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Naturopathy Diploma Trainings

Naturopathy Diploma Trainings with Mentored International Online Study

enhanced by Integrated Immersions in the UK & Worldwide

Integrated Self Healing Experiential Evolutionary Education

Naturopathy Diploma TrainingsNaturopathy Diploma Trainings for the full Naturopath / Natural Physician Diploma is based on proven ancient and modern teachings. Seekers of truth learn by experiencing, feeling, knowing as they consciously choose what improves their life. Students of the mystery of life embody truth teachings and become living examples and inspiration for others seeking health, wellness and healing. Become wisdom.

Naturopath / Natural Physician includes all Diploma & Certification trainings plus four Online Study courses, the Self Healing Module enhanced by personal mentoring and attendance at one or more Integrated Immersions.

Prepare for a prime care consulting, educational and supportive role to guide others to improve the health of their unique body and being. Students choose a personal study path that is integrated and balanced in experience to achieve compassionate wisdom understanding.


Naturopathy Diploma TrainingsMaster Herbalist Diploma study provides a strong theoretical foundation of history, chemistry, materia medica, doseage and more. Students experience a three month personal naturopathy herbal program enhanced by mentoring with Farida Sharan during their Self Healing Module, extensive Online Study information and attendance at one or more Integrated Immersions.

Herbal students master a complete system of Herbal Medicine that includes pharmacy, dispensary, treatments such as herbal poultices, castor oil packs, formula creation and adjustments, consulting, educating  and guiding seekers of health, wellness and healing toward becoming independently healthy.

Herbal studies are based on a deep and conscious communion of wisdom achieved by profound personal experience and respect for nature, sustainability and the health of human life on our planet. Learn practical self, home, community and professional tools as you experience and receive the healing benefits of the nutritional and vibrational gifts of the plants that sustain life on this earth.


Naturopathy Diploma TrainingsMaster Iridologist Diploma study opens our eyes to a conscious perception of each unique human being within the continuum of their journey through the stages of life. Iris analysis reveals educational constitutional information  to maximise individual health potential. Make the most of strengths and strengthen weaknesses to improve life processes physically, emotionally, socially, mentally and spiritually. Build & maintain health as you create a positive healthy future. Witness iris transformations!

Textures, colours, markings, pupil dynamics and patterns display truth from the hypothalamus discriminating centre of the brain to the Irises.

Iridologists educate, inspire, create health and healing programs, observe improvements, support, guide and adjust therapeutic naturopathic, nutritional and herbal programs. Iridology transforms perceptions.


Naturopathy Diploma TrainingsHealing Nutrition Diets Diploma theoretical and experiential studies guides students toward a conscious relationship of awareness of the cause and effect of nutritional food choices upon every aspect of their being.

Students gain practical life skills, experience proven cleanses, and discover how to make healing foods and drinks delicious and nutritious as they prepare to become consultants, educators and workshop leaders.

Explore and discover the profound value of wheatgrass, cultured and dehydrated foods, low glycemic foods, phyto-toxins, mono diets, vegan, raw, living foods, organic, vegan, vegetarian, transitional, superfoods, culinary herbs and spices, the truth of water and so much more.

Become a fountain of wisdom and truth in an age of corporate mass production junk food, processed foods, excessive eating. indulgence and ignorance. Radiate the love of truth.

Combine Healing Diets Online with the Self Healing Module for a personal Life Skills health program.


Naturopathy Diploma TrainingsMaster Reflexologist CPD Certification expands the dimensions of touch potential into bliss experiences of sacred therapeutic anointing with medicinal grade Essential Oils. Subtle energy awakens the parasympathetic energetic field that supports resonant healing shifts grounded in present awareness. Students master profound skills of instinct, creativity and feeling that unfold into uniquely personal sessions, offering exactly what a client needs in the present moment.

Reflexology mirrors Iridology as chronic Iris markings guide a wisdom therapist to enhance healing shifts with sacred therapeutic touch. Inflammatory or toxic levels in body organs and systems revealed in the Iris assist the Reflexologist to create sessions supportive of Self Healing programs.

Reflexology practitioners sense the condition of the inner ecology through touch to confirm the Iris analysis for the benefit of the client.

Reflexologists also demonstrate and educate Self Reflexology tools for the client to contribute to their own Self Healing process and gain self understanding in their daily lives.


Naturopathy Diploma TrainingsEssential Oils CPD Certification study augments every aspect of Naturopathy and Self Healing externally with inhalation to uplift and shift mental and emotional imbalances from trauma, shock, abuse, cultural influences, in poultices applied on body, meridian or chakra points, and anointing with bodywork sessions with Raindrop, Auricular or Vagus Therapy or Reflexology.

Master touch skills, communion presence and intuitive understanding to select specific Essential Oils to enhance individual treatment therapies. Practice therapeutic anointing.

Skilled professional internal use of medicinal Essential Oils positively affects chronic or acute illness as  oils constituents Phenolics cleanse receptor sites, Sesquiterpenes delete negativity with oxygenation and Monoterpenes restore or awaken correct information in the cellular memory DNA.

Medicinal grade Essential Oils by Young Living require personal experience combined with study to gain profound insight into their sacred use in the healing, medicinal and spiritual spheres of existence. Awaken to the holy healing oils used in ancient civilisations to enhance your life and work.


Naturopathy Diploma TrainingsFlower Essence CPD Certification offers the opportunity to enter into our mental and emotional interior worlds with skills and tools to create clarity, understanding and compassion as well a developing a language to describe our personal human experience. Explore and discover the roots of fear that influence our behaviours, create suffering and imprison us in attitudes and beliefs that limit our highest potential, our creativity and our passion to excel in all aspects of life and work.

Based on the original work of Dr. Edward Bach in the 1920’s in England, and now a worldwide phenomena, vibrational Flower Essences and Nature Remedies from plants and the natural world offer an astoundingly simple yet cosmically profound system of truth that opens portals of healing and transformation. Students receive Flower Essences during their Self Healing Module and balance understanding with experiential wisdom to share with family, friends and clients.

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