Embody the tangible, visible form of your chosen practice, idea, teaching, study, quality or feeling.

Embody the dynamic action to manifest, express, realize, represent and integrate.

Embody wisdom, truth, skill, healing, confidence, connection, clarity, energy, health, purpose and compassion.


Lamia embodies Naturopathy truth teachings in her life and work. Her skills with Reflexology, Essential Oils and Healing Diets attracted an invitation to practice in a clinic in Saudi Arabia. Owners built a private therapy room for her to assist autistic children and educate their parents toward higher levels of health and healing for each child. Lamia founded Pure Arabella, a company based on her personal Self Healing achievements and experience to guide clients toward positive lifestyle choices and for fun she creates beautiful children’s story books with positive spiritual messages.


SELF HEALING CONSULTATION: Consultations and One on One mentoring by phone, internet and in person with Farida Sharan. Educational conversations, healing processes, an Iris Analysis and support continue during the course of study.

THREE MONTH PROGRAM: Educational experiential and instructional Online Healing Diets Course lessons, Naturopathy home treatments, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, bodywork, referrals, and personal 12 week Herbal Nutrient program with teas and a Flower Essence.

MENTORING SUPPORT: Farida Sharan and other teachers guide and educate through personal Online Study, Self Healing and Immersions through to graduation and beyond!

ENROLLMENT: Open to enrolled Online students. Check out  the Enroll Page for details, explore the website, complete Contact Form, ask questions and enjoy a conversation with Farida Sharan. Create your personal study path toward your highest potential. Inquire about One on One Self Healing Retreats.


Choose the opportunity to be a student of your own life, heart, mind, body and soul. The beliefs, practices and teachings you live become embodied in your physical, emotional, social, work and spiritual life and being. When you commit to Self-Healing you commit to transforming your life with healing choices.

When you choose Self Healing you naturally live a spiritual path of evolutionary potential as your learn to let go of what does not serve you or take you toward your true goals. With healthy choices you prepare to receive your optimum good and make the choices, small and large, that lead to your highest purpose.

Self-Healing Evolution mirrors the mystical truths of effort and grace as your life becomes a path of love and respect for the body you have been given for the journey of purpose. Self-love and self-care honor the temple of your body, the home of your soul.

JAALA embodied PureHealth Naturopathy teachings by overcoming life threatening severe anorexia and bulemia, healing her relationship with her mother, strengthening her physical body, and graduating as a Naturopath, Master Herbalist and Iridologist in 2000 with profound Self Healing progress.

From weighing 80 pounds to becoming a wife and a mother of seven healthy vegan children, Jaala smiles as she runs a harmonious busy household and shares truth teachings professionally and as a tri-athlete competitor and trainer.

“Farida, my wonderful soul-mother, saw me in the worst of the throws of the disease. During the Summer School, I experienced the Naturopathy Elements of Life movement processes and  found my personal beauty and strength to fight and pull away from anorexia nervosa.

I followed her advice and found the strength and ability to go to the Ann Wigmore Institute of Living Foods In Puerto Rico and healed through Wheatgrass nutrition and wonderful whole living and sprouted foods that helped to clear my mind to know what I needed to do to survive.

My now healthy body produced the miracle of seven babies. 

School of Natural Medicine is the closest glimpse I’ve had of coming home to myself. 

Right away I felt the support I longed for emanate from this open loving environment. 

My teacher, Farida Sharan, welcomed me to compassion, truth and love. Because I felt safe I knew I could learn how to fly! 

I was finally in a school that provides hands-on education and life skills.

Thank you Farida, thank you for the insight of all that was good in blessing the temple of my body with amazing whole foods, and thank you to the universe for all it provides.” Jaala