Heal as you Study

Heal as you Study

School of Natural Medicine Int'l

School of Natural Medicine Int'l


Choose Your Unique Personal, Family or Professional Study Path



Seekers of truth and willing students of their own life, body, mind and spirit are invited on a journey of self discovery to understand their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses as they embody the teachings in their life and work.

Whether a youth, mother or career professional seeking healthy life skills, recovering from trauma or life transitions, seeking to heal chronic symptoms, or an elder ready to make changes to enjoy a longevity lifestyle, prepare to evolve and live your highest purpose.

Student prove the teachings with increased health and energy, knowledge of positive choices, healthy lifestyle balance and improvement in relationships, work and expanded potential.

A combination of online studies with one to one self healing can expand into wisdom lifework.

“Hola Farida, Self Healing is an awesome experience. I definitely feel more content and stable emotionally because fear diminished significantly. I also lost weight & have more energy. I even feel fierce at times as I am not afraid to face life anymore! Thank you so much!”
Edna Rascon, Denver, Colorado

“I have been feeling so good physically and mentally since I have been doing the course. I am in a new world of information and I am excited. Just looking forward to the time when I will not be at work so frequently so I can do more of this good work. Thanks so much for facilitating my learning process so very well.”
Elloretta Wedderburn, Naturopathy Student, Jamaica

“I am feeling very moved with the Self Healing Module because my body, mind & spirit are going through something quite life changing. I praise God and thank you for being a part of my life and my journey. Thank you for taking my hand and guiding me along this path of healing.”
Ashley Kaatz, MD, Chicago



Mothers and fathers choose personal responsibility for family health with the potential to evolve into a creative professional career in the healing arts.

Learn wisdom personal self-care that expands into skills for preparation for conception, birthing and raising children, healing diets nutrition, creating herbal and culinary optimum nourishment, naturopathy home treatments, and recovery from cultural misinformation, supported by communication skills and emotional flower essence homeopathic clearing guided by one to one mentoring with
master teachers.

A combination of online studies with one to one self healing can expand into wisdom healthy living.

“I have a huge smile on my face to know others might be inspired by my healing journey from anorexia. When I was featured by Women’s Adventure Magazine, I was pregnant with my 7th biological child and she too is wonderful, healthy and a miracle. Farida, my wonderful soul-mother, saw me in the worst of the throws of the disease. During the School of Natural Medicine Summer School, I experienced the Naturopathy Elements of Life movement processes and finally found my personal beauty and strength to fight to pull away from anorexia.

I followed your advice and found the strength to go to the Ann Wigmore Institute of Living Foods in Puerto Rico. I then truly healed through Wheatgrass nutrition and whole living and sprouted foods. The foods helped to clear my mind to know what I needed to do to survive.

My now healthy body, healed from anorexia and bulemia, produced the miracle of seven babies. Thank you Farida for the insight of all that was good in blessing the temple of my body with whole foods, and thank you universe for all it provides.”
Jaala Gilman Knowlton, Naturopath Graduate MH Mir Louisville, Colorado,


Naturopathy graduate Betty Sue O'Brian Naturpathic Iridologist

Whether an established professional seeking healthy habits and a shift
to a career you long to live, a yoga teacher wanting to expand classes
into health care options, a mother yearning to turn years of caring
into a lifework, a retiree seeking skills to offer in service and purpose, or a youth with a dream, natural medicine studies prepare students to become a living example of the teachings, an authentic
practitioner, business creator, author, educator and more, with personalized one to one mentoring, online studies, immersion and embodiment self healing  wisdom.

“I’m doing really well and I've been crazy busy with my new enterprise, but loving life! Thank you for opening up to me and bringing me into your school. I learned a lot of valuable things way beyond diet and nutrition. The life lessons and wisdom you shared with me helped get to where I'm at today.”
Kevin Sloma, Sebastopol, California; Naturopathy student.

"I began my studies looking for a career and came out four years later with a whole new life! And my irises reflected the changes by becoming blue!!
Maggie Knauer: ND MH MIr

A Graduate celebrates her new life with a practice, taking visitors to the Rocky Mountains on herbal nature hikes, and running an herbal pharmacy.

“My teas are finally ready – ChakraTeas – Raising Your Vibration One Sip at a Time! I will send you each of the teas next week so look for them in the mail. The website is shaping up and the store should be up and running soon. I am learning much about self-discipline and reasonable goals. I miss you dearly and the infinite experience shared in the classes!”
Daniel Bucca, Sydney, Australia

Graduate in Healing Diets, Reflexology, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Naturopathy student already thriving in Sydney Australia with herbal products, a kombucha drink line, private practice and more! Visited from Australia 3 times, twice for 3 months and once for 6 months to study and learn at the School of Natural Medicine