Natural Physician

natural-physician-school-of-natural-medicine-elisa-badiiNatural Physician student, Elisa Badii, from Tuscany, enrolled in the Natural Physician Diploma course with the School of Natural Medicine UK in January, 2015. She was raised in the nature of Tuscany and has always had a deep respect for plant medicine.

Elisa is enrolled in the School of Natural Medicine UK Summer Intensive II in Devon in July. She joins students attending the Summer Intensive where classes focus on Healing Diets, Essential Oils Training & Reflexology.

Elisa shares her history and what drew her to study the Natural Physician Diploma Course:

“My family always had a really close connection to nature. My grandparents lived in the countryside in Tuscany, Italy, for most of their lives. They used local natural resources to treat family and friends, as it was (and still is) common practice in the countryside.

I learned from my grandmother how to draw upon natural remedies for health since childhood and that approach stayed with me ever since. I’m inspired by nature and its ability to heal the body and the mind, and I’d like to gain in-depth knowledge on the medicinal qualities of herbs and plants and their practical application.

In 2012 I attended an Ayurveda nutrition course with Dott. Sonal Bhatt during a yoga retreat in Canada. I learned a lot about the uniqueness of an individual, and how food can be a very effective medicine.

I would like to combine natural medicine with other practices and approaches that I have been exploring such as yoga, Ayurveda, psychology, and nutritional therapy. I would like to set up my own clinic, and guide & support my clients through their journey to re-gain their balance and health.”