Naturopathy Chakras Elements Emotions

naturopathy-chakras-elements-emotionsNaturopathy Chakras Elements Emotions Immersions was a profound class of connection & depth that affected me on many levels.

Naturopathy Chakras Elements Emotions gave the opportunity to experience the living energies of Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether , each offering a connection & depth that is beautiful. Realizing each Element has a positive & negative & balance is enlightenment.

Earth Element: These movements to the pounding drum rhythms created many sensations, first the feeling of being tired. Then as I let myself go with the music I experienced pulsing, light and some dizziness from the energy my body was receiving. My left hip awakened in pain which I had a hard time releasing. Stiffness and numbness collecting in my hands released as our hands extended upwards and out. Opening the body to different movements brought me awareness of blockages that need release.

naturopathy-chakras-elements-emotionsWater Element: I felt the need to get to a place of no control, a need to change movements so as not to become a rigid pattern. Then I felt I was getting in touch with stiffness of years or a lifetime of trapped energy. This feeling settled in my throat and head.

Then I heard the words –“ I really hate it when you drink coffee!

At the end of the Water Element, when resting, I felt comfort in the fetal position.

I found that the Elemental movement experiences lead to understanding from within & outside ourselves, bringing balance & compassion, not only for ourselves but to the world.” Christie Sharon, Naturopathy student, Aurora, Colorado

Profound Self Healing releases patterns of holding by evolving through with creative natural movements combined with conscious participation. Especially in the Earth Element we move beyond resistance, fatigue and blockages to renew, release and rejuvenate. Christie is deeply involved in her Self Healing and this class helped her attain new levels of understanding and physical awakening. By the end of the weekend, and the experience of the Fire, Air & Ether Elements, balance, calm completion was achieved. Experiencing the energies, learning the skills to master them, becoming aware of them in your life is a big step to becoming independently healthy.