reflexology-foot-bath-lisa-sarah Reflexology class began with a glorious Essential Oils Anointing where Lisa cradled my head & I felt a sensation of the weight of life appear then vanish.

Reflexology II was the first time I 100% enjoyed giving as much as receiving as my skill progressed with the practice on my own feet & giving sessions.

I found strategies and techniques to map the feet and connect in depth with my partner. The experience of humbly making a person relaxed and seeing bliss on their face is a priceless feeling.

reflexology-lisa-wehuntWhen receiving a Foot Bath, the comforting touch of caring hands on my feet, warm water trickling down my legs and the fragrance of the Young Living Essential Oils brought me to a peaceful place where my worries became my solution and I felt calm & grounded for the rest of the day.

A warm blanket was wrapped around me after I settled in the Reflexology lounge chair. Lisa’s touch was gentle yet firm, yet again helping me feel grounded until I drifted off into holy feet land.” Sarah McLaughlan, Longmont, Colorado




reflexology-anointing-lisa-sarah“Reflexology gifting: a chance to ground myself. Rooted down. Holding lightness and energy, no, not holding, feeling the opportunity to move slowly and be present.

Foot bathing: carrying the vessel of fragrant warm water, imparting intention while swirling sacred essential oils, serving the holy feet with comforting holds and showering the water over legs and feet became a gift in grace. Connecting. Grounding. Flowing.

reflexology-sarah-mcLaughlanReflexology receiving: clearing my mind, stacking shoulders over hips in the chair, feeling grounded and using my inner voice to awaken me to receive fully and completely. The aroma of the oils touches my senses. As I give over control, allowing myself to be cared for, the ritual opened a pathway of gratitude and full acceptance in receiving.” Lisa Wehunt, Reflexology student, Boulder, Colorado.




reflexology-graduate-radha-shivagiri Reflexology Graduate, Radha Shivagiri, embodies the true spirit of the Healing Arts with her study and personal evolution process.

As a Naturopathy student who attended all classes and devoted herself to Self Healing, Case Studies & Assignments, Radha’s transformation in every aspect of her life is to be honored and respected in her evolution toward Graduate Naturopath. The Reflexology Certificate is a a major step in her progress. Congratulations Radha!

As a student evolves through depth Immersion classes in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Healing Diets, Reflexology, Essential Oils & Flower Essences Vibrational Medicine, all students witness their fellow students Self Healing as they experience their own transformation into consciousness, self love and self care.

reflexology-chart-radha-shivagiriLearning is experienced through group evolution and as a student advances, they model inspiration to new students as they naturally evolve into teachers, living examples and guides for others.

To explore School of Natural Medicine’s unique approach to profoundly creative Reflexology sessions click on Reflexology on the right School News blog margin.

“I learned that everyone comes into this world with lessons to be learned. I have accepted my lessons and who I am in this life time and in every moment.

By releasing judgement of myself and my fire energy, I released judgement of others. Each step forward is an exciting part of my life journey that I am now prepared for.”


iridology-graduate--vicki-pitman-aveburyIridology & Natural Medicine Graduate of the School of Natural Medicine in the UK in the 1980’s, Vicki Pitman, also apprenticed with Farida Sharan in the SNM school Herbs of Grace Herbal Pharmacy in Cambridge, England. Originally purchased and run by Peter Enkel, another SNM graduate, Herbs of Grace continued to operate as an Herbal and Health online business for some years with his son James Enkel, and is now in other good hands.

Vicki continued evolved in the healing arts, with a degree in Holistic studies at Exeter University. With a strong interest in Herbal Medicine, Vicki practiced Iridology & Herbal Medicine as well as integrating further studies of Aromatherapy, Ayurveda & Reflexology.

iridology-graduate-vicki-pitmanWhen I saw Vicki this summer she invited me for a visit, so in October, I took the train to Bradford-on-Avon near Bath in Wiltshire to enjoy a reunion.

Vicki studied Ayurveda with Dr. Vasant Lad,whom she first met at the School of Natural Medicine Summer School near Cambridge in 1988. Her study travels also took her to America and India, where she studied advanced Ayurveda. In later years she was honored at an Ayurveda Conference.

During these years she wrote books (thumbnail covers included) on Reflexology, Aromatherapy & Ayurveda.

Vicki is active with protecting Herbal & Natural Medicine  in the U.K. She belongs to the following organizations & helps create alternate issues of the The Herbalist magazine.

