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School History


PureHealth School of Natural Medicine International

School History Celebrated from 1977 to 2016


Dr. Bernard Jensen – University of Cambridge Conference – 1981 – with Farida Sharan ND
“It is a blessing to be in a school where mentors care like family. I am in love with my studies and this school.
Thank you for your support and encouragement for my Self Healing.” Brittany Lupori

SNM Founder, Farida Sharan ND, invited renowned teachers of Iridology & Natural Medicine to Cambridge, England.

Countess Sally Baldwin, Viscount Lord David Ednam, Dr. Raymond Christopher, Dr. Bernard Jensen

M Conferences honoured Dr. Raymond Christopher, Bernard Jensen, Dorothy Hall, Willy Hauser, Harri Wolf, Denny Johnson.

Farida founded British Register of Iridologists (BRI), to honour professional standards of training & practice.

Local, national & international students welcomed to dynamic trainings.

Farida Sharan invited to Thailand, Australia, South Africa, England, Canada, India, Malaysia & Iceland.


Dorothy Hall – University of Cambridge Conference – 1985 & 1986 – with Farida Sharan ND

School of Natural Medicine International

National & international students attend Naturopathy / Natural Physician Diploma trainings.

Students receive the highest level of primary care as Naturopaths / Natural Physicians.

Creative, caring small class environments inspire personal evolution.

Self Healing enhances & integrates academic & clinical training.


Willy Hauser, Heilpraktiker – University of Cambridge Conference, England 1987 – with Farida Sharan ND

School History

SNM Graduate Dr. Caroline Koey from Holland & Dr. Shirley Bond with Farida Sharan ND



SNM Summer School 1988 Groups with Farida Sharan ND

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