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Self Healing

Pain Body Awakens Bliss Body

Pain BodyPain Body Awakens Bliss Body Taoist Bodywork is a deep dive into your relationship with pain as the highly skilled and experienced practitioners know exactly how far to push into resistance to connect with the energetics that cause pain and activate release.

The Pakua Tao Spa in Tao Garden near Chiang Mai is a nature temple of waterfalls with a circular stream around a central fountain with bridges to the six session healing temples. I love to go early and listen to the sound of water and bathe in sunlight while butterflies and bird song lift my heart song.

Pain BodyTwo weeks of Pain Body body work softens, opens, releases and heals layers of physical, emotional and mental tensions and most of all residue recovery from my broken hand and arm accident 3 years ago. Hand and arm healed but the shock effect on my right side was deeper. I am fortunate to connect with someone just right for my process with a variety of sessions tuned to my unique body healing needs:

Chi Nei Tsang focuses finger pressure into specific points in the abdomen. ‘How can this hurt so much?” you ask, and then soon the pain is less and then you can maintain open nerve and muscular connections to body organs with self massage in daily life.

Pain BodyLife Force opens the lungs like wings to breathe in lightness and gratitude. Head, Neck, Shoulders specific work balances leg and pelvic work release . Muscular tension in neck and injured right shoulder lets go day by day. 

Tendon release on long bones is Pain Body intense, but I relax and breathe and it passes and as the days go by I become soft in a way I usually only dream of being in my Bliss Body. Further Taoist practice daily of hitting the bones and body with a small bean bag – better than the bamboo sticks as it is soft yet firm and shapes to the body – does wonders to energise, clear and awaken the bones and meridian life energies.

During my Self Healing from breast cancer in the 1970’s, when I worked on my Reflexology spleen point in my left foot that felt like a piece of jagged glass for two years  before it finally dissolved. For the last 12 years I have worked with a body roller and a special ball on my back, hips and long leg bones, and I take them the ball and roller with me on any travels. Facing pain and allowing releasing awakens potent life energy. Bliss Body is another name for feeling very good! Try it sometime!

Pain BodyRolfing sessions in the 1980’s in Hampstead, England opened pain vortexes and released long held patterns of habit, injury and tension, I realised there was no purpose in reaction as the beneficial edge of pain touch sensation was over so quickly and I wanted to be free of body limitations. The sensation we call pain from these deep focused pressure touches is a deep ache of pressure sensation that focuses attention to soreness, and if you pay attention it actually feels good. 

There are highly charged sore places in each person, or ones arise for various reasons. When I work on myself I seek the charged places, clear them and the holy shifts feel good as energy moves, creating beneficial well being.

Pain BodyIt is time to shift pain from something to medicate with alcohol or drugs and escape from with entertainments or indulgences. Facing the reality of pain, taking responsibility, asking for support and learning self therapies begins the path to co-creating health and vitality with your body throughout your life.

The last day of the Spain Naturopathy Immersion promises discovery for each student as they explore their unique Pain Body Awakens Bliss Body experience and learn Life Skills to share with others. Ancient Taoist discovered this form of bodywork by working on themselves!

Let’s work on ourselves and discover the landscapes, messages, wisdom and awe of our body temple, our gift of life.

Personal Evolution

Personal EvolutionPersonal Evolution begins with a choice of fire element energy.

“The time is now. I cannot wait longer to make changes in my life and work,” are truth we feel.

Before and After becomes a reality and eventually we look back and give thanks we made the choice to walk our true path.

First when the feeling is strong we seek and research and most often feel the pangs of uncertainty, risk, and even we retreat with excuses and delays.

If it truly is the time to unfold into a greater destiny and the seed within cannot be contained, the seeker student will move forward, and as the seeking becomes stronger then the resistance to take the risk, to trust the feeling, to create a priority that now feels like the most important thing of all.

As the person who welcomes inquirers I have been part of the process of choice, wavering, fear, retreat, excuses, delays with an eventual surrender to the yes, or the complete retreat into ‘waiting’ or other choices. Many times over the years students enrol eventually and they all say, “I wish I had begun when I first felt this was the school for me.”

The positivity in this school requires a living connection, not an impersonal online checkout, not hired staff, but a true, respectful, creative and loving conversation with myself, Farida Sharan. I know if I had an invitation to talk with a teacher many years ago the fear would have been very strong however the opportunity was something I would not have wanted to miss.

As it is not a sales call, no pressure, just a conversation to see if we are right for you and you are right and true for me and the school, to know we are clear we would enjoy a mentoring study that is about your personal evolution to become all you can be, not just to learn information and pass a test.

