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Healing Arts Students, Graduates, Teachers & Practitioners

Doctors, Nurses, Yoga Teachers, Counsellors, Corporate Leaders,

Seekers of Truth, Health, Wellness & Healing

Passport to Wisdom Professional Trainings with Farida Sharan ND

Self Healing Embodiment of Wisdom Teachings

Immersions CalendarImmersions Calendar

International Integrated Naturopathy

Temple of the Body Lotus Teachings


Immersion Credited toward Naturopathy / Natural Medicine Certificates & Diplomas


Immersions Calendar


Phuket, Thailand – September 2017

One on One

Evolutionary Educational Self Healing Sessions

Gain Life Skills for health, wellness, healing and longevity in a natural oceanic setting.

Create nutritious healing foods, receive Iris Analysis, Self Healing program creation.

Receive Essential Oils Treatments Reflexology sessions.

Mystic Yoga.

Understand ThySelf. Heal ThySelf. Love ThySelf

Immersions Calendar


Siem Reap, Cambodia


Radiance shining from the inside out.

October 2018

Palm Garden Villas

Exploring ancient temples, delicious vegan / vegetarian foods.

One on One Self Healing sessions enhanced by group processes.

Master professional consultation and communication skills.

 Design and a create a uniquely personal clothing with exquisite textiles.

Immersions Calendar


Chiang Mai, Thailand – 9 – 30 January 2018

A deep dive into committed purification, regeneration and transformation at Tao Garden Retreat.

Colonics, Taoist bodywork, exercise, herbal steam, cutting edge therapies, supreme food and drink.

Epigenetic Detox. DNA evolutionary transformation with profound Lotus Mystic Yoga Teachings.

Self Healing enrolment and preparation required.

Choose one or two week sessions during this time period.

Immersions Calendar



March – India

Kovalum, Kerala, Ayurveda, oceanic and yoga explorations.

 Immersions Calendar


Chakras, Elements & Emotions Mystic Yoga Teachings

Foundation of ancient and modern Traditional Medicine

With Farida Sharan in Torremolinos, Spain

April 2018

Naturopathy School Calendar

Immersions Calendar

“I bow in gratitude for the honour to call you my teacher.
So much love and respect! Divine beauty love and gratitude.” Hayley Porter, Graduate
Photo in the Air Element Process that awakens a compassionate unconditional love experience of presence.

Elemental processes open the field for embodied accelerated learning.

Immersions Calendar

Immersions required for Diploma graduation.

Integrates the full system of Natural Medicine to enhance embodiment of the teachings.

Opens the field for embodied accelerated learning & evolutionary healing.

Receive the gifts from each element to enhance your life & work.

Immersions Calendar

Naturopathy Immersion Schedule

Monday 12 noon – Earth Element – Transforming the Roots of Fear Into Flowers of Courage

Self Healing Process followed by exploration of Reflexology & Essential Oils skills.

Tuesday 12 noon – Water Element – Emotional Evolution to Depth Feeling Knowing Wisdom

Self Healing Process exploration of Essential Oils Raindrop, Vagus & Auricular skills.

Wednesday 12 noon – Fire Element – True Nourishment Transforms Habits, Desires, Addictions

Self Healing Process + exploration of the emotional connection between Healing Diets & Flower Essences.

Thursday – 12 noon – Air Element – Perception Transformation, Receiving the Gifts of the Elements

Self Healing Process Integrates Iridology, Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine.

Friday – Ether Element – Focusing, Practice & Consultation Skills

Saturday & Sunday Self Healing Processes

Releasing the Pain Body, Life Skills, Iris Analysis

Self Healing embodiment of the complete system of Natural Medicine:

Iridology, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Healing Diets, Essential Oils, Flower Essence, Self Healing.

Travel: Arrive 2 days before class begins for optimum experience.

Intro: Sunday evening Introduction Session

Travel, Accommodation & Food is not included in the Tuition

Classes: 12 noon start for variable afternoon and evening

Immersions Calendar

Requirements for Attendance: Enrolled students participating in Online Course(s) & Self Healing

Tuition: $1900 US$ PayPal or equivalent in sterling, includes: Saffron tea, Essential Oils & Flower Essences.

Deposit: $600 US$ PayPal or equivalent in sterling, Non-Refundable commitment.

Hotel or AirBnB: Reserve in advance for single or shared rooms.

Immersions Calendar

Understand Thyself

Pure Naturopathy explores the mystery of life with respect for the natural laws of life.

