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School Patrons: David Ward, Earl of Dudley and Dame Shirley Bond

School Patrons: David Ward, Earl of Dudley and Dame Shirley Bond …..Past Patrons: Countess Sally Baldwin, Dr. John Raymond Christopher and Dr. Bernard Jensen

Naturopathy students attend Integratead immersions.



Professional Naturopathy Training. Mentored Online Study. Holistic Self Healing. Integrated Immersion Retreats.

Professional Naturopathy Training. Mentored Online Study. Holistic Self Healing. Integrated Immersion Retreats.



Herbal Medicine Integrated Immersion field trips.

Diploma Training

Reflexology enhanced by Essential Oils anointing.

Certification Training

Students study at home, online & on retreat.

Online Study

Dr. Bernard Jensen honored in Cambridge UK.

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Tarah Michelle ND thrives in Hawaii.

“I am eternally grateful to Farida Sharan as my ‘charn’ and mentor who guided me through my Naturopathy studies.” Tara Michelle


CHOOSE: The full ND/NP program or an Online Course that inspires and expand to further courses in your own time. Add Self Healing at the beginning or when you are ready to integrate studies in personal experience. Attend an Immersion at the right time in the best location for you. Choose full or time payment. Study and graduate at your own speed. Full to Time Payment options available. ONLINE ENROLL

NATUROPATHY/ NATURAL PHYSICIAN + SELF HEALING MODULE: Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Healing Diets, Iridology & Natural Medicine + Anatomy & Physiology Online Courses, E-Books, Books, 14 DVDs, Info CDs, Iris photos, Self Healing Module.

NATUROPATHY: Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Healing Diets, Iridology & Natural Medicine with Holistic Anatomy & Physiology, Online Courses; E-Books, Books.14 DVDs, Info CDs, Iris photos.

HEALING DIETS NUTRITION: Healing Diets Online Course, Herbs of Grace book.

IRIDOLOGY & NATURAL MEDICINE : Iridology & Natural Medicine Online Course that includes Holistic Anatomy & Physiology, E-Books, Books, 14 DVDs, Info CDs, Iris photos.
TARA MICHELLE, Graduate Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist, completed her studies over five years as her Self Healing awakened creativity that manifested as building a successful online aromatherapy company and a yoga studio, qualifying as an Anusara yoga teacher, traveling as the personal trainer of the Shambala Buddhist Rinpoche and achieving profound evolution as a human being.

Tarah graduated in a Philippine Immersion Retreat with Farida Sharan and School of Natural Medicine students from USA and Iceland. She lives in Maui, offers a healing practice and loves the ocean, horses, yoga and community.


Reflexologist Sheba Gardener practices in Chicago.

"I want to share my love for Farida and the School of Natural Medicine teachings that changed my life! The people I touch will forever be changed because of you and the trainings. I feel so good when I can help others and see their faces light up because they learned something new.
My daughter watches everything I do & wants to help. She notices the healthy changes in our family.
Thank you, Farida, for an opportunity of a lifetime to help me discover who I really am. Your teachings will forever be remembered and cherished! Love always,"
Sheba Gardner MR EOT FE


SELF HEALING MODULE: One to one consultation and personal mentoring conversations with Farida Sharan ND that begin with the case history, iris analysis, personal program creation, 3 months herbal nutrients, teas and flower essence evaluation and leads to personal self-care education and continuing mentoring support during the student’s study years in person, by phone, online channels and iImmersion Retreats.

A trusting relationship between student and teacher evolves during mentoring conversations so that dynamic participation in advanced Immersions naturally opens into deeper levels of connection, knowing and wisdom understanding.

A rich sharing of Self Healing experiences takes place naturally in personal sessions, Integrated Immersions and in the school media network as older students inspire new students and new students learn from advanced students.

Consultation. Program Creation. Iris analysis. Education. Herbs of Grace e-book. Three month personal program of Flower Essences, Herbal Teas, Herbal Nutrient formulas with on-going mentoring support. Embody and live the teachings.

SHEBA GARDENER, Master Reflexologist, Essential Oils and Flower Essences Certifications Graduate, devoted daughter, wife, mother and church member in Chicago, enrolled to embody Self Healing, gain health and healing skills to care for her family and achieve professional skills to give service with the healing arts.

Sheba attended Healing Diets, Herbal Medicine and Flower Essence Immersions along with her Reflexology training to achieve well rounded skills to care for her family and friends in her community and teach workshops in self-care. Sharing her expertise in community gatherings, church fairs and with friends opened a path for Sheba to build a private practice.

Miranda Palmer Naturopath practices in Florida.


"Farida inspires you to experience life transformation as she assists you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to become all you can be.”



LEARN: Integrated Immersion Retreats provide the opportunity for Online One to One Mentored Study and Self Healing students to experience dynamic interactive hands-on trainings in small groups with Farida Sharan. Complete graduation requirements of all of the study diplomas and certifications into the complete system of natural medicine.

Immersions vary in content and focus so students from different cultures, experience and training levels choose what suits their time, needs and location. All main subjects plus Reflexology, Flower Essences and Essential Oils are included in every retreat.

Mothers embody the teachings for personal health and to share with family and friends. Corporate workers train for an advanced or new career. Retirees learn useful contributions to offer to their community. Young students gain skills to work their way around the world, host booths at festivals, markets and fairs and create a practice as they train for a prime care professional career.

Students choose the full Naturopath / Natural Physician program or begin with one Online Course and add the Self Healing when they are ready to embody the teachings in experience. If a student wishes to focus on their health by experiencing truth teachings in their life and work through holistic body, emotions, mind and spirit personal evolution they commit to the discounted Healing Diets and Self Healing program mentored by Farida Sharan ND.

MIRANDA PALMER graduated during the 2017 Spain Immersion as a Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist, Healing Diets Nutrition Consultant, Essential Oils Therapist, Master Reflexologist and Flower Essence Practitioner.

Miranda created Mountain Roots Medicine in 2016, featuring herbal tonics and natural, organic, healing skin care products for children and adults. She is currently building an apothecary, seeing clients for private consultations and offering Essential Oils healing bodywork in Pensacola, Florida as she works toward her dream of teaching healing retreats.

Take a golden step forward with commitment to your highest potential.
Manifest your dreams with professional expertise embodied in self healing evolutionary wisdom.

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