Personal EvolutionEloretta was a totally ready positive I want to do it now student, and her progress since September 2015, has her completing her 5th Lesson of the Healing Diets and her own Self Healing, during that time she has transformed the life, health, energy and happiness of herself and her husband, but also created a restaurant and juice bar that teaches healthy and healing diets, and offers classes to their church members and others in their community.

Change of diet, naturopathy self treatments, change of life habits, new and exciting creative work, helping her husband heal from ageing illness produce a profound change of purpose and appearance.

This is a living path that produces results, that changes lives, that transforms the way we look, feel, make choices, create a life we love to live and so much more.

I always say we are preparing for the next cycle and it is wonderful to be surprised and realise it is so much more than we could have imagined.

Congratulations of your personal evolution dearest Eloretta.

Before and After Photos of Eloretta – Before and After – September 2015 through to 1 -2017 – a beautiful and profound Self Healing transformation.

Discounts available on all online courses through mid March. Contact through Inquiry or email to inquire for information and enrol. I am preparing myself in Tao Garden Retreat center in Chiang Mai, Thailand for the Naturopathy Immersion of 7 days in Torremolinos, Spain and onward to creating a new teaching space in Norfolk, England. All tuition will be dedicated to creating the new location in a most beautiful countryside location. Welcome

Cambridge Vegan Cafe

karen-lee-12-2016 Cambridge Vegan Cafe, Stem & Glory, near Mitcham’s Corner, a perfect meeting place to meet new Naturopathy Healing Diets & Self Healing student, Karen Lee.

Karen hails from St. Neots, near Cambridge, where she runs her aesthetician practice. See previous post.

After talking during her enrolment process, I stopped off in Cambridge as I returned from a glorious sunny countryside visit to dear friends near Aylsham, in Norfolk. And there is no better place than a Vegan Cafe and we were not disappointed.

Stem & Glory is beautifully welcoming in the upstairs entry to the Cambridge Yoga Studio.

On offer were warm dishes and salads, and to my delight, warm broccoli were lightly steamed & gently marinated for delicious flavour layering, salads were finely chopped and the warmth of the baked parsnips an exquisite addition.

As Karen is a conscious vegan and I love using herbs and spices and marinations, we were saying mmmm very often during our conversation. The host gifted us with a spiced mulled (thankfully not too sweet) juice, and our table and the respectful atmosphere enhanced our time together. A most excellent experience and one I hope to repeat.

Cambridge Vegan Cafe

After lunch, enjoying a sunny warm winter’s day, we walked across the Cam, over Jesus Green into Cambridge, my home for 11 years in the late 1970’s and 80’s, a place I dearly love even though it is transforming into tech, science, education wonderland. Glad it is the new base for the School of Natural Medicine. My favourite market was buzzing and the streets full of eclectic Cambridge life and tourists. And so I returned to the train station and Karen to St. Neots and the great goal of an April Immersion glows like a light in the future.

As Karen’s Self Healing was progressing well, as were her studies, we discussed her attendance at the upcoming Torremolinos, Spain Naturopathy Immersion, and a few days later, she enrolled to join advanced students in the 7 day training.

Skin Infection Healed Naturally

Skin Infection Healed NaturallySkin Infection Healed Naturally with and Eggplant Poultice by Douglas Thompson in South America after 2 years of failed attempts using all means possible.

“The extract curaderm from Eggplant is featured in a proven skin remedy, so logic led to me to give the plant a try. It took patience but the results are clear and indisputable after years of trying everything and knowing the answer was there to be discovered.

Photo: Chop and blend Eggplant with water to make paste. Applying once or twice daily slowly healed a resistant and aggravating skin condition related to tropical parasites that showed up in 2014.

Skin Infection Healed NaturallyPhoto: July, 2015  Forearm with Coconut Oil. Inflammation, burning sensation when anything was applied, scabbing then scabs fall off with area beneath with a burning sensation, cycle repeats.

Skin Infection Healed NaturallyPhoto: October 2016 after two weeks with Eggplant paste shows inflammation reduced and the area below scabs showing reduced inflammation and size.

Note: I never did a full serious cleanse with CLO2 which has proven to help with parasites and serious skin issues; Swimming in the ocean consistently reduced symptoms; Garden of Life Vitamin Code / MyKind Organics were primary vitamins.

Skin Infection Healed NaturallyPhoto: November 12, 2016 after 2 months using Eggplant topically daily.

General Suggestions from Doug: Keep intestines cleaned and moving is a priority for overall health plus quality of nutrition reaching cells, hydration, nerve supply, combined with exercise to keep lymph moving, the primary lessons of early influences in 1979 in natural healing from Dr. Terry Willard and Dr. Bernard Jensen.

