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Healing-Diets-Stacey-Kaufman-HeartsHealing Diets training reminded me of the power of choice, the beauty of food and true healing nourishment. I felt joy in such sweet foods and I praised the Creator even more as He is my provider.

The class dynamic of all ages, from 17 years old to grandmothers, and a couple of guys, gave me a whole different view of how food and life affects different people on all levels. I learned how the choices we make DAILY affect everything in our lives, even into the distant future.

Just as we put many spices + herbs + veggies and more into our meals to create explosions of flavor and nourishment to our bodies, we as a community of Healing Diets Students come together with many more ‘natural health’ lovers come together to create a beautiful, healthy, flavorful array of life energy and truth than can bring nourishment to this dying world. It is a beautiful thing that is growing daily as we make the right choices.

Farida’s stories of helping people heal through changing diets, reflexology points, powerful herbs and polarity therapy and more encourages me. I realize I too am capable of these things as I learn and progress through life. Sharing each person’s life stories and situations is something that will stay with me. I have learned each person is a fractal in this world, both similar and different, and how important it is to work individually with each unique person.

Watching the Healing Cancer From the Inside Out DVD awoke me to the depth of deception of our food companies and our government. It breaks my heart that so many poor lives have been lost due to this deception and that so many people are taken advantage of. I will, from this point on, try my best to make others aware of this reality.

The herb walk with Brigitte Mars made me stand in awe of the beautiful wild foods we have been missing out on for so long, as they are loaded with disease fighting agents. Learning some of the Latin Names is a phenomenal thing as they point to deeper realities and meanings for each plan or family of plants.

I am becoming aware of how my body responds to foods, healthy or not, and situations, and how to move them through instead of waiting for them to pass. Healing Diets has been powerful for me, moving me through different stages of healing and detox.I will forever use the knowledge I have gained here.” Stacey Kaufman, Kansas, Healing Diets Diploma student


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