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Healing Diets Online Courses

Healing Diets Online Courses Certificate Training

Mentored by Master Teachers

Healing Diets Online Courses

Carla Orocu: Escazu, Costa Rica, organic vegan bakery Meraki

Healing Diets Online Course is the path to success in the healing arts!

Study nutrition as you experience cleansing, regenerative & transitional diets.

School News Blog shares student experiences, Self Healing & graduate successes.

Offer classes in your circle of friends & community & watch the enthusiasm expand!

Graduates work in spas, clinics, schools & create their own businesses.

Healing Diets Online Courses Fees

Online CoursesHealing Diets fees paid in full $1100.00 US

Online CoursesHealing Diets Time Payments $130 US x 12 monthly payments.

Healing Diets Online Courses

Carla attended Healing Diets Immersions with Hayley Porter Healing Diets Graduate & Teacher

Transform your relationship with food & you transform your life!

Healing Diets Training in Immersions

Study Healing Diets with a quality longevity school of 40 years!

Self Healing experiential food & drink creation, cleanses, research, writing & creative projects.

Evolutionary learning is focused on understanding & embodying personal experience.

Students become an example of the teachings & authentic guide & inspiration for clients.

What are food production effects on health & world ecology & the politics of food?

Students come from all walks of life & all over the world seeking depth understanding and skill.

Progress at your own pace.

Healing Diets Online Courses

Renate McConathy, Healing Diets & Gerson Therapy teacher, Switzerland


Experience cleanses, recipes & create living, raw, vegan, cultured & dehydrated foods.

Online Courses Healing Diets Contents


Cleansing Diets, Fasting, Juice Feasting, Green Drinks & Soups

Alkaline Cleansing & Alkaline Diet

Eliminative Channel Supporting Therapies

Purification, Regeneration & Transformation

Digestive, Respiratory, Reproductive/Endocrine, Skeletal, Muscular, Urinary, Circulatory/Lymphatic Systems

Transition Diets – combining raw and gently cooked foods

Food Combining

Emotional Eating & Eating Disorders

Cultural Diets

Five Tastes balanced & enhanced by Healing Herbs, Spices

Living & Raw Foods, Enzymes, Probiotics, Cultured & Dehydrated Foods

Nutrients, Phytonutrients, Superfoods.

Life Phases: pregnancy, nursing, infants, children, teens, adult, midlife, ageing

Tissue Salts, Vitamins & Minerals.

Food & Human Consciousness

Vegan & Vegetarian Diets

Food & Politics, Genetically Modified Foods – GMO’s

Factory Farming & the ‘Green Revolution’

Soil & Health / Permaculture & Biodynamic Farming

Food Sovereignty

Create a Practice, Ethics, Conduct, Case Taking, Program Creation

Self Healing Embodiment of the Teachings

 Healing Diets Online Courses

Jaala, ND MH MIr, Self Healed anorexia & bulemia, mother of 8 children, teacher, practitioner, athlete.

Enrolment Exploration

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Enrol in Online Course(s) an Immersion, OR both at the same time, any time during the year.

You seek a worthy school! We seek worthy students seeking profound life changing education.

Welcome to a longevity quality school with small classes, profound teachings & personal attention.

Healing Diets Online Courses

Gabriel Okafor, Medical Assistant with private Healing Diets practice in Texas

Enrolment Process

Complete Application with information choice(s), dates, payment method, signature & date.

Scan Application, Photo ID back & front & personal photo.

Email photo ID, a personal photo, completed

Tell us about your life experience, studies, goals & why you wish to study Natural Medicine & the healing arts.

Once your application is approved & payment complete, your study materials are sent to you.

Welcome to Purehealth School of Natural Medicine International (established 1977)

I look forward to getting to know you and supporting your studies and personal evolution.

Farida Sharan ND

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