Reflexology Healing

Reflexology Healing - KerryReflexology Healing with Hayley Porter  provided a beautiful space for the gift of Self Healing & a safety net to be vulnerable to receive from others.

While giving Reflexology, I was present and quiet in my own-ness, yet ‘listened’ with touch awareness to my partner with support.

The feeling of letting go of emotional and mental chaos is indescribable. Linear time vanished.

Letting go and releasing was exactly what my body and soul were craving.

Reflexology Healing - KerryWhile receiving, I was immediately trusting of my partner’s touch, of her ability to create safety where I am vulnerable and offer security for growth.

Although I will miss Samantha’s genuine-ness of giving and Hayley’s ability to create a calm safety net, I am excited to practice self-care and nurturing through the lessons learned in Reflexology.” Kerry Derrick, Psychotherapist, Family Counsellor, Colorado

Reflexology Healing Therapy created by the Director of the School of Natural Medicine, Farida Sharan, takes Reflexology to the level of profound Self Healing. Explore this method with Reflexology DVD’s available on

Reflexology Healing with Self Reflexology:

Farida learned basic Reflexology from her aunt when she was a teenager in British Columbia, Canada. In the early 1970’s, during her years in California, she used Self-Reflexology over two years when she was Self Healing breast cancer naturally. As she worked on her feet she applied deep touch to dissolve a painful crystal in the spleen area of her foot that reflected a family weakness from her grandmother and great-grandmother who had both died of leukemia. Not only was Reflexology a major contribution to healing her breast cancer, but to healing hereditary pernicious anemia as well

Combining essential oils with cranial sacral skills and spiral and energetic sacred touch, those receiving drop into deep relaxation, allowing natural adjustments within to restore harmonious energetics to the inner being. Treatments work effectively on physical levels, increasing circulation and affecting meridian flow and elemental zones and also positively influence emotional and mental well being.

Reflexology Healing - KerryReflexology Healing - KerryReflexology Healing Class:

Each student is guided respectfully from their relaxed natural touch to master advanced touch skills that allow a range of subtle to deep connection that invites profound relaxation as well as receptivity to release & transformation. Learn how to blend personal Young Living Medicinal Essential Oil mixes.

Students also learn Self Reflexology, finding specific areas on their own feet to enhance subtle & depth touches as they explore the Iris chart. Give & receive two depth Master Touch Reflexology sessions. Discover why your future clients will return again & again & refer others. Quality!

Foot Bathing, Therapeutic Anointing, fine tuning & refinement of professional skills with subtle & depth touches. Advanced participation focuses on creative connection touch & fine tuning.

Students comment that they feel they receive as much by giving as they do when receiving as the nurturing energy during the session creates a profound healing field.

Experience therapeutic anointing with Young Living therapeutic grade medicinal ‘oils of gladness.”