Past Immersion Retreats

Past Immersion Retreats

Boulder, Colorado, USA | Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand | Algarve, Portugal | Torremolinos, Spain | Kew Gardens, London, Cambridge UK | Reykjavik, Iceland | Palwan, Philippines | Rincon, Puerto Rico | Ithica, New York | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Bangalore, India | Johannesberg, South Africa | Perth, Australia

Tao Thai 'Growing Younger' Immersion 2020

Tao Thai 2020 Students sharing an adventure at a waterfall on the highest mountain in Thailand.

Naturopathy Integrated Immersion Retreat
January 10th through February 7th 2020, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Orientation. Individual Self Healing Programs Creation; Advanced Self Healing Life Skills; Naturopathy Clinical Training and Consultation Expertise. Longevity Lifestyle Self Healing. Clinical Training Trainings. Weekends free. Cultural explorations include local bicycling, Doi Saket villages, temple visits, elephant tour, hot spring, Chiang Mai and other adventures. Small classes of maximum 10 or less students support personal Attention and dynamic Experiential multi-level learning with personal and informal group conversations with Farida, Reflexology, Self-Reflexology, Essential Oils, Iridology, Self Healing, Herbal Medicine, Healing Diets integrated studies enhanced by Chakras, Elements and Emotions Naturopathy Elements of Life healing processes.

Live in inexpensive garden bungalows with private bathrooms and kitchen. Create meals, eat out, hang out in cafes and a Juice Bar. Experience Taoist Spa bodywork and Pakua Medi-Spa treatments: acupuncture, colonics, chiropractic, nutritional IVs and oxygen therapies plus swimming, herbal steams, yoga, and Taoist and Chi Gong exercises.

Five Tao Thai students pause no the homestay path in sunset light as they head out for dinner.
Amber, Michelle, Jacob and Ruibo sitting on the dragon steps of a Doi Saket Temple near Chiang Mai.
Tao Thai Students gathering at a Table in the Bamboo Garden.

I Want To Be Free To Lighten Up
“I am here in the 'Growing Younger' Immersion to learn to communicate better, be a living example to inspire others and feel more free as I ‘lighten up’. I know that I need more fire in my voice, come out of my introverted self and expand with more interest in others as well as real more in life and lessen resistance.”
–Amber Page, Iridology Online, Self Healing, Australia

Need Guidance For Confidence to Begin
“I am here in the Immersion because to move forward through being open to receive the teachings and wisdom because I want to start working with clients and I need guidance how to make that happen. I need confidence to begin and would like to depart feeling ready to begin.”
–Michelle Horrocks, Healing Diets Online, Self Healing. Liverpool UK

Change Thinking And Behavior
“I am here to learn how to heal myself and how I can help others to heal with Naturopathy with the support of Farida and the whole group. Learning means changing thinking and behavior to achieve my goal and I would like to be fair open-minded, respect comments and recommendations and practice as much as I can. In the group I would like to support and be helpful anytime, anywhere as I build new habits and lifestyle to keep healthy and be a model for others. Most of all, to be well, with trust and confidence.”
–Yao Ruibo, Naturopathy student, Nanjing, China

Live A Life I Want to Live
“I am here to change the way I think as I am tired of living a life I no longer want to live. I need new eyes to see life in a different way so I can be healthy again. My goal is to be comfortable with my body free of pain as I find connectedness to the magic of life with inner peace, strength and a new way to view life. Everyone in the group is dedicated to this path with a strong passion and contributing the qualities I would like to have as a healing practitioner. Thank you for caring for us! I am happy and thankful to be here and experience the love and sharing."
–Eva Voros Sabet, Minnesota, USA

Everything I Need as a Naturopathy Student
"Tao Thai Growing Younger Naturopathy Immersion is the perfect immersion, location and timing with my own journey because personal Self Healing is mixed with treatments and the Clinical Training consultation practice classes ae everything I need as a Naturopathy student! This path cemented the true path of embodiment, no looking back, just upwards. On a personal note, I am going to start loving myself and my past with the love I feel on this path that gives me a deeper drive as a legacy to myself, my family, and clients. Thank you for being my teacher, I know in my heart I could not receive the truth you share anywhere else. You are a godsend to my life. Much gratitude and love,"
–Jacob Chenery, Naturopathy student, Norfolk UK 

Integrated Immersions Colorado. May 2019

Essential Oils. Reflexology. Therapeutic Anointing. May 2019

Eloretta Wedderburn from Jamaica experiencing bliss happiness after receiving a fragrant foot bath and therapeutic anointing with Young Living essential oils.

