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Online Courses Herbalist / Herbal Medicine

online courses herbalist

“The blood test results from Kadence’s pulmonary specialist came back normal! She does not have polycythemia anymore! The only explanation is the nutritional herb formulas you created for her along with the change of diet. I am grateful through prayer that God put you in my path to discover such a blessing. You give me confidence to truly listen to the higher forces around me and my daughter.
This amazing news takes so much weight off my shoulders, I now feel relaxed to follow through, committing fully to my own Self-Healing.  Now that my daughter is looking to the future with great health, I now understand the steps to get her back to the blissful good health.
THANK YOU SO MUCH…Farida please understand the appreciation I feel to have you in my and my daughter’s life. I cannot find words to express how very much I treasure you and am grateful for your work.” Loving blessings, Kristina Ignacio, California, Herbalist, Naturopathy & Self Healing student.
Online Courses Herbalist
Kadence’s birth was the result of IVF & IUI fertility protocols over years,
then after Kristina’s Self Healing & attendance at the Reflexology Immersion, Kristina exclaimed,
“I feel so relaxed I believe I could get pregnant.” and indeed she did, giving birth to her second child a year later.

online courses herbalist

Master Herbalist Online Course with Mentoring

Study medicinal plants & practical applications to assist health, wellness & healing.

Dive deeply into a thorough study of history & philosophy of Western Herbalism with respect for other systems,

European & Native American traditions & comparison to Ayurvedic & Chinese herbal usage.

Materia Medica, formula & product creation, sacred geometry of plants, chemistry & pharmacy, dispensary skills.

Learn the complete system of the Herbs of Grace herbal formulas created by Farida Sharan MH

 School News Blog  student & class news & graduate successes.

online courses herbalist Online Courses Herbalist Fees

Online Course fees paid in full $1100.00 US + mailing.

Online Course Time Payments $130 US x 12 monthly payments.

Online Courses Herbalist

History & Effectiveness of Traditional Herbal Medicine

Knowledge of herbs predates the knowledge of the evolution of humankind.

Earliest discoveries of mankind include a close connection to medicinal herbs.

Ayurveda, the oldest complete system of herbal medicine, is more than 5000 years old.

Many medicines offered by medical doctors are based on created from medicinal properties of plants.

Penicillin, for healing bacterial infections, was utilised by herbalists long before Alexander Fleming took credit.

Chemical synthesising of  ‘recognised’ active ingredients of plants extracts a price on health & our planet.

Plants are too varied & complex chemically for scientists to duplicate holistic actions on the inner ecology.

Increasing numbers of people choose proven plant medicines for superior nutrients that support natural healing.


online courses herbalist
Miranda Palmer created  Mountain Roots Medicine online company making healthy & beautifully presented herbal products.
“I embodied the gift of moving gracefully through tough times & learned to trust the universe as I become independent for the first time.
I appreciate how classes at the School of Natural Medicine enhanced by Farida Sharan’s support smoothed the transition. 
I now know all is within me as I move forward in practice and knowledge.” Miranda Palmer, advanced Naturopathy student, Durango, Colorado.

Online Courses

Herbalist Lessons

Students progress at their own pace over 12 lessons of hundreds of pages & images.

In depth studies are mentored by master teachers with email & Skype as questions arise.

History & Philosophy of Herbal Medicine; Use of herbs in ancient & traditional societies

Chemistry of Herbal Medicine; Climate, soil, active principles

Collecting, harvesting, storage

Food as Medicine

Food as Poison

Food addictions & the effect of diet, coffee, alcohol, drugs, etc on health & healing.

Herbal Pharmacy terminology; Prescription symbols

Materia Medica – action, active ingredients, activity, applications, aromatherapy, astrology, Ayurveda, cautions, contraindications,

chakras, elements, emotions, Chinese medicine, combinations, cultivation, dosage, energetics, flower essences,

formulas, habitat, history, homeopathy, meridians, organs, names, nutrients, part used, personality,

plant description, research, spiritual properties, substitutions, systems, taste, tissues, wildcrafting, preparation.

Body Systems & Herbal Treatments; Creating Herbal formulas

Holistic Anatomy & Physiology

Developing a Holistic Approach of Body Mind Spirit

Vitamins & Minerals for body organs, systems & glands

Botany; Plant Classifications; Naming & identifying plants

Collecting & preparing herbarium specimens

How to Set up & Run an Herbal Pharmacy & Dispensary

Methods of Herbal Applications & Treatments & Dosage

First Aid Herbal Treatment, Acute & Chronic Conditions

Fomentations, Poultices, Herbal Footbaths

Infusions, Ointments, Ovules

Pill making, capsuling, syrups & tinctures

Online Courses Herbalist

Jesse’s Self Healing journey from asthma and physical weakness to radiant health and strength as a young man
honours the nutritional gifts of herbs, healing diets, flower essences & essentials oils
as he embodied skills to develop a Reflexology practice & enjoy a multi-dimensional creative life!
“I observe how far I had come since my first Reflexology class as I now feel confident and have built trust
to show up and be present with the work so I can truly assist people through their process.” Jesse Zoller, Boulder, Colorado

Online Courses

Herbalist Study Materials

Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy – Farida Sharan

Creative Menopause – Illuminating Women’s Health – Spirituality – Farida Sharan

5 DVD’s – Elements of Life – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether

Online Courses Herbalist Herbal Medicine

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Online Courses Herbalist Herbal Medicine

Welcome to Purehealth School of Natural Medicine International! (established 1977)

I look forward to getting to know you and supporting your studies and personal evolution.

Farida Sharan ND

Online Courses Herbalist

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