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Life Skills Advance Self Healing

 Who is Your Future Self?

Life Skills Advance Self Healing

Life Skills Advance Self Healing

Life Skills Create Your Future Self

Welcome Seekers of Truth, Light & Wisdom 

Life Skills Advance Self Healing
“I treasure our connection, exchanges and unified heart friendship. I trust you. I honour you.
Thank you for creating true friendship, love and support! I choose to water the flowers of your gifts.”
Hayley Porter: Teacher/therapist/graduate superbly utilising Life Skills to live love in action; Boulder, Colorado
Life Skills Advance Self Healing

Know Thyself

Discover your true self as you transform all that no longer serves you.

Become a student of your unique life, body, mind, heart & soul.

Learn skills to enhance natural gifts as you overcome fears, habits & wounds resisting creative prosperity.

Enjoy confident, clear communication that expresses who you are & what you wish to achieve.

Journey from Life Skills to Love Thyself with Life Purpose on a path of conscious choice moment to moment.

 Inquire to participate in Life Skills Mentoring sessions with Farida Sharan.

Life Learning

Life Skills Advance Self Healing

“I am a different person than when I enrolled. The studies and Self Healing are the reason I smile in my life, work & practice.”
 Juulia Ilves: Master Herbalist student, massage therapist, movement teacher, private practice, workshops.

Life Skills Advance Self Healing

Prepare Thyself

Envision your goals & choose the steps you need to take to achieve them.

Awareness of choice skills evolves as you move toward deeper commitment of Life Healing.

Clarity explores ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Discrimination informs whether a choice takes you to your Life goals or not.

Participate in mentoring to discover, explore & awaken your inner Life as you learn communication skills.

Use Life Skills tools to gain the confidence to transform Life challenges into Life opportunities.

Life Healing

Life Skills Advance Self Healing

“Farida Sharan’s School of Natural Medicine quite simply changes your life into a creative art form!
Self Healing is a spiritual path that inspired mastering my strengths & strengthening weaknesses to transform my life.”
Nichola Roche: Graduate ND MH MIr: Evolved career as Manager Rasayana Bangkok Spa & Akasha Spa, London.

Life Skills Advance Self Healing

Heal Thyself

Choose Self Healing Module commitment to create abundant health & wellness.

Develop abilities to to release past influences & the enthusiasm to create harmonious life habits.

Embody the teachings with purification, rejuvenation & transformation processes.

Iris photos above reveal positive brightening & clearing of the Irises from Self Healing.

Iris Print records shifts in body, mind, heart, spirit during Self Healing personal evolution.

Life Path

Life Skills Advance Self Healing

“Fear is no longer welcome. I must be the change our Mother Earth needs in order to survive. I want to empower others to be the change.”
Amy Spadafora: Graduate ND MH MIR  Harmonic Infusions tea & herb company, private practice, workshops, Waldorf teacher.
Son, Liam, aged 6, loves to juice, make smoothies, & garden as a prince in the wonderful world his parents create for him.

Life Skills Advance Self Healing

Become Thyself

Select Natural Medicine professional studies to enhance your Life Path.

Online Study & Immersion Certificate/Diploma trainings integrate dreams & goals into your life & work.

Prepare to achieve & receive a respected position to gift the world with work you love.

Embody truth teachings to inspire, educate & guide seekers of health, healing & wellness with authentic wisdom.

Naturopathy/Natural Physician, Herbalist, Iridologist, Healing Diets, Reflexology, Essential Oils & Flower Essences.

Life Work

Life Skills Advance Self Healing

“I am slowly blazing my path of truth!  My Online Shop is connecting me with people from all over the country seeking healing.”
 Miranda Palmer: Graduate HM HD, advanced Naturopathy student, creating Mountain Roots Medicine Online.

Life Skills Advance Self Healing

Live Thyself

Create the Life Work you love to live.

Receive ongoing support in Immersion trainings & Online Study to establish or upgrade your lifework.

Create your vision statement, business name, logo & website & master social media, newsletters, advertising & email.

Establish a legal company, banking, accounting with a satellite team of teachers & consultants.

Explore pathways to share your unique work in lectures, workshops, festivals, private practice, clinics & online.

Life Purpose

Life Skills Advance Self Healing

 “I am learning to go with the ebbs and flows of life. 
The less I resist & the more I embrace change, the easier it is to navigate,
 as I now know I am fully capable of finding the balance of my studies while I take care of those I love.”
MadgaLynnSophia: Advanced Naturopathy student attended Immersions & accomplished Self Healing as a mother of a young son.

Life Skills Advance Self Healing

Love Thyself

Students & graduates retain warm connections with Farida Sharan, teachers, fellow students & graduates.

Advanced students attend Immersions as Teaching Assistants at no cost for teacher training.

Self Care Life Skills move you forward on a continuum of personal evolution & spiritual awakening.

Inspire seekers of health, wellness & healing as a living example of the teachings.

Become a true Human Being alive to the gift of your LIFE!

Inquire for participation in Life Skills Mentoring sessions with Farida Sharan.

Life Skills Advance Self Healing

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