Students gather for the May Integrated Immersions
Aurora and Boulder, Colorado. May 2019
Eloretta Wedderburn from Jamaica, Kristina Wirz from Switzerland, Alisha Honore from Dominica, Edwin Luckoff Amador from Columbia as others arrive from New Mexico and Colorado, most intending the full program.

Essential Oils begins the Integrated Naturopathy Immersions followed by Iridology, Herbal Medicine and Healing Diets, 40 hours each for a total of 160 hours of professional training with Master Teachers, Heidi Jarvis NC, Brigitte Mars AHG, Dani Espinosa Mir, and Assistants, Amanda McNabb and Samantha Marshall joining me for the teaching workshops, classes, field trips and hands-on experiences..

Essential Oils 'Eyes of the Skin' Awaken Healing Transformation
The fundamentals of Reflexology and Essential Oils are introduced in all Integrated Immersions. Advanced trainings support you to discover your ability to ‘see’ with your eyes closed, to ‘know’ with your fingertips, 'open' your inner eyes to sense and feel living energy within yourself and others and recover your inherent ability for insight, intuition, sensory intelligence, emotional balance, and being present with profound parasympathetic relaxation.

In this wisdom field, Self Healing rises with ease into your natural being with gentle physical and energetic release with visions, memories, bliss and clarity direction. As contact with our world takes place at the boundary of our skin, when we return to the source of feeling communion in the sacred realm of profound connection, instincts return naturally and gift both giver and receiver relaxation into a field of wisdom and natural healing alignment within and without their being. Self Healing processes with medicinal Essential Oils for Trauma, Co-dependence and Emotional Healing prepare students to give and receive Vagus and Auricular and Raindrop Spinal Therapy therapeutic anointing treatment sessions.

Master a unique fusion of 20 dynamic touches combined with Essential Oils fragrant foot bathing. Ancient biblical and modern scientific information prove that Essential Oils affect our emotional non-verbal brain as they cleanse receptor cells, erase negative DNA programming, oxygenate and reprogram cellular function to enhance physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual shifts of healing consciousness. Farida Sharan ND used oils in practice and teaching since 1983 studies with French and British aromatherapists in London, England, and with Young Living Medicinal Essential Oils for over 15 years, including an experiential training at the Ecuador YLO Clinic with Gary Young.

Farida Sharan guides student to give natural therapeutic anointing touch to another student in a reclining chair.
Essential Oils student harmonious group radiates joy in strength with laughter.
Refelxolgy student uses lower arms on lower legs for calming slow movements.

Essential Oils Teaching Assistant May 2019 Essential Oils Training
"I am so grateful for you, and all that your school and knowledge has brought to my life as I look forward to another amazing day giving and receiving Essential Oils Therapeutic Anointing treatments. Receiving the gentle touch on the back of my neck, although simple and light, had profound and deep implications, as I had never felt so much comfort and support. This safety allowed me to open up and process some of the traumas I experienced as a child. I shared in the class that I had never felt that loved and secure before, and that the safety provided the space I needed to feel and release my past traumas. This too was a breakthrough! I absolutely loved being part of this class."
–Magda Lynn Sophia, Naturopathy student, Denver, Colorado

A Profound Immersion in the Sea of Bliss!
"During the Essential Oils class, I experienced a profound immersion in the sea of bliss! I intend to share these therapies as bliss is calming, peaceful, comforting and fulfilling. Thank you for my transformation during this Immersion, for motivating me to get rigid walls down and helping me change my thought patterns. I am going home a 'new' lady whose healing process has began so I can be the healed Healer. The major changes in my lifestyle were incubated and given birth through studies with my teacher Farida, my beloved, patient, kind and committed mentor.” 
–Eloretta Wedderburn, Healing Diets Nutritionist, Self Healing, Jamaica

The Entire Group Transformed
"Oh, how lovely the fragrance of Young Living medicinal essential oils, the calm and peace they bring within, the energy released, the emotions felt. What an experience thorough teachings of both theory and practice bodywork techniques on the healing effect of the oils on mind, body and soul.
I loved it all – Reflexology, foot bathing and the therapeutic sacred anointing. I enjoyed received the feeling of being whole, special and not overwhelmed with the burdens of the world. I felt comfortable with myself, no judgements, I am forgiven. Never have I felt so motivated. I have no doubt I am on the right path. My thoughts are clear, so many things revealed to me. The entire group transformed with their individual experiences and I am grateful to be part of this dynasty.”

