Reflexology Anointing

Reflexology Anointing SamanthaReflexology Anointing of giving and receiving lifted the veils within me to allow my true essence to shine.

I went deeper into my being than ever before. Though nervous at first, I found myself releasing anxiety, worry and fear and transforming it into inner peace, trust and renewed belief.

Reflexology created enormous changes in my physical and spiritual body. Young Living Essential Oils  (Valor, White Angelica, Release, Believe and more) offered phenomenal assistance as we worked with universal and physical energies that brought a new level of strength and courage into my being.

Reflexology Anointing - SamanthaSlowly I began to feel and understand the evolutionary energy of the Flower of Life and how even the infinitely small has an intricate an important role in making the infinitely large function.

Just as the reflexes in the feet can aid and maintain health in the body, I realized, we too, as individual beings have our part to play in the great energetic unfolding of the universe. As I refined my listening skills to the energies in our healing space, I discovered how deeply my own healing impacts everyone I am connected to, both past and present.

Reflexology Anointing healing impacts everyone I am connected to, both past and present.

The greatest shift occurred when giving a sacred treatment as I was able to receive the gifts of the universe with love and tranquility while graciously giving to my partner.

Reflexology Anointing - SamanthaThrough giving and receiving Reflexology Anointing and Sacred Foot Bathing, I am more knowledgeable about the body systems and their functions in relation to the Reflexology points. I appreciate the integration of connections on the feet, hands, ears and chakra points.

I feel excited to be able to share these gifts with the world and confident I can do so without overburdening myself as I have done in the past.” Sam Marshall, Leadville, Colorado; Naturopathy student, Nature Tour Guide.