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Healing Diets Diploma

Graduating Authentic, Highly Skilled Practitioners Since 1977 – Quality Training Recognised Worldwide


Become A Healing Diets Nutrition Consultant

Jessica Gremley: Healing Diets Consultant
Jessica’s Natural Skin Care Clinic expanded to an Online Acne Program with Healing Diets & Herbal Products
Founded Clove Hill Natural Product Line with Herbal Medicine skills gained in Immersions

Healing Diets Diploma

Balance Client’s Inner Ecology with Emotional Healing to Evolve Consciousness.

Experience dynamic Integrated Immersions with Self Healing & Online Courses

Learn wise use of food for cleansing, rejuvenation, longevity & wellness.

Inspire delicious plant based detox, gentle cleanses or transitional nutrition.

Master balanced satisfying vegan, vegetarian, living, raw healing diets cuisine.

Discover food choices that respect health, environment, animals & ecological sustainability.

Explore respectful, creative use of food for healing embodied in personal transformation.

Graduate as an authentic educator, practitioner & compassionate business builder.

Healing Diets Diploma

Healing Diets Dipoma

“My PureArabella clients get real tools with Healing Diets in my counselling practice.
Much, much love from from the purest Arabella to the purest, most loving teacher! I miss you & the school very much.”
Lamia Mudarres: Graduate Healing Diets Coach & Self Healing teacher in Saudi Arabia.
Lamia’s PureArabella practicteaches Healing Diets skills to private clients for health, healing  & weight loss.

Self Healing processes utilising Essential Oils & Flower Essences assist students to overcome habits, cravings & addictions.

Healing Diets Diploma

Healing Diets Diploma & Certificate

Diploma: Attend 1 Immersion + Self Healing Module + Online Courses Healing Diets 

Healing Diets Certificate – Complete HD Online Course + Self Healing Module

Healing Diets Diploma


Immersions offer an evolutionary learning experience of the complete system of Natural Medicine

Naturopathy Elements of Life, Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Healing Diets, Reflexology, Essential Oils & Flower Essences.

Five Tastes of sweet, salty, spicy, sour, bitter resonate with emotions, body chemistry, subtle energies & consciousness.

Elemental Energetics of earth, water, fire, air & ether connect to fear, desire, anger, greed & grief emotions.

Physical body sacral, reproductive, digestive, heart & lung plexuses correlate to Chakras.

Experience fresh, organic, living foods meals, drinks & treats. Create delicious healing foods

Gain conversational, connected, communication consultation skills.

Spices, culinary herbs, nutritional chemistry, superfoods, cleanse & detox protocols, low glycemic foods,

Wigmore wheatgrass/rejuvelac raw living foods, Gerson Therapy, Cousins green cuisine & food industry realities.

Hands-on skills integrate with advanced academic science to enhance Self Healing embodiment of the teachings.

Healing Diets DiplomaImmersion Certificate Awards

Flower Essence Certificate – 1 Immersion.

Essential Oils Certificate – 1 or more Immersions to attain healing touch skill level.

Reflexology Certificate – 1 or more Immersions to attain touch skill level.

Embody and live the teachings of Self-Healing transformation.

Become an authentic inspiration & guide for seekers of health, wellness & healing.

Healing Diets Diploma

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You seek a worthy school and we welcome worthy students seeking profound life changing evolutionary education.

Welcome to a longevity quality school with small classes, profound teachings & personal attention. Healing Diets Diploma

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Once your application is approved & payment complete, your study materials are sent to you.

Healing Diets Diploma

Welcome to PureHealth

School of Natural Medicine International

Established 1977 in Cambridge, England

I look forward to getting to know you, supporting your studies & guiding your personal Self Healing evolution.

Farida Sharan ND

Healing Diets Diploma

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