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School Patrons:
David Ward, Earl of Dudley and Dame Shirley Bond
Past Patrons: Countess Sally Baldwin, Dr. John Raymond Christopher and Dr. Bernard Jensen

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“I experienced a new dimension of caring for myself
by slowing down, feeling and receiving information sensations
that brought me to a calm stillness in my spirit."
Rachel Silva, Philippines


Welcome students of Life, Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit

Heal Thyself. Care for Family. Serve the Community. Love Nature. Protect Life

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“I experienced a deep remembering of my innate wisdom,
of awakening to trust the divine within myself
with a profound feeling of connectedness.”
Priya Hallam, French Pyrenees

Evolutionary Module : Life Warrior Self Healing

Heal Thyself. Learn Life Skills.

Explore physical messages, emotional influences and cultural beliefs.

Understand your unique body, heart, mind and life purpose.

Iris analysis. Life Skills Education. Healing Diets Nutrition. Naturopathy Self Treatments.

Reverse chronic and acute symptoms. Health maintenance

Inner Ecology personal three months herbal
nutrient formulas, teas, flower essences.

Free Discovery 1/2 introductory conversation.

Mentored by Farida Sharan ND

Save $500 with discounted Study Materials + full Self Healing Module $1999.00

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“Farida dives deeply into the the moment,
allowing the teachings to unfold with spontaneity, laughter and divinity
to enliven a safe and nurturing healing field.

Jax De Coster, Gran Canaria

Evolutionary Module : Life Skills Awakening

Gain Wisdom & Skills to Achieve Life Goals

Experience the teachings to improve non-chronic health symptoms, diet.

Gain valuable naturopathy and herbal skills to assist life transitions and challenges.

Enhance quality of relationships, work, creativity, communication and life goals.

Experience a personal healing program.

Free Discovery 1/2 introductory conversation.

Mentored by Farida Sharan ND

Initial Consultation $99

Sliding Scale Discounted Study Materials & Individual Program Sessions

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“Farida's profound teachings took us to a place where healing occurs spontaneously and naturally.
The methods we learned transform everything we do in our lives.
I feel a real shift and a new level of understanding has emerged within myself.“
Suzanna Thelwall, UK


Graduates Thrive with Professional Studies

Serve the Community. Love Nature. Protect Life.

Naturopaths, Herbalists, Healing Diets Nutrition Counsellors, Longevity Coaches, Iridologists

Reflexologists, Essential Oils Therapists, Flower Essence Counsellors.

Online Courses, Self Healing Module, Immersion(s).

Become an authentic living example of truth teachings.

Gain confident expertise to assist seekers of health, wellness and healing.

Self Healing Module required for all Diploma Level studies.

Free Discovery 1/2 introductory conversation.

Self Healing Module + 1 Online Study Course or Discount Program

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“Farida takes teaching to a new dimension of holistic level of body, mind, spirt
that opened a new world of feeling beyond my mind
where I experienced heart opening."
Urska Loncnar, Slovenia

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Take a golden step forward with commitment to your highest potential.
Manifest your dreams with professional expertise embodied in self healing evolutionary wisdom.