–Alisha Honore, MD, ND student, Dominica

Herbal Medicine. Plant Communion. Body Systems. May 2019.

Herbal Medicine student foraging wild herbal food for a healthy meal in Colorado.

Herbal Medicine today is a fast growing field of creative endeavor. Students and graduates excel in private practice, growing and harvesting herbs, creating products, working for ethical companies, spas, health foods store and clinics, hosting booths at fairs, festivals and farmer’s markets, and supporting family, friends and community with simple, practical ways of Self Care with superior nutrients.

This multi-dimensional experiential study explores history, chemistry, plant communion, plant energetics, vibrational medicine, herbal naturopathy treatments, formula creation, pharmacy / dispensary skills, quality supplements, field trips for plant identification and wild crafting, body and organ systems, subtle energies, tinctures, salves, flower essences, extracts, decoctions, consultation, educating and supporting client skills, case studies, consultation skills, health program creation, educating and supporting clients as they progress through their self healing programs plus ethics, business & media skills.

Farida Sharan ND offers 40 years of clinical experience in a complete system of Natural Medicine utilizing personal Herbal Nutrient Formulas supported by and integrated with Iridology, Healing Diets, Naturopathy treatments, Reflexology, Essential Oils and Flower Essences for physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual uplifting and personal evolution toward highest potential life purpose.

Dame Shirley Bond MD invited Farida to practice in her London gynecological medical practice two days a week for years to receive referrals of female patients with infertility, menstrual and dysplasia conditions. Dr. Bond writes, "I never knew such tissue changes were possible." This proven clinical experience of women's medicine is part of the strong foundation of professional Naturopathy studies this school offers.

Dr. Shirley Bond, Countess Sally Baldwin, Viscount Lord Ednam now Earl of Dudley, Dr. Raymond Christopher and Dr. Bernard Jensen were patrons of the School of Natural Medicine International in the United Kingdom.

Heidi teaches Herbal Pharmacy in her approved dispensary in Colorado.
Student hands touching the temperature and completing an herbal poultice.
Eloretta grating ginger for a healing poutice.

Healing the Spirit and the Physical Body
"I love how the body's inner ecology mirrors the conscious healing power of plants and the emotions connected with each organ. I learned how an emotional or spiritual blockage can cause illness in the part of the body that corresponds to that feeling and that healing takes place in in the spirit as well as the physical body.”
–Mia Karnofsky, HM student, California

Enlightening. Helpful. Invaluable.
"Herbal Medicine inspires as I feel blessed to be able to learn from wise, knowledgeable teachers in experiential classes. The first day sparked excitement as we experienced treatments and their effect on us so that we can guide others. Running a business and pharmacy came alive as we explored practical realities and business skills. All the classes were enlightening, incredibly helpful and invaluable."
–Heather Higgins, Naturopathy student, Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado

Study of Effect of Emotions on Physical Organs
"In the first week we covered the relationship and affect of emotions of the physical organs; how to make Flower Essences and tinctures; how to create Herbal formulas in powder and capsule form; ethics of love, discipline and cleanliness in all dispensary processes; Herbal treatments; Naturopathy Elements of Life energies; and how to build a practice! I enjoyed identifying herbs, and learning their potencies and attributes.”
–Geoff Dack, HM student, United Kingdom

Hands on Learning in a Small Class
"Herbal Medicine was new to me so I opened my eyes and ears, observed and listened. Hands on learning in a small class made me feel comfortable to ask questions. The School Herbs of Grace dispensary / pharmacy / office gave me a model of what I'd like to do with my life as there is no better feeling than being able to genuinely help someone in need. My favorite was making the flower essence and experiencing communication with plants. I can't wait to continue learning and gaining as much knowledge as I can at the School of Natural Medicine."
–Kevin Sloma, ND student, California

Confidence to Choose Supplements
"I always avoided supplements because I was afraid of what they contained. I am glad I had fear because I could have been tricked by the label and ingredients listed on the brands. I am now more confident to choose quality supplements."
–Lamia, Mudarres, Essential Oils Therapist, Master Reflexologist, Saudi Arabia

