online-courses-australiaOnline Courses receive praise from seekers of Naturopathy #PureHealthTruth in UK, remote Moldova & as far away New Zealand. India, Brazil & Thailand. Enjoy heartfelt comments and appreciations the students spontaneously email when they experience the quality and depth of the Online Courses in Naturopathy, Iridology, Herbal Medicine & Healing Diets. When a student graduates as a Naturopath in the USA they also receive the Natural Physician Diploma from School of Natural Medicine UK.

Because we do not advertise, we do not run the school like a business where bigger is more and better. We trust true seekers will find what we offer and recognize the value of the offerings, and year after year for 40 years SNM has attracted the finest students. Our graduates do great work around the world because they receive personal attention, mentoring, support, dialogue, conversation, and the opportunity for questions and discussions as they choose their path of study in our flexible program.

Online-Courses-Indonesia-TanyaStudents begin their studies with classes and choose Online Diploma Courses later, with a combination of classes and online, or begin Online Diploma Courses  and select classes when it is the right time.

“It is so wonderful to get personable and detailed feedback directly from you.  I think it is awesome that your teaching is so hands on and it is such a blessing for a student.  There are not many schools or professors like this. It is very enjoyable to hear your thoughts and to be able to be corrected in a way that is explained.”  Brittany L. (USA)

“Such an overwhelming but informative lesson. I have spent a long time researching GMO foods and biodynamic farming. I have been inspired even to take my household gardening to another level next year by employing biodynamic techniques. The movies I watched for the lesson were fascinating and eye opening! Thank you for creating such in-depth lessons which really cause us to THINK!” – Kristen S. (USA)

Online-Courses-Netherlands-Hans“I love  your course and I am so happy I signed up and am able to learn from you.” – Birgit L. (USA)

“My eyes have been opened to the true understanding of what my path is now and I am looking forward to the future.” – Christina D. (USA)

“Once again, I’m loving the experiential nature of this course and how much more aware of my own body I am becoming. It is hard to imagine that I have lived so long without knowing anything really about my digestive anatomy, and I have so much more to learn.” – Claire H. (UK)

“I was thrilled when I read your letter/feedback. Just completely impressed that you read every word I wrote and you gave great feedback; thank you for that.  I appreciate you sharing about your students’ experiences in other parts of the world; we all need to be more educated on a global level.”  Amy G. (USA)

“Thank you so much!!  I am enjoying my studies immensely!  I didn’t know there was so much to learn about WATER!!!!!” – Annie J. (USA)

“Thanks so much for creating this course.  I am so in love with this work.” – John D. (Trinidad)

Online-Courses-Africa-Robert“This may sound redundant but I am loving this course sooooooooooooooo much.  Lots of healing happening on such a deep level around my eating disorder, which you will read about when I email my latest assignments.” – Amy S. (Brazil)

“I am loving the course, it is more than I expected, and its beautifully written. Having a good time studying the topics.” – Lacy C (Chile)

“These assignments don’t really reflect the enormous teachings that I am getting out of just being part of this course. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to transform and challenge old habits. I’m also noticing a pattern, when I am really resistant to something I usually end up ‘taking the plunge anyway’ or ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway’ and end up loving it. That is what happened with the water fast. So thank-you!– Clare H. (Switzerland)

Online-Courses-Portugal-Vonetta“The more that I learn, the more I know that this is for me and I spend time on trying to create subtle ways of introducing some aspects into the daily routine of some of our patients. It does bring me into conflict at times due to the nature of the work that I currently do. I find myself having to bite my lip a lot. Something of a reconciliation needed I think.” –  Geoff R. (UK)

“I am already gaining a good understanding of how the combination of all four subject matter, ie. iridology, healing diets, naturopathy and herbology, give a really good 360 degree perspective on health and healing, which is sorely needed in this day and time.” – Geoff R. (UK)

“Thanks for detailed and encouraging and wise feedback. It is enlightening in many ways and I enjoy your sharing of personal experience. You learn so much more and so much easier from stories of people you are interested in.“ – Elena B. (Moldova)

Online-Courses-Gloria-Australia“I am truly privileged to have access to one new magnificent lesson every month.” – Dev R. (India)

“Doing all the reading and reflection on this lesson was as fascinating and as useful, as the one for lesson 1.  I retain a lot of things without any effort and also am feeling a gradual improvement of health in spite of some failures and setbacks. I am truly and genuinely grateful to you for doing all this work on preparing the materials and putting them in the right language and spirit and coaching me through all the numerous valuable topics.” – Jason B. (Thailand)

“I just leafed through the first lesson and am terribly excited about reading and learning it all. I have already read a lot about water, but your material is deeper and thorough and very well structured. Very precise and clear language too.” – Rachel W. (Australia)

“The course is even better than I expected, although my expectations were high.” – Michael K. (Australia)

“Thanks for the tremendous gift of Lesson 2.  Am re-reading and re-reading and re-reading it.  Am very very impressed with your very thorough approach” – Janice B. (New Zealand)