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Farida Sharan within an ancient Oak Tree in Kew Gardens, England

School of Natural Medicine, UK
. May 2018
Reflexology, Raindrop, Auricular & Vagus Nerve Bodywork Therapy
Integrated Immersion Retreat | Farida Sharan ND


Life Purpose Flower Essence Creation Under an India Bean Tree

“Farida dives deeply into the what is in the moment, allowing the teachings to unfold with spontaneity, laughter and divinity to enliven our healing field.
Classes felt safe and nurturing for our fullest potential.
I am happy the universe aligned to work with Farida and glimpse what is possible.
Thank you for the gift of presence from your beautiful dance on this earth.”
Jax De Coster, Gran Canaria

Our first class was to create a flower essence. A timeless connection communion of nature within the magnificent sheltering microcosm of an ancient 400+ year bean tree evolved into a four hour sharing of presence, conversations, and a profound group unity of joy.

We tuned into the world of the tree, slowly collected leaves, seeds, other flowers and plants that had migrated there, moss from branches, seed pods, bark from around the tree and created the essence with conscious intention. As the students offered their choices to the bowl of water we placed in the sun offering connections from their personal life journeys. What emerged became the name of the essence, Life Purpose. We passed the bowl and we each experience a delicious warmth feeling of expansion from the essence.

Self Healing with Self Reflexology


“Farida takes teaching of Reflexology and Essential Oils touch to a completely other dimension,
to a holistic level of body, mind and spirt that opened a new world far beyond my mind.
During the Anointing process I experienced my heart opening.
Reflexology is a beautiful experience of growing immensely whether giving or receiving.”
Urska Loncnar, Slovenia

Love the phrase 'Feet on the Ground' as it means commitment to being present, ready for action and dedicated to purpose – hopefully with happy feet.

Self Reflexology (translated as self care, self love, self healing communion with our body temple) is a fun and valuable way to stay in touch with body feeling messages, and move health issues through. Health benefits from a daily 'hello' to our humble feet serve us well.

Kew Herbarium Visit with Dr. Ian Darbyshire


Kew Gardens Old and Modern Herbarium Visit

SNM UK Quantum Botanicals students shared an exciting, valuable and privileged visit to an honored world heritage herbarium of plants, seeds, taxonomy, education and research.

Our tour guide, Taxonomist expert and Director of African plants, Dr. Ian Darbyshire, gave us an extensive tour of the old to the new herbariums giving generous attention to all aspects of filing and storage.

Thank you Kew for guarding plant specimens and seeds, educating children and the public with courses, books and events and preserving plant life that preserves life on this planet. The word planet contains the word 'plant' for a reason. Without plants there would be no life on earth.

Reflexology Infinity of Giving & Receiving


“Reflexology and Essential oils was a deep remembering of my innate wisdom,
of being held and awakened to trust in the divine within myself
with a profound feeling of connectedness.
I see the divinity in You and You see the divinity in me.
In deep appreciation. Blessings,”
Priya Hallam, French Pyrenees

Holy Feet & Therapeutic Anointing

Vedic, Christian, Sufi and mystics in other traditions write poems and songs about the feet as spiritual metaphors.. The Christian Bible tells stories of holy foot bathing and essential oils honoring given to guests.

To approach the feet with this level of respect is both a humbling and an honoring. As we learn how the feet contain reflexes and circulatory stimulation to the entire body and relaxes the parasympathetic nervous system is to gain a valuable life skill. The combination of essential oils and sacred therapeutic anointing touch influences entry into a refined spiritual history. The energetics of profound presence opens the field of wisdom in experience.

Therapeutic Anointing


“It was remarkable to tune into myself by feeling and receiving information from different sensations.
I experienced deep communion of caring for myself and a new self-awareness of how my body works.
Slowing down gave messages to soothe my feelings into a calm stillness in my spirit."
Rachel Silva, Philippines

Frankincense Essential Oils Anointing

Anointing an ancient word for a holy blessing with 'oils of joy and gladness' as the Bible describes as an honoring for a guest after washing the feet, a humble surrender to 'the anointed one' as a true spiritual daughter or son of God.

While we read of anointing in scriptures and mystical teachings how many of us have been anointed? Or anoint others? How many have experienced the 'fragrant offerings' and 'acceptable gifts' of essential oils that are 'pleasing to God' as the Bible and other holy scriptures describe?

Feeling the sacred currents of joy of giving while being blessed for the fragrance of essential oils is a grace in itself. We gift our sacred touch therapeutic anointing of deep slow communion in presence and receive a infinity showering of love given and love received.

Raindrop, Auricular, Vagus Healing Touch Therapies

Enhanced with Essential Oils


“Farida's profound teachings took us to a place where healing occurs spontaneously and naturally.
The methods she gave us will transform everything we do in our lives.
I now understood the mystical reality of the oils and the potential they hold for transformation.
I feel a real shift and a new level of understanding has emerged within myself.“
Suzanna Thelwall, UK

Farewell to majestic Kew trees and a Vegan dinner on the Thames


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