naturopath-graduate-maggie-knauer-lotus Naturopath Graduate, September 2014, Maggie Knauer, shares her experience of Self-Healing transformation during her Naturopathy studies. Originally from Vermont, Maggie now resides in Steamboat Springs, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where she is presently working in an herb store as she builds her practice, teaching and professional vision.

“I entered the School of Natural Medicine with the intention of studying, and have come out four years later with a whole new life!

After Flower Essences, my first class, I was hooked when I learned that the root of disease starts with the emotions. Flower Essences helped me find and resolve old wounds, blocks and ingrained misinformation that was stored in my cells. This paved the way to a more truthful and authentic outlook and much-improved health.

Healing Diets was the basis for my Self-Healing program. You ARE what you eat! If you want to feel alive, eat live food. It is as simple as that!

Iridology not only showed me the body is the iris, but also the soul. As a born skeptic (“Prove it!”), I was happily surprised to discover Iridology is in fact a true science, with factors regarding health and disease pathways, information about acute and chronic illnesses, and even understanding of predisposition to personality traits clearly shown in specific parts of the irises. Even so, I get lost in people’s irises, silently being told the stories of their lives.

In Herbal Medicine classes, I learned to connect deeply with plants and their energies, essences and healing properties. I learned to quiet and truly listen to a plant, hearing what it had to teach. This deepened my love and understanding of the plant world, which has always been a huge part of my life. Herbal nutrients also provided strong healing in my inner ecology, assisting my Self-Healing process.

naturopath-graduate-maggie-knauer-lupinsSchool of Natural Medicine is unique. Not only did I learn the information I needed to practice Natural Medicine in a Colorado State of Higher Education approved training, but I also delved deeply into my own self. Facilitated by small classes, individual attention and experiential learning, together with the emotional work and learning how to share, dialogue, question, Farida taught us by example of how to get to the crux of an issue by continuing to ask questions until the truth is revealed.

I have faced my fears, I overcame my resistance to opening up and trusting, and have been rewarded an infinitum. I developed the courage and found clarity to end a relationship that was no longer seving me. This resulted in freeing myself to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

The future is mine to create. With much gratitude, ” Maggie Knauer, ND MH MIr HDD, Steamboat Springs, Colorado – Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist, Healing Diets Counselor, Essential Oils Therapist, Flower Essence Practitioner, Master Touch Reflexologist Graduate September 2014