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Kilamanjaro Ascent

kilamanjaro-ascent-lisa-mansurKilamanjaro ascent in Tanzania, is one of Lisa Jody Manser, a Natural Physician student’s, recent achievements, and just one of her goals.

An experienced and valuable spa manager, Lisa recently created the new Javvu Spa, at the fabulous Amilla Fushi resort in the Maldives!

Lisa enrolled in the Online Courses and attended the Natural Physician Immersion in Cambridge UK as well as the USA Herbal Medicine Immersion in Boulder, Colorado in 2014. In 2015, she attends her second Natural Physician Immersion, and is well on her way to achieving her Natural Physician Diploma with her Online Courses, Self Healing Module and case studies.

Congratulations Lisa on creating beauty in this world and offering health and healing to its peoples! We are thrilled to have you as a School of Natural Medicine student, and soon to be an honored graduate. Lisa, you are an inspiration to everyone. Your passion and energy is a joy for others to share.

kilamanjaro-ascent-mayenJane-trust-childrenKilamanjaro ascent was in honor of Swaziland’s MayenJane Project as a great way of raising funds for the orphans and children in need of housing and care.

Lisa says” “We are doing it for the orphans of Swaziland. I’m happy for you to go to the MayanJane website to contribute your Gift Aid.”

Kilamanjaro ascent for MayenJane Children’s Home, Swaziland. Building Homes & Changing Lives.

“Here at MayenJane Trust, our aim is to provide loving and caring homes for Swaziland orphans and vulnerable children in need. The main focus is to raise funds to build children’s homes, providing a place to live and an opportunity for young lives to begin again. We hope to give these children, predominately orphans, a chance of a future, health and happiness.


Javvu Spa at Amilla Fushi Resort, Maldives

Swaziland currently has the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world. The devastating effects of this pandemic are often experienced in circumstances of extreme poverty.

MayenJane Trust welcomes all support as it is through the generosity and inspiration of others that these children’s lives can be changed.

A recent fantastic idea has come from a youth group and a pre-school who have suggested ‘Twinning or linking’ with MayenJane children by exchanging letters and photos.

MayenJane Trust is grateful to the generous individuals and many community groups who have come up with great fund raising events and ideas. Whatever money or support you can give, your gift will be helping change lives.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any ideas or comments by emailing us on or simply click the donate button on our website.

Natural Physician

natural-physician-school-of-natural-medicine-elisa-badiiNatural Physician student, Elisa Badii, from Tuscany, enrolled in the Natural Physician Diploma course with the School of Natural Medicine UK in January, 2015. She was raised in the nature of Tuscany and has always had a deep respect for plant medicine.

Elisa is enrolled in the School of Natural Medicine UK Summer Intensive II in Devon in July. She joins students attending the Summer Intensive where classes focus on Healing Diets, Essential Oils Training & Reflexology.

Elisa shares her history and what drew her to study the Natural Physician Diploma Course:

“My family always had a really close connection to nature. My grandparents lived in the countryside in Tuscany, Italy, for most of their lives. They used local natural resources to treat family and friends, as it was (and still is) common practice in the countryside.

I learned from my grandmother how to draw upon natural remedies for health since childhood and that approach stayed with me ever since. I’m inspired by nature and its ability to heal the body and the mind, and I’d like to gain in-depth knowledge on the medicinal qualities of herbs and plants and their practical application.

In 2012 I attended an Ayurveda nutrition course with Dott. Sonal Bhatt during a yoga retreat in Canada. I learned a lot about the uniqueness of an individual, and how food can be a very effective medicine.

I would like to combine natural medicine with other practices and approaches that I have been exploring such as yoga, Ayurveda, psychology, and nutritional therapy. I would like to set up my own clinic, and guide & support my clients through their journey to re-gain their balance and health.”

Healer Heal Thyself

healer-heal-thyself-carolyn-de-clue‘Healer Heal Thyself’ is the foundation of School of Natural Medicine trainings.  Carolyn is a Natural Physician Diploma student deeply committed to her Self Healing. Since early 2014, she has participated in cleansing and rejuvenation diets, herbs and emotional work. Carolyn is a living example of the teachings offered at the School of Natural Medicine UK and USA. Carolyn shares a recent healing experience:

I am looking forward to the 2015 UK Summer Immersion and learning beautiful lessons with you as well as just giving you a big hug 🙂 Over the last few weeks I experienced a healing crisis and would like to share with you, as other student’s testimonials have truly helped and inspired me.

