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Iridology Diploma Training

Graduating Authentic, Highly Skilled Practitioners Since 1977 – Quality Training Recognised Worldwide

Iridology Diploma Training

Iridology Diploma Training

Iridology Diploma Training

Iridology Diploma Training

Iridology Diploma Training integrated with Natural Medicine & embodied in Self-Healing.

Gain skills to analyse Irises, educate & create & mentor Self-Healing Programs.

Experience purification, regeneration & transformation during the Self-Healing Module.

Become a living example of the teachings & an inspiring, authentic guide for others.

Iridology Diploma Training

Iris Print into Iris Change

Students Experience positive Iris changes during the Self-Healing Module.

Learn how the Iris mirrors physical, emotional, social, mental & spiritual realities & healing shifts.

Iridology Diploma Training

Farida brought Dr. Bernard Jensen to Cambridge England for a seminar with 130 students in 1982, and Dr. Raymond Christopher in London 1981.


Farida Sharan ND founded British School of Iridology 1977, & School of Natural Medicine 1985 in Cambridge England

School of Natural Medicine International registered in Boulder, Colorado in 1988.

Farida Sharan consulted with thousands of Iridology students & clients over 40 years, & authored books & DVD’s.

Iridology Diploma Trainings

Integrated Immersion Days IV & V Focus on Iridology / Naturopathy / Herbal Medicine

Air Element – Perception Transformation, Receiving the Gifts of Life

Thursday – Evolutionary Self Healing Process – Iridology / Naturopathy /Herbal Medicine

Ether Element – Mastering the Pain Body, Listening, Focusing, Advanced Practice Skills

Friday – Evolutionary Self Healing Process – Iridology / Naturopathy / Herbal Medicine / Case Studies

Iridology Diploma Trainings

International Conferences

Farida invited Iridology teachers to  Cambridge, England in the 1980’s.

Dr. Raymond Christopher, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Willy Hauser, Dorothy Hall, Harri Wolf, & Denny Johnson.

She studied with Josef Deck & Willy Hauser in Germany & Danielle Lo Rito in Italy.

Farida presented at the Jensen Memorial, Iridology College, IIPA in the USA, & Integrative Iridology in Australia.

Farida  taught Iridology in Canada, Iceland, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Australia, England & South Africa.

Iridology Diploma Training

Iridology Books & DVD’s

Iridology – A Complete Guide, Iridology Colouring Book, Dictionary of Iridology, Herbs of Grace & Master Iridology Online Course

Iridology Introduction & Iridology Constitutions – DVD lectures with Farida Sharan ND

. . . follow the eye light of truth to the source . . .

Iridology Diploma Training

School News Blog

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Iridology Diploma Trainings

What is Iridology?

Iris structure, colour & markings determine inherent strengths & weaknesses in body organs, systems & glands.

Assists understanding of the pathways towards ill health, ageing & disease.

Guides personalised cleansing & health building programs that focus on exact needs of a student or client.

Explains how stresses, lifestyle & daily habits influence individual strengths & weaknesses to create health issues.

Psychology Models – Iris Mandala creation reflects how Iris markings connect to inheritance, life destiny.

Iridology Diploma Training

Iridology Diploma Training Immersion

Iridology analysis of each student’s irises, consultation, education, program creation, emotional counselling & mentoring skills.

Holistic Anatomy & Physiology deepens the understanding of Self Healing program creation.

Natural Medicine purification, regeneration & transformation modalities

Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Healing Diets, Flower Essences & Essential Oils.

Practice development business skills session, vision statements, media, advertising.

Iridology informs on constitution, strengths & weaknesses, pathways to ageing & life process.

Iris Print enlightenment inspires responsibility for life, health and highest purpose – the path of Becoming Independently Healthy.

Iridology vocabulary & energetics, observing & drawing Irises, Iris photography, computer skills, Iridology constitutions.

Iridology Diploma Training

Iridology Diploma Online Course Books & DVD’s

Iridology Online Course mentored by Farida Sharan ND

2 Iridology DVD’s – Introduction & Constitution lectures

Iridology – A Complete Guide Revised 2015 Edition (e-book)

Iridology – A Complete Guide Original 1986 Edition – Farida Sharan (e-book)

Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy – (e-book)

Iridology Coloring Book – Farida Sharan & Ghatfan Safi (e-book)

Dictionary of Iridology – Farida Sharan & Ghatfan Safi (e-book)

CD of Iris photos, Iris Assignment slides

Iridology Diploma Training

Iridology Online Course

Philosophy of Iridology from 1000 BC to present day

Symbolic Language of the Interior World – Iris topography, embryology, Iris drawing skills

Iris Texture, Density, Constitution, Structure, Iris Markings, Colors, Patterns, Mandalas.

Elimination Channels: Bowels, Kidneys, Liver, Lymph, Lungs, Skin, Fluids activated for cleansing.

Nervous, Digestive, Circulatory, Lymphatic, Endocrine, Reproductive, Respiratory, Urinary, Skeletal & Muscular Systems

Faridian Iridology physical, psychological, emotional, social, mental & spiritual life processes.

Rayid Model, Time Risk & other psychological models

Flower Essences, Vibrational Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy Therapies, Healing Diets & Iridology

Program creation includes Healing Diets, Herbal Nutrients, Flower Essences, Essential Oils & Naturopathy treatments

Iridology is enhanced by educational, physical, social, emotional, mental & spiritual mentoring.

Iris Mandala process illuminates Iris constitution, markings, colours, textures.

Iris Mandala creation reveals iris mirroring of life destiny, responses & behaviours.

Students explore each Constitution physically, emotionally, mentally & psychologically to better understand others.

Solveig, artist & teacher, Reykjavik, Iceland training, completes Iridology Mandala

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Discover What your Iris Reveals About You!

Iridology Diploma Training

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Iridology Diploma

Welcome to PureHealth

School of Natural Medicine International

Established 1977 in Cambridge, England

I look forward to getting to know you, supporting your studies & guiding your personal Self Healing evolution.

Farida Sharan ND

Iridology Diploma Training

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