since the accident, trauma I was not even aware was still there.

Much of this Integrated Immersion guided by Farida Sharan focused on letting go of fear. Letting go of imagining and overthinking allows me to experience the present moment where I can transform fear to joy and love every moment no matter what is happening.

I leave this class with greater clarity. I clearly see what my shadows are and how to work on healing them. I also see what I need to do and how to do it without being afraid.

Reflexology & Essential Oils Immersion helped me realise the incredible power within myself and within us all. My confidence has risen to a greater level for my future as a professional as well as on a very personal, intimate level.

Raindrop Therapy with Young Living Essential Oils dropped me deeply into a field of allowing receptivity that opened me to receive all the Immersion offered on so many levels.

Embolism Self HealingAuricular Therapy, based on acupuncture meridian points in the ear, taught me that in order to process emotions we must hold space and allow the emotions to arise and then move through.

Vagus Nerve Therapy gifted me with tangible reality of how the parasympathetic nervous system creates depth relaxation that opens space for healing.

Therapeutic Anointing therapies & Reflexology increased my ability to connect on deeper levels. As I move away from thoughts into being fully present, I become more present. Encompassing others into my field of awareness comes naturally until I am connected to the energies around me, especially of my partners with whom I exchange touch. I realise my capacity to connect in different ways is infinite.

I found great joy sharing my knowledge and experience with a new student, my dear partner, Carla, as this Immersion provided the focus to assist me becoming a teacher.” Samantha Marshall, Nature Tour Guide & Advanced Naturopathy student, Colorado.

Embolism Self HealingA visit to Kew Gardens on a perfect fresh autumn day with highlights at The Hive art installation in honour of protecting bees and nature, followed by a glorious walk through the ancient trees and a return along the path of immense holly trees of every variation imaginable with happy flowers at their feet, enhanced and integrated the meditative quality of this experiential training.

Next Integrated Immersions offered in 2017. Meanwhile students worldwide enrol in online courses and self healing and some prepare for attendance at evolutionary self healing professional trainings.

Nurturing Reflexology

Nurturing Reflexology Edwin Luckoff-AmadorNurturing Reflexology is how best to describe the session I received from Leslie. It was grounding and relaxing and felt like a coming home as usually I am up in my head analysing situations and decisions. After the session I feel incredibly grounded and strong. I cannot wait to share this gift with others.

When receiving today, I quickly fell into a deep, relaxed state in which I felt perfectly centered and balanced. Questions of my self-worth came up and while I haven’t answered them all, I will continue to wrestle with them.

Nurturing Reflexology Edwin Luckoff-AmadorWhen giving, I found that I was much too focused on how much time was left and was therefore not able to completely submit to the flow I have experienced before. I think grounding myself before giving with help with this.

I am finally living. Growing up I always felt I was just a reflection of what I saw around me but now I am able to hold my own space and it is the most beautiful and humbling experience.

Nurturing Reflexology Edwin Luckoff-Amador Foot BathThe Reflexology Immersions was one of the most nurturing weeks of my life.  The beautiful mountains of Colorado have made me feel so small, yet so grounded and collected. I feel much more in-tune with my body and my spirit and the people in my life. The past months, people have been placed along my path to encourage, love, guide me.

While I now have to leave Colorado for some time, I am excited to see what is to come and the people that I will be able to share this gift with.  AI can hear the mountains of Colorado say ‘come home soon’.” 

Last week was such an incredible experience for me. Hayley is such a lovely soul and a great teacher. My soul feels nourished and grounded after the Reflexology Immersion and I am excited to take the things I learned on my future journeys!

I follow up Reflexology with a 9 week internship at Hospital Andino in Riobamba, Ecuador! I will be shadowing and helping the acupuncturists and experiencing the healing environment. Because Riobamba is made up of about 70% indigenous people that refuse to be treated by modern medicine, the hospital specialises in treating the people with their traditional ways of healing. I am very excited!
After my time in Ecuador I plan to move out to Boulder as the mountains are calling my name :). I plan on continuing to develop my Reflexology skills and am interested in taking Healing Diets, Iridology and other courses you offer.
Other than that I will be working to eat more raw greens as Hayley has shown me their numerous benefits, learning more about essential oils, and continuing my spiritual development. I still have much to learn but I am excited to be on the right path!” Edwin Luckoff-Amador

Bliss Reflexology

Bliss Reflexology Leslie Spires Bliss Reflexology! Excitement feels anxious initially as I am called into the presence of receiving Reflexology.  