Topical Remedies & Internal Remedies Taken Except Kerosene: Propolis, Raw Honey, Oil of Oregano, Tea Tree oil, DMSO, Garlic oil, coconut oil, olive oil, Flax oil, alcohol, Aloe Vera commercial, Aloe Vera home grown, Turpentine, gum spirits, Kerosene, lemon, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, Ginger, Cinnamon, Chlorella, Moringa, Grapefruit concentrate, ASEA including gel, alkagenesis, silica based super alkalising liquid, Carbo Vegetalis (a black powder internally and externally similar to Diatom Earth), Diatomaceous Earth, many herbs and tinctures including Horsetail, Yarrow, Thyme, parasite combos with Wormwood &, Garlic, Comfrey, Licorice, Turmeric, Cayenne, Coconut oil, Black Pepper, CLO2 50% water of 2% solution, CLO2 2% direct. 

True health comes from our mindsets as well, never to be underestimated in the power to heal anything!

Good luck and live a grateful day,” Thank you Douglas Thompson, a long time Iridology colleague and profound Self Healer.


Purification Regeneration

Purification RegenerationPurification Regeneration advances together to provide essential balanced support for the inner ecology to build health & wellness.

“I originally started learning Natural Medicine from my Dad as he would put me on fasts whenever I was unwell.

Later in life when I was living in Australia, my health deteriorated and seeing that allopathic medicine was failing me, I looked for alternatives first with Australian Naturopathic Doctors who would just give me mountains of vitamins, then with Ayurveda in India.

When I read books by Arnold Ehret, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Raymond Christopher, and Dr Robert Morse and followed their advice, my health recovered amazingly. I have become fascinated and have kept studying, researching and reading, and want to advance further.

I also went to the USA for 2 courses with Dr Robert Morse on regenerative detoxification.

I am very eager to continue learning and my next focus is Herbology, so I am interested to enrol in your Master Herbalist Online Course with Self Healing and mentoring.”

Juan Baneres Yubero, Malaga, Spain, Herbal Medicine & Self Healing student

Education Advances Careers

Education advances careersEducation advances careers to new levels of personal evolution & professional skills with Healing Diets Nutrition Online Study enhanced by Self Healing.

Karen, an aesthetician from St. Neots, Cambridgeshire, shares the longing to help her women clients that led to her choice to study the Healing Diets Online Course enhanced by the Self Healing Module.

“I work with women every day, and when I talk with them, I feel I want to help them more.

I originally studied exercise and health studies years ago before my path then led me to massage and beauty. I now run a lovely specialised salon in St Neots.

My passion have always been food and health, especially since my mum was diagnosed 7 years ago with brain cancer. She was given six months and it was then I witnessed the power of nutrition and the mind that gave her an extra 3 years.

There is not a day goes by where I don’t read or absorb some article on nutrition. My eyes light up when I am on this topic.

I love the content of the Healing Diets Nutrition Online Course.

There are many courses out there but my heart kept pulling me back to your Purehealth website.”

Karen Lee, Aesthetician, St. Neots, Cambridgeshire, UK.

Enrolment is a process that takes time because it is important for me as a teacher to know that a student makes a choice to enter into the study with full knowing that is the right and true step for their next level of emergence. Karen took her time to think and feel and explore and talk with me and her photo shows that beautiful quality of knowing so important to life decisions. I believe choice is a most important life skill and it is essential to my connections with inquirers that full time and spare are devoted to this process so that when a student steps through to commitment, it is with a fullness of knowing they are on the right path. Farida

Medical Student Seeks Self Healing

Medical Student Seeks Self HealingMedical Student Seeks Self Healing as a path to embody Natural Medicine teachings to enhance her life work in medicine to serve others as a spiritual being.

Ashley Kaatz majored in Biochemistry at the University of Michigan with a passion for human physiology and health that led her to Michigan State’s College of Osteopathic Medicine in Detroit, where she is currently a 3rd year medical student. Interested in Osteopathic Manipulation as well as Nutritional Therapy she plans to pursue a residency in Family Medicine.

Medical Student Seeks Self HealingAshley says: “I am interested in studying Alternative Medicine to experience what it may do for or to my health. I consider myself to be a spiritual being, and I strongly believe that as a human race we are all connected not to each other but to the nature and animals around us.

We all have the capability to heal through Love, and to work together to build a better community, society, state, country and world. Now is the time to unite together and help one another. Now is the time to end competition and greed, and bring this world towards balance, peace, health and contentment.

I know that my purpose on this earth is to be a healer, and I know these studies will take my hand and guide me towards true self healing. Thank you, Farida, for working with me :).

Life Transformation

life-transformation Life Transformation of a new student to a healthy, creative, abundant professional is the path of Naturopathy embodied with the deep work of dynamic interactive Self Healing mentoring in classes.

