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Farida Sharan sitting in the lap of a large Buddha statue in a park in Delhi wearing rose golden glow shawl, tunic pants with silver sandals.

Create A Style for Comfort, Confidence and Consciousness

Enjoy An Integrated Light Easy Care Wardrobe

Farida Sharan wearing  Golden Glow Cambodian textiles and other cultural fashions enhanced by a photo of a lotus leaf and museum quality handwoven textiles.
Golden Glow 12 selections of Farida Sharan's Divine by Nature Cambodian fashions enhanced by a photo of a lotus and silk textile color palette.

Translate Your Essential Self into Colors, Textures and Textiles

Celebrate personal style without confusion or irritation in outfits that magnify confidence and gift comfort and creative layering.

Travel with lightness of being in fabrics that honor gentle care. Jettison costly hotel clothing care that harm our planetary ecology.

Experience breathable comfort in warm or cold weather by layering natural inner wear, and adding boots and lined coats.

Imagine wearing clothing that enhances confidence, comfort and creative expression in your life and lifework.

Let your style be a living example of sustainable fashion, cultural support and respectful carbon footprint integrity.

Cambodian Textiles

Sacred Lotus Fabrics

Farida Sharan wearing a dress of hand created lotus fibers against a majestic ancient tree in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Lotus shawl hand stitched into a dress from hand pulled, rolled, spun, woven lotus fibers.

Lotus Pod and Stem Colors

Lotus pods, one brown withorange tones and one green with pale violet seeds, a miracle palette of colors during growth, flowering, seeding and aging.

Lotus Pods and Stems glow greens, golds, browns as they age inspiring silk colors.

Cambodian Silk Lotus Colors

Lotus Pod handwoven silk golden neck, front and side trims on a golden brown silk tunic.

Golden brown handwoven silk soft texture tunic with gold neck, front, sleeve trims.

Create textured finishes by hand washing light fabrics that dry quickly. Jettison heavy clothing that needs expensive cleaning.

Handwoven and dyed raw silks, cottons and wools are beautifully variable in color, weaving, weight, width and textures.

Invest time and money saved in study, creative projects, adventures, healing retreats, artistic exploration and friendships.

Imagine a wardrobe that enhances comfort, confidence and creative expression in your life and lifework.

Celebrate personal sustainable style as you support remote families and preserve traditional cultures.

India Textiles

Kanta Embroidered Textiles

Farida Sharan walks on a bamboo tree path at the Kashi Yoga Center in Florida wearing a Kanta embroidered loose blouse and skirt..

Hand embroidered shawl sewn into blouse and skirt perfect for a walk at Kashi Yoga.

Gandhi Khadi Light Silks

Farida Sharan's Palm Springs Canyon walk a joy when wearing India Ghandi Khadhi light silks in beautiful rose green shades to match the rose green tall grasses.

Rose green colors in Khadi lIndia silk trousers, blouse and shirt match Palm Springs grasses.

India Cotton Tunic and Sarong

After Hawaiin steam caves and hot springs near Pahoa, Hawaii, Farida Sharan takes a lava field walk in a black tunic and sarong skirt tailored in Kerala, India from lungi cotton.

India cotton men's temple lungi wraps tailored in Kerala into tunic dress and sarong skirt.

A Rainbow of India Silk Saris

Earth Element Red Costume

Farida Sharan pounds out the earth element rhythms with her feet wearing a red silk tunic and pants tailored from an Indian sari on a floor strewn with white silk lotus flowers.

Earth red tunic, pants, shawl silks from Indian sari for Elements of Life rainbow teaching.

Five Element DVD Collage

Five Elements of Life DVD Cover featuring Farida Sharan presenting earth-red, water-orange, fire-yellow, air-green, ether-turqoise silk outfits for Elements of Life teaching in a rainbow draped space.

Earth-red, water-orange, fire-yellow, air-green, ether-turquoise DVD Cover.

Water Element Orange Costume

Farida Sharan wearing the eather element turqoise silk tunic, pants and shawl as she gives and receives sound vibration singing in the rainbow draped teaching room in Boulder, Colorado.

Ether turquoise tunic, pants, shawl enliven illuminate giving / receiving sound teaching.

Thailand Hand Loomed Silks

Heavier Burgandy Silk Suit

A heavyier weight Thai burgandy handwoven silk was perfect for the boat ride to the Hong Kong island of wthe world's largest Buddha and here honoring a Kwan Yin statue.

Burgundy suit jacket, trousers, blouse, purse for city, boat, island Hong Kong adventure.

Light and Textured Silk Mix

Doi Suthep, high above Chiang Mai, is the perfect temple for Farida Sharann to wear a new outfit of Thai burgundy light silk trousers with a heavier textured green gold jacket over a burgandy blouse.

Burgundy shot silk pants, gold green jacket for Doi Suthep Chiang Mai temple visit.

Rare Gold Hand Woven Jacket

Farida Sharan wearing the eather element turqoise silk tunic, pants and shawl as she gives and receives sound vibration singing in the rainbow draped teaching room in Boulder, Colorado.

Blue silk jacket with gold thread hand sewn from rare Chiang Mai shawl in 2001.

Personal Style Creation With Farida Sharan

Personal clothing adventure creation tours in India, Thailand and Cambodia for women seeking a unique clothing style with quality natural textiles.

A 50's dance, book reading, jazz loving, chess playing teen who wore black dance stockings and sewed a leather jacket out of black leather remnants before I knew about beatniks shifted into a 60’s Sunset Strip fashion boutique owner in Los Angeles, California, after creating an innovative jewelry lines with new iridescent plastics and bronze sculpture, I continued creating my own clothing for decades from textile discoveries during world teaching travels from 1980's to present day.

Textile Sources: British woolen and cotton fine Liberty fabrics and Scottish cashmere and mohair at 18 years in London and Paris and the 70's; white and gold border cotton temple saris and lungi fabrics from Kerala, and Kanta embroidered shawls from Calcutta mountain villages in India from 1977 to the present day; felted wool and silk from Iceland in the late 90's into 2007; shawls and silks from 2001 to the present day in Thailand; Cambodia and Laos handwoven scarves, shawls and sarongs from 2016.

Many requested over four decades to purchase my personal clothing from unique natural textiles sourced from different countries.

Creating handmade clothing is an adventure and a social cultural experience. Explore markets and share journeys to seek, find and choose handwoven silks, woolens, cottons and meet with weavers, sellers, pattern makers and tailors for casual, professional or events – wedding gowns a speciality. Support for spinners, weavers, dyers and tailors assists remote families and preserves cultural skills.

Are you ready for a personal creative adventure combined with a cultural holiday? Return home with a new wardrobe and contacts for further fabric and tailoring mail order.

Consultation, education, introductions and guidance includes: Preparation and on site style sessions, fabric and color palette discovery purchase field trips, accessories shopping, pattern decisions, supervision with tailors, guidance for cafes, and cultural dance and music experiences, with introductions to guides for Angkor Wat temple tours. Travel and accommodation advice. Preparation in person or online and two to three week tours with Farida Sharan. Fabrics, pattern making, tailors, meals, accommodation, travel costs are the full responsibility of the client. Consultation and tour quote Inquiries.

Initial 3 hour in 3 sessions personal or online consultations £$500.00. Explore your personal style creation journey.
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