Elements of Life

Elements of Life

Chakras, Elements and Emotions

DVD Elements of Life Covers showing Farida Sharan experiencing earth, water, fire, air, ether healing processes.
Student Senaku dancing the elemental integration of earth, eater, fire, air and ether from an inner awakening of sensitivity to wisdom experience.

Elements of Life Immersion 2020 and 2021 Dates to be Announced

Shared in USA during yearly Natural Medicine Summer Schools in Boulder, Colorado from 1988 to 2015; BodyMind, Ithaca, New York 4 consecutive years for two week Naturopathy retreats; St. Paul, Minnesota; Lafayette, Louisiana; London and Kew Gardens, UK; Capilano Nation Reserve, North Vancouver, Canada; Reykjavik, Iceland with SNM Iceland Natural Medicine and Health Master three week trainings over 10 years; Johannesburg, South Africa; Natural Harmony in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during 3 visits; Institute of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences during 3 visits in Bangalore, India; Wigmore Institute in Rincon, Puerto Rico for two week yearly retreats over 11 years; The Herbal Path, Algarve, Portugal; Cayman Islands, Caribbean; Yoga Studio in Torremolinos, Spain.

Chakras, Elements, Emotions (CEE) Awakening Healing Processes
Created by Farida Sharan in 1988 during self-healing of endometriosis in her Rocky Mountain home, Wisdome, in Boulder, Colorado, utilizing dance movements integrated with yoga and healing arts experience. Discoveries emerged when invited to share CEE in the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics as studio music and sound mix creations naturally formed into the Five Elements of Life of earth, water, fire, air, ether. Proven over thirty years of sharing worldwide, participants awaken into their personal Inner Ecology as they experience the Elemental Energies that increase awareness for respectful self-care that creates balance and wellness with Outer Ecology daily life in the world.

"I read books, saw pictures of the chakras, and participated in New Age experiences but I didn't know what the Elements, Chakras and Emotions were until I experienced and embodied them."

"It took an epiphany at the Naturopathy Chakras, Elements and Emotions class at the School of Natural Medicine to realize my body is mine, it is me, it is connected to my mind and to my soul and to this life experience."

Inner and Outer Ecology and The Mystery of Life in the Temple of the Body
Progress through each Element after an introduction that includes a history of how the Elements of Life form the foundation of all systems of medicine from Ayurveda in India, to Chinese, Mediterranean, Islamic and Western natural medicine over the centuries. Explore and Discover the Mystery of Life, the Inner Ecology mirroring the Outer Ecology and the Natural Laws of this world that affect cause and effect of the choices we make in the Temple of our Body in relationship to all Life. CEE is a significant essential Naturopathy / Natural Physician embodiment experience.

“The Elemental Dances leave me feeling I am walking away with a higher state of understanding and being.”

“…one finds the five elements in manifest forms. Having realized the elements, the soul enters the realm which is free from elements and discovers how the essential Truth displays in splendor in the elements. The soul ploughs through the elements like a farmer and takes hold of the Shabd, the word of God, the essential Truth leading to salvation. Without passing through the elements the soul does not enter into the Sound, the word of God."
Sant Dariya Sahib, Mystic, 1674 to 1780, Bihar, India

Earth Element Fear, Instinct, Risk, Courage

Naturopathy students explore the Earth Element through movement, sound personal releationship discovery of earth elemental influences during their life history allowing release and wisdom understanding to rise into consciousness.

Earth: Weight, density, gravity, safety, boundaries, good fortune, laws.
Chakra: Muladhara base of the spine plexus center.
Sense of Smell. Body Organ: Nose. Taste: Sweet
Body Systems: Bones, teeth, hair, nails, muscles, hardening.
Emotions: Fear, resistance, contraction, potent trauma response.
Mental: Anxiety, fear imagination, repetitive memories and overwhelm.
Positive: Courage, instinct, confidence to become your true self.

DVD Cover of Earth Element Lecture, Dance, Sharing with Farida Sharan.

Ancient Ayurveda Elemental Energetics
Prakruiti: Nature creation conception expression combines Five Elements.
Five Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether form three physical humors.
Tridosha: Kapha (water and earth), Pitta (fire and water), Vata (air and ether).
Ceaseless interactive variation of Inner / Outer Ecology microcosm / macrocosm.
Sattva: Balance, consciousness, health, compassion, love, understanding.
Rajas: Active worldly passions, power, greed, wealth, religious social politics.
Tamas: Selfish lazy destructive egoistic desire without respect for others.
Treatments balance / awaken conscious awareness of choice cause and effect.

"The Earth dance was primal, basic and grounding, almost like a trance, and I deeply experienced the oneness of my body, and the interconnectedness and oneness of all beings, of all energy. I moved through my fear and felt it disappear and when I let myself go, my energy expanded and vibrated with fullness and connection."