The Association of Reflexologists   The International Federation of Aromatherapists

The Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners

iridology-graduate-vicki-pitman-reflexology-bookToday she shares her wisdom & experience at the Dorothy House Hospice in Bradford-on-Avon in Wilshire, near Bath, near where she lives.

Over a visit of three days we adventured to the ancient standing stones in Avebury (Vicki is tuning in to a giant stone in the photo) explored the pleasure gardens and grotto at Stourhead, and walked around the ancient and charming city of Bath. We enjoyed a delicious vegetarian meal at the The Green Rocket Cafe, near the Avon River, and as they also make vegan desserts, we took cake home for tea!!

iridology-graduate-vicki-pitman-aromatherapy-bookOn my day of departure I spent the morning at the Thermae Bath Spa before the train to London, enjoying the rooftop hot pool in the morning mists overlooking the majestic buildings and hills surrounding Bath. .

Vicki is busy with family life as  a grandparent with her husband, Tony, with three daughters and their children. Her website, Integrative Therapies, illustrates the advance of her accomplishments.




Reflexology – Boulder, Colorado

reflexology-kerry-derrickReflexology Enlightenment: learning the importance of what my gives me in regards to information scripted in my feet feels like braille. Every sensation has meaning & every pattern brings knowledge.

I feel gratitude to have learned this way of reading myself, this way of healing myself & healing others with Reflexology enhanced by Young Living Essential Oils.

Reflexology Enlightenment is gaining the understanding of being open to receive.

Through this understanding expansion I rose above my physical body as I reached for all the positive energy of the universe.

reflexology-kerry-derrickFeeling contentment & bliss within this infinity of timelessness, I gazed upon my physical being & opened beyond my obstacles to a potential of greatness.

In giving I discover I am a temple for the positive flow in the universe as a conductor of healing.”

Kerry Derrick, advanced Naturopathy student, Family Counselor, Arvada, Colorado

Reflexology Therapeutic Anointing is a profound evolution from Reflexology as most practitioners and clients experience sessions, whether giving or receiving. In ancient Biblical times a guest was honored as they entered a house by foot bathing & anointing the feet with oils. Foot massage is found in every ancient culture, indigenous culture, in the spa history & present industry and a part of most or all traditional healing systems.

Reflexology trainings begin in Spring 2016 in the School of Natural Medicine International. Training schedules for 2016 will be released in November 2015. Advance enrollment open at that time.

Reflexology Holy Feet

Reflexology Holy Feet Connection & Illumination

reflexology-holy-feet-miranda-palmer“Reflexology Holy Feet Connection with oils of joy & gladness brings me deeply into myself, grounded and strong, feeling alive & open as I hold space for sacred connection.

Giving is dear to me as I find a true meditation in the process of allowing the receiver to open, drop in & let go. This is a true gift to give & a healing like no other.

Receiving a session is a high vibrational experience. The Sacred Connection between the giver’s hands & the receiver’s feet quiets my mind to receive energy, colors & healing.

Receiving from Sarah, a new student, I began to see fractals of colors, mostly green. Her gentle touch made me feel safe, calm, altered & cared for, even though it was not the stronger touch I usually enjoy.

Reflexology classes allowed me to find my flow with giving sessions so much sweeter. Intuition & divine guidance become real friends because by practicing Reflexology I am brought closer to my true self.

Every class is empowering to the my health & wellness. With the skills & techniques I learn at the School of Natural Medicine with Farida, I become a stronger woman to take these tools into the world.” Miranda Palmer, advanced, Naturopathy student, Longmont, Colorado


reflexology-holy-feet-lindsay-peters“Reflexology Holy Feet Illumination opens expanded consciousness toward my feet.

I am grateful they anchor my body & connection to this earth with the map they hold to every part of my body – organs, glands, nerves & pathways of energy leading me to what needs attention with the loving touch of acknowledgement connection.

There is no greater bliss than to know I can make changes in my existence as I discover ways to move though anything that hinders my wellness.

Reflexology shows me I need to allow exchange with the gift of support, passion & loving touch to transform self & other. I touch deeply until I awaken transformation, but also hold space appreciation for others to gift me with touch that softens the hard barriers I formed to soften my heart & tender spirit that simply wants to be loved & accepted.