Herbs Are A Precious Gift
“I smell. I taste. I touch. I see. I feel. Feeling starts the process. An herb is in front of me as I feel, see pictures, places, the herb tells a story. Nature calls and I get this sense that herbs heal just by being in their presence. Smell tells me so much. I smell earth, air, water and fire and feel the ether. Musty, sweet, salty, earthy, sun, wind and rain. Taste becomes a physical sensation in different parts of my body and my tongue. Tastes soothe, activate, stimulate. The more present and aware I am with an herb, the more it will tell me about itself. Give great thanks to the herbs. They are a precious gift.”
–Gabriel Riley, Nurse, ND student, New York

Energetic Signature of Plants
“I loved the hands on Herbal Naturopathy Treatments that bonded the class and made the theoretical practice of natural medicine come alive as we practiced, learned and laughed together! Deepening spirit connection withEssential Oils healing processes prepared us to tune into plant powders with taste, smell, feel and inner listening as we drew the plant geometry energetic signature so that we can understand its alleged healing properties at a deeper level. This seeing, sensing and knowing increased my confidence to communicate and work with plants on an energetic level.”
–Rebbecca Reeder, ND student, Colorado

Communion of Plant and Human Consciousness
“A fantastic experience! The tools I have learned exceeded multiple weeks of studying herbs. From confronting fears about herbs, how to run and sustain an herbal dispensary, formulating, harvesting and drying, principles of Herbal Medicine and more. When we focused on seven different mystery herbs and recorded everything we felt, smelled, saw or heard on both a physical and deep intuitive level, we experienced a communion between plant and human consciousness in a field of trust in divine subtle energies. The coolest part was most of us were close to identifying the herb, and everyone had deep inner knowing regarding the plant’s properties and principles.”
–Ana Mission, ND student, Colorado

Herbs Are Now Plant Friends and Healers
“Herbal Medicine is something I looked forward to since I found Farida Sharan’s School of Natural Medicine, and it is everything and more than I hoped for. Learning about the herbs and their energy and healing properties made me excited for my future with lovely plant friends as healers and teachers as I run my own own herbal pharmacy. The teacher's work, love and devotion strengthened my respect for herbalists healers and all the good work they do.”
–Julia Ilves, ND student, Colorado

Grounded Knowledge in Experience
“At the School Herbs of Grace farm and dispensary, we discovered herbs share their value wisdom you when you look, taste, touch and smell with gracious respect for their life force medicine. It takes devoted work to run an herbal dispensary as we learned from the grounded knowledge experience of a teacher vibrant with joy in her lifework.”
–Jennifer Kesic, Naturopath, Master Herbalist, BC, Canada

Confidence in the Healing Power of Herbs
“We have inner herbal power! I was amazed at my ability to ‘know’ an herb before knowing which one it was. My experience has been uplifting, giving me confidence in the immaculate healing power of Herbal Medicine.”
–Tasha Hanel HM student, Colorado

Iridology. Iris Photography. Iris Mandalas. May 2019.

Student creates an Iris Manada interpretation of her own blue irises to understand how her iris markings reflect her life experience.

One to One Mentoring study with Farida Sharan, worldwide renowned Iridologist and author of over 40 years clinical practice, research and mentoring original Online Courses with evolutionary experiential education takes students to new levels of professional integrated expertise of analysis and wellness programs.

Discover your Iris Print! Your iris is as unique as you are! Witness Iris changes as you experience purification, rejuvenation and transformation therapies to inspire your highest human potential enhanced by superior natural nutrients and Self Care Self Healing processes therapeutics. Become an advanced Iridology educator, practitioner and living example of wisdom understanding.

Students evolve as they explore their unique being through Iridology as they embody the life experiences of the language of Iris colors, textures and markings related to physical, heredity, constitution, cultural heritage, life destiny, emotional receptivity and life response dynamics as the different constitutional life processes improve relationship skills through compassionate understanding of life response and reactions, strengths and weaknesses and gifts yet to evolve.

Master abilities to educate, inspire and guide others to become Independently Healthy. Discover how Iris markings guide you to Reflexology and other energetic sources to educate and clear blockages. Awaken clarity to absorb and retain deep levels of understanding embodiment as you learn, grow, and evolve toward wisdom in experience.