"EARTH pounding feet, pulsing abdomen and a beating heart was how I experienced the earth dance within me. The music guided me through and I jumped and shook my bones free. I could feel it all the way up to my temples as a harsh shake to my physical body, but then a satisfying grounding to my mental body."

Water Element Desire, Sexuality, Family, Society, Relationships

Naturopathy Student deepens into the oceanic womb heart beats of the water element awakening remembering the rhythms of life.

Water: fluidity, changeability, strength, steam, ice, snow, evaporation, waves etc.
Chakra: Svadhishthana sexual plexus center.
Sense of Taste: Body Organ: Tongue. Taste: Salt
Body Organs and Systems: Reproductive male / female sexual organs.
Emotions: Curiosity, desire, attraction, repulsion, lust, respect, family social duty.
Mental: Fear imaginations, sexual gender power struggles, trauma, culture taboo.
Positive: Natural healthy sexuality leading to respectful family relationships.

Water Element DVD Cover of Farida Sharan experiencing the water oceanic movements.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Elements of Life
Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water organize universal law variations.
Elements affect and are affected by emotions, senses, organs, seasons, climate etc.
Parental Chi Before Heaven Life Force forms the child in the womb.
After Heaven Chi influenced on food, drink and environmental interactions.
Yang Fire masculine body energy source from Before and After Heaven Chi.
Jing Water Kidney feminine energy source from Before and After Heaven Chi.
Balance of Masculine and Feminine form foundation of constitutional health.

"I felt the WATER element as anger and sorrow flowing through my being as I was released into the cosmic ocean."

"With water, I felt myself like a happy baby in movements of amniotic fluid and ocean waves that allowed me to openly give and receive."

"Water was more inward, and as I rocked back and forth to the heartbeat and then the waves, I felt my body relax and become fluid. I realized how rigid my body normally is, full of tension and stress. Water taught me to move more fluidly, to flow with challenges, and to explore them. I was left with a feeling of inner peace and stillness, of deeply felt physical and mental relaxation."

"WATER soft, repetitive movements wake up my arms and limbs. Like a baby in a cradle, I felt comfortable and safe. The feeling of transformation and evolution was strong, a transition of a girl becoming a woman without attaching myself to the past, with a clear desire to move into the future."

Fire Element Will to Manifest or Align With Divine Will

Fire dance yellow scarves swirl as dancers activate fire chakra healing energies.

Fire: Digestive activation creates heat, energy, transformation.
Chakra: Manipura solar plexus center.
Sense of Sight. Body Organ: Eyes. Taste: Savory
Body Organs and Systems: Digestive liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach, colon.
Emotions: Worldly will to manifest power, success, wealth, position.
Mental: Aggression, jealousy, competition, resentment, anger, control.
Positive: Affection, sweetness, joy, harmony, laughter, humor, spiritual flame.

Fire Element movements with another student during a teaching demonstration with Farida Sharan.

Mediterranean Egyptian, Greek, Roman Humors
Humors connect Inner / Outer Ecology with seasons, temperatures, emotional moods.
Spring: Sanguine positive, cheerful temperament of Blood.
Summer: Choleric impatient, irritable temperament of Yellow Bile.
Autumn: Melancholic deep thinking, feeling temperament of Black Bile.
Winter: Phlegmatic calm stable easygoing temperament of Phlegm.

"I loved the FIRE element that allowed me to release my inner demon of control and free it from my body. I was brought to tears realizing the impact of such a demon on my life."

"I always knew that my ferocity and fire existed within me, but it was always a difficult thing to share with others, but in this class, I called out to my fire and released what is always within me, the pure true fire that exists beyond anger, the one that demands empowerment and an existence far beyond survival."

FIRE was resisted but the will, the rage came forth, not the anger tied to tears but primal rage. The survival of being with utter empowerment brought forth transformation from the ashes...but first we have to burn, and burn I did."

"The Fire dance was so powerful! I felt grounded by the Earth, flexible yet powerful by Water, and Fire brought these energies up inside me, allowing them to flow out of me and realize my full potential in pursuing my purpose in life. I felt liberated to express primal rage and aggression, only to transform it into beautiful laughter. What a lesson to learn - that all this frustration, anger and resentment, is begging to become a cosmic joke! I felt clear and bright, enlivened by the Fire within myself."

The FIRE was a catalyst, opening a dam of emotion, pain, shame, fear, hate, anger, loss, jealousy, self pity, misery and suffering, that had all been bottled up inside my miserable body and being. Through FIRE release, in AIR I was able to embrace my grief and fully experience and free myself from suffering I had blocked for so long."