Elements of Life weave the world, the bodies we live in and the nature that nourishes us.

Elements of Life form the foundation of all systems of medicine the world has ever known except modern medicine.

Elements of Life unify, harmonise & strengthen confident creativity.

Immersions Calendar

Immersions Calendar

“Thank you for opening up to me and bringing me into your school. Life has been going really well for me.
I started a business and the life lessons & wisdom you shared helped get me to where I am today.” Kevin Sloma, California

Immersions Calendar

Tuition includes Essential Oils, Flower Essences, herbs, Saffron Tea

Elements of Life  prepare students to receive accelerated learning experiences.

Small Classes enhance dynamic interaction & personal attention.

Students attend at all levels, as new students, as teaching assistants or advanced Clinical Training graduates.

Immersions Calendar

“I feel humbled by the Immersion as it was a gift and a blessing to connect with the grief in my soul beneath my rage
I now choose to accept my shadow and who I am as strength and a positive influence on the world.” Radha Shivagiri, Graduate

Immersions Calendar

Experience Elemental Evolutionary Self Healing Processes

Elements of Life, earth, water, air, fire and air, weave the world we live in,

the bodies we inhabit and the nature that sustains us.

Elements of Life correlate to the Chakras and Physical Body Systems:

Earth skeletal/muscles, water urinary/reproductive, fire digestion/energy,

air nervous/respiratory/circulatory, ether endocrine/senses.

Elements of Life resonate with Emotional Passions:

Earth fear to instinct, Water lust to respect, Fire anger to humour,

Air greed to unconditional love, Ether grief to spiritual longing.

Elements of Life synchronise with Meridians & Toes / Fingers Body Zones:

Earth to little toes & fingers, Water next, Fire middle, Air to pointers, Ether to thumb & large toes.

Elements of Life affect us through taste:

Earth sweet, Water salty, Fire spicy, Air soul, Ether bitter.

Experiencing Elements of Life energies within your unique being  inspires ‘gnosis’ illumination.

Awareness of the Elements of Life accentuates your natural gifts, inherent wisdom & evolution of consciousness.


Immersions Calendar Immersions Calendar


Immersions Calendar

Immersion Application for School of Natural Medicine International

with Farida Sharan ND

Terms & Conditions For Integrated Immersion Applicants

This is a sample of the Application Form NOT an interactive Online Form.

Use the Contact Form to inquire and the Application Form will be emailed to you with full enrolment instructions.

Immersion Applications are accepted by the School of Natural Medicine International (SNM) when the Application form and the Deposit payment is received for the Immersion choice or choices after an Enrolment Process where the applicant confirms they have read all the information, asked questions and agreed to commit to the experience and professional training enhanced by Self Healing & Healing Diets in the evolutionary educational teachings of the School of Natural Medicine.

A Deposit of $600 US is required to reserve a place in an Immersion and the balance of Tuition is due and payable 8 weeks in advance of each Immersion. I agree and honour that Deposits, Tuition, Self Healing, Mailing and Lab Fees,  are non-refundable. Application is an agreed commitment.

I, the applicant, ______________________________________agree to the Terms and Conditions of commitment, deposits and payment of balances due, as described on this form, and confirm that my personal information submitted and on the Application are true, and that I am of legal age and have full authority to apply and pay for the Immersion choice.

I also agree to uphold respectful communication and privacy to other students, teachers in the Immersion groups as well as to honour financial agreements and participate positively with commitment and passion to professional study and Self Healing.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions of payment choice(s) listed on this Immersion Application form and understand that the full amount is due to SNM before the Immersion, and that all interest or fee charges re payments are my responsibility and that the full amount of Tuition is due to SNM.

I understand Terms & Conditions agreed to on any previous Application forms continue and apply with any new application. As a new student I understand Terms & Conditions agreed to here continue and apply to all further enrolment. I complete the full Application process on this Immersion Application form and agree to all Terms & Conditions with the following signature and personal information:

Applicant Signature _____________________________________________________ Date__________________________



_____________________________________________________________ZIP/Post Code____________________________

Country_________________________________________________ Mobile ____________________________________

Telephone:_______________________________________________ Skype:_____________________________________

DEPOSITS FOR IMMERSIONS @ $600 per Immersion $____________________

Immersion Choice:______________________________________ Date___________________ $____________________

Immersion Choice:______________________________________ Date___________________ $____________________

PAYMENT CHOICE __________________________________ TOTAL DUE $____________________

SIGNATURE ________________________________________________________ DATE ___________________________

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