Assistant Iridologist takes a photo of Edwin's irises with an Iridology digital camera.
Iridology student Edwin from Columbia looks at his own iris photos, teaching assistant Dani Espinosa shows him in her digial Iridology camera.
Iridology student, Alisha, looks at Debbie's irises with a magnifying glass and maglight.

Every Iris is Unique
"A positive thought of ‘imperfectly perfect’ opened in my mind when we analyzed each student’s Iris constitutional type. I discovered every Iris is unique, completely different, and having markings on my Iris is not because there is a problem or something is wrong. My Irises tell me about me and how I can best move forward to be the very best me I can be utilizing all the tools and skills I received in this Immersion to stay on the right track.”
–Rebbecca Reeder, Naturopathy Student, Colorado

MD Funded to Attend Immersion by Dominica Prime Minister
“The Prime Minister of Dominica helped me fund the full immersion when I met with him to receive a contribution. He was intrigued at the program and what I will be able to offer Dominica on completion. He wished me the best and hoped I can be his aid to natural healing one day. Thank you mentor, Farida, for helping me discover my purpose in my heart that no matter how hard the path, I will keep moving forward.The Iris Mandala creation was my first time drawing in my entire life and it brought out the child in me as well as my creativity."
–Alisha Honore, MD, Naturopathy student, Dominica

Iridology is a Vital Part of Health Care
"Iridology called me forth out of ignorance with high level Iris Analysis when I had my Iris photographed and analyzed. Iridology is a doorway to vast therapeutic approaches available for health awareness, recovery and maintenance and undoubtably a vital part of proper and complete health care. My appetite for more knowledge has expanded.”
–Eloretta Wedderburn, Naturopathy student, Jamaica

Grow a Community
"My Iridology Lymphatic Sensitive constitutional analysis describes me well as I am sensitive and became a nurse because of a strong desire to help others. I value harmony and work to live in a peaceful environment. As I now know my strengths, I can create my own path with a goal of helping others become independently and holistically healthy as I step out of my comfort zone to share what I learned in the Naturopathy Immersion and grow a community."
– Debbie Den Bleyker, Naturopathy Student, New Mexico

Healing Diets. Culinary Herbs. Foraged Foods. May 2019.

Healing Diets student, Edwin, Becca, Dani and Loni radiate smiles into the kitchen as students prepare energy soup.

Healing Diets Immersions offer hands-on practical experience, depth information and profound Self Healing processes. Gentle cleansing, detox, low glycemic foods, vegan, vegetarian, raw, living, organic foods supported by colon cleansing and Self Healing emotional process that stimulate release from habits, cravings, addictions and food disorders. Learn how to balance the five flavors and textures as you create superbly delicious attractive foods and drinks.

Create marinades, raw kale salads, liver cleanse drinks, fresh seed and nut milk smoothies, delicious nutritions salads layered with healing culinary herbs and spices, healthy replacements for All-American breakfasts, pizza, spaghetti, desserts – foods many love to eat but pay a price for later. Experience the power of Transitional food that combine raw dense grains, nuts and seeds nutrients with warm satisfying lightly cooked fruits and vegetables. You never need a recipe again as you understand food combining with a palette of ingredients that creatively work together.

Cultured raw vegan cheese, yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut and dehydrated foods replace mucus forming dairy products. Nourish with joy. Shop without confusion. Combine foods with five flavor wisdom, culinary medicinal herbs, spices and natural probiotics that create healthy digestion.

Understand the cause of chronic Illness and the influences of finances and politics on food production with harm to health, animals and the environment.

Explore Gerson, Wigmore and Cousens healing foods systems, juice fasting, and detox models. Develop skills for counseling and educating clients suffering from addictions and cultural habits. Prepare to be an evolutionary teacher, a living example, an inspiration, and an authentic guide for seekers of health, wellness and healing.

Edwin cuts the oranges and grapefruit for the liver cleanse drink.
Amber, Michelle, Jacob and Ruibo sitting on the dragon steps of a Doi Saket Temple near Chiang Mai.
Eloretta from Jamaica and Alisha from Dominica cut red peppers for the energy soup.