Over the last few weeks I have had severe tension in my body and loss of most of my physical flexibility, as well as tightening of my emotional flexibility. Old negativity and habits that I thought to be in the past were resurfacing with a feeling of depression creeping up.

While sleeping one night, I received horrible nightmares and upon waking realized they were actually memories of things I had gone through as a child and suppressed. Within a few days they had bubbled to the surface like a toxic swamp and I felt as if I was drowning in them. The old images began to take over my life and a strong need to withdraw and hide crept over my mind, body and soul. Something deep inside of me was screaming to be heard and expressed and I was truly fearful of this, along with not understanding why these certain things had occurred.

While reading a few healing stories from students that Farida had posted on Facebook, I had the inspiration to implement the healing tools provided by the School of Natural Medicine’s wonderful teachings. It was funny at first, because it seemed common sense that it would have been my first thought instead of letting the negativity take over although by then, but it was fear leading the way.

I started meditating frequently throughout the day and consciously visualizing the release of each old memory and feeling. True understanding of why this may have occurred, as well as gratitude for everything in my life, both the good and bad, began to take control. I felt ready to begin the love letter practice we learned in the Summer Immersion in Cambridge, and truly release these past suppressions for good.

Three days ago after a miserable few weeks, I finally broke down and cried uncontrollably, not out of fear, hate, or anger, but out of love and gratitude. Something in me had truly changed and I was bathed in true love. Love for the Earth and Universe as well as everything in it, love for my schooling and the knowledge it had provided me and the direction it had guided me to in life, love for you and Farida for sharing such knowledge with the world.

A true feeling of connection had occurred and I could feel all emotions at once, and instead of being overwhelming, it was amazing! All of the tension released from my body and that night I slept like a baby while dreaming of negative energies flowing from me like a babbling brook and being replaced with bright ideas and inspiration. The smile has not left my face since 🙂 

The teachings have truly helped me heal for once and all and although I am still on a journey and plan to make it life long, I know that this will now be a wonderful journey. Thank you from the deepest part of my soul. You have my greatest appreciation for not only sharing this knowledge with me, but teaching myself and others to pass it on :)” Carolyn de Clue, Natural Physician student, United Kingdom – Healer Heal Thyself is a truth School of Natural Medicine students discover.

Cambridge UK Naturopathy

Cambridge UK Naturopathy - Lisa Mansur - St. John's WortCambridge UK Naturopathy Natural Physician student, Lisa Manser, directs a Six Star Spa, Soneva Fushi, in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. Currently at the Cambridge UK Natural Physician Summer Immersion, she began her Natural Physician  studies with the School of Natural Medicine, UK three years ago with the Natural Physican Online Studies. Lisa continues her studies in Boulder, Colorado for the Herbal Medicine Immersion.

Bonny Casel Melendy ND MH MIr and SNM Graduate and Director of the School of Natural Medicine UK reports: The Natural Physician Immersion includes an exercise in plant communion. Lisa was drawn to her plant from the moment she saw it and felt right away that her plant had important information to give to her. She took it home and for the next few days she was caware of the presence of her plant and its importance to her life journey. When carrying her plant, she had the sensation that it was hugging her and nurturing her. Unable to resist, she searched for her plant and found out that it is St John’s Wort; an herbal anti-depressant that supports the nervous system and is helpful for obsessive compulsive disorder. She experienced a rush of feelings as she resisted her need for a plant with these properties yet, when she did our first exercise in direct perception, she felt overwhelming love for her plant and an acceptance of the gift that it offered. As she thought about experiences in her life, she felt renewed appreciation and kinship with her plant.

