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Herbal Medicine Diploma Trainings

Graduating skilled practitioners since 1977 – Quality training recognised worldwide.

Herbal Medicine Diploma Trainings

Herbal Medicine Diploma Trainings

Transform what you love into the life you love to live!

Online Study, Immersions, Self Healing Module, Mentoring, Apprenticeship, Teaching Assistant Options

Herbal Medicine Diploma

Herbal Medicine Online StudyHerbal Medicine Diploma Trainings

Lauren shares her studies with her son Damien

Depth home study of history, chemistry, materia medica, herbs for chronic and acute care, stages of life.

Personal mentoring during the Self Healing Module experience of personal herbal nutrients.

Check out the page of the Herbal Medicine Online Course for more information.

Herbal Medicine Diploma

Self Healing Module

Herbal Medicine Diploma Trainings

Self Healing Herbal foot baths.

Experience herbal nutrient formulas, teas, packs, poultices, foot baths, herbal baths for life & health challenges.

Discover the potency of home herbal skills & treatments as you progress through the Self Healing Module.

Learn about your strengths & weaknesses as you achieve health, wellness and healing.

Become Independently Healthy.

Check out the page for the Self Healing Module for more information.

Herbal Medicine Diploma Trainings

Naturopathy Immersion Prioritizes Herbal Medicine


The joy of integrating herbal studies for your life & work!

Vibrational resonance of mental, emotional, social & spiritual realities

from the potent chemistry of herbs in culinary Healing Diets, Flower Essences & Essential Oils.

Herbal Medicine is a part of every day of the Integrated Immersion,

Two days focus on integrating Iridology, Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine with all healing modalities.

Check the School Calendar for Immersion Trainings dates, fees and more information.

Classes 11am to 8 or 9pm daily during a 5 day 60 hour Training

Herbal Medicine Diploma Trainings

Monday – Earth Element – Transforming the Roots of Fear Into Flowers of Courage

Evolutionary Self Healing Process – Reflexology / Essential Oils – Give & Receive sessions

Tuesday – Water Element – Emotional Waves Transform into Depth Feeling Knowing Body

Evolutionary Self Healing Process – Essential Oils Raindrop/Auricular / Vagus Nerve – Give & Receive sessions

Wednesday – Fire Element – True Nourishment Releases Habits, Desires, Addictions

Evolutionary Self Healing Process – Healing Diets & Flower Essences

Thursday – Air Element – Perception Shifts, Receiving the Gifts of Life, Practice Skills

Evolutionary Self Healing Process – Iridology / Naturopathy /Herbal Medicine

Friday – Ether Element – Mastering the Pain Body, Listening, Focusing, Advanced Practice Skills

Evolutionary Self Healing Process – Iridology / Naturopathy / Herbal Medicine / Case Studies

Herbal Medicine Diploma Trainings

Farida visits Naturopathy, Iridology & Herbal Medicine student, Jennifer Kesic, in Vancouver, British Columbia

Personal Self Healing & Study Mentoring with Farida Sharan ND MH

Herbal Medicine Diploma Trainings

Heidi Jarvis ND MH MIr

Director of School of Natural Medicine Self Healing Pharmacy/Dispensary


Herbal Medicine Diploma Trainings

Welcome to PureHealth

School of Natural Medicine International

Established 1977 in Cambridge, England

I look forward to getting to know you, supporting your studies & guiding your personal Self Healing evolution.

Farida Sharan ND

Herbal Medicine Diploma Trainings

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