Herbal Culinary Mix Offers Supreme Medicinal Nourishment
“Making the culinary herbal mix of thyme, oregano, marjoram, basil, tarragon and rosemary in the Healing Diets classes to add to our class hands-on creations of smoothies, salads, soups and transitional meals of fresh organic quality vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and seed helped imbed this concept into my family meals at home. The multi five flavors, herbs and spices offer supreme anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial medicinal nourishment to our everyday foods."
–Rebecca Reeder, Naturopathy Student, Colorado

Nutritional Psychology, Guidance and Understanding
"I am the better for having the opportunity to fully immerse in Healing Diets to wake me up to a new level of information. Theory was wrapped in a blanket of emotional cravings and habits awakening and decorated with guidance counseling for the many subjects interwoven to embody Healing Diets. This tripartite of psychology, guidance and understanding needs to be supported throughout life."
–Eloretta Wedderburn, Naturopathy Student, Jamaica

Appetite is Less With Increased Energy and Alertess
The biggest change since the Immersion is increased energy and focus yet my appetite is less, in a good way. I’m satisfied with smaller portions with no desire to snack. I lost about 8 pounds as a consequence of all the benefits I received in Healing Diets and Herbal Medicine classes and feel more alert in the mornings."
–Debbie Den Bleyker, Naturopathy Student, New Mexico

Simplicity and Clarity With Positive Choices
"The Naturopathy Immersion Healing Diets class was an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of life, Farida. I am now following the five flavors balancing with my meals and feel amazing! So blessed to know you. My life feels as if I don’t feel the need to look for more as if I have everything I need. My world has shifted to confidence in who I am and what I am capable of becoming. I am naturally clearer with food choice simplicity and clarity with positive choices.”
–Loni Agnostinelli, Healing Diets, Colorado

Essential Oils Immersion Kew Gardens May 2018

Essential Oils students enjoy lounging on the bountiful grace of the Indian Bean Tree in Kew Gardens.

An unexpected invitation from my daughter, Bonny, to teach two inspiring weeks of Essential Oils and Healing Touch trainings in Kew Garden came as I was completing my Portugal Retreat. I adjusted travel plans and arrived on the Thursday as my daughter completed her Flower Essences training.

On Friday I met with the students and guided a Flower Essence creation day underneath the bounty of a majestic Indian Bean Tree. Though stark in the early spring with just beginnings of budding, the world beneath the bare branches was alive with spring flowers and past gifting from the life cycle of the tree. We stayed under the tree exploring its domain, discussing ideas and feelings from the potent energy as we shared our stories and got to know each other as we gathered old and new leaves, seeds and buds and created an essence in a clear glass bowl when the sun was high in the early afternoon

When we sipped the Flower Essence everyone remarked how delicious it was, described the warmth it gifted within and how it increased our connection with the tree. We bathed branches and the roots of the tree with the essence, then used the remainder to massage our feet. The beautiful photos of students lying on the branches and sharing their findings also documented the visit from a member of the Kew Board who had noticed our special day with the tree. She complimented our gifting and offering attention to the tree saying, 
"I wish more visitors would commune with the trees the way your group did today. Thank you." For me, it was a most wonderful way to meet the students before the the classes began on the Monday.

School of Natural Medicine UK Newsletter
SNM UK Director, Bonny Casel Melendy, writes about her Quantum Botanicals Summer School that included two inspiring weeks of Essential Oils and Healing Touch training with Farida Sharan's profound approach to connecting, inspiring and teaching! 

Students studied a range of healing processes with Essential Oils, including Vagus and Auricular Therapy, Raindrop Technique and Healing Touch Reflexology. 

A special thank you to Farida for teaching the two week Essential Oils and Healing Touch Immersion and sharing from her fountain of wisdom and experience. Students thrived during their studies with her." Bonny Casel Melendy

Rachel receives the Indian Bean Tree Flower Essence with laughter in the spring Kew Garden wild flower sunshine.
Student dropping Raindrop Essential Oils on the spine area.
Essential Oils Reflexology students enjoying lunch at tables outside Kew Garden health food store.

