Evolve is an action, a choice, a determination to become more, to become better.

Evolving is a gradual process of a continuum of continuous change moving toward a positive purpose and a goal.

Evolution is the result of the effort of evolutionary action in concert with mystic grace.

Evolved is the welcoming of illuminations from a higher frequency of fresh vibrational resonance


Dr. Jorg Michels, oncologist, enrolled in the Naturopath / Natural Physician Online program with the Self Healing Module, attended Healing Diets classes and evolved with positive choices. His Iris Print shows the dynamic health changes that led to transformational life changes, an international move, attendance at the Integrated Immersion in Spain April 2017, and further participation in Natural Medicine trainings. He now shares Healing Diets with cancer patients to assist their well being.


Evolutionary determination manifested in Kristina’s life when IVF attempts over many years finally birthed Kadence who was born with pulmonary polycythemia the doctors said was incurable.

Kristina enrolled in the Naturopathy/Natural Physician program with Self Healing and after increased well being asked me to suggest a nutritional program for Kadence and within three month’s the polycythemia cleared and never returned.

Changing family habits in an extended Philippine culture family proved difficult but Kristina persevered, continuing her studies, taking herbal nutrients and improving her diet. After attending a Reflexology and Essential Oils Immersion with a group of 8 women, Kristina remarked, “I feel so well, I think I could get pregnant.”

Knovi, a second daughter, was born nine months later, a healthy child.

The mystery of evolution, of change, transformation and achieving goals requires the clarity of a goal woven of desire and determination, the effort which never gives up, and a continuous preparing to receive. Kristina overcome obstacles in physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual levels of existence to become a mother and raise healthy children.

Excellent epigenetic future generation progress.


Evolve with Rosa Cameron, Graduate Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist.

Rosa, a Nursing Assistant entered School of Natural Medicine on the recommendation of her employer, another Naturopath Master Herbalist Master iridologist Graduate of the School of Natural Medicine with Farida Sharan, Barbara Pina, known affectionately in Massachusetts as Dr. A or Dr. Aqasikesat of the RA Healing Center.

She entered deeply into Self Healing because of physical problems with chronic toxicity, skin problems and miscarriages and carved a path to radiant health by applying purification, regeneration and transformation philosophies into action in her life.

A supremely loving mother, friend, student and practitioner, Rosa was the youngest in a large family, and deeply loved and cared for by many siblings and family members as she grew up in Honduras.

Challenged by Online Study assignments because English was her second language, Rosa studied and attained high levels of reading and writing skills in order to graduate.

Her dream is to create a healing center on her family land in Honduras and share truth teachings she understands with wisdom in her own body and life by embodying her studies as she created health, wellness and healing with Self Healing.





Natalia Gonzales, devoted wife and mother of seven children wanted to open an Iridology clinic in Mexico.

The evolutionary spark is often stronger in those who have more obstacles.

Yet Natalia graduated faster than any other students in her group.

She did not waste time. She set a goal and achieved it – the very essence of personal evolution.


DNA responds to Yes and No choices.

Epigenetics science is based on heredity, on / off switch (or yes / no choice) and environmental influences.

Choose what takes you to your goal.

Online Study, Self Healing, Mentoring and Integrated Immersions.

Be inspired by students who achieved evolution during their studies.