It is euphoric to create a space with Reflexology & Young Living Essential Oils where life is suspended in sensation of the highest form, enveloping every part of existence where there is no beginning, no end, simply eternal delight & peace.” Lindsay, advanced Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado

Lindsay & Miranda joined the School of Natural Medicine as Naturopathy students in April 2014 and have continued in tandem through their studies. They chose Reflexology Level I as their Level III and will move forward with case studies toward their Certification & attend future classes as Teaching Assistants for the delight of giving & receiving as they continue to evolve as Master Touch Reflexologists.


Reflexology Infinity

Reflexology Colorado

reflexology-infinity-sarah-mclaughlinReflexology Infinity taught me to pause & savor when giving or receiving and in my life. Pausing, holding is blissful, eye opening & feels like infinity.

After an extensive Self Reflexology class with Farida where we worked on our own feet and learned touch skills on specific areas of the feet, we were ready to give & receive our first Reflexology sessions.

Receiving from Miranda, an advanced student, with the fragrantly potent Young Living Essential Oils, I fell into a trance of relaxation where all worries vanished.

Giving my first session, I felt connection as my body shifted to one side or the other when energy released, all the time feeling like I was an infinity time capsule as if the session could go on forever.

When I received my session from Kerry, Farida noticed I was feeling emotions, so when I began to cry with an intense rush of aggravation through my body, she anointed me with Essential Oils, & the letting go felt really good. For the remainder of the session I felt calm as I opened my heart and received. The moment I dropped into relaxation, it felt like I falling openly into a healing space.

Farida is right when she says certain areas feel tender, like pain at first, but then you know the feeling is helping you & then it becomes enjoyment as the congestion clears.

Kerry looked as peaceful as an angel as I remembered to pause, hold, savor, yet flow, my movements feeling like water, with pauses between the waves.

I am blessed to be in the School of Natural Medicine surrounded by wonderful & beautiful feminine energies.”

Sarah McLaughlin, Longmont, Colorado, moved from Florida, attended School of Natural Medicine classes in Healing Diets I, Reflexology I, with Healing Diets II & Reflexology II later this autumn.

Reflexology Bliss

reflexology-bliss-lisa-wehuntReflexology Bliss cocooned warmth enhanced by Essential Oils fragrance, afloat in waves of harmony, my inner vibrations settled into a calm bliss of peace.

I found an empowering clearing breath when feeling tender spots that allowed me to give in & release when receiving the next day. The long slow leg movements resonated with energies of life & light.

When giving I met resistance from lack of physical, mental & spiritual strength, but once I allowed myself to open to what flowed naturally, I connected with my creative energy expression through touch.

Farida, thank you for the most genuine gifts you bring forth & give. I cherish all the wonderful feminine energy during our learning, experiencing, healing, giving & sharing!” Lisa Wehunt, Boulder, Colorado


reflexology-bliss-christie-sharonReflexology Bliss connection on emotional, physical & spiritual levels deepens connection between people. It is beautiful to tune into another person through movement, all the while feeling & knowing you are helping them to shift at some level.

Receiving my first session let me see how tough receiving can be for me. My body responded with an anxiety attack that was calmed by a soothing Young Living Essential Oils anointing from Farida. Slowing my breath, breathing more deeply, calmed my body and I was able to feel vibration & light. The next day I was able to open to receive more easily & deeply.

Giving a session connected me in ways I did not think possible. I closed my eyes allowing myself to resonate with the energy & movement, feeling peaceful & humble.

It was truly expansive on my soul to bring into light that we are all connected, allowing peace, understanding & clarity.

I feel blessed to be able to learn & grow alongside such gifted & talented students so willing to share their life experiences, opening space for my own growth. Thank you.” Christie Sharon, Aurora, Colorado.

School of Natural Medicine Reflexology Colorado Board of Education certification approved training is approached through each student’s natural touch into an evolved conscious creative touch that offers unique individual sessions.



reflexology-colorado-jaden-lehaneReflexology gifted me with a profound lesson as I discovered slow movements & pausing in right places encouraged a deeper impact on my body energy shifts during the kidney Polarity Therapy foot hold, even though the person giving the session was still preparing and settling into herself.

On the other side, as a giver, I discovered how natural and fluid slow movements are to me. This is in stark contrast to my experience in cosmetology school where I was criticized for ‘taking my time’ during pedicures. This reveals the difference between healing the from the inside of the body with slow connection, and the outside of the body detached speed.