Healing Occurs Spontaneously and Naturally
“This week while experiencing Reflexology, Essential Oils and sacred touch with Farida took me to a place that is so deep and profound that healing seems to take place naturally and spontaneously. The methods she has given us will transform everything we do in our lives. I have been working with Essential Oils for so many years yet I have never really understood the mystical reality of the oils and the potential they hold for transformation. I am grateful for this teaching, as I feel a real shift and a new level of understanding has emerged within myself. I look forward to being able to share this with others."
–Suzanna Thelwall, ND student, UK

Allowing Teachings to Unfold as They Need To
“Farida is a breath of fresh air. Our sessions, though seemingly unplanned, dive deeply into what is in the moment, allowing the teachings to unfold as they need to and allow space for spontaneity, laughter and divinity to enliven our healing field. Farida’s no-nonsense way of being is refreshing and honest, holding up mirrors to each one of us to be able to see ourselves better. The classroom space felt safe, nurturing and desiring of of each person’s fullest potential. This has given me a glimpse of what I am sure is possible for me with more time and has left me wishing for more! Thank you Farida for the gift that is your presence and the beautiful dance you are dancing on this earth.”
–Jax De Coster, ND student, Gran Canaria

Deep Remembering of Innate Wisdom
"My experience during the Reflexology and Essential oils week was a deep remembering of my innate wisdom, of being held and awaked to trust in the divine within myself with a profound feeling of connectedness. I see the divinity in You and You see the divinity in me.”
–Priya Hallam, ND student, French Pyrenees

Opened a Whole New World for Me Beyond My Mind
“This Reflexology and Essential Oils training was not like any of the other many massage courses I have taken. Farida takes teaching touch to a completely other dimension, to a holistic level of body, mind and spirit that opened a whole new world for me beyond my mind. On the Anointing day I experienced my heart opening when giving and when receiving. Reflexology becomes this beautiful experience in which the person receiving and a person giving the experience grow immensely.”
–Urska Loncnar, ND student, Slovenia

Awakened My Soul to Appreciate Gifts Given
“I came to this Reflexology and Essential Oils Immersion to find myself and get a clear sense of purpose in the life path to free myself from attachment, be more self aware of my being, and to understand how God created me for a purpose. Here I learned to go back to the source of everything and appreciate my Life’s purpose. Tuning feeling and touching and receiving information from different sensations awakened deep communication in my being. Slowing down with the treatments soothed my feelings into calmness and stillness in my spirit, where I long to commune. What a magical experience to hear and understand what our body is telling us from different points in our feet that are connected to our body organs in our physical body.”
–Rachel Silva, ND student, Philippines.

Reconnect with the Simplicity of Touch, Energy and Empowerment
“Reflexology, Therapeutic Anointing, Essential Oils, Self Healing processes, and the stories of Farida’s Self Healing and Case Studies together with the walks in Kew Gardens gave me the opportunity to push through physical pain and disillusionment with life to learn to reconnect with the simplicity of touch, energy and empowerment in life in support myself and others.”
–Caroline Bond, London, UK

Portugal Integrated Immersion May 2018


A surprise invitation from Maureen Robertson brought me to The Herbal Path Melllilotus Farm in Lagos, Algarve Portugal in the beautiful May spring, of 2018.

Mornings begin with exploring the Irises of the Eye, windows of body, emotions, mind and spirit, reveal on all levels of being, the heredity of strengths and weaknesses, emotional response processes and life potential, and gift inspirational educational self knowledge. Each student learns about their irises and the relationship of their unique patterns to Herbal Medicine. These teachings form the foundation of ancient Naturopathy wisdom merged with epigenetic DNA science to awaken the potential of our life in the temple of our living spirit!

Mystic Yoga Chakras, Elements of Life and Body System Emotions
The experiential teachings Mystic Yoga Weaving of the Chakras and the Inner Ecology of our emotions, our senses of smelling, tasting, seeing, touching, speaking and listening, our physical body and organ systems, with the Elements of Life – Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether movements that create the Outer Ecology of the nature that sustains us with herbs, plant foods and vibrational medicines such as essential oils, flower essences and homeopathy. The Elements of Life are honored foundations of all systems of natural medicine from the beginning of time except for modern scientific medicine.

Becoming Independently Healthy
Emotional healing processes integrate personal evolutionary energetic evolution in the evenings with nature walks, music and conversation. Five days teachings with 8 plus students, and informal time in the gardens, on walks and with personal consulting and iris analysis time.

When I arrived Jose was completing the teaching temple to hold the dances and class gatherings. Maureen guided me through fragrant herbal gardens and showed me a small cabin to be my home for the next ten days.
The location is naturally beautiful with gardens and buildings resonant with balancing the energetics we experience in our elemental inner ecology exploration with the glorious herbal outer ecology.

Staff created amazing vegetarian vegan meals three times a day, most welcome in the crispy cold mornings and a delight outside on the porch during sunny warm early afternoons and golden sunset evenings. A delightful visit crowned by an herbal sea walk and surprise visits from other local herbal teachers to add to the hospitality of this joyful retreat center.