Then with a gentle opening to the possibilities of being, I respond to the gentle so slow touch as a new experience and joy and aliveness awakens and bliss follows. 

I am now aware that at first I resist with fear as I feel anxious. Tears flow during the Reflexology session as I became aware how fear keeps me from recognising and receiving love. It is deeply healing to release this fear.

As I enjoy giving and receiving Reflexology with the potent power of Young Living Essential Oils, I experience mixtures of emotions and sensations during the sessions. Thoughts and memories of what shaped anxious fears and beliefs and misconception arise and fall away leading to an awareness and presence with a fear of “being tolerated” in situations where I most desire to be. I imagine my life without this fear and being welcomed to new experiences that I long to have.

Bliss Reflexology Glowing HandsNow when I give a session I feel joyful and centred and the feeling continues as I give the foot bathing, anointing. As I work on my partner’s feet I am encouraged by my partner’s deep relaxation. I recognise how important it is for me to hold space for clients to feel deeply secure and safe.

I am so excited to be apart of this experience, very grateful for Hayley’s graciousness as our teacher, and to know you, Farida, as the founder of this amazing and wonderful school.
As I am now in an awakening, purification and healing process as I begin a journey of discovering and learning, I build upon the ashes of all that no longer serves me. I am excited to be able to provide for my family in a way that also allows me to be more present with them and grateful to find my path.
Inspires Healing Arts & Transformational Services is the name of my business. I enjoy the play on my last name as the perfect name for a healing practice. I am ready to birth my practice and very excited to offer my fellow human beings these gifts.” Leslie Spires, Colorado

Reflexology Healing

Reflexology Healing - KerryReflexology Healing with Hayley Porter  provided a beautiful space for the gift of Self Healing & a safety net to be vulnerable to receive from others.

While giving Reflexology, I was present and quiet in my own-ness, yet ‘listened’ with touch awareness to my partner with support.

The feeling of letting go of emotional and mental chaos is indescribable. Linear time vanished.

Letting go and releasing was exactly what my body and soul were craving.

Reflexology Healing - KerryWhile receiving, I was immediately trusting of my partner’s touch, of her ability to create safety where I am vulnerable and offer security for growth.

Although I will miss Samantha’s genuine-ness of giving and Hayley’s ability to create a calm safety net, I am excited to practice self-care and nurturing through the lessons learned in Reflexology.” Kerry Derrick, Psychotherapist, Family Counsellor, Colorado

Reflexology Healing Therapy created by the Director of the School of Natural Medicine, Farida Sharan, takes Reflexology to the level of profound Self Healing. Explore this method with Reflexology DVD’s available on

Reflexology Healing with Self Reflexology:

Farida learned basic Reflexology from her aunt when she was a teenager in British Columbia, Canada. In the early 1970’s, during her years in California, she used Self-Reflexology over two years when she was Self Healing breast cancer naturally. As she worked on her feet she applied deep touch to dissolve a painful crystal in the spleen area of her foot that reflected a family weakness from her grandmother and great-grandmother who had both died of leukemia. Not only was Reflexology a major contribution to healing her breast cancer, but to healing hereditary pernicious anemia as well

Combining essential oils with cranial sacral skills and spiral and energetic sacred touch, those receiving drop into deep relaxation, allowing natural adjustments within to restore harmonious energetics to the inner being. Treatments work effectively on physical levels, increasing circulation and affecting meridian flow and elemental zones and also positively influence emotional and mental well being.

Reflexology Healing - KerryReflexology Healing - KerryReflexology Healing Class:

Each student is guided respectfully from their relaxed natural touch to master advanced touch skills that allow a range of subtle to deep connection that invites profound relaxation as well as receptivity to release & transformation. Learn how to blend personal Young Living Medicinal Essential Oil mixes.

Students also learn Self Reflexology, finding specific areas on their own feet to enhance subtle & depth touches as they explore the Iris chart. Give & receive two depth Master Touch Reflexology sessions. Discover why your future clients will return again & again & refer others. Quality!

Foot Bathing, Therapeutic Anointing, fine tuning & refinement of professional skills with subtle & depth touches. Advanced participation focuses on creative connection touch & fine tuning.

