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School Patrons:
David Ward, Earl of Dudley and Dame Shirley Bond

School Patrons:
David Ward, Earl of Dudley and Dame Shirley Bond
Past Patrons: Countess Sally Baldwin, Dr. John Raymond Christopher and Dr. Bernard Jensen

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Farida Sharan ND in Kew Gardens June 2018



"After healing breast cancer with natural self healing in the 1970's,
I developed PureHealth Naturopathy purification, regeneration, transformation principles
into an honored path of daily wisdom choices."
Farida Sharan ND
Farida Sharan ND

"After healing breast cancer with natural self healing in the 1970's,
I developed PureHealth Naturopathy purification, regeneration, transformation principles
into an honored path of daily wisdom choices."
Farida Sharan ND


Farida Sharan, ND, Natural Physician, author, educator, mystic, international seminar leader. She founded School of Natural Medicine in Cambridge, England (1979 to the present), British Register of Iridologists, PUREHEALTH: School of Natural Medicine International in Boulder, Colorado, USA (1988 to 2016 ) and from 2016 to the present worldwide with online mentored professional studies, self healing one to one education, support and guidance, Integrated Immersion Retreats and Herbs of Grace Pharmacy/Dispensary in the UK 1977 & in the USA to the present.

Dame Shirley Bond MD, School of Natural Medicine patron and school lecturer, invited Farida to join her Kensington gynecology practice in London where fertility and health improvements were documented with medical tests before and after natural medicine treatment programs. Dr. Shirley Bond says, “I never knew such tissue changes were possible.”

Farida received patient referrals from the
Gerson Cancer Clinic and the Bristol Cancer Clinic from 1977 through to 1988 and personal approval from Charlotte Gerson's daughter to substitute Farida's herbal formulas for Gerson thyroid and liver tissue non vegetarian supplements and to replace the coffee enema when required by sensitive students with an herbal formula.

Medicina Alternativa awarded Farida a doctorate (MD) to honor her discoveries of a profoundly holistic integration of physical, social, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of the mystery of life she shares in her wisdom teachings.

Past Integrated Immersions retreat locations include Cambridge, England; Johannesburg, South Africa;
Institute of Naturopathic & Yogic Sciences Bangalore, India; Vancouver, BC. Canada; Private Island in Palawan, Philippines; School of Natural Medicine Iceland; BodyMind Retreat in Ithaca, NY; Malaga, Spain; Lagos, Portugal; Tao Garden in Chiang Mai, Thailand; Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico; London, England; Malaga, Spain; Lagos, Portugal; Kew Gardens, London, England.

Farida Sharan healed breast cancer during natural self healing
journeys in California and Arizona
in the 1970’s
then developed
PureHealth Naturopathy teachings
based on wisdom experiential understanding of
purification, regeneration and transformational
evolutionary processes.

Cancer free for forty years!

“During the early 1970's I received a cancer diagnosis with recommendations for removal of my right breast. After refusing, I embarked on a mystical journey where I was guided in healing by a Tai Chi master and musician, studied movement in Continuum with Emily Conrad in Los Angeles and received spiritual sanctuary in a 3HO Kundalini Yoga Ashram in Arizona.

For over a year in Mount Shasta I was blessed to receive the I AM teachings with 
Pearl Dorris of the Ascended Masters.

Toward the mid 1970's in Southern California I managed the Palm Canyon Hotel's Women’s Spa in Palm Spring, fasted forty days in an Essene Hippocrates raw food healing center near Escondido and was mentored by Edmund Szekely translator of biblical Dead Sea Scrolls, graced by spiritual destiny in Palm Springs.

In the mid1970's I studied Naturopathic Herbal Medicine and Iridology with
Dr. Raymond Christopher in the Healing Waters Healing Center in Arizona, all the while continuing natural healing therapies and living a vegan lifestyle.

A change of destiny led to a move to Cambridge, England in 1977 where she founded the School of Natural Medicine and Herbs of Grace until another change led to setting up a branch of the school, in Boulder, Colorado in 1988.

Farida Sharan in Angkor Wat December 2017

“It is my joy to mentor students to become living examples of wisdom embodiment as practitioners, teachers & guides for seekers of health, healing & wellness.”

Farida Sharan enjoys an ancient Oak Tree

Farida Sharan at home with an ancient Oak Tree


Farida Sharan founded the School of Natural Medicine in Cambridge, England in 1977 and in Boulder, Colorado in 1988, offering Online Study, Lifestyle Self Healing Longevity & Life Skills, Clinical Training and Integrated Immersions.

Worldwide invitations to teach Malaysia, South Africa, Canada, India, Australia, Iceland, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and Thailand expanded the teachings to different cultures.

School of Natural Medicine offers One on One Online Mentoring conversations with personal Lifestyle Self Healing / Self Care / Self Love support for students with enthusiastic commitment to embody truth teachings in their life and work.
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Farida Sharan in Angkor Wat

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