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Flower Essences Certificate

Graduating Authentic, Highly Skilled Practitioners Since 1977 – Quality Training Recognised Worldwide


“I have been reading Herbs Of Grace all day – an incredible book! Thank you, Farida,  for being such an amazing guide and strong role model!
I feel a sense of empowerment already as I tap into the ways that I can make myself a happier person!” – Renaya Anbar

Flower Essences Certificate

Flower Essences Certificate

Flower Essences Certificate Studies enhanced by Farida Sharan’s 40 years practice & experience.

Farida Sharan ND received personal training with Nora Weeks at the Bach Centre the summer of 1977.

Nora worked with Dr. Edward Bach & shared his experience of discovering the Flower Remedies.

Nora gifted Farida with cuttings of all the Bach remedy plants for her garden in Cambridge.

The visit inspired Farida to send Nora a list of the positive aspects of the remedies.

After Nora’s passing, the Bach Centre made a book of the positive aspects.

Twelve years practice in England, followed by 28 in Colorado & with students & clients worldwide

Farida shares a unique lineage of wisdom in experience.

Flower Essence Certificate

“I feel more compassion for myself and others as I more deeply understand the different natures we embody!
It was a true blessing to be in the Flower Essence class that opened another door to continue my journey of self-discovery!” Jesse Zoller

Flower Essences Certificate

Flower Remedies included daily during Integrated Immersions

 Self-Healing is enhanced on physical, emotional, social, mental & spiritual levels with Flower Essences.

Consciousness, sacred geometry, vibrational sensing & the gesture of plants deepen living communion with plants.

Integrated Immersions build confidence for Flower Essences consultations, education, compassionate support & remedy creation.

Explore vibrational healing with FES Flower Essences & Bach Flower Remedies with profound Self-Healing Processes.

When groups emerge wishing a deep dive into Flower Essence study we arrange an Immersion.

Flower Essences Certificate

Flower Essences Included in Integrated Immersions Day III & every day.

Flower Essences are included in Self Healing processes during all 5 days and emphasised on the Fire Element Day.

Fire Element – True Nourishment Transforms Habits, Desires, Addictions

Wednesday – Evolutionary Self Healing Process 11am-3pm followed Healing Diets & Flower Essences 4-9pm

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 . . transforming the roots of fear into the flowers of courage

Flower Essences Certificate

“We should strive to be so gentle, so quiet, so patiently helpful that we move among our fellow men more as a breath of air or a ray of sunshine:
ever ready to help them when they ask: but never forcing them to our own views.” Dr. Edward Bach – Creator of the Bach Flower Remedies

Flower Essences Certificate

“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein

Flower Remedies & Essences initiate ‘vibrational’ mental/emotional shifts.

Flower Essences are ‘subtle body’ imprints of the life force of plants.

Flower Essences erase negative imprints as they initiate harmony.

Acute shock and trauma clear with Flower Essences with profound, often instant effects.

Students evolve to awareness of the vibrational nature of their own being & the world around them.

Authentic professional communication skills are practiced in dynamic conversations.

Students progress through personal Self Healing with Farida Sharan & in varying student groups.

Mind Maps enhance abilities to describe increasing awareness of life experience.

Flower Essences Certificate

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Contact Us to tell us about your good self, what you are interested in, your goals & to ask any questions.

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Request a Skype conversation to talk in person with Farida wherever you are in the world.

Enrol in Online Course(s) or an Immersion, OR both at the same time, at any time during the year.

You seek a worthy school & we seek a worthy students ready for profound life changing education.

Welcome to a longevity quality school with small classes, profound teachings & personal attention.

Flower Essences Certificate

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Scan Application, Photo ID back & front & personal photo.

Email photo ID, a personal photo, completed

Tell us about your life experience, studies, goals & why you wish to study Natural Medicine & the healing arts.

Once your application is approved & payment complete, your study materials are sent to you.

Flower Essences Certificate

Welcome to PureHealth School of Natural Medicine International

I look forward to getting to know you and supporting your studies and personal evolution.

Farida Sharan ND

Flower Essences Certificate

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