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Essential Oils Certificate

Graduating Authentic, Highly Skilled Practitioners Since 1977 – Quality Training Recognised Worldwide

Essential Oils Courses

Jessie & Kevin support a student with Vagus Therapy during emotional release in Essential Oils Immersion.

Essential Oils & Reflexology Certificates

Immersion Training Day I & II

Eyes of the Skin & Heart of the Soul

Dynamic, creative fusion of touch intelligence skills enhanced by medicinal grade Essential Oils.

Essential Oils cleanse receptor cells, erase negative DNA, oxygenate & reprogram cellular function.

Essential Oils affect our emotional non-verbal brain & help release negative patterning.

Young Living Essential Oils for all treatments included in Integrated Immersion tuition. 

Build a practice, work in spas, health centres, clinics, beauty shops, or offer booths at festivals & markets.

Gain skills to gift yourself, friends, family & community with healing, comfort & relaxation. 

Explore physical & emotional healing with Essential Oils.

Naturopathy Immersion includes Essential Oils & Reflexology Certificates

Essential Oils Certificate
“As giver & receiver the slow, relaxing, methodical movements ground me deep into my core.
 Gentle Baby Young Living oil blend brought tears to the surface & release of emotion I did not know was there.”
Melina Fritzler, Boulder, Colorado – Birthing Educator

Essential Oils Certificate

Immersion Training Day 1 –Earth Element Process 11am to 2pm followed by Reflexology 4pm – 9pm.

Therapeutic Touch enhanced by Essential Oils Self Healing processes.

Touch is the sensory parent of the senses of taste, smell, hearing & vision.

Contact with our world occurs at the boundary of our skin & tissue membranes.

Giver and receiver open into a field of wisdom and natural healing alignment.

Discover abilities to ‘see’ with your eyes closed, to ‘know’ with your fingertips.

Open your inner eyes to sense and feel living energy within yourself and others.

Recover inherent ability for insight, intuition & sensory intelligence.

Integrate touch skills with cranial, subtle energetics, elements, meridians, chakras.

Professional Reflexology Skills include Self Reflexology, Therapeutic Anointing & Foot Bathing.

Essential Oils Certificate

Immersion Training Day 2 –Water Element Process 11am to 2pm followed by Essential Oils 4pm – 9pm.

Essential Oils Certificate

“My energetic field expanded during Raindrop Therapy as I connected to my being & the world in a new way.
I feel happy, joyful & blessed to study with Farida Sharan in the School of Natural Medicine.”
Jessica Gremley, Aesthetician, Colorado, Acne Skin Care Clinic & Clove Hill Product Line


Essential Oils Treatment Skills include Raindrop Spinal Technique, Vagus Nerve & Auricular Therapies.

Essential Oils Certificate

Trauma Healing emerges gently in the sacred realm of safe, profound connection.

Explore subtle to deep touch connections that invite receptivity to release & transform.

 Young Living Essential Oils positively influence physical, emotional, mental & spiritual balance.

Emotional Healing processes clear family & cultural patterning to support healthy individuation.

Experience rejuvenating bliss with profound parasympathetic relaxation.

Students report they receive as much healing when giving as they do when receiving a session.

Essential Oils Certificate

Farida Sharan ND has used Essential Oils in her practice & teaching since 1983.

Receive practical, spiritual & compassionate skills for evolutionary transformation with Self-Healing processes.

Everyday oils contribute to a health, home & family. Gain professional expertise. Live fragrantly!

Essential Oils Certificate

Order Young Living Medicinal Essential Oils

Enroll with Farida Sharan Member Number #316426 as Sponsor & Referring Member

Receive personal support as a member of our School of Natural Medicine Oils Group

F+GaryYoungCrop Gary Young & Farida Sharan in Ecuador at the Young Living Farm & Clinic

Essential Oils Certificate

Essential Oils & Reflexology Immersion Topics & Skills

Vagus Nerve Therapy

Raindrop Technique

Ear Auricular Skills

Therapeutic Anointing

Healing Touch and Bodywork Skills

Safety & Allergic Reactions

Young Living Medicinal Grade Essential Oils

Death, Dying, Release & Transformation Healing Processes

Family & cultural Emotional Healing Processes

Trauma Release

Internal & External Use of Essential Oils

Acute & Chronic Symptoms & Use of Oils

Pregnancy, Birthing, Infants, Children, Teens

Family Every-Day Use

Safe Essential Oils for Home Care Needs

Chemistry of Essential Oils

Self Healing Processes

Travel Use

Essential Oils Certificate

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Essential Oils Certificate

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Essential Oils Certificate

Welcome to PureHealth School of Natural Medicine International! (established 1977)

I look forward to getting to know you and supporting your studies and personal evolution.

Farida Sharan ND

Essential Oils Certificate

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