Although most people are familiar with dancing with their feet, in the past two days in Reflexology Level One, I learned to dance with the feet – the pushing forward and the pulling back, the movement and the stillness, spirally in and out and around the microcosm in a divine dance of giving and receiving, and then as well, receiving through giving.

reflexology-colorado-jaden-lehane-heel-holdLove, bliss, joy, peace, slowness, quiet, giving and receiving, receiving through giving, shift, release, nurturing, comfort, safety, forgiveness, self care, healing, divine knowing, intuitive, flow, gratitude, transformation.

We learned the slower you move, the more our sense of time changes, and the more you accomplish. I particularly found this to be true when giving my second session. I explored every area on each foot slowly and consciously, thinking only half an hour had passed, when in reality it had been an hour and twenty minutes.” Jaden Lehane, Naturopathy student, Fort Collins, Colorado

Reflexology enhanced by depth self healing processes with Young Living Essential Oils is an integral part of Naturopathy training, as well as a profound therapy, and an analysis tool for creating and guiding health, healing and wellness programs. What is discovered in Iridology analysis is usually confirmed by Reflexology!

When a client learns Self Reflexology and works on their feet at home, depth healing takes place as they learn valuable skills for becoming independently healthy!

Reflexology Colorado

reflexology-colorado-diane-unruhReflexology Colorado trainings with School of Natural Medicine & Farida Sharan builds each student’s unique natural touch toward graceful connected ease.With confidence that their ability to sense and feel connection, knowing sensation wins over distant disconnecting thoughts, and both giver and receiver relax into a communion of nurturing, rejuvenating relaxation.

Dianne is a new student. She drove all the way from Kansas to take the class. Her progress toward deepening into feeling, slowness and connected touch was a revelation to all who shared the journey.

Dianne shares: “Slowness – Although I have never moved slow with my body or my mind, hands or arms, the slowness I experienced in Reflexology Level I, my first ever Reflexology class, makes me aware inwardly of feelings that have never surfaced before.

I learned that with slowness comes patience, warmth, strength and love and this is what I felt I was giving to my partner.

As a received I felt comfort and I also thought about the person who was giving as to how they were feeling? I became aware that my mind moves quickly, from thought to thought, so I had trouble receiving, as it was hard to release or relax my mind.

Farida, Thank you for an awesome two days! You are an incredible person who’s studied, learned and shared your knowledge of the natural healing world! You have a beautiful gift and love of life! I am blessed to have spent two days absorbing a minute part of your world.
In my world sharing feelings either in verbal or written, is very difficult! In my life with family and friends, I am the rock, the glue, strength, love, counsellor and friend who holds everything and everyone together! I know I need to work on this! The Young Living Essential Oils brought me deep and enhanced our healing journey.
I look forward to going through the information in my folder and new book. I can’t wait to practice on family members in giving reflexology sessions and sharing better health in my journey! I am looking forward to Reflexology II in the future!” Dianne Unruh, Kansas


reflexology-teaching-assistant-radha-shivagiriReflexology teaching assistants are gifted with free classes to learn refined skills and inspire new students with their grace and profoundly deep sessions. Advanced students attend a day of the Reflexology Immersion class with bright, energetic presence and receive gifts of advanced understanding.

Radha shares: “When giving a session to Jaden, I felt the subtle body more than I ever had and was able to work with it and learn from the energies.

When Jaden worked on me, I felt subtle long currents of zone therapy energy running through my body. I even got chills (in a good way)!

After the session I felt invigorated. Giving is receiving!” Radha Shivagiri, advanced Naturopathy student, Denver, Colorado

reflexology-transformation-melina-fritzlerMelina shares: “I have transformed trust in my capability to follow intuition along the foot map unfolding in front of me. This recognition was infused with ease of mind and body to flow with secure rhythm. Knowing the path, I allowed the present moment to guide me without agenda, feeling solid rooting in my center.

The deep personal work I have been through over the course of classes at the School of Natural Medicine with Farida Sharan, has transformed my work on others. Deep inner relaxation flows from a wellspring within. The change is graceful with all my spirit.” Melina Fritzler, advanced Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado.

Next Reflexology Immersion Class: June 26-27 – SNM– Boulder, Colorado – Reflexology Level One class. Level II is offered to advanced students November 6-7 2015. Meanwhile students practice and fulfill case history and study requirements.