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Naturopathy Clinical Training



With Farida Sharan in Torremolinos, Spain


Naturopathy Clinical Training

April 24th to 29th 2017

Monday April 24th – Introduction processes & Group Dinner

Tuesday April 25th 9am – Earth Element – Transform Roots of Fear Into Flowers of Courage

Elemental Self Healing Process enhances Reflexology & Essential Oils skills.

Wednesday April 26th 12 noon – Water Element – Evolve Depth Feeling Knowing Wisdom

Elemental Self Healing Process enhances Essential Oils Raindrop, Vagus & Auricular skills.

Thursday April 27th 3pm – Fire Element – True Nourishment Transforms Habits & Addictions

Elemental Self Healing Process transforms emotions withHealing Diets & Flower Essences.

Friday – April 28th 12 noon – Air Element –  Transformation, Receiving the Gifts of the Elements

Elemental Self Healing Process Integrates Iridology, Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine.

Saturday – April 29th 12 noon – Ether Element – Focusing, Practice & Consultation Skills

Self Healing Elements of Life Processes Integrates the complete system of Natural Medicine:

Iridology, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Healing Diets, Essential Oils, Flower Essence, Self Healing.

Naturopathy Clinical Training

Experience Elemental Evolutionary Self Healing Processes

Increase understanding of the mystery of life & professional skills for work in the healing arts.

Earth, water, air, fire and air, weave our world, our bodies and the nature that sustains us.

Elements of Life Correlate to the Chakras and Physical Body Systems:

Earth skeletal/muscles, Water urinary/reproductive, Fire digestion/energy,

Air nervous/respiratory/circulatory, Ether endocrine/senses.

Elements of Life Resonate with Emotional Passions:

Earth fear to instinct, Water lust to respect, Fire anger to humour,

Air greed to unconditional love, Ether grief to spiritual longing.

Elements of Life Synchronise with Meridians & Toes / Fingers Body Zones:

Earth to little toes & fingers, Water next, Fire middle, Air to pointers, Ether to thumb & large toes.

Elements of Life Influence Taste, Digestion & Emotions:

Earth sweet, Water salty, Fire spicy, Air soul, Ether bitter.

Experience Elements of Life within your unique being for ‘gnosis’ illumination.

Elements of Life accentuate your natural gifts, inherent wisdom & evolution of consciousness.

Natural Medicine

natural-medicine-school-of-natural-medicineNatural Medicine studies offered for 40 years by School of Natural Medicine USA & UK combines PureHealth integrated teachings based on each student’s Self Healing embodiment of the teachings.

Life skills flourish in every class, healing process and exercise, as students embrace their unique gifts, gain confidence and develop professional expertise in a variety of therapies enhanced by communication expertise.

Evolutionary education inspires students toward their highest potential as they attend classes, explore online studies and practice all aspects of the teachings as they strive toward graduation.

Graduates of Reflexology, Flower Essences & Essential Oils Certifications embody wisdom skills to support their life journey as well as support clients through challenges and transitions.

Graduates of Healing Diets, Iridology, Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy include all Certifications within their studies as they gain a holistic integrated approach to consultations and the creation of health, wellness and healing programs. As Diploma students complete certifications during their course of study, they begin to practice or work in the field as a part of their learning. At graduation students are already thriving in practice and creative enterprise.

Students progress through studies at their own speed, recovering joy, curiosity & enthusiasm in self directed learning, making choices in harmony with their life, work, age, experience and previous studies. School of Natural Medicine is a school that allows depth learning in a uniquely personal journey.


evolutionary-education-radhaEVOLUTIONARY EDUCATION


Evolutionary Education in Immersion Classes creates learning acceleration naturally with timeless portals to enhance transformation, self-healing, professional skills and embodiment of the teachings in life, heart, mind and body.

Every current student taking classes at this time– yes every single one –appreciates the change because the quality of being present is weighted in a sense of endless time.

Two 10 hour days, from 11 am through 9 pm, do not seem longer. They seem shorter, as there is this luxurious sense of expanded time to completely relax and be present in the experience.

Do you experience bliss in your studies? Do you experience relaxation in classes. Do you experience communion connection with nature when you are learning?

evolutionary-education-wise-owlIf not – School of Natural Medicine is the school for those seeking a unique study experience and enjoying learning and connecting and growing and healing. Be the wise owl. Choose a school that not only trains you for a creative career in the healing arts, but creates an atmosphere to enjoy the journey.

“Immersions Classes are a much appreciated shift within the School of Natural Medicine. With longer days, we dive deeply into detail and focus longer on the subjects. Time flows faster and the greatest benefit is that as we are so relaxed in class, information is retained and imbedded thoroughly. It is a wise choice and I am grateful, and now we have Sunday’s free!!”  — Miranda Palmer, Boulder, Colorado

“I love taking Immersion Classes as there is more time to process and learn within the two day span. Everything slows down into a divine rhythm. There is no need to break up 20 hours of education over a weekend when classes are offered beautifully and completely over 2 days. This is especially important in hands-on classes like Essential Oils, Reflexology & Healing Diets as the longer days allows opportunity to process more deeply over time. Sunday is a time to reflect and process all we learned, with time to prepare for the coming week.”  — Lindsay Peters, Boulder, Colorado.

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