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Farida Sharan

Farida Sharan Naturopath


“School of Natural Medicine purification, regeneration & transformation Naturopathy teachings evolved after healing Self Healing breast cancer. 
When the purification released yellow/brown pigments from my Irises they had turned blue & I no longer needed glasses! “
I mentor students to become living examples of the laws of nature in their life and work in the sacred tradition of wisdom embodiment so they may share authentic truth as a teacher and guide for those seeking health and healing.”

Farida Sharan, ND, is the Founder and Director of the Purehealth School of Natural Medicine, in Cambridge, England and in Boulder, Colorado, USA. She is an accomplished author, educator, natural physician, mystic dancer, yoga teacher, international lecturer and seminar leader.

After early trainings including Esalen massage, Gestalt Therapy, European Massage & Beauty treatments, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Yoga Teacher Training with Yogi Bhajan, Polarity Therapy with the Alive Polarity Fellowship, Farida received the Master Herbalist Diploma (MH) from Dr. Raymond Christopher and the School of Natural Healing, and Iridology training with Dr. Bernard Jensen, Willy Hauser, Dorothy Hall, Harri Wolf and Denny Johnson

Other trainings include: lymphatic massage, tai chi, chi gong, Young Living Essential oils, aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies with Nora Weeks of the Bach Flower Institute in England, Ashtanga yoga with master teachers in Hawaii & Boulder, Colorado, Living Food Teacher Training at the Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico, and Core Synchronicity cranial bodywork with Robert Stevens at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in Albuquerque.

Born in Vancouver, Canada where she trained as a gymnast, dancer and yogini, Farida moved to California, USA where she managed health and beauty spas and trained massage and beauty therapists. After healing breast cancer with natural medicine in the early seventies at an Essene healing center in southern California near Escondido, she made natural medicine her life work.

From 1977 to 1988 she lived in Cambridge, England, where as a leader in complementary and alternative natural medicine she founded the British School of Iridology, the British Register of Iridologists, the premier register honored by the Institute of Complementary & Alternative Medicine in London, and the School of Natural Medicine. During this time she hosted symposiums in Cambridge to bring together renowned teachers such as Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Raymond Christopher, Dorothy Hall, Willy Hauser, Harri Wolf and Denny Johnson to present research and create a synthesis of Iridology teachings.

In 1981, Farida Sharan and John Morley founded Iridology Research and wrote the Iridology Manifesto to offer ethical and professional guidelines. She  traveled to Germany to meet with the renowned iridologist, Joseph Deck, and Willy Hauser and visit Heilpraktiker nature cure clinics and hot spring spas. In 1986 HarperCollins published her definitive hard back textbook ‘Iridology — a Complete Guide to analyzing the colors, textures and markings of the irises of the eye and related forms of treatment’.

Farida was appointed a Director/Editor of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in the United Kingdom to represent Iridology, awarded a doctorate (MD) from Medicina Alternativa in Copenhagen, Denmark, and appointed a Fellow of the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists. For twelve years in the UK  she worked with hundreds of patients and students, discovering revelations in physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of Iridology and Natural Medicine that she shares in her books, teachings and practice.

During these years Farida traveled to India to teach at the Institute of Naturopathic & Yogic Sciences in Bangalore and visit yoga ashrams, Ayurvedic clinics and spiritual colonies. A Natural Physician, Naturopath, Master Herbalist and Iridologist, Farida has been in private practice for forty years.

For several years Farida attended the medical clinic in London, England of Dame Shirley Bond MD, where each client’s progress was confirmed by medical tests taken before and after analysis and natural treatment programs. Her associate, Dr. Shirley Bond, gynecologist, commented, “I never knew such tissue changes were possible.” in regards to female gynecological conditions. Farida also received referrals that were documented by Gerson Cancer Clinic and the Bristol Cancer Clinic.

Farida Sharan developed a new model of the Iridology constitutional types, Transformational Iridology (TI). TI was presented to the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists in Regent’s College in London, England in May 2000, at the International Iridology Symposium in Sydney, Australia in March 2001, at the International Iridology Expo in San Marcos California in June 2002 and at the American College of Iridology Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio in October 2002.

Farida Sharan devotes herself to writing, traveling and teaching selected students for one on one mentoring education, online study and Integrated Immersions.

SNM offers Naturopathy / Natural Physician training in England and the United States. Graduation includes Diplomas: Master Iridologist (MIr), Naturopathy (ND), Master Herbalist (MH) and Healing Diets Consultant (HDC) as well mentored Online Courses, Integrated Immersion Trainings, Clinical Training Retreats, Apprenticeship, Self Healing Modules, and Self Healing online mentoring for seekers of health, wellness and healing worldwide.

Immensely creative, Farida developed unique Mystic Yoga and dance processes which include TranscenDance, Elemental Dances of Life, Primal Impulse Yoga, Flowers of Peace, Evolutionary Spiral, and Sacred Geometry Pathways.

She presents these transformational Mystic movement processes in Immersions, Clinical Training Retreats, Healing Retreats and by invitation to conferences and worldwide seminars..

Farida Sharan is the author of Iridology — a complete guide to diagnosing through the iris and to related forms of treatment’ published by HarperCollins, Revised Iridology – A Complete Guide, Creative Menopause — Illuminating Women’s Health & Spirituality, Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy, & the Iridology Colouring Book & the Dictionary of Iridology with illustrator, Ghatfan Safi, ND, graduate of the School of Natural Medicine from Lebanon. All books available on

Member International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA), Fellow of the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists, Founding Fellow of the British Register of Iridologists, Professional Member of the American Herbalists Guild, Registered Polarity Therapist, LMT, Living Foods Teacher.

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