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School Patrons: David Ward, Earl of Dudley and Dame Shirley Bond

School Patrons:
David Ward, Earl of Dudley and Dame Shirley Bond
Past Patrons: Countess Sally Baldwin, Dr. John Raymond Christopher and Dr. Bernard Jensen

Dance with Cancer ebook by Farida Sharan ND

Experience the Self Healing of breast cancer in the 1970's.

A journey of mystic grace, spiritual seeking, extraordinary connections with remarkable people in conscious communities interwoven with daily self healing self treatments with natural medicine that evolved from seeking, risking, trusting, loving and being willing to face the reality of life and death.

Share healing with a tai chi musician in the Sierras and community living in a yoga ashram with YHO Yogi Bhajan in Tucson, Arizona.

Expand with Santa Monica’s women’s evolution and Continuum with Emily Conrad.

Become uplifted by Mount Shasta spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris of the I AM Illuminated Masters.

Be inspired by a 40 day fast with the Essene Rainbow Tribe near Escondido.

Gain respect for ancient truth with conversations with Szekley, author of the Essene Gospel of Peace.

Receive wisdom with Dr. Raymond Christopher in the Healing Waters hot spring healing center in Eden, Arizona.

Participate in a career trajectory that begins with managing a health and beauty spa in Palm Springs while meeting the spiritual teacher and the path of meditation that leads to a life in Cambridge, England and the founding of the School of Natural Medicine in 1977 with the gift of a lifework and destiny purpose based on the self healing life experience of healing breast cancer.


“Appreciation and admiration cannot express this gift of divine inspiration. Your story is a journey to be honored with homage for sharing the wisdom and continuing the legacy to inspire others. Your light is loving, humbling, guiding, and ever-growing.” Emily Tahoma. Ottawa, Canada

"This is one of the most inspiring books anyone can read - especially if you are dealing with cancer. What a gift to understand the importance of 'Being' with life's challenges, with courage and learn how interdependent we are if we open and allow others to help us. The world will be blessed by it's truth." Renelle Smith, Utah, USA

“I loved every page of the book especially your search for spirituality. Your magical story of how you followed your inner self touched me beyond measure.” Natalia Gonzalez, Mexico

“A completely inspiring read. So grateful for the Light you blaze exactly when I needed to awaken the possibilities that life holds.” Pia Harwood, Australia

Farida, I love Dance With Cancer! It is deep, candid and has a beautiful story. The beginning really touches the heart and resonates with me on many levels – being a single mum, longing to go back to god, meeting someone who introduces you to spiritual awakenings.” Gloria Lockyer, Australia

“The word ‘cancer’ usually scares people but the story of your life shows cancer as positive. You took care of yourself and witnessed the best part, the healing part, your evolution...not focusing on helplessness or suffering. My favorite part was when you ask God to take you. You share awesome lessons of life and yet manage to make your life so beautiful. And now you are the teacher for your students and people around you.” Charlene Masquet, France

“I find it incredible that with the power of your mind and changing ‘everything in life’ you found the true life and health and cure from your cancer. It takes the right set of mind, beliefs, openness and dedication to go through in this way.” Dr. Jorg Michels, oncologist, UK.

“Dance With Cancer is a profound dive into the depths of an authentic human being that comforted and inspired me on the deepest of levels. The writing speaks to the depths of despair and yet offers grace and light in the darkest of spaces. With only a nights sleep halfway through, I shed deep tears, burst open with laughter and joy and upon completion felt like I had shed my skin and transformed anew. All of this through Farida’s simple yet vulnerable life reflections and teachings of the absolute true flame of human existence. Infinite love and gratitude.” Hayley Porter, Colorado USA

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