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School Patrons: David Ward, Earl of Dudley and Dame Shirley Bond

School Patrons: David Ward, Earl of Dudley and Dame Shirley Bond …..Past Patrons: Countess Sally Baldwin, Dr. John Raymond Christopher and Dr. Bernard Jensen

Self Healing Inner Ecology Immersion – Algarve, Portugal
May 4th through 8th 2018

Catch the Sun in the Portugal Retreat

Herbal & Iridology Merged in Naturopathy Wisdom
Enhanced by Elemental Wisdom Discovery

Mellilotus Herb Farm
Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

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Participants receive 3 Free E Books by Farida Sharan to prepare for evolutionary education Retreat
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A mystic weaving of Herbal Medicine with Iridology & the Chakras, Elements and Emotions movement processes that awaken wisdom experience and truth perception of the inner Ecology of our body, emotions, mind and spirit, our senses of smell, taste, sight, touch, voice and hearing and our nerve and body organ systems.

Discover, explore and experience your Inner Ecology.

"I felt such a shift from the immersion... like my skin had been shed and I was la new person." Miranda Palmer ND Mir MH, Florida

"I carry the jewels and pearls from the Immersion forever into my future. Your gifts are added to my necklace of wisdom abundance so that I can pass the teachings onward." Samantha Marshall, Colorado


Students experience herbal energetic communion with nature.
The Inner Ecology of our body, heart, mind and spirit meets the Outer Ecology of the nature that sustains us with plant foods, wild foods, nutrients, herbs, spices and vibrational medicines such as essential oils, flower essences and homeopathy. 

iridology reveals the Deep Ecology understanding to educate, create and guide a health, wellness and healing program with herbal nutrients and healing nutrition.

Learn how to create combined Herbal Medicine individual formulas for Deep Ecology Recovery honoring the Naturopathy principles of purification, regeneration and transformation.

Herbs offers supreme nourishment to cleanse, balance and recover harmonious healing equilibrium which supports health, wellness and healing through honoring ancient wisdom and epigenetic science. Experience epigenetic DNA shifts!


Iridology guides herbal medicine in Portugal training.

Irises display iris print self healing progress


The Irises of the Eye, windows of body, emotions, mind and spirit, reveal a multi level heredity of strengths and weaknesses and gift inspirational educational self knowledge to inspire becoming independently healthy.

Students learn about the relationship of the iris colors and patterns to herbal medicine, nutrition and vibrational medicine.

Iris Print - Positive changes in health are reflected in the irises, as is inflammation, toxicity, chronic illness and aging. Choose healing, positive aging and conscious longevity.

Skills - lridology vocabulary and constitutional dynamics.

Psychology Models - emotional predisposition to life events.

Receive an Iris Analysis During Morning Workshops

NOTE: Bring mag lights and 10x magnifiers.
iPhones with mag clips are superb for viewing our irises!

“Iridology with Farida is a transcendent experience of traveling through a portal of Self Healing into our unique souls."

"I love how the Irises of the eye connect us and at the same time show how unique each one of us truly are."


Students experience elements of life wisdom
"With air and ether, I felt I was embracing Love with my open arms and thanking the universe for opening another door into this beautiful world."
Dila Asimova, Hawaii

"Ether vibrated throughout my entire being as my cellular being sang with the miracle of all that is and ever will be. I felt the earth, the planets, the cells in my body as awareness, fully aware and awake. I played the harp of the universe. Truth echoes in my bones to my very being and I am blessed to receive it"

"I am loved by the universe. I am a being of feeling and love. I am infinite. I no longer have to hide who I am. I breathe in the highest essence of me."
The Elements of Life are an honored part of all systems of medicine from the beginning of time except for modern scientific medicine.The Elements of Life – earth, water, air, fire and ether are the energies weaving our inner ecology and the outer ecology of the world that sustains us. Our choices create balance or imbalances in our inner ecology according to our choices.

The elements connect us deeply with the chakra energy systems, our physical body systems and organs and their emotional resonances of fear or courage, desire and lust, the many aspects of anger and resentment, speed and greed and either grief for temporary worldly attachments or spiritual longing.

Our senses of smell, and the five tastes of sweet, salt, spice, sour and bitter, together with sight, touch and hearing weave connections with elemental zones and meridians on the feet, hands and head with reflexology and zone therapy.

The elements welcome us into the mystery of life as gifts that assist us in daily life as wisdom teachers and practitioners. Elemental processes offer uniquely different healing experiences for each person. Dive deeply into the movements and discover who you truly are. Experience embodied wisdom. Receive evolutionary transformation. Access Self Healing. Know Thyself.

Elemental teachings offer gifts that assist positive consciousness while moving through the events and challenges of daily life.

As a practitioner, healer and educator the elements enhance professional understanding of how the elements participate as living evolving energies within you and within nature, plant, foods and the world that surrounds us with life sustaining gifts.

Clothing choices contribute color magic energetics: Saturday earth red, Sunday water orange, Monday fire yellow, Tuesday air green and ether turquoise.

Bring yoga mats, shawls and blankets for our morning sessions.


Inner Ecology Immersion Prices, Logistics & Information

Full 4 Day Immersion:
4th May - 8th May
Option 1: Food and Room
Fee: 325 Euros
Option 2: Food, Camping or Camper Van
Fee: 285 Euros.