Ana entered the school at 19 years, seeking health, strength and purpose. After over a year and a half attending classes and devoting herself to Self Healing practices, she emerged creatively into her own life. Check out ElevatedHarmony

life-transformationBefore and after photos reveal the transformation into confidence and enjoyment of the goodness of life with her twin sister, friends, festivals, making a living through creative enterprises and radiating the beauty that was always her highest potential.

life-transformationShe chose the full Naturopathy program against the wishes of family who wanted the traditional college experience, and yet her health was not up to that challenge. Instead, the gentle, personal small groups supported her emergence though physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual evolution. Toward the end of her studies, her father called me to thank me and praised Ana’s progress.

life-transformationAs she evolved, dance became an expression of freedom and joy, together with jewelled adornment, as well natural medicine essential oils reflexology, raindrop spinal therapy, Iridology and more. She continues to evolve as a bodyworker.

Fascinating that her first Mind Map was a glorious drawing of a Madonna that arrived as a gift of a painting some years later, as though the seed of potential lies within, and needs only to be nourished by loving care and personal effort.

Ana celebrates the truth of the teachings and the integrity of the school with her celebration of LIFE!




Self Healing Module

Self Healing - Samantha MarshallSelf Healing Module is complete and I feel great! I am like a whole new person.
I now see how many goals I reached and how many obstacles I overcame!
I did it! I can’t believe the 3 months for Self Healing have come and gone!
My lifestyle habits changed so much. I am now excited to expand my knowledge of myself to be the healthiest and best version of me possible.
I plan to continue with the guidelines given to me in this Self Healing program. I have no interest in going back to my old eating/sleeping habits.
I would like to continue using herbs to help further cleanse and support my body. It feels great to have my body systems and organs functioning better and getting back to a normal state of health.
I am so amazed at the incredible amount of information I have been able to incorporate into taking care of my good self. I cant believe how ignorant I have been in the past about what was going on in my own body.
I began the Self Healing Module feeling like it was a huge and final task and now I realize it was just my first step on a long and wonderful journey of using this information and wisdom for the rest of my life.
I’m so very excited about the upcoming classes of Herbal Medicine & Reflexology in this Spring Immersion Session in Boulder, Colorado!”

Self Healing Inspires Samantha’s Progress

Samantha began with Naturopathy online course and then attended Essential Oils, Flower Essence and Healing Diets classes. This spring session she is attending the full Immersion of Herbal Medicine & Reflexology. Completing the Self Healing Module is a depth personal integration experience of all the modalities in her own life, resulting in deep understanding of life habits, food habits, emotional healing and evolution of self care and self love.

Spring Immersions in Herbal Medicine & Reflexology

Some space available in the Herbal Medicine & Reflexology Immersions in April and May. Do contact the school and browse School Calendar on and email and Inquiry for exploring enrollment.
Many blessings to you, Farida. Samantha Marshall, Nature Tour Guide, Colorado.

Anorexia Bulemia Healing

Anorexia Bulemia Healing begins with Commitment.


Anorexia Bulemia Healing was the goal of J’s Naturopathy studies.

Beginning with a Healing Diets class in one year she achieved profound Self Healing

from years of suffering from anorexia & bulemia

with full commitment to the Self Healing Module and all the Naturopathy classes.

“School of Natural Medicine is the closest glimpse I’ve had of coming home to myself.”

Right away I felt the support I longed for emanate from this open loving environment.

My teacher, Farida Sharan, welcomed me to compassion, truth and love.

I felt safe and knew I could learn how to fly!
I was finally in a school that provides hands-on education and life skills.
The personal attention helped me develop my life goals, let go of addictions,
and nurture myself through healing, cleansing and living foods.
Experiential understanding is the focus instead of being bombarded with information.
What a blessing to have the support to reach the parts of myself I ignored and ran away from.
I felt an incredible emotional/physical release from the first day.
By integrating Self Healing on the emotional plane, I support myself by listening to my unique needs.
I integrate my life experience with the tools I learned
and go forth to walk my Highest Potential in a professional manner.
I now relate from my own body/mind awareness and explore myself
in a soft conscious, caring manner instead of a negative & limited way.
I have been shown how truly important it is to trust my own instincts.
I realize I am the only one who can change and heal myself.
My addictions and problems stemmed from my self.
I am committed to my own Self Healing journey.
I embrace my vulnerability and allow myself be supported!”
Anorexia Bulemia Healing –Jaala

Anorexia Bulemia Healing

Another SNM Graduate, Jaala, achieved full Self Healing from anorexia & bulemia, birthed 5 children, manages a family of 9 with pure vegan diet, is a personal trainer, a Naturopath, Herbalist and an inspiration to all who meet her.

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