Lisa shares her experience: “On so many levels this felt quite normal, natural and just how life is meant to be. If I had to ‘think,’ actually think and rationalize this, it could be seen as rather an odd thing to do. Life, on many levels, could see this as being ‘wierd,’ ‘kooky,’ and possibly not ‘normal’ but then again, what is normal? I thoroughly loved having such an open and receptive communication with my herb. I have to admit, I did have to manage my rationalizing human monkey mind.  I felt my herb talking to me, whispering what it needs as in water, where it wanted to sit but more so, what I needed. At first I kept questioning myself, but each time I would come back to the same points that was been whispered into my soul – well, this is what it felt like. Invariably I chose my herb as I needed my’ space to be held’, to heal on a deeper level, a level that I wasn’t too thrilled to experience. I had the most amazing experience in that I felt my herb loved me, ME, nuts, bolts and warts. I continue to feel my herb loving me, whispering to my soul in which I respond as best I can but most importantly, just to listen.”

We look forward to welcoming Lisa Manser to Boulder, Colorado for the School of Natural Medicine Immersion with Heidi Jarvis ND MH MIr, master teacher, graduate of the School of Natural Medicine.


Caroloy Declue & Aconitum CAMBRIDGE UK NATUROPATHY IMMERSION “Cambridge UK Naturopathy Natural Physician student, Carolyn DeClue, began her studies with Online Naturopathy training mentored with Bonny Casel Melendy and is now attending the  Natural Physician Summer Intensive I June 2014 in Cambridge, England. Carolyn discovered the School of Natural Medicine, UK while living in Colorado. She was thrilled to enroll before moving with her family to Cambridge and glad she would be close to the Summer Immersion trainings in Cambridge.

The Intensive includes a plant care communion experience to awaken qualities of resonance, and Carolyn was felt an immediate connection with her plant from the first moment. In her first experience with plant communication, Carolyn learned that her plant carried both poisonous and medicinal qualities for the healing of stress, shock and trauma.

CAROLYN SHARES HER EXPERIENCE WITH PLANT COMMUNION – “I was truly amazed during the exercise in which we connected with our plants. At first, I had a very hard time trusting my feelings that I was communicating with my plant. Many of the feelings and thoughts I received mirrored those of my own whether they were present or past and that made it hard to sort through them. As more of a connection was established between us the feelings became stronger and I became more sure of the connection. I feel that we have really bonded and that “Cicero” will continue to guide me in his care. To experience a whole group connecting with speaking with their plants was awe inspiring. I have absolutely no doubt of the limitless power of plants now and I will continue to respect and treat them as equals. They are fascinating beings! I believe my plant chose me. After our initial conversation. I realized that we have a lot in common. Medicinally, my plant helps to release shock, trauma and stress. Considering that I have experienced much of this in the past and my plant was experiencing this when we met, I feel that we are a good fit. Cicero seems much happier now and I am sure that he will continue to grow healthier and blossom beautifully. It is truly a blessing to be the one to nurture such an intelligent being.”

NATUROPATHY & NATURAL PHYSICIAN GRADUATION – The Cambridge UK Naturopathy Natural Physician Course focuses on Self-Healing small class sizes and personal connection. The school offers a combination of mentored Online Study and uniquely integrated Natural Physician Summer Immersions in Cambridge, over a two to three year study program. To complete the Cambridge UK Naturopathy Natural Physician Course, Students also attend an Herbal Immersion Program in Boulder, Colorado in the Herbs of Grace Pharmacy/Dispensary with master teacher, Heidi Jarvis ND MH MIr. GRADUATIOStudents complete their studies with Clinical Training and a Retreat with our founder, Farida Sharan ND.  The School of Natural Medicine, UK offers the opportunity to embody and practice an authentic integrated system of Natural Medicine that incorporates Naturopathy, Healing DietsHerbal Medicine, Iridology, Flower Essences, Essential Oils and healing processes  to create inspired, highly effective, cleansing and rejuvenation programs for clients and students seeking health and wellness.  

The School of Natural Medicine was founded in 1977 by Farida Sharan ND in Cambridge, England. Now under the direction of Farida’s daughter, Bonny Casel Melendy, the School of Natural Medicine UK continues it’s tradition of training authentic, highly skilled practitioners of natural medicine. Receive details from Bonny Casel Melendy at the School of Natural Medicine UK

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