Students comment that they feel they receive as much by giving as they do when receiving as the nurturing energy during the session creates a profound healing field.

Experience therapeutic anointing with Young Living therapeutic grade medicinal ‘oils of gladness.”

Reflexology Anointing

Reflexology Anointing SamanthaReflexology Anointing of giving and receiving lifted the veils within me to allow my true essence to shine.

I went deeper into my being than ever before. Though nervous at first, I found myself releasing anxiety, worry and fear and transforming it into inner peace, trust and renewed belief.

Reflexology created enormous changes in my physical and spiritual body. Young Living Essential Oils  (Valor, White Angelica, Release, Believe and more) offered phenomenal assistance as we worked with universal and physical energies that brought a new level of strength and courage into my being.

Reflexology Anointing - SamanthaSlowly I began to feel and understand the evolutionary energy of the Flower of Life and how even the infinitely small has an intricate an important role in making the infinitely large function.

Just as the reflexes in the feet can aid and maintain health in the body, I realized, we too, as individual beings have our part to play in the great energetic unfolding of the universe. As I refined my listening skills to the energies in our healing space, I discovered how deeply my own healing impacts everyone I am connected to, both past and present.

Reflexology Anointing healing impacts everyone I am connected to, both past and present.

The greatest shift occurred when giving a sacred treatment as I was able to receive the gifts of the universe with love and tranquility while graciously giving to my partner.

Reflexology Anointing - SamanthaThrough giving and receiving Reflexology Anointing and Sacred Foot Bathing, I am more knowledgeable about the body systems and their functions in relation to the Reflexology points. I appreciate the integration of connections on the feet, hands, ears and chakra points.

I feel excited to be able to share these gifts with the world and confident I can do so without overburdening myself as I have done in the past.” Sam Marshall, Leadville, Colorado; Naturopathy student, Nature Tour Guide.


reflexology-anointing-amanda-farida“Reflexology is a beautiful practice where giver & receiver share humility & divinity in oneness with anointing, foot bathing, essential oils & sacred touch.

Anointing with fragrant oils was followed by bathing the feet with a special blend of essential oils. This was a most inspiring and grounding experience in acknowledging and serving the divinity of the receiver.

To sit at the feet of another, bathing their feet and honoring them felt profound and biblical. Notes of gratitude opened in my heart and mind for the privilege of experiencing this sacred humility of grace.

reflexology-anointing-amanda-faridaReceiving a session was like take part in a dance while practicing receptivity.

The theme of Self Healing grounding our Reflexology practice was standing on our own feet in our own unique truth while defining and strengthening ourselves to the outside world.

This connection to the very thing we stand on for grounding in the world, our feet, and the focus of the training, felt both humorous and profound.” Amanda McNabb, Aurora, Colorado; advanced Naturopathy student.



reflexology-foot-bath-hayley-sarah“Reflexology sacred anointing followed by bathing the feet of our partner in fragrant essential oils makes me feel the most humble of servants one hour and when I receive, a queen the next. Participating in foot bathing is a most sacred gift.

When I give a footbath with fragrant essential oils to another person, I feel as though I am praising their highest self. I feel a deep honoring from my core to theirs, as though I am in service to God.

When I receive a foot bath, I am able to completely drop into the art of receiving. I feel like a queen being graced with the pure essence of love. Gratitude showers my heart as it has taken practice over some time for me to be able to fully receive.

The entire process of anointing drops giver and receiver into deep parasympathetic relaxation into the still center of the primordial breath.

reflexology-amanda-mcnabbI am so in love with the core spiral and rhythm of our bodies and being able to tap into each person’s core current. With conscious presence and space holding, it is remarkable to witness the balance and healing that commences during each session.

The fragrance of the therapeutic essential Young Living Essential Oils is another element that returns us to holy equanimity. The essential oils awaken my cells and bring me into the present moment.

I am so grateful to give & receive this abundant nobility because it is an incredible form of meditation that is ancient and holy, fragrant, relaxing and inspiring.

After 4 12/ years I am honored to be an assistant teaching and honing the skills to assist this class with full presence. Thank you. Gratitude. Namaho.” Hayley Porter, Graduate Reflexologist, advanced Naturopath student.

Our next training is in the spring session 2016 in Boulder, Colorado.