Herbal Medicine Online Student

Herbal Medicine Online Student

Herbal Medicine Online Student, Juan Yubero, from Malaga, Spain shares wildcrafting, and creation of herbal products & an herbal/dispensary for herbal assignments.

Creating an herbal pharmacy / dispensary is a uniquely personal process based on where you live, supplies, herb growing in the nature around you, what you can order or use.

Each student goes through the studies and assignments in their own time and their own way, and Juan’s love of herbs and hiking work well for him to explore, discover, harvest and create with enthusiasm, and live the teachings as he gains mastery.

Herbal Medicine Online StudentHerbal Medicine Online Student, Juan, is doing his thesis for the course on natural medicine and folk remedies in Spain in the 20th century.

He found one book called The History of Spanish Natural Medicine and one called Popular medicine and Healing Plants to begin his research as well as to explore the countryside to create a relationship with the living plants. He wildcrafts with his friends and the photo shows them collecting nettles, so good for the blood, iron nutrients and strength and health in winter.

Herbal Medicine Online StudentJuan’s wife shares his enthusiasm. She creates bags, see photo, with a printed label that the name of a specific herb can then be written in with a non-washable pen.

Herbal Medicine Online StudentFarida shares, “When I  moved to Cambridge, England from California in 1977, after studying with Dr. Raymond Christopher at Healing Waters in Arizona, I created my first herbal pharmacy / dispensary by collecting the glass jars from ‘sweet shops’ and drawing labels. I found a shelf in the Cambridge market and enjoyed the beauty of the colour and scents as I worked with them.

In 1981 I attended the Herbalist training with Dr. Christopher in Utah and then brought him to London, England to give a seminar. The next year we brought David Christopher and other teachers to Cambridge for a depth training when I was awarded soon after with a Master Herbalist Diploma.

Herbal Medicine Online StudentAs I preferred to dispense powders I ground them by hand, with my blender (had to continuously replace the blade). I used trash bag to mix the herbal ingredients into formulas and even more glass jars had to be found for the different formulas.

When clients started complaining about the heat in the Dr. Raymond Christopher formulas I was using, I began to adjust them. I realised his formulas had excess heat due to the fact that he had physical conditions that he needed for herbs for and so therefore a great understanding of them. Their presence in his formulas were more than most people needed.

Herbal Medicine Online StudentLater on when Dr. C’s son, David Christopher would not give me permission to use formulas, even adjusted ones, with credit of course, in my Iridology book, I created a complete system of herbal formulas in 1988 that are well proven nearly 30 years later. I have thanked David for that ‘no’ ever since. Often we do not know what we are capable of until we are forced by circumstance to try.

Herbal Medicine Online Student

Dr. Raymond Christopher & Farida Sharan 1091 Utah

I was guided by Dr. Edward Shook’s herbal books, and Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss  as that was my herbal bible for guiding me through self healing breast cancer in the early 1970’s (story of this is in my book Herbs of Grace–Becoming Independently Healthy.

Inquirers can begin Online Study at any time and progress at their own pace. Mentoring with Farida Sharan online supports the studies and develops a tutor relationship. The Online Course is enhanced by the Self Healing Module experience with taking your own personally blended herbal formulas and teas as well as flower essences. Inquire now on the Contact page. Enrol and become a home herbalist or a professional! Your life will be enriched and you will be well on your way to Becoming Independently Healthy.