Student analysis of own iris with a 10x magnififer.
Maureen Robertson and Jose Melo invited Farida Sharan to The Herbal Path gardens retreat center to present the dances of the Elements of Life and Iridology and Natural Medicine teachings.

Tao Thai 'Passport to Wisdom' Immersion 2018

Farida Sharan withher arms around four Growing Younger Immersion 2018 students in Tao Garden, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Naturopathy 'Passport to Wisdom' Immersion Retreat
January 2018, Tao Garden, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Three weeks of living in Tao Garden in a spacious room with private bathroom, garden view, a tea station, healing foods of fresh juices and raw and lightly cooked fruits and vegetables. Choose your selection of supreme Taoist treatments of Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage, Karsi Nei Tsang, colonics, supported by nutritional IV's, swimming, herbal steams, Tai Chi, Chi Gong morning exercises, healing sound meditations evenings and much more.

Shift pain from something to medicate with alcohol or drugs and escape from with entertainments or indulgences. Facing the reality of pain, taking responsibility, asking for support as you learning therapies begins the path to co-creating health and vitality with your body throughout your life.

Join the fasting / detox program they offer at Tao Garden with fresh juices (greens balanced by pineapple, green apple, papaya), plus herbal and vitamin supplements, and teas, probiotics and chlorophyll drinks throughout the day.

Self Reflexology, Reflexology, Essential Oils, Elements of Life dances, Chakras Elements and Emotions Emotional Healing Processes, Lotus teachings, DNA Karma and Choice teachings, Mystic Yoga, Building a practice, business or become a teacher of the healing arts with classes devoted to appearance, photography, websites, media, vision statement, and more.

Lisa Wehunt enjoyingSelf Reflexology by the stream in Tao Garden.
Summer, Lisa, Samantha, Charlene 2018 Tao Garden students with Farida on a path under a tree.
Summer Tori plays with warrior god painting in Tao Garden Chiang Mai.

Holding the Space for Me to Love Myself Beyond Fear
"Opportunities for transformation in grace and love at our Growing Younger Immersion in Tao Gardens Chiang Mai Thailand with Farida Sharan as a most beautiful guide, mentor, teacher, and beloved companion. I thank you from the deepest well of gratitude for your patience, kindness, wisdom and the love that enlightens me. Thank you for holding the space for me to love myself beyond fear so I may receive the abundant support of universal energies in the company of other sacred souls. I honor you as you have honored me, with so much love and soo many blessings.”
–Samantha Marshall, Essential Oils Therapist, Master Reflexologist, Colorado

To Live a Life I Love to Live in a Healthy Simple Way
"Tao Garden Integrated immersion is one of the best and most important decisions I have ever made. Learning was a weaving of connection with each student, scheduled classes with Farida's wisdom, Elements of Life dances, clinic treatments and individual time for absorbing each day's gifts. We prepared with Self Healing and Healing Diets and now we nourish ourselves with fresh juices, herbal teas, good water and clean food enhanced by the beauty of the flowers and trees of Tao Garden. Swimming, sunshine, walks, bike rides, Tai Chi, yoga and herbal steams support our personal healing.

I have shifted since my arrival. Strengths found, weaknesses revealed with the chance to shine light into the darker places. Farida's teaching reaches deeply, beckoning us to evolve into the unique unbridled soul life within. Each day expanding and contracting between balance in now moments when physical symptoms arise as my body, emotions and energies detoxify, align and clear. Colonics accompanied by Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage encourage deep cleansing. Chiropractic opens and aligns my bones allowing energy to flow freely as a torn rotator cuff heals with acupuncture support.

My eyes clearer and shine brighter as I faithfully take my herbs to support detoxification. Inspiration gleams though Farida's insights and wisdom as I learn more deeply how to support and assist my own living body. Seeing all as alive within, I feel light and clear.

Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether dances inspire awareness of the living energies at work and play in constant motion within. We explore the negatives as the positives weave into my personal life. The journey of truth teachings gifts me personal strength and power to become a passionate warrior to bring my personal gifts into each day and live a life I love in a healthy and simple way so that I can tread lightly on mother earth, never forgetting to listen to the daily rhythms within. Thank you Farida, my dear teacher."
– Lisa Wehunt, Master Reflexologist, Healing Diets, Self Healing, Boulder, Colorado

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