"FIRE was like the 'Beauty and the Beast', facing my other face...not the pretty one. I felt fierce, strong and brave. I punched and scratched my fears and weaknesses away. I am ready to conquer my next goal. I found will power and am ready to enjoy achieving it."

Air Element Speed, Greed, Unconditional Love, Compassion

Student receives heart opening during the air Element healing process in the rainbow draped teaching room.

Air: Seeks expansion equalization and balance.
Chakra: Anahata heart plexus center.
Sense of Touch. Body Organ: Skin, Nerves. Taste: Sour
Body Organs and Systems: Chest heart plexus, Circulatory System.
Emotions: Heart centered efforts to rise to love, forgiveness, kindness.
Mental: Greed and speed of never enough drives never-ending imbalances.
Positive: Compassionate understanding generates love in many forms.

Farida Shara throws stars in the air as students catch the stars during the Air Element Bliss Awakening

Islamic Tradition Based on Four Humors
Four Humors are bodily juices.
Humors affected by
seasons, ages, elements, temperaments, organs, qualities.
Humors: Blood Fire, Phlegm Water, Yellow Bile Air hot dry, Black Bile Earth cold dry.
Health balance invites a higher consciousness and elevated spiritual life.
Mediterranean and Mesopotamian medicine influences merge in variations.

"The AIR Element opened my heart and a lot more I have not been aware of giving a knowledge of a gift that needs to be reined in, nurtured and then used to serve the Divine. Farida guided me with firm gentleness to my own acknowledgement. We went past the fear, the confusion to truth and understanding, upward, to my Divine nature."

"The Air dance was very different from the others. I felt some resistance to dropping in, due to my fear of real love and lack of love for myself. I played with the energies around my body, and felt an empty fullness inside myself. I burst into tears at the end, as a lifetime of repressed sadness, grief, and hurt released from my heart. After the tears subsided, I felt peace and balance in my body and mind."

"Experiencing the Air Element was my most profound experience of a feeling of fulfillment, gratitude, expansion, ease and clarity that I have longed for when I physically felt my abdomen 'connect' with my energetic core!"

"AIR slow wispy and graceful air, playing with my hands slowly and moulding my longings with my fingertips, awaiting for them to come to life."

Ether Element Worldly Attachments or Spiritual Detachment

Farida Sharan's feet dancing the Earth Element Healing Process in a red silk outfit at a Boulder Colorado Naturopathy Immersion

Ether: Space gives and receives earth, water, fire and air energies.
Chakra: Vishuddha throat center.
Sense of Sound. Body Organ: Throat and Ears. Taste: Bitter
Body Organs and Systems: Voice Throat Center, Thyroid, Respiratory Lungs.
Emotions: Grief loss of worldly relationships and possessions or spiritual longing.
Mental: Illusion of loneliness, separation. Sadness, longing, not at home in the world.
Positive: Able to gift duties and responsibility without emotional entanglement.

"Make everything in you an ear, each atom of your being,
and you will hear at every moment what the Source is whispering to you...
You are – we all are – the beloved of the beloved,
and in every moment, in every event of your life,
the Beloved is whispering to you exactly what you need to hear and know.
Who can ever explain this miracle? It simply is."


Western Homeopathic Miasm Constitutional Predispositions to Disease
Physical, Thoughts, Emotions relate to Ayurveda, Chinese, Mediterranean, Islamic.
Psora = Satva balance disorders; false desire, skin eruptions, anxiety, depression.
Sycosis = Rajas Excess Fire Yang hyperactive passions affect body systems.
Syphilis = Tamas Excess Water Yin cruel thoughts, dark inertia, neglect, death.

"Farida talked about the difference between longing and grief in the ETHER element, and I was able to let go of some of my grief, and recover this yearning for the divine I have had my whole life. I remembered myself as a young girl with a pure love of the divine and recaptured my longing for my relationship with God. When we chanted it brought me great reconnections to a world I had forgotten – how much I loved being in the temple as a little girl."

"In the ETHER element, I experienced the interconnectedness of the whole that brought up a fear that I could not connect or receive as I experienced a vision of a never ending circulating energy running through my body and all around, connecting all the channels within me. The fear pain from deep suffering rooted in my asthma, from being unable to connect with the divine, of floating away into nothing, losing all love, being forced to suffer, hide feelings, and suppress choosing to leave life was all to be able to survive, I no longer need fear as fears are not part of my soul. I am now loved by the universe as a being of love and no longer have to hide who I am. Infinite, I breathe in the highest essence of me."

"ETHER vibrated throughout my entire being as my cellular being sang with the planets, the Goddess, the miracle of all that is and ever will be. A glimpse, barely seen but fully understood, even reawakened, to the sentience of all and everything, the earth, the planets, the cells in my body as awareness, fully aware and awake. I played the harp of the universe. Truth echoes in my earth bones through my very being and I am blessed to receive it."

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