Upcoming Immersion Retreats

Upcoming Immersion Retreats

Master Herbalist Immersion

Boulder, Colorado - 2021 Dates To Be Announced

Master Teacher, Marco Chung-Shu Lam BA MSc LAC, teaches Herbal Medicine in his clinic herbal pharmacy dispensary.
Brigitte Mars, AHG, Professor, Author, teaches Master Herbalist, honored teacher at the School of Natural Medicine for over 30 years.

Brigitte Mars AHG and Marco Lam BSc LAC

Brigitte Mars AHG
Extended hour immersion days with Brigitte Mars, renowned herbalist, author, living and raw foods educator, wild foraging and gathering, and Lifestyle Living Example educator.

Marco Lam BA BSc LAC
Extended 8 hr day with Master Herbalist, Marco Lam, exploring Rocky Mountain meadow and forests, herb and plant based wild food field trips, pharmacy product creations and integration of Chinese and Western Medicine philosophy.

First Week – Brigitte Mars and Marco Lam

May 25: Monday: Brigitte Mars: Experience Herbal treatments, poultices, packs, and receive teachings of supportive self therapies for cleansing, detox, acute and chronic care. 10 hrs

May 26: Tuesday: Marco Lam: Energetics of Chinese Medicine Elements; tongue and pulse analysis; herbal pharmacy dispensary. 8 hrs

May 27: Wednesday Free Day

May 28: Thursday: Brigitte Mars. Create, taste and enjoy the medicinal values of Culinary Herbal Mixes; Spices; Superfoods. Marinades. Kitchen Medicine. 10 hrs

May 29: Friday: Brigitte Mars. Denver Botanical Gardens Vibrational Subtle Energetics. Flower Essence Gestures; sacred Geometry of plants, Plant Signatures. 8 hrs

Second Week – Two Days With Brigitte Mars AHG

June 1: Monday: herbal walks; foraging wild foods; preparing wild foods; enzymes; cultured foods. Preparing a meal and drinks; sustainable natural lifestyle skills; herb signatures, plant energetics and more. (10 hour day). Central Boulder address plus field trips, and herbal and foraging walks.

June 2: Tuesday: herbal walks; plant identification; foraging wild foods; preparing wild raw and gently cooked foods; color healing chakras, sexuality, flower essences and more. (10 hour day

June 3: Wednesday Free Day – June 3: Wednesday: Free Day: Book in advance appointments with Marco and Brigitte. Boulder Market. Explore and adventure in amazing Boulder and on hiking trails.

Second Week – Two Days With Marco Lam LAC

June 4: Thursday: Garden as Healer. Ecology of the home garden. Plant medicine. Culinary herbs. Garden to Clinic. Integrating professional ethics with affordable and accessible health care. Pharmacy tour. (8 hour day).

June 5th: Friday: Forest as Healer. Flower essence testing. Wild crafting ethics. Herbal walk. Chinese Medicine elemental system with emotional correlations. Chi Gong energetics. (8 hours) Rocky Mountain hike.

Students and Graduates Share Herbal Medicine Immersions

Healing the Spirit and the Physical Body
"I love how the body's inner ecology mirrors the conscious healing power of plants and the emotions connected with each organ. I learned how an emotional or spiritual blockage can cause illness in the part of the body that corresponds to that feeling and that healing takes place in in the spirit as well as the physical body.”
–Mia Karnofsky, HM student, California

I Feel Blessed to Learn from Wise Knowledgeable Teachers
"Herbal Medicine inspires as I feel blessed to be able to learn from wise, knowledgeable teachers in experiential classes. The first day sparked excitement as we experienced treatments and their effect on us so that we can guide others. Running a business and pharmacy came alive as we explored practical realities and business skills. All the classes were enlightening, incredibly helpful and invaluable."
–Heather Higgins, Naturopathy student, LMT, Colorado

Grateful to Hear a Teacher Share Her Self Healing Experiences
"Herbal Medicine class was enlightening because it made me think about visualizing myself as a practitioner. I'd love to have a 'Farm-acy' one day. Holy Moly! Lots of information! What a great class! I am grateful to hear a teacher share Self Healing because it inspired me to deepen my commitment to my own program to be the best I can be! I now have a plan to move forward with embodied Online Studies, Self Healing and Case Studies."
–Radha Shivagiri, ND student, Colorado

