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healing-diets-teachers-lindsay-petersHealing Diets teachers, Lindsay Peters & her assistant, Callie Longnecker, provided the healing space & teachings for the summer Healing Diets I class Immersion. This was the first class that Lindsay taught on her own (I was away in Iceland & England) & as all students reported enthusiastically how much they enjoyed the class, clearly she did a brilliant job. Lindsay, on the right, holds a mega delicious platter of marinated walnuts.

Advanced students are given the opportunity in some class subjects, such as Healing Diets, Reflexology, & Essential Oils to become teaching assistants after they have attended their Level III class, as a way to refine teaching skills, receive the benefits of attending further classes without cost, & of course the happiness of creating & enjoying delicious healing diets foods in Healing Diets classes.

healing-diets-teachers-callie-longneckerHealing Diets teachers & teaching assistants learn how to organize menus, make shopping lists, clean, prepare and set out foods and equipment, demonstrate liver cleanse drinks, seed and nut milks and more. Most of all they receive the benefit of attending classes with new mixes of old, new & advanced students, participate in Self Healing process & gain confidence to eventually hold their own classes. Callie on the left helps prepare the Liver Cleanse Tea which is taken after the Liver Cleanse Drink of grapefruit, lemon, ginger, garlic & olive oil.

Callie attended the full Level I, II, III Healing Diets Immersion a year ago, and then moved to Boulder, to be near the School. She works at Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers and sometimes assists Farida with the School of Natural Medicine garden.

Lindsay Peters enrolled in March 2014, began with a Healing Diets class in April 2014, and continued taking classes, working passionately on the Self Healing Module & Online Courses, eventually becoming both a teaching assistant & Farida’s personal assistant. Lindsay completes all her classes this autumn, &plans to graduate in 2016 by attending the Clinical Training Retreat.

We also featured another new teacher in this class, Renate McConathy, who has extensive experience & study of the Gerson Therapy. She is featured in the next post.



teaching-assistants-hayley-porterTeaching Assistants participate in advanced training after their progress has achieved a level suitable for supporting, contributing and inspiring new students.

Teaching Assistants also evolve into a ApprenticeshipTeacher Training Program. The trainings are personally mentored by Farida Sharan, Founder and Director of the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado.

There is no tuition or lab fees for the Teaching Assistant Program. Participants contribute a flow of contribution toward SNM during trainings and School Breaks. They also offer support for classes, media sharing, inspiring and connecting with students by sharing their own personal Self-Healing evolution. In turn, they receive opportunities to advance as practitioners and teachers.

teaching-assistants-reflexology-hayley-porterTeaching Assistants participants are advanced students. Students may apply or be invited to join the Program. Teaching Assistants receive the opportunity to balance numbers in partner classes in Reflexology and Essential Oils. They attend for one day, give and receive sessions, at no cost for advanced training.

Hayley Porter, Naturopathy student, has graduated already as Certified Reflexologist, Essential Oils Therapist, Flower Essence Practitioner & Healing Diets Counsellor. She has a gift and a longing to develop as a teacher of the Healing Arts. Presently she is being mentored as a Teaching Assistant in Master Touch Reflexology trainings and Healing Diets trainings. Hayley shares:

As a Teaching Assistant at the recent Healing Diets II training, I feel humbly reassured of my path and my purpose.

In my community, I can easily get swept up and sway and float in directions not in alignment with my highest self.

teaching-assistant-hayley-porterBeing here at the School of Natural Medicine as a Teaching Assistant, nourishes me in so many ways that feels like a gentle breeze that ignites my flame, refills my lotus cup and sends me on my way.

I choose to share and be open with community and I feel strengthened on another deeper level to continue my work.

I know myself. To share in service is my purpose. I must be strong. I am strong. My intuition guides me as I carry the wisdom assimilated in the class. Gratitude.” Hayley Porter LMT, Yoga Teacher, Naturopathy student, Firestone, Colorado

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