Weekend Workshop
Friday 4th 7pm – Sunday 6th May
Option 1: Food, Room
Fee: 225 Euros
Option 2: Camping or Camper Van
Fee: 185 Euros
Option to extend stay to complete the Chakras, Elements & Emotions dances on Monday and Tuesday mornings.
Option 1: Food, Room and Dances
Fee: 100 Euros
Option 2: Camping, Food and Dances
Fee: 70 Euros

Individual Consultations
With Farida Sharan
1 hour + Self healing Program
Fee: £100 cash.
Appointments booked in advance.

  • Enrolled students receive 3 free ebooks: Herbs of Grace, Iridology – A Complete Guide & Dance With Cancer – Becoming Independently Healthy.
  • 10% discount offered on Online Study & Integrated Immersions before, during or after Self Healing Retreat.
  • Early Bird Discount for School of Natural Medicine students 10%.

Iridology – A Complete Guide: 1986 EBook

Iridology – A Complete Guide 1986 book by Farida Sharan ND.
"Farida’s Iridology teachings help me understand Iridology on a deeper, more universal level." Nichola Roche ND

“Your IRIDOLOGY textbook is fabulous—such breadth covering the healing wisdom of many cultures and times. So much clarity!” — Dr. Roy Ozanne, MD, USA

“You are a true pioneer in the natural healthcare and iridology worlds and your Iridology contributions are. I honor and respect your work.” Dr. David Pesak

"IRIDOLOGY is very interesting reading, suited for students of Iridology and qualified iridologists as a reference manual as testimony to Farida Sharan's knowledge, dedication and professional approach to iridology and her caring, understanding attitude to patients." Alan Waggett, UK

• Iridology – A Complete Guide offers a complete system of natural medicine gained from 20 years of Iridology analysis of of clients and students

• Presents the language of Iridology colors, textures, iris markings, sclera signs, pupil variations and constitutions.

• Honoring founders of the science of Iridology.

• Weaves the Inner Ecology of organs, systems and glands, naturopathy treatments, herbal nutrition, healing diets, flower essences, essential oils and bodywork.

• Textbook and treatment manual for practitioners proving truth of purification, regeneration and transformation self healing principles.

Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy

Herbs of Grace book authored by Farida Sharan.
“I carry Herbs of Grace everywhere with me. It is my Bible.” Tasha, USA

“I find the entire Herbs of Grace filled with practical wisdom and much new information on the use of herbs in prevention and cure of disease. I will be happy to recommend students and clients to you anytime.” Juliette de Bairacli Levy, author of Common Herbs for Natural Health and other Herbals.
HERBS OF GRACE – Becoming Independently Healthy by Farida Sharan
Herbs of Grace is a guide to a complete system of natural medicine, exploring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realities of health and healing. Offering practical instruction with chapters on herbal medicine, nutrition, iridology, the elements of life, as well as naturopathy treatments blended with the philosophy of purification, regeneration and transformation, the reader is guided toward creative inspiration for a unique healing journey to become independently healthy. The author shares her own natural self-healing journey from breast cancer to her life work as a natural physician, author, educator and mystic explorer.

“The grace of spirit fills the pages of this book and touches the heart and soul like no other. The depth of Farida's knowledge is an enlightened path to health and wholeness.” Crystal Munk, Erie, Colorado

“Herbs of Grace is filled with practical wisdom and much new information on the use of herbs in prevention and cure of disease. I will be happy to recommend students and clients to you anytime.” Juliette de Bairacli Levy, author of Common Herbs for Natural Health and other Herbals, Greece.

Dance With Cancer – Living the Mystery of Life & Death

Farida Sharan ebook Dance With Cancer
“I read Dance With Cancer in 2 sittings, enthralled and mystified by the magical meetings, the deep cleansing, self healing, struggles, spiritual seeking, all from not accepting doctors ‘authority’ or their solutions.” Amy Spadafora Thompson ND

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Shasta chapter. It reads smoothly and will help many people. Love and blessings,” Peter Mt Shasta, I AM Teachings of the Ascended Masters
Share Farida's breast cancer self healing adventure travels in 1970's California with natural medicine and mystic grace with Mount Shasta teachings with Pearl Dorris of the I AM Ascended Masters, a 40 day fast with the Rainbow Tribe of the Hippocrates raw food fame near Escondido, conversations with Edmund Szekley, author of the Essene Gospel of Peace, managing a health and beauty spa in Palm Springs. A meeting with her spiritual teacher in England after commitment to a path of meditation led to leadership residence in the Healing Waters Hot Springs Center in Eden, Arizona with Dr. Raymond Christopher studying Iridology & Herbal Medicine, and onward to building a school in Cambridge, England and worldwide teaching.

Cancer free for 40 years and sharing the good news of natural medicine holistic healing therapeutics through the School of Natural Medicine, Farida welcomes seekers of health, healing and wellness and students of their own life, body, heart, mind and spirit who wish to gain experiential training with Naturopathy Herbal, Healing Diets and Iridology Diploma Online Study enhanced by the Self Healing Module and Reflexology, Essential Oils and Flower Essence vibrational medicine studies, and Integrated Immersion Retreats.

Take a golden step forward with commitment to your highest potential.
Manifest your dreams with professional expertise embodied in self healing evolutionary wisdom.

The first golden step opens the path.