Ethics of Love, Discipline, Cleanliness in the Herbal Dispensary
"First week we covered relationship affect of emotions of physical organs; Creating Flower Essences and tinctures; Making Herbal formulas in powder and capsule form; Ethics of love, discipline and cleanliness in all dispensary processes; Herbal treatments; Naturopathy Elements of Life energies; How to build a practice! I enjoyed identifying herbs, and learning their potencies and attributes.”
–Geoff Dack, HM student, United Kingdom

I Felt Comfortable to Ask Questions in a Small Class
"Herbal Medicine was new so I opened my eyes and ears, observed and listened. Hands-on learning in a small class made me feel comfortable to ask questions. The Herbs of Grace dispensary / pharmacy / office was a model of what I'd like to do with my life, as there is no better feeling than being able to genuinely help someone in need. Flower Essence creation and experiencing communication with plants were my favorite classes. I can't wait to continue my learning in this kind of class environment and gain as much knowledge as I can at the School of Natural Medicine."
–Kevin Sloma, ND student, California

Now Confident to Choose Supplements
"I always avoided taking supplements because I was afraid of what they contained. I am glad I had fear because when I was not educated, I could have been tricked by the label and ingredients listed on the brands. I am now more confident to choose supplements."
–Lamia, Mudarres, Master Reflexologist, Essential Oils Therapist, Healing Diets Nutritionist, Saudi Arabia

Herbs Heal Just By Being in Their Presence
“I smell. I taste. I touch. I see. I feel. Feeling starts the process. An herb is in front of me as I feel, see pictures, places as the herb tells a story. II get this sense that herbs heal just by being in their presence. Smell tells me so much. I smell earth, air, water and fire and feel the ether. Musty, sweet, salty, earthy, sun wind and rain. Smell carries a sense of where the herbs have traveled from and how they traveled. Taste is a physical sensation in different parts of my body and my tongue. Tastes soothe, activate, stimulate. The more present and aware I am with an herb, the more it will tell me about itself. Give great thanks to the herbs. They are a precious gift.”
–Gabriel Riley, ND student, Nurse. New York

Naturopathy Herbal Treatments Bonded the Class
“I loved the hands on Herbal Naturopathy treatments that totally bonded the class and made the theory of Natural Medicine come alive as we practiced, learned and laughed together! Deepening our spirit connection through Essential Oils fragrant healing processes prepared us to tune into plant powders with taste, smell, feel and inner listening as we drew the plant and discovered its energetic signature so that we can understand its alleged healing properties at a deeper level. This seeing, sensing and knowing increased my confidence to communicate and work with plants on an energetic level.”
–Rebbecca Reeder, ND student, Colorado

Communion of Plant and Human Consciousness
“A fantastic experience! The tools I have learned exceeded multiple weeks of studying herbs. From confronting fears about herbs, how to run and sustain an herbal dispensary, formulating, harvesting and drying, principles of Herbal Medicine and more. We sat with seven mystery herbs and recorded everything we felt, smelled, saw or heard on both a physical and deep intuitive level in a communion of plant and human consciousness deep in a field of trust in divine subtle energies. The coolest part was that most of us were close to identifying the herb, and everyone had deep inner knowing regarding the plant’s properties and principles.”
–Ana Mission, ND student, Colorado

Respect for Herbalists, Healers and Teachers
“Herbal Medicine is something I looked forward to since I found Farida Sharan’s School of Natural Medicine, and it is everything and more I hoped for. We jumped right into learning the herbs and acknowledging their presence with the energy of each plant and their healing properties, being to being. I am excited for my future with lovely plant friends as healers, teachers and running my own own herbal pharmacy. The work, love and devotion I witnessed strengthened my respect for herbalists healers and teachers and all the good work they do.”
–Julia Ilves, student, LMT, Colorado

Herbs Share their Value and Wisdom When You Tune In With Respect
“At the School herbal farm and dispensary, we discovered that herbs share their value and wisdom you when you look, taste, touch and smell with gracious respect for their life force medicine. I saw how much devotion and work it takes to run an herbal dispensary as we learned from the grounded knowledge and experience of a teacher vibrant with joy in her lifework.”
–Jennifer Kesic, Naturopath, Master Herbalist, BC, Canada

Confidence in the Healing Power of Herbs
“We have inner herbal power! I was amazed at my ability to ‘know’ an herb before knowing which one it was. My experience has been uplifting, giving me confidence in the immaculate healing power of Herbal Medicine.”
–Tasha Hanel HM student, Colorado